Fostering Self-love: Discover the Neural Pathway to Self-love

Kristen Becker, The educator for free spirits

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9 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • Breaking Barriers

    • Neural Pathways to Self-love

    • Why it’s your responsibility to love yourself

    • Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself

    • Give yourself a break

    • Daily Habits 1

    • Daily Habit 2

    • Guided Self-love Meditation hb


About This Class

In this course you will learn, practical, hands on day to day ways to foster more authentic self-love. When you truly and deeply come to love, cherish and respect yourself, literally everything else that you have been struggling to work toward in life begins to fall into place. In doing so you then become more able to give and receive love of all kinds as well as to live authentically and intuitively.  We have few real opportunities to learn in life, how to nurture and love ourselves. However once you start practicing and internalizing self-love through daily practice, it becomes quite effortless. This course features daily practices to help you create a natural habit of practicing self-love as well as profound insights into the evolving nature of self-love through the normal course of a lifetime and how to shift your own mind-set of self-love.  





Kristen Becker

The educator for free spirits

Are you ready to absolutely fall in love with your life? On this channel you will find courses that enable you to raise your  vibrational frequencies and corresponding life experiences to live a  more loving, fulfilling and meaningful life.  


HI, I’m Kristen!

Most things that we struggle to be, feel and achieve through constant anxious action with the world around us is actually  achieved so much more effortlessly and meaningfully by simply going within. The courses here are designed to help you raise your vibration to the higher vibrations of love, joy, compassion etc. so you can live a more positive, loving and prosperous life.

I am simply fascinated by life and am here to help you do the same. I am honored to leverage my twenty years of experience as an educator to help you start living your very best life possible. My courses are based on transpersonal psychology techniques which enable you to integrate the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology  to create the life you want to live now. I am honored to be able to use my 20 years of experience in education to create experiential based courses which feature the highest success rate of any type of learning experience!  

Join Me For The Restorative Mind, Body, Soul Series: You have within you everything you need to be everything you want to be already. The restorative collection of courses features mini bite sized courses to empower you to naturally reveal your greatest, highest and most beautiful self, one element at a time.

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