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9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Free VS Paid

    • 3. Types Of Licences

    • 4. Resource 1

    • 5. Resource 2

    • 6. Resource 3

    • 7. Resource 4

    • 8. Premium Fonts

    • 9. Thank You

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About This Class


Hello and welcome to our class!

Whether you are a web or a graphic designer, artist or a business owner, fonts you are using are one of the key elements to keep your audience engaged. 

Readable font can make or break your work so you want to choose carefully to which fonts you are using, especially if you don't have the budget.

In this course you will learn where to find both free and paid fonts, what are the differences between them as well as what are the types of licences for these fonts. 

You are also receiving the PDF file with all the resources inside, so just click on the link you want from it, and access the fonts instantly. 

We hope you will find this course useful and if you do, please recommend it.

Have a sweet day!

Web Donut Team 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aleksandar Cucukovic

Improving lives, one pixel at a time.


For the last 10 years i have designed websites, products and apps for different companies, big and small.

With my wife i have started 3 startup companies and through the process met some amazing people from all over the world.

For the last five years i have created over 500 design products, improved the lives and workflows of over 100.000 designers from around the world.

Now my mission is to improve the lives of others, and to pass on my knowledge back to the community and to all those who want to learn about the amazing worlds of design and business.


Thank you for reading and have a creative day!


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1. Introduction: whether you're a Web or a graphic designer, artists or business owner funds you're using or one of the key elements to keep your audience engaged. Readable fund can make or break your work so you want to choose carefully toe which font you're using, especially if you don't have the budget. Hi there, Alex. Here from Web doughnut. And in this course you will learn what our differences between free and premium phones. What are the types of licenses out there, as well as very confined, high quality phones free and paid to use in your projects? You'll also receive a Pdf file with all the resource is from the course, so you could start using them right away, so creaking role and grabs more cell phones. 2. Free VS Paid: so free. Worst Spate. What is the main difference? Well, apart from the price, the main difference between free and paid Florence is in the front weights, with refunds usually getting 1 to 2 front waits, for example, light and regular while it paid funds your usually getting more, for example, 10 alter it in extra bold and so on. Also, there is the support for languages with refunds. There is usually support for English language only, while with payphones, stare is usually support for more. For example, Spanish language, Italian language, French language and someone. There is also support from the person who made it with free phones. You're not getting that while we paid phones, you usually are, and there is also support for a cell Eric phone faces and so on. 3. Types Of Licences: when it comes to licenses, they're basically two different types off licences free for personal use and free for personal and commercial use. In this course, all be sharing your phones, which are free for both personal and commercial use. Keep in mind some points on the Web are licensed under Creative Commons that orc licenses. If you come to Creative Commons, that or course slash licenses has grown all the way down where it says the licenses. They have six different types off licences, and it starts by Sisi by which is basically cc zero. And it means that you can use the fund for both personal and commercial use for free. Or it goes all the way down toe cc by N. C. Nd, which means you cannot use the phone for either personal or commercial use again. In this course, I'll be sharing your funds, which are free for both personal and commercial use so you don't have toe worry about licensing 4. Resource 1: the first resource that I want to show you is called Google Phones. If you go to fund, start google dot com, link would be provided in a pdf file right here you have, as you can see, 809 fund families at the moment, and you can search by categories right here if the funds are trending or not. Languages, which means which languages are supported for these phones and right here. Number off styles up top. You have future directory where we are now where you can see all of the funds about Google phones. If you click here, you can change the color off the background. So, for example, it will be easier to a view difference for some people. And right here you have search. So I'm going to show you one fund and you can see how it looks like if I type play right here, there is a play fair display now to download the front, you can download it separately, or you can add to collections and our load collections entirely. So if I click here, you can see one family selected. I can click right here and downloaded from here right here. You can see standard import for the HTML file, so you can just copy this code right here. If you press control, see or commencing if you're no Mac right here or what you need to specify in your CSS and you can use this front right away on your website. Off course. Many of the websites, especially vote press, have some ghoul funds already pre installed. So if you like this fund, for example, you can just type in and search and install it to use it on your website. So you want to dollars. Just click here if you don't want to. If you want to download multiple funds at the same time, just click this plus signs and at AZM any off the fonts as you want. What I want to show you is this You can just hover over the phone to, like, change the size right here so you can see how it looks like. You can choose the font style, for example, regular bold. So you can see how the ball looks like you can choose between different options. For example, if you want to see how paragraph looks like in this size in this type, and you can also go to custom and type play fair display, for example to see how it looks like. Also, you can click, see specimen, and it will open up a separate page where you can see all the information about the front. So right here you can see all the characters and it supports Cyrillic and Latino types. Right here you can see the styles again. You can type whatever you want, so you can see how different looks like in all the different styles. If you scroll all the way down on the left, you can see with which funds this front will pair well, and on the right, you can see the usage. So, for example, this front Playfair display can be seen in almost three million websites around the world. So it's quite popular. And as you can see, right here on the left, it pairs with a lot of different funds. So again, if you want to download it, you can come right here. We chose Playfair display. We can eliminate all the other ones. Just click download. It will start downloading right now. And when it Donald's, you get the zip file. If you open up the zip file, you can see all the funds right here so you can just copy all of them and paste them to your front folder. And that's it. Your front is ready to go. 5. Resource 2: the next resource I want to show you is called fun squirrel dot com Link will be in the pdf file. And as you can see right here, it's 100% free for commercial use. Right here on the right, you can see all the different lists, categories, tags, filters and so on. If you're new to fonts, you condone Donald there, Beginner guide, so you can learn more about the fonts. Also, right here you can see classifications with categories, tags and most popular tags. You can also click right here to search. You can see hot recent, almost free, which is there are, uh, advertising for the funds which are not free. But they are quite cheap and good price shop where you can buy all the various things from them. Generator when you congenital Wait, the web font font identifier where you can upload your image and search front. According to that image, Fahnestock and Blawg, where you can read all about the funds where we can come right here and choose one of these funds, for example, open sense. Now keep in mind for some funds you have a direct download bottom and for some funds. It will show off site, which means you have to visit that site and download the fund. From there right here, you can see all the fond families test drive where you can choose the phone style you want . Type right here. Any text you want. You can choose the size as well, glyphs, which this one has quite a lot of them. License, which is appreciate license and it's Free and Web Fund kit, which means you can download all of these different phone styles to our computer to use in different scenarios on the Web. If you can't come right here, you can see TDF works in most browsers except Internet Explorer and iPhone. E O. T. Is, um, Internet Explorer on Lee. W 00 F f is compressed emerging standard, and SPG is for iPhone and iPad. So to download the phone, just click right here. It will start the dollar here, and once in Hollows, you can open the zip file and see all the different phone styles. So to install it, just select all of them and copy them into your front folder 6. Resource 3: next resource I want to show you is the hungry. Jay peak dot com link would be in the Pdf file. Now this one is a little bit different because this is actually a shop where you can buy tings, but they have amazing freebies section. They have weekly freebie, and you can click here where it says freebies. It will take you to the freebies page and right here where it says category. You can choose all the different categories, but we were interested in fonts, so just click on the funds now. In order to Dahlan, anything from this site, you have to create your free account where again you can buy tings or dollars freebies. Here it says new, which means it recently edit, and they're adding new things on a regular basis. Now you can just click on one of them. For example, this one it will open up and you have a Donald one. And right here you can see some information here and says commercial license, which means it's free for both personal and commercial use. Right here is the person who made it so you can open it up in a new tab to learn more about them. And in many cases, these people have other free funds, which you can download and use again for free for personal and commercial use. You don't know the front. You can click download button so did not long with start right away. Enemies done. You get zip file double click to open it up, and you can see all the different styles which come with this front. Just select them and drag and copy them to your phone folder in older to install them. 7. Resource 4: the next three source I want to show you is 1000 and one fronts dot com Link would be in the pdf file right here. You can find funds which are free and almost free for personal use. You can see right here These sort of pink tags are free for personal use and green tax are free for commercial use. Now to separate them and see Onley funds which are free for commercial use, you have to click right here up top. You can see all the different categories Now you can change the front size right here. They headed Burma link. You can add your own text right here to see how it looks like. For example of answer our own brand. And once it uploads, you can see right here what it looks like in all the different fonts. Now to search funds, you can come right here and see all the different fund categories right here, all typing later. Press center. Here it is. If I click on it, you see, it's ah cool web front, which means it will work on any website and it's also free right here. You have this nice car cell where you can see how the front looks like in some use cases. Read all about the front and the author right here. Tags, styles, waterfall. Which means basically how Laura Ipsum text looks in different fund sizes. Paragraphs right here. You can see it in all the different styles, from regular to black metallic character maps, which is basically some clips and other characters that you're getting. Comments If somebody off the Comment gallery, which is basically this slider right here and more where you can see it's free for personal use free for commercial use modification allowed. Which means if you want to modify this want you can do that, too, and redistribution allowed, which means you can share it around on the Web and just click this stolid one right here. You have the option to sign in and create your own account, but as you can see, you don't need to do that. You can just click the download one right here, and the Dollard will start Now. This is a quite big fund family. As you can see, it has 5.5 megabytes in size, so once it downloads, you get to zip file, which you can open up and inside. You can see how many different phone styles you have, and also I read me text down there from the daughter who made this want. Now to install it, you can select all of them and just open up your phone folder, drag and drop them inside and they will be ready to go. 8. Premium Fonts: now that I showed you old links to the websites where you can download funds and use them for free in both personal and commercial use. I'm going to show you one where you can buy fonts which are great and, to our own opinion, the best funds around the Web. Richer Premium. It's creative market dot com link will be in the pdf file right here. You can click join now. And even if we don't want to purchase phones right away, you can get their exclusive free goods, which they're sent every Monday. So when you click joined now and open up your free account every Monday, you can get the email with six exclusive free goods for that week and that week on Lee. So, as you can see there right now, two funds which are free and offered right here. Now, if you want to purchase premium fronts, you can click right here on the funds. Here, you can see all the different categories popular phones and all fund categories, but I'm just going to click funds now again. In order to Donald anything you need to create your own free accounts right here, you can see some premium fronts on it, says Popular, recent and handpicked, which means it's handpicked by creating market stuff. If I go back to popular, you can see right here there are these font bundles. So what that basically means is that you can buy one fund or you can buy a bundle off funds and quite often in those bundles, there is quite a lot of different fonts right here. You can see all the different funds which are included in this bundle, and there quite a lot in this one. Here. You can click by now and purchase this front. You can share it around right here. You can see what you what you can use these funds for. So they are commercial use allowed a limited number of projects unlimited and number off broad products for sale. How many likes it has? You can add it to collection when you create your free account so you can have collections in your profile, which you can revisit. So basically, what it means is that you can purchased those phones later. You don't have to purchase them now, So in order to remember them for the future, you can created those collections. You can see the person's profile right here. So if I open it up in a new tab, you can see the half 3000 and 350 followers. How many products they have you Kenbrell ows each of them separately, More from this person. What is the price dates? Licenses which are offered file types that you get inside. What is the file size director of upfront? Which means you can use it on a web. How many people recommended this fund? These funds tags which are included. And right here you can type what have whatever text you want, for example of its name on it. And you can see in all the different fonts they're offering. You can click next and previous and so on to scroll through all of the funds which are offered. You can see how the text you enter looks like right here you can see all the comments from the people who bought this bundle. And right here you can see related Brox, which means which funds are similar to this bundle. And right here you can see the description off this bundle and if it's a separate fund. It's basically the same. So let me just open up this one and one of those I will show you. All funds which are included in this bundle are all of these ones, and you can contact the person who made it right here. If if you click on the separate front, you can see the description when it was updated, which phone types are included, glitz and so on. So again, you can purchase these funds and use them in your commercial and personal projects. You can also sign in, as I said is toe, open up a free account and every Monday you can get six free products, which you can use in your personal and commercial projects. So this is the website we used for many years to download many of our funds way we use in our commercial projects and to work with clients so we can highly recommend it and say that they have quite quality choice for you to choose from, and their friends are awesome. You can also, of course, sea old, the other product categories. But since this is fun scores, we are recommending funds right here 9. Thank You: Thank you for watching this course. And I hope you find value in it. And you're going to use Resource is from discourse in your projects. If you like it, please recommend it. And until next time, have a sweet day.