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Forum Marketing - How to build a online presence with Forum Marketing

teacher avatar Brian Cliette, I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Forum marketing is a high ROI strategy because making a good impression in front of this savvy and influential audience can help your marketing message spread far and wide.

Follow this step-by-step skillshare course to effectively use forum marketing as a part of your overall online marketing strategy.

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Brian Cliette

I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly


I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly. Via High Velocity User Acquisition & Data Driven Growth Marketing!!

Meet the Mad Scientist of Digital Greatness.

What do you get when you combine a data geek, a social media master and a growth marketing connoisseur?

You get a mad scientist named Brian Cliette. Brian has been working his brand of magic for more than 10 years, serving the hospitality and digital media industries with a unique, holistic approach that allows him to see the entire picture, tear it down and rebuild it into something amazing.

Brian gets a lot of joy from helping people and companies to be better than they were. He's a people person, a problem solver, and holds an unusual balance between the analytical and creative sides. After trav... See full profile

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1. Forummarketing: Brian Client here, too. Damn. Wouldn't be putting together a very short course on forum marketing. Now, if you're new to the digital marketing landscape, you may have never heard of for marketing. And even if you have been around kind of Internet market for some time, maybe you have heard of for market. Maybe you've never really leveraged it as a digital marketing channel. Um, for marketing, for the most part, was popularized by software called X Rumor. That pretty much took small advertising ads and what posting literally to thousands of forms across the Internet. Now why in the world with someone want to post the same ad across thousands of forms are four X rumor would then allow those ads by posting them as anchor texts on this is a seo technique to get tons of battling styles of fast, fast, superfast backings. People still kind of leveraging this technique today, although it is considered very spammy and does not work as well as it did 345 years ago. So a lot of people that think about for Mark and a automatically associated with this software caught X Roma. So in this particular short course, I'm going to give an overview of exactly what four market is I'm gonna be sharing. Ah, some techniques, less tools because the tools that relate to for marketing are pretty spammy. And I don't want to condone any of those, especially if you're a beginner, because you just kind of wanna shoot yourself in the foot sort of speak. Before he even began of really getting attraction on this channel, I'm going to talk about some of the pros and cons of foreign marketing. One of them is that it is this kind of taboo. You know, Hush hush don't don't ask, don't tell kind of thing is relates to Internet marketing because a lot of people have alleged as a spam technique vs as a branding technique in a long term branding opportunity for your product or service online. I'm also gonna give some tips and advice when getting started with foreign marketing dinner . As always, I want to conclude with kind of wrap up for a marketing. So what exactly is for marketing? For marketing can mean different things to different people were pretty much is leveraging online forms, either as a source for back links as a source for Leeds as a source traffic source to your landing page. We hope to get someone to sign up for. Your melon lists are a source of back links where you post some links on a forum, maybe article white paper, and you try to link that back to your site and get credit because there's some forms that have high high pay. Drink, which does help with your back linking, especially getting these high paid drink back links to your site and then also form marketing kind of taken it to a high level is actually creating a form around your niche and owning that particular form. And, ah, you know, gaining traction within that community by running a form on the topic of your niche, which is very powerful. And not a lot of people tend to talk about that when they talk about for market. Most people talk about posting. Some ads are posted a link in your signature so typically on a forum, you are allowed to create kind of a signature, um, all kind of a tagline under your user name, and under this tagline, you can add a link and typically people link back to some type of landing page. Some type of Lee generation opportunity where people can download a free e book are downloaded free e. Course by putting in the email in their name. And this is a very popular as well as a very effective method of foreign marketing. On A said, Some people just post articles off hopes of getting links back to their site and getting those links index by Google again a s e o technique. But a lot of people aren't talking about just creating a marketing creating your own forum . So let's say I'm in the niche of the marketing for Dennis. Okay, so let's say I provide marketing services for dentists across the United States. Well, if I really wanted to get a lot of traction in that community in the dental community and help dentists better market there a dentist offices, then I could put together a forum. Ah, that is all about marking for Dennis. And I could talk about S E O for dentists and PPC for dentists, an article marketing content market for dentists. Local local referrals for dentists have a variety of different topics and categories on this form solely dedicated to the topic of marketing for dentists. Now, think about how power for this will be okay. I provide a service to marking for dentists. I can now go out to dentists instead of selling them my product directly. I could say, Hey, you're a dentist. Would you like more information on how you can better mark your dental practice? Dental practice And most people will never one object to free information, helpful information on ability to network and learn and grow their business. And most people gonna You're gonna get their attention right away. So if you are the owner, you know, you providing very valuable content on this form that you own. Other dentists have, ah, dental friends. You know, they want to dental school with a variety of different other people. They're going to start doing a marketing for you and referring people to this particular form. So after a while, you may start with just a handful of people may be limited to one geographic area. Right. So, uh, dentist in Minnesota. But guess what? Your dental schools all over the place and with someone finished dental school, they have to do a residency. Our fellowship as part of the dental training, you know, they may have gone a school dental school in Minnesota, but they may be based in Iowa and maybe based in Oakland, California So friends are going to start with for friends, this particular website soon after a while. You know, one year to year, you may have thousands of dentists, all of the United States, that go to this dental marketing form. And again, you didn't have to put up too much time and effort. I mean, there was some time component, but you don't have to put up too much content cause after a while the users of the former want to start producing some of the content. They're going to start asking questions. You've been expert. You can simply answer those questions. So he saves you on creating content because the users are the dentist will be posting questions and comments and techniques that work for them and things that don't work for them. So this is kind of the foreign marketing that I want people to start to, kind of really looking and think about how powerful this would be if I had a Forum for Dental. For dentists looking for marketing tips Can I can always have advertisers going back to my website about how AH dentists that are too busy to do their own marketing? You know, maybe they can hire me to do that marketing for them, And they noted, on the form you can make this very clear and be very transparent with that. But they'll know, like and trust you at that point because you've probably answered questions that they've had about their marketing. And they know you have such a large following in this forum that if they had any discrepancies about your services, they know they could take it up with you as well as a community. So that's a very powerful way of getting leverage into a niche is to create your own marketing form. So again, marketing for marketing means different things to different people. It means everything from taking your own signature to having to go to some landing page Ah , to using it as, ah, bat linking service to posting the question about your product or service, then going back with another count, answer that question and trying to make it stick ease a lot of different techniques when it comes to foreign marketing. But it is a oftentimes highly neglected digital channel that a lot of people overlook. It does take some time to develop and work through. But as I said, if you put forth the effort, it will always pay off. So getting started with foreign marketing, So let's go back to my forum for, uh, marketing tips for dentists. You may not want to do that, that maybe, you know above your head and maybe above your time that you can allocate towards your business. But one way of getting started is always this. Making sure that you joined forms related to your niche are. Make sure you join forms related to a topic on in your business in your serves and you start to network. You read as a lot of great information on farms. So, uh, if you are creating info products, one great way of getting ideas for infra products used to go to different forms and see where commonly asked questions. What are the most sticky threats with stickiest threads in those farms? How can you develop a product around those commonly asked questions How can you create? Uh, you know, e book Are training course almost sticky threats? Because if things are and what I mean by sticky is that you have threads that are very popular and they kind of pushed to the top. So that's what I mean by sticky threats. You have one forum post, Um, that has 3000 views and 800 comments, and that's gonna be very sticky versus one foreign post that has 20 views and only two comments gave asking less sticky so sticky here. I'm just talking about kind of the traction as faras on that particular form. How popular is it amongst the users in amongst the members? Okay, so look into those highly sticky threads give you ideas for products or services for issues that people have in the marketplace. So we are addressing those in developing and doing some research and development for your product. For your info product or forever service you're developing. You can get some great ideas from the market that you hope to serve again here, allowing the market to create your product. First you create a product and say, Hey, here, this is solution because I say Hey, this is feedback and I've got from the members use a commonly asked questions or issues of problems that, you know Market X is having and these some solutions to those problems. Okay, so the best way of getting started on for marketing this to leverage your signature. So, you know, advertised. Um, you're your website offers some type of free download off some link to your service. I joined a few forums, become very active in the community. That's one strategy for getting started. Another strategy is to use, informs his research. I typically use forms research when I'm developing a particular product, looking for its service to to fit a market need. I'll see if that particular market has forms are kind of going is he was sticky. See what people sharing the mostly what people complaining about, and I'll try to shape my product or service around solutions that solve those particular problems. So that's the second way of getting started for eyes this using it as a research tool amongst other research tool that you may use online. So that's the best way of getting started on and then, lastly, if you did want to run the idea of creating your own forum. V Bulletin is a free adamant that a lot of hosting programs offer V bulletin is one of the popular, So WordPress is kind of a content management system. V Bulletin is a forum management system so essentially allows you kind of open source. You can create your own form around a particular topic by this installing the V bulletin software on your hosting. So if you have a go daddy hosting account, I have blue host or hosts Gator hosting account. You can log into their control panel and install the bulletin, and I will allow you to create your own firm again. It's gonna take you a little while to get some traction around, form on developing your form. Once you do what you ultimately have your own ah, community that you only in control right? And that's very powerful, especially if this is also a community that you offer products and services to. So those are kind of three ways of getting started for marketing. So what are some of the pros and cons of foreign marketing, foreign marketing? Some of the cons? I'll start with the cons here Typically, I start with the pros. I'll start with a concert for marketing. There is the cynicism towards foreign market because it is oftentimes associated with spam . Eso if you're kind of discussing is and techniques with your marketing team and you come up with the turnout, well, let's do some for marketing. You're probably gonna get a little bit of pushback. Are Samad looks, especially if the people you're working with him being in the digital market space for quite some time and they will give you all the reasons why not to do for marketing. So that's one of the cons is that is this negative attitude towards foreign marketing as a digital channel? Um, now let's talk about one of the pros there, thousands off forums. Okay, there, thousands of forms on different subjects. So going back to my idea about the dentist, uh, probably forms, I don't know, maybe hundreds of forms is dedicated to dentists, Okay, And I'm not sure how many of those who dedicates mark me, but I'm warning, willing to bet if there's a form about dentistry, there's probably some thread a category on that floor that focuses on marketing. Okay, so there thousands of forms you can tap into. They should conjoined that you can become a member of that. You contribute at value to and the more value at typically two forms, the more followers you're gonna get, the more people going to click to see your signature. You could do some assists and branding. There have a link going back to your website. Will you provide services to dentists? So the more you posting that form that more people are gonna see your signature caustically way forms. Work is that we post a reply toe to Eva toe a thread on a forum, which is just pretty much a post. So you add a title. He put your post, you hit, publish cancer. Now that's a threat. So other people can reply to that threat. Some some forms light of vote threads up of hope, threats down and get thumbs up. Give thumbs down. But the more engaged, more active you're on the form, Kate, the more threads you're going to be seen on, okay? And typically, once you make a post, replied to a post, it stays there forever. So you're being the second person to reply you always be the second person to reply, and when people go back to the beginning, that thread they'll see your post is number two, so you often get a lot of eyeballs. So if your expert are, you really saw me someone's problem. You know, one of the prose is that typically, once you do for marking once, you know you can always rely on that That effort to be seen for many years afterwards, So that's one of the pros. Again, let's go back to one of the cons. One of the cons is that you can automate a lot of foreign marketing, but again and gets it to the spamming around. And that's not what you want to do. Especially they're trying to build a community because that's not a way that you get people know like and trust you. It can be very manual right, so it could be very tedious going to different forms every day. Seeing what questions you can ask, your questions you can post on a common are that could get very tedious. You can set up some Google alerts again. That's probably above this probably intro to kind of floor marking, maybe an invents course at a later date, I could talk about using some Google alerts to notify you in certain questions. Go up in certain forms to give you opportunity to go there and answer them yourself on to get that first responder second respondent the responder position. So, one of the causes of said is that it can be very tedious in nature, which can, you know, take some time, energy and effort to really build and see the benefit self. So those are kind of, generally some of the pros and cons to foreign marketing. Another pro is that it's not a lot of competition right outside of the spammers. Not a lot of people are really looking at for marketing as a way of Guinea customers as a way of getting lead. So it is not going to be a lot of competition. So probably many of your competitors are not gonna be leveraging forms. A zey marketplace are as a potential place to to tap into on their market and get some customers. So that's definitely one of the pros, and that's usually due to you know that the tedious nature of a foreign market as well as the cynicism associate with for marketing. So what are some of the tools of foreign marketing? And I have this particular slide. But again, I want to avoid suggesting any tools for for marketing, mainly because most of the tools that really just exploit some of the loopholes of foreign markets was really lies on the side of kind of spam. If you're really trying to build a solid business, we're trying to build up a community where people respect your brand. Probably spamming is not the way to do it now. I'm spam tools do have a place in everyone's kind of tool kit. Um, I've even leverage spam tools for many years, but again, that was not focusing on my long term business. That was simply a zey effort to do one particular campaign. Or did you get some fast results of to generate some fast cash of some type? But again, not a long term strategy that I often go to and do on a daily basis. OK, so you have kind of your long art, and he kind of have your short term art as well. What kind of focusing on it is making some quick cash. It generated some quick leads, so I really want to avoid suggesting any tools for marketing are. You could easily Google do a quick Google search, but I'm not gonna be a very much help their name, tools, advice and tips on foreign marketing success. I would totally take a long term approach to foreign marketing, and I would just really go pass on the efforts off joining all these forms and being very active. That can be very time consuming what I will suggest, especially for the long haul of the long term, also justice creating your own forum. So going back to my example of creating a form dedicated to dentists marketing. So I will go to other forms related to dentists, and I will post on those forms to tell people about my form and that will get you some early traction and people joining your community. Talk about marketing tips and I would just post a ton of content related Teoh marketing for dentists and then i, one of these other forms not necessarily direct competitors to marking for dentists. Book this forms dedicated to dentist the dental students are dental hygienist and I'll post marketing tips there and they have a link going back to my dentist marketing form. And that will be my strategy, my long term strategy. And I would just probably focus on building this kind of cross pollinated is different. Dental forms are probably really focused on doing it for about a good six months. If in the latter heart how, ah, half of the year for the ladder, six months. I was just really focus on really growing. The community may be having some kind of Facebook group associated with the forum so people can call on Facebook interact there. People go inform the post there so, as I'm probably social component to the form on forms have lost a lot of steam over the past few years because before social media was very, very popular, we had news groups, a user groups and for user groups moved into chat rooms from chat rooms and kind of moved to forums forms a kind of the static version of chat rooms sorted to speak from a community type perspective, having 1/2 you know, the growth of all the Facebooks and twitters and in my spaces and some of them around some number not around. But guess what? Forms are still around. So my spaces around, but not in the same capacity but forms is still here again. Just a great way of interacting with the community. And some of the most passionate people around a certain niche really participate in forms and are not as active on websites such as Facebook groups. So again, one of the pros that I didn't mention earlier is that you can get a lot of traction with this market on forms. So my advice is to start your own forum looking other forms as opportunity for growing your own form. Homos. Far as a long term marketability, this is gonna be the most beneficial to you. So swallows the tip on success. Look at starting l for So at this point in these quick for marketing short course, I'll give you kind of ah, wrap up. So hopefully have a good idea about what foreign market it is, what it isn't. You have a good idea about the pros and cons for marketing kind of what to do. Stay clear of the spammy stuff and what to do. Think long term think community a swell as on some things to consider as far as your your for marketing strategies on concern. As always, if you have any questions, we're going for a market and any other digital marketing questions. Feel free to shoot me, email our reach out to me on social media and are posted question in the discussion of comment Board again. Thank you for joining me here in this former marketing short course. I look forward to seeing you and other courses soon.