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Fraktur Blackletter Calligraphy - UPPERCASE

teacher avatar Ellie Heywood, Calligraphy / Lettering / Design

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Intro & Aims

    • 2. Setting Up & Tools

    • 3. Letter Groups

    • 4. Drills - Become Familiar with the Strokes

    • 5. Uppercase: A - L

    • 6. Uppercase: M - Z

    • 7. Variations of Each Uppercase Letter

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About This Class

Learn the basics of blackletter calligraphy - the majuscules! After learning how to structure guides using a broad edge pen of their choice, students are guided through the uppercase fraktur alphabet. The class details the formation of each letter, setting up your own guides and some drills to improve your flow and wrist movements. 

Materials needed:

  • broad edge pen (or nib)
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • paper (if you're using ink go for something a little heavier)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ellie Heywood

Calligraphy / Lettering / Design


Hey I'm ellie, professional calligrapher and lettering artist, specialising in blackletter. I have a degree in Graphic Design from Leeds Arts University and several years of freelance experience.

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1. Intro & Aims: Hey, in this class will be learning about off case fracture. That's farms within black. That's calligraphy. You'll learn the formation and structure of each case letter. By the end of the lesson, you should be able to set your own gods and promised to hold off that freely. If you want to learn the basics of black letter calligraphy, recommend taking my low case fracture class first, where I taught for the steps of rising the lower keys forms and set up your guards in more detail. 2. Setting Up & Tools: we're gonna talk about the usual needed this costs in order to set up your own guidelines and follow along with the cause, you'll need a broader pen of your choice Here. I'm using the pilot Powell, Open the six movements and you will see a pencil and a ruler to draw your guides. If you want to learn some more background about terminology in the lower case Black Platform see my lower case blocked by dossier on Scotia. So we start off by drawing nine with so on the left hand side of the page, the's are gonna help us for my guidelines, but work with whatever pain you have. So how long doing at the moment, the four lines should be as follows one aligning with the top of the Fastnet put I'm worn with farm of the Last Teoh take kind of clothes and structure the rest of the guides these days and understand the ones and the baseline is drawn at the bottom of the seventh Nippert . All right side is five quits, so the mean line is drawn at the bottom off. Second Kato practice today is the cat height, which I just labeled this is drawn in between the ascend a lot on the line just after the first network. And this is where all the capital letters will reach. So they're slightly bigger than the X height, which is the main body of the lower case letters, but slightly below the assembly line, where fenders off the lower case letters we'll go to so you can fill your page with these guys to increase your practice. I'm getting used. Teoh, create any guides, okay? 3. Letter Groups: So before we get started on the letters I want talk through the formation off some of the letters in a bit of breakdown. A style to form, Um, groups of letters are major thing greens. They look up in the oh case off that are in the bottom corner. Here. I've drawn a little diagram of a rectangle and inverted triangle on a square on and all letters that fit into these categories. So the square format is the oh perfect circle fits within square. On that goes for the C A. G H. Etcetera. All these lefties should fit within a square form up on the mmwr, obviously a little bit more elongated with ways on the I J F. A little bit taller and narrower the new letters. So it's good to bear in mind how you should size lessons and composite to each other. And no, all of them are the same on at the stop here. We've got an example of the beginning structure of lot of Blatter's eso a long stem here for B D L, which needs a continue the letter on to the right hand side of the primary curve on for shorter letters that don't need the longer base A HK and I've drawn a little diagram of the angle that you can pull if can't occur. Then toe office space can. So hair showed the doctors for this. So 12 and three, which forms this on the right inside on DSI. How are drawn? A narrower, more acute angle Example. Because you come compared to this one you can bring in and narrower bungle so great, different what? Try to keep this consistent throughout the whole off. But this is another example further See on this also works for the oh, the J Q and T. So we draw the first bowl and then the vertical Stan and then top it off with this. It changes a little bit for the Q and T, but generally this is a go structure toe to follow. For those initial artists, um, at the bottom, we've got some variations of letters, so the FN P can bring the stem straight down and taper off into a point that we should descend, align, um, some variations that m on DPI the day in the, uh it's a little unique to these letters on H and K. Do you have a variation where this arches over reaches Theis End line and more on that later? For that's this. The basic structure Andi group categories off the letters. 4. Drills - Become Familiar with the Strokes: So you should have all drawn your guards up now with whichever paying you like to use for today's class, and we're gonna talk through some drills on this is a Shia prepared earlier on. It's just to show you examples of the kind of jobs you can do toe work your way up to forming the letters of your case off. So as we showed on the example, she's just being not about here for this all this formation, which is the beginning of a lot of the upper case letters we can practice by doing the 1st 2 steps of the drill and then the third on the second line just to get used. Teoh moving the hand on breast to form the different strokes cause a lot of them used different angles. So you can do this without the guys to follow over. You can just call me now if you know is the second stroke starts just on the main line. The X height lined, uh, so you want to get you consistency you can use as a whole terrier guideline. So you know that it's coming down to the same point every time. If you want as well. You can draw a second relying. So you know where you want to bring this point down to. It's a really good for just woman back exercises before we start forming the lattice. And then we're going to the sea main curve, which is used quiet, then their self. But remember to maintain yet he passed you. When you write in a swell don't Joe over. Try and straighten your back. Let your arm a rest of the movement. Also another bill sheet. Why? We're gonna look at the quadrants on the thin line. So if you use just the edge of the pan, you can pull down. You go a little bit more more vertically than usual. So you want to privacy in that line? Cordray in line or drin Fine. Now this is the P and F vertical stem bridge. All come out and you can experiment with pulling the right inside off from bringing it down into the left. Point. Started off a little bit earlier than, say, you could see what I was doing. - Not for the date is a lot of rest movement in this one. See, my wants practice on a blank piece of paper first, but we start off it quite a obtuse angle. So that's the angle we want to stop. I'm going to come down to this angle, so there's a quite a big range between these two on girls. So you want to leave yet? Wrist open, able turn on this corner. That's quite tricky, so you might need a lot of practice in this one. Try and get the pen on the paper on the idea. I don't worry if they're not perfect lines that anything would look at here is a risk moving now. It is any that you struggle with them. Repeat them a lot more. You can create moral guides and proper SOS. If you do have the facilities available, you could draw your guards at once. Scandal men and put them with many times as you like to save some time. That's what I've done here 5. Uppercase: A - L: So we're gonna move on to the full. All of that. And I've changed at my pen just so you can see what I'm doing here. This is a sick calligraphy Marca, so it's less ink heavy than the pilot Parle open. So I've got the directions on here so you can see which stroke I'm doing first. So we're gonna begin with number one. Bring the car around. Let me practice on the drills. Number two rooms around to offset the the ball here. Number three right over. And it falls onto the baseline before joins Just touches on the side. Who's around today? Side I number five to insulate together by the crossbar. So to do that on its own. So because this Niblett is slightly smaller than the pen that the guys are set up to, uh, this looks really off on. This is a major problem. That can happen if you don't sell a few guys public. So I'm just gonna show you if we use the 252 ratio. So this should be the X height. Then we've got one more. That's the cap. I well, more. I'm not saying sandals, so I should be right within this with this pan. You see how much Beth a lot looks a smaller size. So we're gonna move on to be rather than me do the entire she. I'm gonna talk through each letter. So for the big Samos, the A we bring the bow around here second step on the third step, As we showed on the example, she earlier This comes down a lot longer so we can link this Both The bill said number three. We're gonna for C hold in the future and bring it right around. This is another risk movement. So we start off for the thin line. Like this house, we get the bring it around, finish it off by me from the two points. Then you put your quarter in in. See? Doesn't start off the same way as a and B. But we have got that family around bowl. I will not last bit. I lifted one side of the penalty and issues the corner to create that thin line. No, that arrest movement has become up here and then in line again. So for the day which we practiced, Alia on the wrist movement ends this is purely offset. The space in the center of the day. You could also do 1/4 in there instead. See how the things time comes. Rise. The corner point here goes right through the quadrant. Now back to the initial step. Where would you want to? On three, Um, same way that we formed the A. They he might be notice. In a bit of a part of belt case, Can could be quiet returned. In this outfit, there are different variations that are a bit sharper, but this is my preferred. You can always add 1/4 it in there to offset the gun longer for the L. That's a main stem which forms the shape. And I've got Vasko line coming up and there's actually reaches Theus. End of line. Just adds a little bit extra height, the phone, the right. I'm going to jail. 6. Uppercase: M - Z: if you have a king, you this in one swift motion right from them with me and up too far, we'll show you on the end. So to do it in one swift motion, Start off Alexa and then the wrist movement is key. Here, bring it around. That made sense. If you're struggling, just have a little numbers. This will guide you as to which one you do first. So we're gonna use the the Taper off the thin point on the pay here. Start from the cap hike coming impassively down. Live alongside off the paper to reach that point. Only a small council creative on this one. You're right. But they send a lot of hair as well. So the cross five that he here it doesn't actually say from the base like a sewer line, as it would in the latter case for that raise over just a little bit. So that when it's pad with little case, lots is it doesn't rely too heavily on this part of paid to make it look like the letters meant. See how this has been the same on the sea on the A and the oh so far from the G again risk moving on Australia. I can't take the pan off and readjust teddy stroke for which is all one's drugs as well. There's a lot of variations for letter Epps. I've gone with, uh, but double ball Stan, on this one. However, there are several variations and which I might touch on later. For now, we'll just stick with this one, which is almost horizontal. Just got very slight angle making from this point drug it right through diving with the officer way which creates quite an ask nice counter balance of the whole letter offset his face. So I said, Listen, the C e o. It creates the fast cut as if it was one of those letters and you can even add this one in , which is the same as well. However, the third stroke has to come from beyond the curve to create the cross bar of the tea. And you can do this small horizontal if you prefer. I like our angle just fits with the rest of the case letters in the fracture off that. - So this was a lot of risk movement to, but you start from the center of the bottom come emphatically and then switch. Create they. If you have watched my first lesson, you'll notice that the lower case V is very similar. So you start the first out and then you bring the second step over that in line. So what kind of try and said, Replicate that in some small way, Sam with W now the reason you should do these two strokes separately is that they don't actually meet up in the center, and you can notice on typefaces made by the computer as well to create the look of continuity between these two strokes. They have to be offset slightly on this diagonal. So if we were to do it like this and go straight up, they wouldn't necessarily look is pleasing to the eye as it would if you offset the Masai Italy. And then we've got the file to what is Why is that? That's quite unique one, however, why still has the initial similarity with a lots and lots is an alphabet. Starting with the curve on the counter on the third line is a little longer because actually got with this step on the right here again, this is a master twist, so you have to turn the pan around. It's a very acute angle, not sure how many degrees ISS and then pull down diagonally to the left and then readjust for the third straight. That the only should have EPA not is always 45 degrees, and that's your kind of no reset button you go to, and then the certain strokes you have to adjust, pull and then reset to 45. 7. Variations of Each Uppercase Letter: Now I'll have to show you some variations. South glances. But the possibilities are endless, especially when you start developing your own style and taking inspiration from different block. Let's alphabets that influence how you right? I'm so much conflict for a few that I've come up with on this W office doesn't have the curve accounts have white brother letters. Same with This is a very much more, much less elaborate Let's is, and the X has a huge variations on this one. It is quite unique. It's got vertical stand on two cars on Sal's, and you only get diagnosed from the use. Two additional stems. Same that s so here the double barrel ones. But you know so your small, traditional awesome mortar rounds. These are locks law within the line of the returned A lot. Let's a script, but you can experiment with different woman's say, obviously, that you just when I usually go for. But there are variations. This is another One of my favorites was just a slight diagonal. I tend to use this buffalo outfits because it is more in sync with the rest of Belinda's Thank you Tail doesn't have toe just don't do anything baseline from which can bring it in from the sun. Traditional que typefaces today do. A lot of the woman sits just below the base on on hits and and these left stones coming in from the top. Assemble Odd. That is what I was showing you in the initial realize. Size is not l 10. If you come do instead of the the cabin council. If you use this on both the end and then same off has an aspect of continuity. Informative. Same with the case. We'll say that on the age in the next page. But this over 100 that reaches send alive is quite unique and different to the K. There are doing the examples and this is why you can bring the angular shapes with rest of left hand as well. El que conduce a double barrel stones for this as well. The Astros has quite a few variations. So vast Diack diagonal stems and tell that play around with it. Obviously in same of the bar talk, you could bring it soup diving, or you can have horizontal ones on I'm with tail, no tail or you could bring carved one straight will just have a little play around, and it doesn't always have to meet that to send a line from the baseline instead, back to the ABC. So please have over a similar, obviously, that a does have quite a few variations. This is the one that we did earlier on. This is more obviously, in a with a crossbar boy in black last, you'll often find these two more frequently.