Free Motion Machine Sewing

Di Venter, Fabric Addict

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8 Videos (31m)
    • Trailer FME

    • Intro to FME

    • Supplies for Class

    • Machine Setup

    • Hooping

    • Good FME Habits

    • Practice Exercise

    • Class Project


About This Class


Kirstie Allsopp described machine embroidery as the 'crack cocaine of the crafting world', with this class, you can discover why free motion stitching is so addictive!

Discover everything you need to know about free machine stitching to get started.  Say goodbye to straight lines and formality and say hello to doodling.  Learn to draw with your sewing machine.  Any basic sewing machine will work. 

In the video lessons, I will cover the tools and supplies you will need, talk you through machine setup and I will teach you good habits to limit thread jams and bunches, ensuring a fun sewing experience. 

Then we'll practice stitching a few simple line patterns.  Normal sewing rules are out the window, so no sewing experience is required. 

Bring your creativity to life.

Click here for a link further explaining the supplies you will need for this class

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Great instruction, very clear, i'm motivated to try it now (but first i have to buy an embroidery hoop). Thanks!
Cathy Van de Laak

Textile Product Designer & Illustrator

Your explanations were spot-on! I couldn't wait to try the technique on my own clothes, as you can see from the yolk of this dress
fabulous class well paced and very clearly explained lookin forward to more from thos teacher x





Di Venter

Fabric Addict

I am South African born and bred, was Berlin based for over six years, been in the UK just over two, and have recently moved (with our now well-traveled cats) from Winchester to the Midlands.

I love to design and create a rather diverse range of things.  Basically, if I am left alone with fabric ... there is no telling what the result may be.

I have taught sewing classes on three continents so far, everything from bespoke lingerie to textile art.  

Being able to sew has become increasingly valuable to me as we have moved around the globe.  The ability to create pretty things to be worn, or sew decor items and soft furnishings for each new house, making wherever we are feel like home.  And of course to find personal fulfillment in teaching.  

Handmade items are like little time capsules, they hold memories and feelings in them, ready to share the magic as you gaze at them. 

 Each piece evokes a memory of the place, the people, the feeling you felt as you created it - the dress I made while teaching sewing classes for the Berlin International Women's Club, a student's textile art piece from teaching at a sewing school in Winchester.  Look on them, and I can picture the sunlight streaming through the window, the smell of the shared cups of tea, the excitement of students learning a new skill.

I look forward to sharing my skills with you, and getting you just as passionate about your sewing machine.