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Forex from Beginner to Advanced level

teacher avatar Bilegt Ganbaatar, Teaching Market Liquid area

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Basic Forex Knowledge

    • 3. Mt 4 Platform

    • 4. Strategies And Back Testing

    • 5. Economic News Impacts

    • 6. Mental Preparation

    • 7. Institutional vs Retail Traders

    • 8. Make Your Own Plan

    • 9. What is Gap and Daily Star

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About This Class

You can expect everything from A - Z about FOREX in my class. I will teach from beginner level to advanced levels of knowledge. If you are looking for explanation about pip, spread, time period, leverage, risk reward ratio, macd indicator, moving average, institutional traders vs retail traders, Liquidity, Stop hunt, daily star, Gap, Market manipulation and other trading styles such as position trading, scalping, swing trading then this course is for you. 

Intermediate level traders should start from 4th lesson.

Try to learn every single detail in this class. I have broken down one big Advanced level strategy into small easy to understand pieces so that you would learn it more easily. 

In this course i have prepared program for any level of traders who are looking to analyze markets at one glance.

The skills you will learn:

  • Analyzing how institutional vs retail traders moving
  • Spotting liquid area on charts
  • Knowledge of economic calendar and preparation
  • Knowing when will the big spikes will occur
  • You will be able to tell where will people place their stop loss and pending orders
  • When and where will the stop hunt or market manipulation will occur

Also i will prepare your psychology or mindset before trading. In other words you will learn the things i have learned in my three years of trading experience.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bilegt Ganbaatar

Teaching Market Liquid area


Hello, I'm Bilegt. I have been trading Forex about four years now. During those years i have tried many strategies trying to find one good strategy. And i have found it. So i have tested the strategy and it was really good. Now i am here to share this strategy with you guys.

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1. Class Intro: Hey there. I welcome you to my class Here you learn market liquid area in this class. I will. Did you have to analyze Mark at one glance Here you will learn why and when markets most so drastically and suddenly thes classes for beginners meeting that went very traders who are looking for high wind drink strategy. It's a teacher. I will have questions of bill experience, interesting time and money. Wisely, I have been most successful strategies for my experience. Designed to be easy, the understandable for any little traders. You learn half die thing to buy G area. Correct my center print folks, etcetera listens include summarized import the end of each class bon a stretch at the end class projects which will help you in the future. My name is Billy Tom Butter. Experience it, forex trader, and we'll deal over. This class will change of perspective on how forex markets forms. So if you're ready to get your mind Bob, come join Michael 2. Basic Forex Knowledge: Hi. In this Listen, I will teach you basic or ex knowledge and sit ups before we start. I want you to remember that every listen has significant role for the strategy, which I will teach in future. Less is, as the market has many opportunities, I want you to understand investing bees unnecessary because you can invest small and grow it in time, which is something you read. Small risk and great profits. Follow me to see my future classes. Forks is 2.5 times larger than the global TTP, estimating 1.19 3 quadrillion dollars and $5.3 trillion are traded every day in the parks markets. As of 2020 harks splits into granted trading futures and options. I will mainly teacher going to trading. As you can see, we trade on ratio of two currency pairs. So in those big numbers, how exactly do everything you say? The answer is leverage. As you enter into trade brokers. Stand your money when you close your trade, the money will, after magically taken back material. Win or lose, it won't affect the length money as we trade on difference off ratio that do friends off ratio. The reminds our profit or loss a sweet or could be re sleep on Claridge leverages can be up to 20 to 800 to one. You just have to choose suitable for one for yourself. From here, I will explain how to do research on brokers. There are many factors to consider. There is spread leverage minimum deposit paper trading from the chance you can see going by yourself really well. Positions are different than the main, and that is your network. Sales are better for whiter. Is taking fee from each of your trade. Brokers have different spreads in which you can choose the broker who has smallest spread possible. Testing your strategies with paper treating will help you identify problems which you haven't not, is it yet for every time you buy in this chair, you're sitting at the same time. For example, if you just bought the pair that makes your buying great British pound and sailing United States doll in an injury, you're just the streaming great British pound will go up and ust will go down. And now I will teach you after set up your auntie for platform. There's also empty five platform. But if you learn this one, both are safe. Before we start, I want to talk. About what size and candles Your lot size determines how much William you want to hold in your opening position. Candlesticks are popular church set of many people use bearish candles, opening price at the top closing price at the bottom and Candace Week shows high and low. Bullish Candace opening price at the bottom closing price at the top. Weeks show the same high and candles opening and closing prices off news to deter mined resistance and liquid area. So now it's you can see I have opened great British pound and ust pair. Every church set up comes in this stuff, but you can change it by clicking left mouse properties, and the platform will show you Arrendel, which you can optimize your start after dead. You can go to top tools to get Candlestick style. Click on Now you have a candlestick style chest on top. Left side. You can put your volume number plus minus and plus button on your cable to zoom in and out . And when you want to read Kendall, history just plays your mouse on that candle and look bottom right there. You will see candles, Time and date Opening price High low closing price volume. If you want to open up the chest, you can go to tough theft and quicken. Create new chest I can do. You can see all of your different chests in summary leverages borrowed money to increase our position from brokers paper trading Alves us to practice with free money. Spritz our fee from service and data providers. Lots basically or Walden in our trading position. Candlesticks are popular church style, which helps us to see liquid area In next lesson, I will teach indicators and moving averages. A more details. See you. 3. Mt 4 Platform: Hello, everyone in this Listen, I will teach you in people platforms, basic setups and give you tips on Have to set them up. You're NT four platforms. One of your important tools to your cold. Having simple and organized platform will help you to understand markets difficult situations with ease off my important subjects in this class sitting up time, time, Peter Trends moving average and market indicate are so. I will explain correspond trading strategies. Timeframe. It will help you to look bigger. Church in a detailed way to pull the get use of it. You need practice and time. Once you understand how each time print works, it will be smooth for you to implement your strategy. Time period. It will give you more detailed. Look to analyze your chart, you can easily make decisions with one glance really useful or bought day traders and weekly traders. And now I will show it on empty for platform. Yes, you can see this is chest from previous class in his chest. I will explain how to set time, period. It's simply click right mouse and go to properties. India, you see show period separators chick books. Check it and click. OK, and now you have successfully created the chest in this charge is more organized and you can easily tell which they was which. If you go to weekly timeprint, you can distinctively tell how each year markets have moved. If you go to minute 15 you can see how each day markets he I will talk about trends s you can see there are two types of trends off trend and downtrend each trend Paul Speck before going to the main direction. Whether it's a poor trend or downwards trend spotting it will give you more structured approach to markets. Trends are consolidated moment of market as it is going upward or downward. If we go to our empty poor platform, we can see our simple chat in here. I will show you simple trend examples. If you scroll back a little bit, we can see one hour time frame Don't drink and I will draw trendline If we look closely each pull back a scotch. A top trendline. If we look at the end of trend charged has broken top trendline Kendrick tested over here. I will talk about market indicator. This indicator will help you to identify before spike movements on. We'll tell you when the spikes consulate, like this indicator, is rightly great are beginners. Now I will show you have to set up mukti indicator. Go to top Meter Tolliver's and click indicators this taken and go to custom. Then click worked. They're period windows. Give your color choosing option. Choose your coal and click. OK, great. Now you have a market indicator and now I left Chipper moving average. As the name suggests, it is average women shown by grab depending on what kind of a bridge you want to see from the moving average. Go to top and click on indicators stank, Then go to trend and click moon beverage in options window over the period. 200 pre period moving averages. Most reliable holes. Just option and click. Okay, great. Now you have a 200 period moving average. As you can see, the moving average is already showing a stairs forced and resistance areas. I'm here. I will do simple go truck strategies that can be used with what we have already learned. As we learn with each set up, you might already have plans for each of them There are many simple strategies following each set up. So right here I wanted to talk about are moving Garry to send market indicator and Dave corresponding strategies. And I'm going to talk about sculpture strategy on swing trading strategy on position trading strategy. Okay, so first we will talk about position, trading strategy and, uh, Soon Street restricted. You have ah, do of the swing trade. There's Eustis Mukti. So have the uses Is that when the blue dime they look thin Blue line When this blue line comes out, this gray area uh D uh marked indicator is indicating that no, the trend is about the rivers so that with that information position, traitors end soon traders buy it so that see, right around here when we bite, we made around around 220 peeps just like that. They use it. So if he let if you see another examples that's like it around here right round kitties do Zain can't came out of this gray area again. So just this thing's proven comes out, which means strike around here and evenly both. We made around 400 peeps just like that they use and that's what the property taking have to take profits state I have to them backed indicator indicate went to take your profits. So if you look at just around here right around here, when the through the income came out from the downside from three area again and if we bought it and it has been gone and it's more got it right And when it goes to up what and, uh, rule is, uh, seem again, they just it goes to the justice did. This goes to the airport, and when the blue line comes out of this gray area, we will take our property and closer trade. So next I want to talk about moving average. Ah, Skull person used a moving average to make many small treats. So let's go to ah, many time prince minute file. I mean, 15 if you look at it and let's call it back. So how do they use moving averages that they make a rule out simple rules? And, uh, what they do is that whenever Tim Price uh goes to the other side of them moving average from this case, the price has break down from cops say, to downside and it consolidated that a little bit and it came back to the topside. And what they do is that Windham Pryce comes to the topside. It came. It always care, comes back to testimony, average right that retesting and is touching price touching area they buy. So problem here if you buy it and wait for our wait again. We made around 150 pips and more, and I spoke to a proper taking. You can wait till your estimated proper ticking area, or you can just wait for the price to come and touch your moving average again. Here. I wanted to note few things necessary minder. The 1st 1 is simple and organized. Remember your goal as it is. Your goal is to successful. Execute good traits with one glance, but not to have too many unnecessary indicators, making you get puzzle moving average and marketing. These indicators will help you get certain small datas, but not to assume it. This as your main decision maker, related simple strategies. The purpose of Michelle Rictus simple strategies is for you to understand that panics up. How did they use it in charts, plus the small titters you get from the Theis essential part a main strategy which I will teaching future classes. And that's it for lesson to see you in next class and make sure to follow to see my classes when I upload it. Also, you can ask questions goodbye. 4. Strategies And Back Testing: Hello, everyone here I will teach based strategy and back testing. The information is provided in discuss will be useful for you because you can implement them in any strategy. We will talk about pending orders and sleeping risk. You are issue NW. Better back testing retail traders pending orders and have sleeping happened. Were you spending offers? When you want to place open positions at Artisan, it'd area with certain conditions. There are four types of pending orders by stop self stuff by limiting cell or stop orders. If price goes higher then or lower than certain point, then your order will be opened or limit orders. If you tink price will rise or drop to a certain point and pull back, then you can our limit order sector point slipping. It is their part when the price sleep story precision and opens a little bit higher or lower than your point causes are when there is high watermark traders happening. Price goes to your position when being news comes out. That was impact global economic. Depending on your broken, it can happen sometimes. So right. Q. People that and great British pound ust chest and I wanted to explain your eyes pending orders after sitting on the slippage. So that's started depending water. Stop our first I want to talk about If I stop in this case, this look a chart and let's see, you're assuming that the price was around huge and all this hasn't happened yet. And if you think that the price after coming to this place the price I want to be doing, some Pullbacks need to just go to top. In that case, you will face your by stop. I have to placing go in the garden. Let's go to our top left and go click new Order, and after that, this window on that you have to go type and a click. Choose your pending got options and after death, you know, get your by. Stop by, stop hard and place your decisions like price points and stop big problems. And one after that place and your pending orders will be placed on. That's for me, today said. Because of that, I can place in grottos right now. That's for you guys you can do at home Monday to Friday in the market. It's stuck, uh, about safe stop after six concepts same that assume that price was around. Q. And when the price comes that all this hasn't happened yet and when there, if you think, did their price, we've come here and we thought doing pulp exit will continue. In that case, you will go to the new or insurance like bringing going to and a select Still stop and please yourself position and stop close and take property volume. Stand face. They stop to stop. I stop our herself, saying has the same consists and let's call it back and talk about limit orders or limit order. If you think that you're in this example, let's see if you think that you're here and all this hasn't happened yet and if you think that the price will come up here and then by doctors, the price of pulled back In that case you place your limit doctors concept saying Go, You are true spending and choose sending because it is pulled back. Auto the position to be swapping from stop orders, it said. On place your a price point and stocks us and take part in place. Then your orders place it and try toe up. You proceed on our Bijan. It's It is as the same concept. Let's go back. That's right around here. Drunk. You if you think that. Look. Okay. Okay. If you think, Did the price was around here and it won't go, Uh, it will go to this point. And if you think the price will pull back then in that case, you say there's fighting. Just go. Can you are dry? It's left by living. Set your price points and stop classes and big conference, and it will replace it. And when the price comes down here And if the price is touch, it has touched your pending Garda till after magically open your opposition and it will go up on and it will be property. Okay, let's go back a little bit. And let's talk about talk about this slippage. Okay? The slippage on higher time, pain time prim and daily one, this spike has happened. It had just happened, you know, one second it was ah, really pressed and really, uh, so bigger Speicher's happened. If you look at how early on, let's click this out shaping I come on, go back a little, then this happens. So in this case, this spike has happened with Cap and I will talk about the gap in future lessons, Partner. Let's just focus on this spike, you know, and why this sleeping purposes that, uh when there's high amount of volume is causing price to move so drastically reading their second in debt case some sort off, like happens in a service providers. In some cases, the price will sleep to a different place and gets opened. Or, in some cases, the price Want to be opened? Just close it. Let's see this trust online's around you. And here is your, uh, pending Gardner, in this case, by stop Auto, if you feel that this will go up and just go up 10 when the prize comes to here, this keeping happens and it was supposed to open here. But because of this leg, it would have opened here some Bach yourself good solutions for descended. Some progress has a bad so delicious party send Your gap will be think and that Okay, gap is this. Next I want to talk about risk reward issue. This crew were to issue its calculation of how much you are risking wishes how much your property having clear additional. How much are losing a harm? Archer Winning is essential for your traits and diverse. It's there for your buildings. Strategy will be always having a good risk reward ratio from this picture. We conceded properties one on one from the risk, and the risk is color drip, and they want this color green and I had revert some simple on example. ISS. Let's say you risk 10% of your count in your total trade. Never limit despite if your last three times in your you have 12 times. If you're proper to us one on one, you lose 30% of your account. If you're richer's one on dream than your properties 10% from this example, you can see that having bigger profit than your risk will always get your higher percentage off for profit and w button. Thesis returns are by far most accessible, but there to learn to learn this better. Simply look for W or aim shaping return at the end of each trend. If I've trained this nearing its end and makes aims shape at the top, then there's high chance of reversing if downtrend, this nearing its end and makes Tabler ship. Then there is high chance off it going up. Practised Inc M and W You can Baptist any strategy using this example Simply deter mined your strategy and look for prairie scrap and identify places Your strategy is certain. See, have the graphic a smooth and how many are waiting Now I will get you have to identify our spot w in game shape it there on MT for charge. And right now, as you can see, it is a one hour time and the W and M terms can be found anywhere between minute want to you Weekly time perhaps. And if you look up, go ahead and look at this. A weekly timeprint way can spot this big emperor shaping return as a court. You secrecy. Here's some 14,000 Pick a moment has a curved here on our huge cheers Their small top guys , A good first off human second cliff test got up and over here two first leg of w second lift and the test in here on difficult had look with one Howard, their cabbages intends to. If you look at this chart, there's an amber eternal called you first leg of lamb second leg friend and it is looking down. And in the future, I would teach more more details about the abuse and names because they're more things you need to learn to complete this strategy on everything we speak combined at the end to make one 20 clear strategy. And now I will show you have to keep I your time, Prince, like minutes five, we go ahead and look at it, uh, supremacy or hear some small w is good. Onda our here. Some aim has occurred that and now I will show you how to back dissed using w Indian shapes you need to set the number How many thinks how many times you have to on the lights and practice to stretch strategy. In this case, I was set to 10 and we really spot 10 traits with W and shapes and we'll see which one of us winning withdrawn us. And if we go toe one Howard, we can spot our first avenue and it goes up after successful and our here first name shape and little successful. Well, here's topping Do successful human in successful over there w success Super 66 this aim and apple. Jupiter is really hiring rate, and it is really successful to treat. And uh, the two we look at it and go ahead in backwards and every W in and Shapes is simply meaning retail traders. Retail traders usually trade with their own money, not with corporate. My day traders usually traded their own risk. Most retail traders are out and use the same strategist. If we look at that strategy and wait for the market to make that pattern, we can assume that at that entry point most of details to a user opening same positions here. I'll talk about key things to remember stopper win following the price limiter. Place it in Jerusalem. Point risk reward ratio. Always have low risk. Big reward. At the end of trend, W and M batteries indicate reversals. You can practiced any strategy. That's all for the class. If you have questions, go to class discussion section. See you 5. Economic News Impacts: Hello, everyone. In this lesson, I will teach you how economic news and other Aarons can impact markets having understanding of new Syrians with particulate positions the first and most commandeering seven economic contenders. Thes economic Anders will be a best trend with you. You're a skull per day trade spring treat. Wanting to notice that grazing members and try to catch weaken traits is like betting on poker game without no good hats. They are here to provide us with helpful numbers that could define markets, grinned conditions. But these scanners will tell you which days to avoid taking big risks. For example, you had one good tree going on, but all of a sudden the news came in and swoops, You're great, but don't work this big. New servants come on the once a week. As of my experience, Bank of England Padilla reserves interest rate, Bank of Canada, non problem, very raw GDP, Consumer price index and sometimes retains its are the biggest market Morse in the Canada. Sometimes they make the market will drastically, sometimes state or the new suits don't go as much estate, so you don't have to worry about their daughter's one Nice tip. Instead, you can check your spread before news always have stopped. Plus, as you go into this high wall, it'll traits. They give you a great amount of psychological toll. UNIPH you getting stop losses will prevent your loss. Natural dis Esther Economic Impact Natural disasters are unforeseen. Events tend to shake markets. If you heard news that could potentially ruin your trading flats, you should immediately close your position. Events like this tends to be unpredictable, and all the time the's events happened randomly. So be sure to be aware while watching TV or poems. Astir. Great source. Do not for you. Research it using picked analyzing. As the name suggests, you will need to do lots of research to make this plan. There are many factors for research to be successful. Anything can be useful in this case. It's how you use your imagination. Get their work back testing use of its It is almost same a speck testing your strategy. You just have to go to a kashinda and look for history off the news event. You want to practice, then go to your church and look have the new Syrians movement us like in the past now I was show you have to practiced different near Syrians and how to set your on. Uh, To do that, you need to go to your process and true zero Economic agent the best for me. I use interesting dot coms economic, Asian I have beers found three years. It's really have. So I said can see the economic that has shown up around you on the shows, uh, new students by time on each day, nuisance would happen and they're different names here on the day state here. If you nip, you want to choose you. If you want to choose your time on time zone, you can click over juicier, different times on, uh, that this the most basic things you need to turn on the motors. There's a striking you can click on it and choose your country. The newest country you want to choose. Would you could you see how much stricter you want? Personally, I use this three important loss, and these two and one bullets are not that much movement has shown to me. And click apply in No, because that show your desire of your servants when it could happen and here, you can go ahead. I see it. Yesterday's one taste one are tomato son on the next week. So if you go ahead and click next week, you know, so shall it cannot also show you the next two weeks. On this. You can see the next trickster state. There's a backup in Bank of England's, um this'll interest rate decision has shown up here on you can click on it when you click on it. There is a description boxes and that will tell you the descriptions and this chart on which the waas happened in the past. On using clocks and tastes. You can choose it on. Go back to your chest and she picked up on Practiced it. So I show good example right now people, I think. Sure more sentry doing some back Mystic seven. Let's go to a little bit on If we go to this'll. It's just this 1 2018 November 1st 8 oclock and the in developed that forms clock differs from time zone, and if you go toe before God, it's 12 0 clock white now and in my in my correct on its 20 which means signed eight our sport. You can minus that clock off off your new segment and then that resulting cocoa show You have to choose their on the empty box. That and here it's 88 miles eight Mr Clark, November 8 2018. And now, since we have chosen death time in that school, you're trusting, practiced and scrawling back to there's Night King number It is 2018 November 1st you see that time, period because with reliable to see which was which and this you can see 12 0 clock off. November 1st 2 dozen 18 Was this happened? USAA Bank off sequence. Oh, interest rate decision using it. And just when it started it has made around 80 people. Movement on it is really suddenly. Do reason why I'm telling you, guys stoop close Your account for new Senate is because of things like this happened. Sure, let's see. Kind of you are here and your position was right around here. You have a property in position right On paper. The new Syrian has happened yet and you're profiting some party people movements around here and soon he poops. And when you look at it and when the new season comes out, it comes back upward some some 80 p moments and it ruins your treat. You can see it has made some 80 peak moments. And in your stop, trust us around here that miss your stop club has two years and you're profitable. Trade has been ruined because of basic simple. You need to learn that, uh, check your music in the market vendors. And before I knew being your servants, close your positions and another one Great. Keep to show you guys existed before any new Syrian happens some 30 minutes before you go happened, clicked in your on and quit depending on and our here at the bottom. You conceited there's this spread numbers has been shown here. So here what happens is that usually the brokers increased the Sprits to avoid some because the losses, you know, and you can use that information to see if the trade is new segment is going to be watertight or not. If the number doesn't change that miss it, most likely the news. Well, move that much. About 50 members increased. You can tell some people professional about it. And just like this, except you go. You're Syrian seeing each day How each do you have that? You see what happened? That's it. Here are the key things I want to remind. In most cases, we should avoid treating news events and close or open positions. But if you want to, you could trade with small warrior to get the experience. Wait now your health. Recruit my class. How was it? Go to class discussions to talk with me. See you in next class. 6. Mental Preparation: hello era. It's less I will teach after prepper your mental state. It's a human, our subconscious mind. Sometimes make a stick anxious between normally would not take building your minds. We should always repair our mindset before approaching conscious mind in treating re usually plan or strategy is conscious mind they help us take place in the air up or actions and measurements. Subconscious mind, on the other hand, are self conscious. Mind comes in and take action when you were confused, angry, afraid, unable to make any decisions. That's the result you're trading. Performance may get affected if you constantly put yourself in this situation. Situations where our subconscious mind trading with no stops. Use trading, not fall on your stretch. Trading New strategies Adult back testing These types of behaviors are really dangerous or your capital and often causing. As a result, many kind of psychological problems come up, such as depression, range trading, etcetera, lots, stress situations where people trade would be lots that they're not comfortable with. Trading off Make people has state decisions. Solutions for this problem is simple and easy. Instead of increasing your lot sites drastically, you should increase its trolley This week, you will find your lot site, which you can treat cooperatively. Always traded pending trading quick pending waters will help you achieve your desired result strategy The moment you play singer vending on radio, call Mr Gration, which often results giving your one of your best trained have clear written down rules for treats. For example, you should screen your habits and your trading at least down headers, which resulting your best trades and designer or for each list, for example, pretend to jump into traits, which looks good at first but resulted your losses right down a simple road like placing pending garden and taking all the death trade. Etcetera have this simple as much as possible intern. That rolls will make you still trader way wrench trading this bitterness most common when relating to new traders. When you do all the research and finally scoots injury, then even if it results, you lost and you open treats again in this case, your ego it's affected and make us do mistake subconscious solution. We call every strategy needs time and experience your whole inner patient and identity. You have old look market reward stores who are patient markets movement change seasonally and monkey one season, Your strategy makes sense and once isn't it? Does not. So in those seasons we should wait for our strategy is to be a big two again. Overall, you should always prepare our mental state. People approaching Marcus is it's unpredictable. Natural catch suspects price. Sometimes our mental state and rules that we made for ourselves showed the path to so the thank you for watching. And I wanted to recommend a good book or mental preparation. And that books name is 10. In the markets it'll explode. 7. Institutional vs Retail Traders: Hello, everyone and useless now Teacher about liquidity Stop on strategy market manipulation We'll discuss in this class about retail traders, institution of traders on how retail and institutional traders interacted each other. Stop hunt Liquid area W and better and a little. I will let you have to, uh, combine all of their strategists in one retail traders treated their own risk. Earns most of the strategy in the same way. Did you ever had hedge about someone is watching, afraid. And every time your stuff loss was gotten hit in precise way Well, you are right. But at the same time rock every new trader treats in the same way with same strategy. For example, if you look at the left side of the picture and look at this downtrend and look at this lower height, which is our first full back off the trend and if we imagine that if he had place it or painting order store, we have opened our new order around till we're with our stop list piece and the face you're looking at this stop close, which is many people has placed there stop closers, and that there is called the result of many traders using same strategy. We can tell that he what on were each traders pending orders and stop losses are places just this you about locking on the afternoon you have been waiting for. And there are many other traitors who are doing the same serious old retired trader. Stop loss and trading profits are predictable on the each well known. Better. When you spot a return, remember that there are other traders will do the same trade. Justus you do it is know that you can see where this most people stop. Closers are at a dead area. You're looking at this what we call liquid area, and now we will talk about institutional traders. Institutional traders are what we call trained makers and market moves, and they usually treats with high lots institutional treat. Theresa treated that works for some kind of financial institutions, such as age runs, banks, investment banks, prop houses, pension punts or any other type of money management. Here, as we all know, works markers can be moved with high amount of money. It's the result of having high amount of funds. Institutional traders have emulated to move the markets by using the deputy grab liquid areas in which there are stop lists have bean places. Oh, role. If we look at them side by side. Retail traders uses mostly well known strategies as a result, creates easily spotted liquid area on the other side. Institutional traders. With the moving power, they grabs those liquid areas. Now I will teach you my strategy. Before we start, I wanted to, uh, talk about kickings to remember liquid area mess, amount of money in a certain area. Stop hunt. A movement which was created to grab the quick area trade only once a week as my experience there is One big liquid area is created every week. W and M button gives us high chance of windbreak. So how can we make use of this Spoke Lee quit raise. I'll show how you can grab on liquid area once a week. I think if there will be stop on Donahue and impotent tends to happen in stop place spending or a stop hunting candy. Walter Time. We need to play spending orders to be strategy. So now I will teach. You have to identify secret areas and double Remember on the candlestick charting empty poor platform. So here I have prepared some examples have to fight. And by those three days before we start, I want to talk about how retail traders, more strictly, traders think on because of many traders used the same strategy. It is easily, I think, viable. What are institutional traders To make the moves on that liquid videos on? Because many of the retail traders used the same strategy when they start in this case, what many? It is a two week, persistent area right here and when the market comes to hear, if it breaks yourself two weeks of persistent area. My name's penetrators tasted by stuff percent by them. There are two return journeys that they do that they place the stop losses indistinct pretty area because it is a two week resistance area which hasn't broken yet on just this, you can see, just as it touched those query, it has pulled back. In other words, what happens here is that them market has just touching those and activated those buy stop orders on three to treat does stop closest. After that, you pulled back to tractors, trifles, buy stuff, and after that, the market horseback on to identify this liquidity is bringing to see how many candlesticks , opening and closing prices have touched those area and how my name's tail sense, if not too many days, hasn't reappeared. And there's many open and close candles has been touching. Do you? Dad is a good thing you could do on one off. One more thing to tell us that if the market hasn't touched that with diarrhea in a long time, that will be really high rate area for us on what the institutional traders boosted because they have really high ponts to make the market in a 30 with Dana use the same strategy on in this case, they know that many people have placed it, stopped us right here on their priced of orders and Dr Death, the institutions trying to touch this quit area. It pulls back, you know, making some profits for them on dhere. Another great example. Instead, right around here, you can see yourself open. Closing price has been touched in this, uh, data on, uh, not too many candles stays, hasn't hasn't touched it. And it is a 3 to 4 weeks. The market's price hasn't touched this liquid area, which makes it really perfect position for us to take. So let's go ahead and place or line here, located just justice can Mystic has touched it. It forced back. What is happening is that institutional traders making the market to go retire, touch our stock losses on full back to know, tracked those buy stuff buyers to tractors, fires and after trapping them there by yourself, you have to take a close to trees in which this case making their institutional changes to profit. So go ahead and place twice around wanting 26 9 993 six way absolutely Daughter stop losses . In this case, I usually traded porting People stop losses on that because we're sailing We with that 140 points right here. Which means this run 27 one 27 our prophet Why you should be taken 100 peeps off. Pop it on known no more, No more. More than that No more higher tended is really purpose for me. In this case we're selling it is 1 25 place you can see or places us and if you look at it right after the price constant touch this or order in this case, many people spy, stop, stop! People's stock losses have bean places around you and we know that the institutional traders with truth does end and pull back on. The mechanics on desisted way are profiting. So a second senators moved 160 peeps, we have made good 100 peeps right round here. That is enough for me. And if you move with retired on, look at this one and want to know to notice that if terrorists many, um many days candlesticks and candle tastes and many heads may are making a cluster for liquid area, we need to look at the most highest. Take it off the candlestick and, you know place are defending just and after that we make our profit. In this case again, 120 people back 70 And now let's talk about W. In Tampa. What happens is that when the market moves to grab those liquid areas of the market likes to created in Britain or in this case here, we have made some moment. Well, name has touched District Area three main draw a line it hasn't been touched. The mark around check 6 to 7 weeks, which is making it a strong liquid area. After that, the market comes around here first and after second suspect makes examples. The longer the market testing touched those liquid areas, it is really high wind rate with area. And sometimes you have to place. If we don't know Beatrice, which in this case there's two places, right, One right around here. Opening price off this can right around you on a little bit tired, Teressa Candle stick. Taste right around in disgrace. We can place to treats on delighting or lot size. If we were going to traded one lot size, we will divide that place off any two pending master suite 0.5 lots right around here on one of our divine. What happens is that it comes to this trigger SARS doctors. It's okay supporting people and right after state. When it comes to you on trigger settle price and income spectrum, it can make a profit. Then we can call. Our losses can use this to place is pending our strategy to make or right into by quit areas. Some cases in this kind of puzzling to understand it on our hitters. Another except if you look this area the market disc camera. Cute. Right now. Big quick area. Many people have placed by stop Arturs start limits around here because it is nine weeks off resistance area right around here, you can see. And it is the same as this se Misty. So, you know, when you had Kikwit areas in this case, this has made treating heads. And after the market came up on two, stop those areas and after that, right around here had one too. And when this kind of two or three heads appears to take the next Bruce Liquid area, Candace and try that deep place because just touch, did we, did you and it pulled back 100 peeps and way made park. So in another way, don't make are crazy profits and politics to be hard on park counting treats because in this case, right after market has touched it. It came back and profitable. If we had 200 profit, si has gone 150 keeps escort. Don't hope it is 200. If that happens, marketed. Come back and pull back off on making our stopped us getting to which this case can make treat school los so just make sure to others have stopped losses and profits on. I was just that you question them 100 profits. In this case, this was a good one over here, marketing. Just one week it pulled back to this liquid area. You can see right here and candle just touch this liquid area. And after that, it toe. Since our from our properties 100 tips reason you meet our people problem Go back contested . And I suggest that you guys should traded paper trading on used this on a train some identifying quit areas on experiment Gator some experience and after going one and using this strategy makes a profit before trading. Create a plan creating a plan. Base it on your resources factors test them to make sure everything is in line. If not, go back and correct it Trade and track. Be sure to track your treats in data this time as a stable show you reach areas you can improve in next class. I will teach about how people should approach markets basic. Don't their individuality. Thank you for watching. And don't forget to follow me if you want to see my future classes 8. Make Your Own Plan: low interest list. I also teach how you should design stretch, base it on your personality, have plays sport plants before starting. Remember your gold market, this place where many people coming in and think that they can learn quickly. Money. There is more complex things happening. Yes, you can earn money, but before you need to our come some sort of test from markets. As the market is designed to super way people with no place you definitely need to have a plan and stick to it in order to achieve your goal. I understand your weakness and accepted which dead. You should include your weakness. Read your. When you accept your weakness and comes up with a plan that supports your weakness, it will become one of your greatest plants. On the other hand, if you resisted and trade plans that does not suit you, it was only raised your time and money having a problem with finding your week sites. It's OK is your started trait. You need to get us Muchas experience as possible and analyze hardly reacted to each of those experiences. The results will show you which strategies are more suited for you. Common misconceptions. Each successful traders plan is designed to suit Onley. Portend Many new treaters. Start learning from people who are successful, plus thinking it will work the same 40. Some often works just fine, but some of them start having problems. Stay, forget dead. Their individual personalities required. Different planets. Solution. If you learned great class prom, successful person and still having problems, don't worry. Astaire may strategies for you to learn it is just that your unique personality is not matching that person's plan. Many traders spend years to understand this simple solution, so be sure to be open for new strategies as it might make a difference in the future. Over here, I would show my making plan as an example. So for me, trading is not only thing I'm interested in, I have passion to two new ticks, and I would like to create a plan that I consider and straight once a week. I made a little bit of a directive. Every week I go news calendar and see if there is big news. I only treat one pair and there is a great British pound and us look at the chart and spoke the quick area and make plans for how institutional traders versus retail traders are gonna act in those area, said pending order. Stop loss and lots is that suits me and why I trade grated British pound and USD is that treating too many Pierce makes us ask it computes it. So for that reason, I want to make trade us a. Create this possible. So I choose one pair to trade. And here are the simple rules for my my lord said, I try to maintain same load size for a while if necessary. I will increase once every season. Always treat comfortable. Lost Side's increasing drastically, really stuck many problems. I always cost my positions before new servants and gardeners can replace use of instinct to reach Italy, quit their ears, never dropped directly. Enter never reverence tree on the one Pentagon every pair has their own nature. In my case is great British pound us this reasonably well apart and movement makes sense to me and I have been trading despair for about three years on If you are thinking to treat mostly prepares, I would suggest that you, uh, you would get expressed on one page and after that go to another and another. You would not be confused, simple and easy are all understand your case and make plant depending on them. Making this plan with take experience and patients always be true to yourself. Never let your personal life rush you into trait. Thank you for watching. See you in next class. 9. What is Gap and Daily Star: Hello. Everyone in distress and I will teach bonuses, strategy and some health both tips, and we will talk about some helpful tips. My experience on how the product smart, good schools and daily star strategy and how gaps works. And I will out some summary of the class before we start. I wanted to tank you guys for watching my videos, and I hope you guys have found the information you are seeking. And I was helpful for you guys. The first thing I want to talk about this holding positions for a long time. It affects people's different. In my experience, taking three weeks song traits have taken Ptolemy, for example. It made me anxious while I was driving. Just thinking about my money is out there open and could be cut any time. But some people can handle it effortlessly. I just wanted to note this run out because even the perfect decisions can be taken out suddenly and now we will talk about Daily Star strategy. This strategy has high bring great and easy to use. It happens at the start of the week. You just have to look with their small start liking on daily time for him at the start of the week. You may need to change your time schedule for this, depending on your time zone. It may worry. Just calculate your time difference and the Rule 40 strategist that you should have to look what them start like candle and they can. Despues, candle was upward. Then you should sell. If disturb, mechanised peers can lost down or you should buy. Now we will talk about caps. Gaps happen when there's a sudden increase in volume in the markets and the candles jumped to a certain place, leaving planks own in the charge gaps. Mostly courses start the week during weekends. If the market mood drastically, it can come out in different place. Then the closing price of weak Gibbs get really eventually. Sometimes it get fill it at the start. Sometimes it takes these two get with it most visible liquid area, as we all know, marketing its liquidity to move trust. Most common gaps happen at this thirst of weak gaps tend to open, it's the liquid terry, and when gap happens, you should wait for clear WR inside, and why it happens is that it induces traders thinking it would go down. And then after that, it goes up on, for example. Look at this image. You can tell that there's a gap happened and after that it has gone down and it has gotten up. And what happens is that the post legal W is inducing the buyers and then, after it came up, had gone to the second. It had gone to the second leg after buyers have induces it came up target on the cap limits , and after it is going up, you should place your property values in the gaps. Metric gets commonly happens when the market jumps between. Quit Mary's. Just make sure to place your pending orders that liquid, that is. And if you look at the picture, weaken Delta. This gap happened at the middle of the week, and if you think about the Bruce Light, the fuse slight scape happened at the start of the week, and we tweak caps off course when there is a high amount of volume is increasingly buying people. And after teddy test came out in the port area and after it happened, there is a clear em shaping high stepper has approved, and as you can see it is the stubble you like. It is inducing buyers and sellers, and after it is and use it, it has gotten down to feel the gap. And now we'll talk about Daily Star strategy and have turned to divide caps on empty. To do that, we need to go really tampering to identify the Daily Star strategy. Let's go ahead to the tough right area. Daily type. Bring Doctor. It's still being dead chest. You can say it's too onda Super C charters completely bigger and writing. To put the day Lister strategy, you need to know for three weeks starting at this test of every weeks and look at the data kind and this'll super see or hear. We have spotted a daily timeprint daily Star strategy and we need to you poor start like candle stick or here you can see there is a start Candlestick has built. And if they at district of the week, if they re said this start like candle has appeared, you need to do place your orders or Intertype and white. This happens instead s super see if you go ahead and go toe. Hardly time. Bring it is daily just look like on aims shape and it is going down. So we just ascended. There's nwr aim shaping, bitterness occurring and we need to sell and one other thing to do You still you need to look at the previous can look to start like candle that you dip, reuse, scandalous, afford Then you need to sell And if the previous scandalous downward you need to buy for example Over here we have start like Kendall and abuse can in this town knows then we need to buy So let's go ahead and take him by pure off him out here we conceded this is a stuffed off the week and there is a small tres start like and the rest tribute and it has gotten up she and it's just gotten up 160 people. And I suggested you should place your stock losses to be parting lips and their property to be 100 peeps. In this case, if we have bought, we had. But as you consider it s going down 19 people. So if we if we place it directly at this Daily Star strategy, we have lost it. So sometimes you need to look piers, candles and look what quit areas. Sometimes it pulls back a little bit, so you need to consider to place your or the little bit that costs and, as you can see or hear clicking backwards if it had through the two years or order and after 30 days and over here to see next candle as a beautiful and it is supposed back a little bit. A port made the taste over here, and then it has gotten down 186 pips off here. And how to identify if then next candidate with post back or not is that because it there's a tale. And if detail issue at the end of the tail, there's many stop losses, have places and sometimes institutional trade to see induce their induced. Those stop losses trigger on making the market go up ports, and after that, the market has induced it. Those sailors, and then it just put down. And it's your examples, and over here we can see a small cute there's a perfect daily stuff has happened, and some people call it a hammer candles and some people call it the Daily Star. But I I like to call it a daily stuff because it is like, start like a candle. Oh, cute. It is a startle stuffed off the week. And this. Odo. If at the start of the week, dear said, they start like candid last boot, you need to do enter to treat and expects on profits. And let's go ahead and go to Howard Timeprint and we will talk about gaps right now on. Let's go a little bit backwards and see if there's any gifts. We can talk. That's feel cute. Okay, Houston Kip on this was a really big cap has happened, like 300 people kept as a and this is a metric capes and white. This gaps happens. Is that right? That this a small candlestick like right? At this time? They said, high amount of increasing the amount of volume happens Serious. Your that provide just the Candler increasingly best comes up at the top. You notice first words cirrhosis kind of bugging secrecy. You can tell that they services. Bugging on the white is happens is that if there's too many volumes that they couldn't handle, make any Candace, they just leave some blank spaces and you cannot just assume that if there's any gaps spaces, it would be feel it eventually. And how today feel is that before feeling their cap space, they need to understand people in this case, sailors on to induce. They have made this a small, aim shaping attorney. You have the same shape it but doesn't happen. Sister firstly happens. And after the first leg, people are starting to stay says, which missed their stop losses. Our hero around this area, there's many stop closest which missed. There's a high mountain liquid areas, has a community in here. So in this case, you can just assume that their institutional traders hunt down, stop close on, grab this discreet and then when they're all stuff, losses has treatment. Money has been grabbed. David. Go back down to feel the gaps. Soothe caps, SPP. And it started going down. Yeah, that's it about the cap on over here, a superstate. There's a small kappas occurred in the middle of the week, and and two new winding gap will go a port or down. What? You need to look for the previous scandal. Yes, you can see previous cap. You need to show. You need to look at the previous kept to determine if the winter did chest with cost of the data and then go up support or with candidly, go upwards right away into space. It has consolidated and made the travel. You shake and induced the buyers excuses, and then it s filthy. And then, in this case, they are right. After that, the next gap is calm down and it didn't make any w shape. A superseding has gotten down, and then it has gotten up right away. So you contend it. If there's a cap happens, you should look at the previous kept on, then assume that to do exactly reverse. Think from the preview skip. And now let's talk about stuffed up our wreath caps. Let's see if we can find some stuff. Oops, you can see it is a stuffed off. The cap on Dwight is happen existed. Oh, the weekends. The market's doesn't stop. It just goes, but it doesn't are low. Our fast readers to treat that it just moves around. So sometimes it come around different places from previous weeks closing price. 15 people kept, and after that it came down and Then, after people bought it, came back down to induce the buyers After the buyers has been induced, it there stop losses are those liquid ares has been grabbed. If this came up 87 people and to make your property area, you should always, uh, always started and cap. And after they end of cap has been feeling you should close trade and take your profits. And now I will talk about key things to remember position treating defending on person. It is ater suits are not suitable daily. Stuff starts to be trick. Just look for small weak start. It is designed to stop. So, as I've just never hold position in the weekends mid cap, just be sure to play spending according to you, O que. I wanted to include some kite for beginners. And let's that for the first week, I want you to do some research for brokers and open account on that local you have decided in the second week starts back testing your strategy it If it works, then people trade to make sure SportsCenter trick, practice liquid areas and make sure you're living to practice. Secretary. You just go toe coast from the chart on I didn't curious defectors. If it is true for your creativity on, uh, tried to seeded how retail traders and institutional traders moved on that part. I don't have your strategists acting on different situations and if do, say, need for adjustments on adjusted. And after that I want to go ahead and treat which that you've made Congratulations. Now you have learned things that took me years to before we end of class. I wanted to tell you guys this tree, simple roofs and the first royalist practice and that the second rule is that have designed a plan for each situation. Stick to her tourist arteries, trade with pending and thank you for watching my classes and see you next.