Free Fonts for Your Next Project (Find Commercial Free Fonts for Free) | Douglas Butner | Skillshare

Free Fonts for Your Next Project (Find Commercial Free Fonts for Free)

Douglas Butner, Live in Love

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7 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Font Licenses

    • 3. Finding Fonts

    • 4. Other Places to Find Fonts

    • 5. Installing Fonts

    • 6. Keeping Your Fonts

    • 7. Outro


About This Class

In this course I will show you the tips you need to get all the free fonts you will ever need. 

Use these commercial free fonts in your professional life, legally, without paying a dime for licensing. 

No jokes.

100% free. 

100% serious. 

Thank you and you are welcome.





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Douglas Butner

Live in Love

I love to learn and teach. I am a free-spirited creator and artist in many disciplines. My courses focus on selling art online, energy work, and music. I teach what would help a younger me, including the strategies I used to sell over 15,000 copies of my artwork without advertising, energy techniques I have learned to unlock human potential, and tips to help musicians.


My Life

I grew up in Maryland, and I am currently traveling South America thanks to selling ...

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