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Foundation of Trading and Trading Mindset Vol I

Skill Camp Academy, Build Skills and Financial Independence

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12 Videos (1h 36m)
    • Video To Watch

    • Welcome To the Course

    • Skill Camp Introduction:

    • Traders Assessment Program

    • 6 Mistakes in Trading

    • Trading Basics I: What is Trading?

    • Trading Basics II: Who is a Trader?

    • Trading Skill I: Skills of Profitable Trading

    • Trading Skill II: Mindset of Skill Development

    • Trading Mindset I: Setting Right Expectation

    • Trading Mindset II: Expert-Level Skill Development

    • Traders Assessment Program


About This Class

Welcome to Skill Camp's Foundation of Trading and Trader's Mindset : 

This course has been designed to deliver a practical method to develop the mindset and skills required to kick start your journey towards discretionary technical trading.

It is primarily focused towards Traders who are new in the Forex Market looking to build their discretionary technical analysis trading skills, and Traders who have some experience but have been struggling for quite some time to find the right method and the right process to approach the market.

If you are ready to change your life and if you are ready to commit to learn and do whatever it takes to become successful at trading, then we have created this mini course to help you develop the mindset and skills that any trader would require even before you learn your trading methodology and take your first trade ever.

Here in this course we will cover:

  • The Traders Assessment Program which will help you define and understand your trading personality
  • 6 common mistakes traders make when they start trading
  • How people generally think about trading as opposed and how they should think about it?
  • How we as retails traders should focus on right kind of skills and mindset that different professional and institutional traders possess
  • What different kind of Trading skill we need to build in orders to succeed in the market  and how to build those skills
  • How to develop proper trading mindset and set right expectation in trading
  • How you can develop an expert-level skill and mindset like other successful traders in the market

Action To Be Taken by Students: If you feel you are ready to develop the mindset and the Skills Profitable Trading, If you feel that you are ready to build a successful trading career and strong business around it

Then check out the content of the course below, if you like the idea behind the course and If you feel like you absolutely want to be a part of this amazing experience 

Then Enrol In The Course and Be a Part of the Team, Let us  help you become the trader you desire and deserve to be






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Skill Camp Academy

Build Skills and Financial Independence

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