[Free] Basics of Economics - Perfect for Beginners | Shubham Kalra | Skillshare

[Free] Basics of Economics - Perfect for Beginners

Shubham Kalra, Major in Economics, Founder at Eduspred

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16 Videos (1h 3m)
    • Demand vs Quantity Demanded

    • Law of Demand and Demand Curve

    • Exceptions to the Law of Demand

    • Individual Demand and Market Demand

    • Movements along a Demand Curve (Change in quantity demanded)

    • Shifts in Demand Curve (Change in Demand)

    • Shifts in Demand Curve (Continued)

    • Supply and Quantity Supplied

    • Law of Supply, Supply Schedule and Supply Curve

    • Movements along a Supply Curve (Change in Quantity Supplied)

    • Shifts in Supply Curve (Change in Supply)

    • Market Equilibrium

    • Why Equilibrium Price is determined when demand equals supply?

    • 3 steps to analyze changes in equilibrium

    • Effect of Shift in Demand and Shift in Supply on Market Equilibrium

    • Effect of Simultaneous shift in Demand and Supply on Market Equilibrium


About This Class

Welcome to this course on Basics of Economics- Demand and Supply Analysis.

In this course, I will take you through the heart of Economics - Demand and Supply Mechanism (Determined by Buyers and Sellers ) and we will discuss the following topics :

What is Demand?
Do you demand less when the price of a commodity rises.? Yes..? Think again..!
Is your Demand only a function of price?
What is supply?
What affects supply of a good in the market?
We, as buyers, want to pay as low a price as possible; sellers, on the other hand, want to charge as high a price as possible, seems like there are opposite interests here, then who gets to decide the price?
How does this price mechanism function?

This course is not only for the students of Economics but for anyone who has an interest in understanding this powerful mechanism of Demand and Supply.

It is a beginner level course and all the topics and concepts start from scratch, so even if you are not familiar with Economics, you may take this as your first step to understand this powerful subject. 

All that said, if you would like to discuss something while you are learning, feel free to get in touch.

What are the requirements?

  • No prior knowledge of Economics is required.

What are you going to get from this course?

  • Understand how the price of a product is determined via Demand and Supply interactions
  • Knowledge of market equilibrium
  • Start talking basic economics in real life
  • Feel more confident to go for further concepts

Who should take this course?

  • Economics students, who would like to brush-up these concepts or were not taught these concepts in a detailed manner earlier
  • Students from Non-Economics Background, who would like to learn basics of microeconomics in a simple and intuitive manner
  • Consultants, who would like to understand how the market place work so that they could understand the thinking process of the consumers and develop better solutions for their problems
  • Marketers and Sales people, who would like to understand the market demand and want to take better decisions

Let's get started!





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Shubham Kalra

Major in Economics, Founder at Eduspred

Shubham Kalra has a Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics and has worked as a Business Analyst in HSBC - one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world.

He has done research projects in Education and Infrastructure Sector in India involving field work and analysis of data. He holds a diploma in Financial Planning and has good understanding of Risk Management concepts and Financial Instruments as well.

He loves teaching and has been tea...

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