"Four Seasons". Autumn Trees: Let your Colors Loose! | Yana Knight | Skillshare

"Four Seasons". Autumn Trees: Let your Colors Loose!

Yana Knight, Story of Yana | All Kinds of Art

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8 Videos (52m)
    • Intro

    • Supplies

    • Mixing Autumn Colours!

    • First Lonely Tree

    • Another Lonely Tree

    • Group of Trees

    • Landscape

    • Outro


About This Class

Welcome to my "Four seasons" painting series where I'm going to let nature be our art teacher. I'll be painting and drawing trees, leaves, foliage and other things found in nature as they appear in each season. There is so much we can learn from each season, and I think each one gives us on the plate just the perfect thing we can focus on. Like there is no better time to study the bare bones, the structure of trees than winter, there is no other time to paint blossom of spring sakuras.

But I start with my favourite season, and one I find the most inspiring, Autumn. I'd like to show you that this season is your perfect teacher in colour and its magic powers. It is the time when the most surreal colour combinations become the norm, when the old and worn out colours take on a special kind of vibrance and when contrary to the deterioration slowly going on behind the scenes, nature puts on its best brightest and loudest fireworks display. I learn so much from Autumn every time it visits us, and I'd love to share it with you. 

We will use a very limited palette to mix those amazing Autumn colours, and then go on to paint lonely trees, groups of trees, and a small landscape, using not only brushes but some tools found in nature, all the while staying very loose and playful. After four mini studies, it'll be your turn to go visit professor Autumn. 


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Music: Vivaldi "The Four Seasons", Autumn (Mvt 3) by John Harrison





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Yana Knight

Story of Yana | All Kinds of Art

I’m an artist and explorer who’s been lucky enough to experiment and fall in love with a multitude of creative disciplines and tools, from paints, brushes, words and sketches to programming my own pet robot! Here to share my colourful experiences and inspire my students to do fun things that make them happy!

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