Four Steps to Building an Effective Team | Anna Weselak | Skillshare

Four Steps to Building an Effective Team

Anna Weselak, Helping People Play Nice Together

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About This Class

Identify the 4 major components that make all teams effective.  Identify the roles  you need for your team, the strengths of the team members and how to make gain positive results.  Recognize the benefits of using tools such as ground rules, agendas and communication.  Complete  a climate survey that will help your entire team improve its performance.  Participate in this class as  an individual team member or with your whole team.  Either way you will increase your effectiveness





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Anna Weselak

Helping People Play Nice Together

Hi, my name is Anna. For over 20 years I have been helping individuals to communicate more effectively and improve their interpersonal relations at work and at home. I have assisted hundreds of people build stronger teams, gain new management strategies, develop stronger leadership, and select the best candidates for new hire and promotion.

Thank you for viewing one of my classes and I hope you will return to Skill...

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