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Free Advertising and Marketing: Using Daily Deal Websites

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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5 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. Getting to Know Deal Sites

    • 3. Creating Coupon Codes

    • 4. Sign up or General Submission

    • 5. Dealwoot


About This Class

Marketing with Deal Websites allows both entrepreneurs and small businesses to increase brand presence online, build top line sales results as well as grow profits. These sales and advertising platforms further allow immediate marketing penetration regardless of industry or service genre.

Consumer spending on deal-a-day offers is poised to grow more than 35% to reach $3.9 billion in the US by 2015. Deal sites like Retail Me Not, Deals 2 Buy, Slick deals, Groupon, LivingSocial and others have become popular among users who are getting accustomed to receiving deals packaged conveniently in one daily email, eliminating the need for hunting around on the web.

In this video tutorial course, we'll teach students how to;

1. Recognize which daily deal sites work best for products and services

2. Creating coupon codes

3. Submit deals to multiple websites

4. General tips and best practices for increasing brand exposure





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Brian Dale

Internet Marketing Coach

Brian Dale specializes in teaching numerous areas and disciplines in online
marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He believes an effective
online marketing plan must be centered around industry specific
geo-targeted keyword strategies as well as executed through use of Internet
marketing best practices.

With each new product and service launch, entrepreneurs must have an
effective strategy which must extend well beyond their website. Key to

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