"Four seasons": Painting Spring Blossom | Yana Knight | Skillshare

"Four seasons": Painting Spring Blossom

Yana Knight, Story of Yana

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9 Videos (57m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Colors of spring blossom

    • Value scale

    • Cherry blossom

    • Let's paint mini trees in blossom

    • Pink cherry tree

    • White tree

    • Thank you!


About This Class

Welcome to my "Four seasons" painting series where I'm going to let nature be our art teacher. I'll be painting and drawing trees, leaves, foliage and other things found in nature as they appear in each season. There is so much we can learn from each season, and I think each one gives us on the plate just the perfect thing we can focus on. Like there is no better time to study the bare bones, the structure of trees than winter, there is no better time to learn about the wildness of colors than Autumn. 

Spring gives us a unique chance because trees in this season turn ephemeral shades of pink and white. They're at once poetic, fragile yet overwhelmingly beautiful to behold. 


What can painting this incredible spectacle teach us about art? Well, first, it's a great chance to practice watercolors which is a perfect medium for capturing the fragility of the almost transparent pink petals. Using this medium leads us onto the next crucial element: value. We learn to make a watercolor value scale and look at how layers can create an illusion of dark and light tonal differences. And, unlike the Autumn class which focuses on bright, saturated colors, we learn to make our colors subdued, gentle, pale and elegant. 

In this class, we will spend time in a cherry orchard and learn these elements step-by-step. We'll make small studies and when our skills are up to scratch we'll put it all together to make two larger blossoming trees.




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Yana Knight

Story of Yana

I’m an artist and explorer who’s been lucky enough to experiment and fall in love with a multitude of creative disciplines and tools, from paints, brushes, words and sketches to programming my own pet robot! Here to share my colourful experiences and inspire my students to do fun things that make them happy!

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