Forex and Stock Market trading with Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō - the best trading strategy out there. | Rafal Zuchowicz | Skillshare

Forex and Stock Market trading with Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō - the best trading strategy out there.

Rafal Zuchowicz, Forex Trading Expert.

Forex and Stock Market trading with Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō - the best trading strategy out there.

Rafal Zuchowicz, Forex Trading Expert.

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12 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Goichi Hosoda

    • 3. 7 Books were published

    • 4. Tenkan Sen

    • 5. Kijun Sen

    • 6. Chikou Span

    • 7. Kumo

    • 8. Wave Theory

    • 9. Price Target Theory

    • 10. Time Theory

    • 11. Time Zones

    • 12. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Free Trading tools! New Broker

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About This Class

In this class, you learn about the World of Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō.

IMPORTANT: The only Broker offering free Ichimou tools:

Make sure you use the correct link for your location. For Clients outside of Europe

For Clients from Europe and the United Kingdom

Get ready to be mesmerized as I won't be talking only about obvious ingredients like Indicator and it's 5 lines - Tenkan-Sen, Kijun-Sen, Chikou-Span and Kumo (Senkou-Span 1 and Senkou-Span 2) but we will concentrate on the most important aspects - 3 theories: Time Theory, Wave Theory, Price Targets Theory too

I'll introduce to you Goichi Hosoda aka Ichimoku Sanjin himself so you can get to know better the brain behind this amazing trading system/philosophy. 

Ichimoku Clouds like some are describing this forex trading strategy was created after years of market analyzing and it's a source of enormous wisdom so whether you're just starting your trading adventure or you're an experienced trader you will this class very useful. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rafal Zuchowicz

Forex Trading Expert.


I'm an independent Trader specialising in trading CFDs, FX, Indices, Commodities, Shares... You can find more about on His Website 

Follow my Profile to learn everything there is to learn about the world of trading whether you are looking for a career change, a new hobby or just an extra source of income. I'll do my best to teach you all you need to know to be a successful trader.

I'll be creating classes for students of all levels so if you're just a beginner and don't know what the Pip is or don't understand the power of Leverage in Forex trading this is a channel for you. 

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1. Intro: Hello and welcome to this. Classed on each Amoako, Kinko Hyo the best kept Japanese investing system in the world that they don't really want you to know about. My name is Robert Savovic. I'm independent trader and educator based here in London UK One off the biggest financial centers off the world's. I'm pleased to take you on this journey and let's see, what will you learn for another two hours? We were start off course with the bio off the creator and history off the investing system . Itchy Moco can go home later. We will talk about the indicator. So we will go through all five lines. I will introduce you toe thank and sand kitchens and Chico Spahn. Cinco Spahn wants and correspond to or so called since Cinco spawned A and B P so called Kuma. So we will get into knowing each of this line what they represent and what is the meaning And how can you take advantage off knowing exactly what they indicate on the charts Later, we will go about three theories. The essence off each himachal trading this informations. They are not very popular. But this is world. It makes the whole system. And this informations are more known in Japan, not so much outside of Japan. So if you are serious about trading and you want to be mesmerized, stay tuned and say, get into knowing this. Three theories. The 1st 1 is called the Way Theory. The 2nd 1 is the price theory and the 3rd 1 off course, the time theory. As Gucci, Hosoda was saying himself. The time is 10 times more important than the price, and we will see why. I hope I go to interested in this course, and you were stick up to the end. 2. Goichi Hosoda: Goji Hosoda, later known as itchy Marcus Engine, was born in 18 98 and died sadly in 1982. He was a stock and commodities markets reporter at the Miyako newspaper newspaper that in 1940 to change its name. Toe Tokyo newspaper After seven years in 1936 he announces the fruit off his work. Each Amoako equilibrium table. He he's not publishing it yet. He's just using his discoveries to talk about the market he was talking while working the newspaper, plus giving interviews on the radio. It's believed that 2000 students were working on creating this strategy, not so much on creating as to run all the calculations we need to be. We need to remember that back it back in the days there were no computers, toe run, all the numbers so you would have to do with manual manually on the piece of paper. Took a lot off labor work, so he used them. A student's probably off economy Teoh around through all the all the numbers it took him two years just to discover thank consent and que Johnson just to come up with two numbers 19 and 26 But this numbers are as he's describing magical, mystical numbers. So he had to spend a long time toe find them out on the on the markets afterward. Changes his name toe itchy Marcos San gin. Well, the man in the Mountains Seas. This is the meaning off HMO Cassandra. So the whole strategy is based on at the one glance. That's why he's a man, that he's in the mountains that can see everything from above. He can see the past. He can see the current price, the current situation of the market and sickens, and he can see the future. What's Ah, hats? He was telling that he knew two years before any company would go bankrupt. He would knew that already to up to three years before, thanks to Hiss strategy. So it's very powerful, and there is a very interesting story, which is a true story, that he he was offered a fortune by three people toe share his strategy because we need to remember that he kept this strategy to himself. It wasn't published anywhere. He was just telling where the market is right now. Where is where it's heading and Hugo popular thanks to that so three people offer him a lot off money to share his strategy, to explain it to them so they could be profitable. A swell. He signed the contract and he promised to be silent for 10 years. So not to publish any books and not to teach anyone else because of the amount of money he received, Of course. And after 20 years, he realized that it's 20 years since the contract started. And maybe it's time toe toe actually publish these books before he will die. So after 30 years off this from discovering hey decides toe, publish his work and put it out there to the world. 3. 7 Books were published: in 1969 Gucci. Hosoda decides Toe publish his first book, Volume one. Itchy Moco Balance Table At his birthday party, one of the family members pointed out that he's already an old man and it would be a saying toe. Take his beautiful discovery to the grave. It opened eyes for Goichi Hosoda, and he decided Toe go ahead, and he realized that this is a last moment for him to start publishing his discoveries. It's Marco means At one glance, Kinko means balance, and here means charts. What does it mean? It means that the charts that you see that is drone, according Toa Itchy Moco philosophy, strategy and all the technicals gives you the ability toe heavy one look at what's one glance and you can tell straight away who is winning on the markets. If the bulls have winning positions or the bears have a winning position, you can see if the market is is balanced or it's not. And after initial success, he decided toe publish more books. But then he goes on fire, and he published even more books and the ending up, publishing all seven volumes. So starting with Itchy Moco Baron stable Volume one. Then after a few years, he published Itchy Moco Equilibrium Table completed. He was already at then. I didn't advanced age off his life so he starts putting a little bit off Volume three already in Volume two. But then he was able to publish the volume number three a swell weekly. It's your local bar unstable And that was his initial idea to go for the trill Jim. But then he discovered that he has more time in his hands. So he started publishing more and he published a swell My best model. This four books are currently available toe purchase online although from what I know the weekly Jamo Cabal unstable is out off order right now. The It's Tomoko Equilibrium table for skills is already out of Prince You can really, really only in National diet Library numbers seeks Cheema quickly We've been there a comprehensive edition Is this well only in the library or in private collections? HMO quickly European table Part number two is a national diet library. So if you would like Toa read these books you need Teoh No Japanese because they were not translated toe English. Ah, you can buy the originals, you can translate them. Ah, you cannot. Really. By the last three, these books are quite expensive. The orginal prices off these books are 100 £40 up to £210. So in this price range. So if you would like to have the whole collection, it will cost you more than £1000 plus the translation. So that's why I said at the beginning that this is the best kept jump on use investing system secrets in the world. Are you excited? I hope you are, because this is just the beginning and much more is coming. So let's jump into this beautiful trend following indicator and let's break its into its parts. 4. Tenkan Sen: In this video, we'll be talking about ten consent. In English, we would call it conversion line, but let's stick to the orginal Japanese terminology. Think consent is a 50% of the minimum and the maximum from previous nine candles. So let's see how we calculate it and how the movement of the price is affecting the direction of the ten km, which will be all very important. In our HMO CPU strategy. I already draw a block of 99 candles from the bottom to the top. Let's see if it's really nine. From one to nine, exactly nine. So if we double click on one of the coordinates, we will see that our 50% is at this point and at this candle, at this level, this is our 50%. So ten km is drawn correctly. When we move forward. So the time of course passes, we have another day and another day passed. And we are going, one can do for art. But as you can see, this candle is excluded from our rectangular of nine candles. Now, this is our lowest low, not this one. So we need to move our block a little bit up. And at this point the 50% will be here. That's why the ten km is moving from this level where it was for a while, for a few, for a few good candles, for few days. It's going up. So this is our signal that the price is going up again. So we have, we have a sharp morph. Another day passes. And as we can see, now, our higher high is still the same. But our lower low is not this one, is not this one, but it's not one. So we need to move our rectangular all the way up. And we will get 50% at this level. And you can see that the tank is moving sharply up all the way here. Within two days from this level. We moved all the way here. But why did we go there? We didn't go there because we have a new higher highs. We are dragging tank and we're asked what happens. These two candles died. So all this movement up died is not longer with us. It's not longer Among the short periods by investors. That's why ten Kang's going up, which is not varying goods signal for us because it is going up. But the price doesn't have anything to do with the current price doesn't have anything to do with this. The higher the tank count at this point, the easier for the price to break below the tank gum. Let's, let's go another candle and we can see that again. Nothing changes. Because we are saying this is our lowest low and this is our higher Hi. So thank our stays at the same point at this, at this time. If we go another candle, now, our previous higher high is not anymore in the nine days rectangle. So we need to go one a little bit lower. And now are 50% is at this level and the ten km is moving as well. So we can see that there is a sharp move down the tank and changes its direction. So from the movement up, the ten count changes direction is going down. Plus the candle, the current price is closing below ten Coulomb. So this is a very strong information for us that previously the tank cannon was drawn up because of the dying candles. Now it's going down through the information plus the candle. Very strong bearish candle is closing below ten Cal. So this is our very strong short-term cell signal. And as you can see, very powerful one, because what happens later? The price is falling quite, quite a lot. So let's imagine we place our, our cell order here. And it's 600, almost 600 Peeps, 666 thousand. But that's new peeps. So we talk in about 600 proper pips. And this is the information from just from the first line. So as you can see, we are not talking about Kidron Chaco, cinco spawn a or B. Nothing of that. Just thank God. And we have already a powerful 600 Peeps signal. So I hope this is, this is clear how telecom is being drawn. We can just keep moving this triangle SUV move it here than the high and low is not changing. Then we move another one, and now it's changing. So we need to go, this is our low, this is our this our, our highs from this period as you can see. So the tank is falling down, then there is a flat one. Because we are moving for few candles. There will be no change of the higher high and lower low. So it's sort of a consolidation. And later, at the moments where we, where we move like this candle, we have another very interesting signal. Because look at that. Now. What happens? We are changing direction. We change the direction below. But not like here that the, there was a change of direction because of the candles were dying. None of the scandal died. We didn't change our, our top. Our top is still the same. Disc handled created new bottom. And this is a very important information. New Bolton was created. The tank cannon was drone, drug lower. And this is an Luke will happens further. This is information. We can just look at the time count and we already know this is another cell signal for us so we can place, we can place another sell order at this point and another 400 Peeps just based on this information. Okay. So let's have a, I mean, we already explained how to draw ten Coulomb, but what ten km represents. So according to how soda represents short-term buyers or sellers, I mean, investor's short investors. It's nine periods. So it's around two weeks because we have five days in a week of trading trading days. And through after four years of calculations hustled, I came up with the number 926 as the powerful numbers. And ten km east nine and it represents short term bias on sellers. So how do we look at this? If we know that we are that the price is below the red, that means that the short positions, the short term, short positions are in power suit the sellers, the servers are stronger. And look at that. The ones we went below. None of this can loss closes above. It, tries, it goes above, but it closes below. The same here. Tries go up, closes below. Again, opening, closes below, closes below, touching again, and keep falling. Q4 linkage folding. So ten km is very powerful when it comes to trading trends. Look at that. If you decided to sell over here and then added the position at this point or at this point as we mentioned before, you can add another position here, or at this point, another position here. And once it's closed above the tank con le here you've got bow, powerful, bullish candle. Your trends. Trend is finished. You can take your profits. But we will of course, talk about how to calculate the exact entry and exit exit points later. So things to remember then consent is the conversion line. Nine periods, very powerful in a strong and the movements, directional movements in a trend trading. If the price is below, the sellers are in power. If the price is above the short term, buyers are in power. And look at here the trends reversed. Again, retest of tank can. We are going strongly app and now the retest of Tang Gao attempts to go below no power. We are closing above. And look at that. We just opened below. And the buyers already showed the power straightaway, not to allow it to be too long underneath. The same here. We went all the way up, retest, and quick, return to the trend. The same, the same, the same. And at this point, again, very strong candle, crossing below. The same as here. Very strong candle and then coming back, selling another strong candle and we are out. So this is sort of like consolidation, change of change of powers, decision. Of course, we need all our lines to make the proper decisions, but you can see already based on what you can do with it. Yeah. Okay. So this is about ten km. The next video will be about key Johnson. 5. Kijun Sen: In this video we will be talking about key Johnson, so-called baseline. In previous video, we were talking about ten cars Center, which was nine periods. Kitchen cell is 26 periods, and it represents midterm investors. So ten Carson was the short-term investors. And Kidron San represent midterm investors. Whenever the price is above Kidron San, We know that the inverse stores are buying. If it's below, we know that it's not popular, whatever it is, if it's arise or when buying the Apple shows they are not popular and meters, investors are rather selling them than buying. Already draw a rectangular representing 26 periods. Again, let's have a look. If it's a correct one. If this is S1, that shouldn't be 26, perfect. 26. If we click on the corner, we can see that middle is over here. So again, if 50% is the same as it was with the ten count, 50%, and that's where we draw it. So that's how household I would be working. You will have paper and every day checking the high and the low, and then drawing a dot and connecting next day the same, drawing a note and collecting it. And so for us or so on and so forth. We have the computers these days. They do it instantaneously for us, which is a little bit not to our advantage. It is advantage and disadvantage because in his time he would need to draw it by hand so he will have a complete understanding how this line is created, why this line is going up or going down, what's affecting it. But these days the computer does it for us. We have averaging gravy, everything is drawn. We don't need to do anything. So it makes us lazy. It makes us not understand what is causing this changes on this lines. Of course, everything is much quicker because for him to make all these calculations that he made, there is a legend, story. The truth, that he had to employ 200 students to help him go through a lot of calculations. We don't need to do that. We'll have empty for press click and we have everything drawn for us. But it's good to practice and to understand how the slides are created. So again, let's have a look how this line is changing. Let's move our rectangular the next day. We can see that for now. We are in an aperture and the very strong Arcturan Kidron is going up, very strongly outbred again. But at this point is floods. So we are waiting for another movement are like we want Kidron to become stronger. We going one more forwards and we can see that Kidron is going a little bit up. But why is that? Because this bottom is going up. So the 50% is moving up as well. And the usual starts going up. Plus we have a nice candle here. But this candle is completely in the middle. So it's not influenced. And now this is what they said in the previous video, is very important to understand. If if q juries moving up because the candles are dying or or is moving because the new candles are created. And if you are unexperienced trader, you would be thinking, oh yeah, the casual went up. Because this candle this wide, this is strong, bullish scandal, which so strong that it moves up. But it's not true that usual went up. Because this candle, this little candle here diode, this is the only reason Dickey John went up. So now at the next scandal, there was a little, little top more. And you might be thinking, this is a perfect moment for investment. Look in this scandal, this so many investors here and we close strongly above, above Kidron. But let's move a little bit. Just one kind of the one, the one that up. And then we need to move all the way up to here. So now we're 50% is moving from here to here. So now we are even higher. We are even higher and the price is closing below. And look at that. The kitchen is going up, but the price is closing below. Why is that? Because it's not that, it's not the new price creating the movement of casual, but the dying of the scandals. This is the course. And the next day, if we go one more day further, we can see again, we need to drop our rectangular a little bit lower. And then we are going up to here. And you can see that 50% is at this point. Again, we are going, it has nothing to do with the current situation, it has something to do with the situation from before. So what we are what information we are getting that's 26 days ago, there was some strength, but the strength is snore more. Now we are below. Look at Darwin, not only closed here, below the full candle, close and below the opening and the closing is below occasional SEM. And this is a very strong cell signal. In this case. So as you can see, so strong that if you take this signal, look will happen. 11200 pips. Oldest Movement, Mao, 11200 milliamps. So this is again a representation of the midterm buyers or sellers, in this case sellers. So as we are below, we need to observe what's going on, the price. You see it came up to here, first, into the level. Again. Movement down. And this movements they might, they might look small. But we are talking about 370 pips here because the sub daily candles. So you need to bear that in mind that this are quite powerful movements. In this case over here as well. We have a small candle and there is a movement of 0.5 thousand. Just few days. Then again, let's see what happened here. The price is going up. Let's go with our rectangular here. The price is going up. So we take 2626 is the highest, highest here. And the low is, at this point, sorry, 50% is exactly here. The price is going up. But there's no reason for us for investment because kitchen is floods. Ketone is going down and there is not even one day period. That kitchen would be going up. The moment it's closed above. The moment in the full candle, like a fake shootout. Closed above. There is a massive bearish candle closing below, retest of Kidron. And we are falling and are mostly down. So look after. We have another wave of 450 pips. In a meantime, attempt of the retest, another attempt of the retest. Look at this candle is coming for 123456789101112 days. 12 days. That means its almost over two weeks because one week is five days. So you have 12 days to weeks and today's Kidron is holding price at this point. The price is struggling for much longer. There's a consolidation here. There is wave v, which we will be talking about later. And then again, Kitchen was stronger than the attempts to break up. And look at that. From this moments. Again, we have a beautiful clothes, nice candle signal. Another movement for 100 pips. Now, if the kidney is holding the price, there's no force when it's something really strong. Like this beautiful can't look here is already showing us the strength. And look at that. I don't even need to see what's in the future. I already see that we have more than one leg of this. We will be looking at some, some nice beeps, 800th groups up. And then the fight of course, because after such a movement, there has to be satisfied. But everything will be much clearer once we have all the lines with the Kumar, the cheek or span, the wave theory, the price theory and the time. So I think this is quite clear about the Kidron, similar to 26 periods representing midterm investors for like 26 for one mouth investor, 26 to trading days doing a mouth. As traders who, who likes to put money for a little bit longer. In the next video, we will be talking about chicle span. 6. Chikou Span: In this video, we will be talking about Chico Spot. Chico Spahn is called a swell, lagging spun, which means it's more it's moved backwards. The price, the current price most 26 periods backwards. So you can see that we have already 10 consent. Que Johnson were Kidjo sings 26 Chico Spahn again 26. But now we're talking about the period 26 days backwards. So let's have a look. This is our This is our Chico spunk. This yellow line. And if we draw, if we change the charts from the candle sticks to line charts, you will see that Look at this black line. This is now our current price, and this current price is smoothed from this stop toe. This stop Twentys experience. You see 26 periods backwards, 76 days backwards. Just change the color. So this is nothing girls, but just a line chart More 26 backwards, but was interesting. So why Hosoda wanted toe have this. It's Chico. Spawn was the purpose of it. He was moving. He was moving Ah, lines around on the chart to have, like, few safe you monitors these days. We've got few screens, he would have, like 26 days before and after, which later he discovered this Actually amazing. And it works very well. So not toe have all this line that the same at the same time. He wanted to see I was thinking like Okay. Was my my quick way off looking What was happening? 26 day single. I want to see if there is any relation between today and 26 day single. So he just drove this line and he can know exactly that at this point, The price was here 26 day single, so he will have a look. Okay, so this was happening. There was some in decision. We were like closing a buffed income below. Thank on again trying to go upto kidra below kids room and look was happening at the same time. I mean, 26 days later, exactly the same. There is an attempt. It comes to the clouds. It those below comes to the cloud goes below. It's exactly the same behavior 26 days ago. So as you know, like it She Marco is at the first Look at the glance. Were you supposed to have a look and you know, straightaway was going on the child. That's why he needed all this indicators. So, like, quick to have a quick look was going on 26 days before. But what we can observe a swell Is that the Chico Spahn? It's reacting toe everything on the child. Not only the price, but this well. Ah, coma A swell kid, Ron, and even think of So you can you can see at this point what's happening. The Chico is coming up to the price. So we are in the down trends. Chico is coming through the price. It's reacting at the price there is a pullback. Then it's crossing through the price through the thing. Come then there is a pullback, a retest off. Then come and then and only then after Durie test, we have a strong movement up. We went all the way without even retesting and Children at this point through the clouds. And there is a look at this candle here. We knew that we went through the clouds. So now are we going? Do we have strength to go far there further or not? So there is one candle a whole day the price Wants to go up, Wants to go down, wants to go out, wants to go down, doesn't know what to do But the bulls were in strength and it went beautifully up. But roots was happened later The same place over here. So this candles We're creating this line at this point. But now, 26 days later, the line comes back to this place What was happening here? And he is the same story. Look, look at this Can look at the line over here is wrapping around trying to go around Doesn't know what to though is going up is going down like Where am I going? Was going on the same here like Am I going up? Am I strong enough? The same here Am I going up on my going down? Am I strong enough? Toe close below the below the price And now there will be a new movement down and later on again going toe Thank on retesting can think of going toe clouds goingto Kidron Look at that. Kidron rejects in clouds rejection And it's all the time. The more you study, the more you will see. I know the some people. They just use Khe Co. So the Chico if is above the part of the price from 26 days ago. They're buying. If he's below, they're selling. This is very important. Spun for Hosoda. It was very important. And for you it should be too. So you need to snap. Pacheco, look at it. Don't forget about it because a lot of people is removing the Chico on experienced traders . They're removing because it's too much. No, it's I don't need it. I can see anything on the chart if I have it. Um and that's why you see, I show you before in Kidron and time con without in the clouds without anything else but with Chico I had to put all the other things like price like cloud Come on like a kid, Ron. And thank on because Chico is dancing with everything on the chance is reacting with everything you need to be aware of. That and Chico spawn a swell we will be using on higher intervals like if we go toe a one week charts, we can use it to dro support and resistance levels. If you if we see that the Chika was reacting few times in the same in the same place. We can market this place and for the future reference like here we can see that. Ah, see, Trickle, restrict. Think of this place here then here and here So we can mark this place that we have, like almost three touches at this at this point. So in the future, we can see that again. Look what surprised us. It's coming going through and it's retesting our line again. Trying to go through no is going up trying to go through now again, stopping here, going below again. As this is like a meat point for the price, it cannot go higher or lower. There needs to be like a proper movement. Proper reaction. It's like a magnet, you see Well, coming up coming up. And we just drove a simple line connecting to two dots, maybe the 3rd 1 almost the 3rd 1 Here. You see, we just noticed that this is a significant level thanks to having Chico on the on the charts. And then look was happening. This level becomes like a meat point for four weeks. This is like a year off trading here because may I remind you this is a weekly trance. So it takes 42 weeks to create air. And I bet you there's 52 weeks here. Okay, So, Chico Spunk very important on the child. You cannot ignore its look at here. Look at this. This one falling below, coming through the price. All of this, this movements That was Brexit, by the way. So this country's Brexit candle and then just touching its bank one must've movement just based on Chico 2800 peeps. And later coming again into this price, bouncing off, making new lows, not closing above going around the prices you can see. And just here trying to get out, but still below. Think, um below kids room. No, it's going even. Be a through the think of looking the It's above the cloud. But it's still below. Thank um look at the movement. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing, Nothing. The lines didn't let Chico up. So as long as Chico is trapped through the lines, you've got no signal to buy. You need to wait once we're here at this point this candle Look at this bank bank were above above Kijana at this point, beautiful were above kitchen. We have a green light to buy. We're above the clouds above Thinking above Kidra on the Chico is free. What if we would buy beautiful, beautiful looking that this is daily charts should buy. Here you've got 1405 100 peeps. And look where we stopped a D line that would draw previously from the weekly Everything is important on the chance Everything. So this is the power of Chico that you need to respect. Remember, Never remove it from your chart. Always look back because it's important what was happening? 26 days and girl a swell s words 26 periods ahead of you which we will be talking in the next video when we will be talking about coma So stadiums 7. Kumo: this video will be dedicated not to one but 22 lines. And the concept called Kuma Kuma is the clouds. Kumar is a support and resistor resistance zone. That's how also the So come on. He wasn't using this terminology. Kuma Kuma means cloud from Japanese. But for Hosoda, that was a support and resistance level, as well as a function toe looking to the future and to see what are long term investors doing. So Let's cover. Look how is created ends how it's placed on the charts. So I already drove some. Rectangular is here for you. The 1st 1 the orange one is containing 52 candles. So you remember that 10 Khan. It was a period of nine so we can see the price reacting with short term investors. Kison 26. So this are our meet them investors. But now how so? They wanted to see what are doing the long term investors. So he creates it. Cinco spun be and here is how it's being calculated. So So that would take 52 candles so not nine or 26 but 52 divided 50 percents. So we can see that if we take this level all the way to this bottom. Our 50% is exactly here, as this is our 50%. And because again he was creating it on different screens. So you remember Chico was on the screen 26 periods back, so there is not too much mess on the chart. And now Cuomo is 26 periods forwards. So we take this 50% from this period and we put it forward and we put a little dot here and next day another dirt and next day another, though then we're connecting these dots and we have a beautiful coma. At least that's what. So that would go. We've got the software which is calculating everything for us. But of course, we need to understand. House and Co spun be and so send coast are a are being created. So this is cinco spun be And but we have a swell like oh, cold Cinco spawn A, which is a little bit ah, faster moving line. And this one we calculates from average off off the space between a tank on and kitchen. So basically, with a tank on Plaskett drone divided by two and again, we forward this into the future. 26 periods so you can see, like in this point, thinking and Kidron. They are exactly at the same place for the 26. They creating the Lower A lower Cuomo here, which is gold. Single spun a the top one. It's Cinco spun be so so suncoast Bonn B 52 periods divided by two forwards toe And this experience Cinco spawned a the kitchen plus think on Divided by two for that into the future. If we see the space over here, you see this little thence it's exactly the same here, but again, it's 50%. So we take this space, which we can calculate again. We think this space with our feeble natural levels and we can see the 50% is exactly here. It would need to adjust it a little bit tohave the super precise measurement. Exactly. So this is our 50% again. Cinco Spahn is sort of the tankan and Kidron, divided by two, moved forward 26 periods. Easy is that's Thanks, guys. We've have old software calculating it for us. We don't need to do with hand by hands. No mistakes here and now How do we use Cuomo, How Kumar is changing and why Hosoda created it on the chance. So, as I said before, he wanted to see what are the long term investors doing? He wanted to see him. What's would would the future holds for us? And later he realized, realized That's the price is using this. This cloud is a support and resistance, and if you can have a look, let's remove this, um, drawings. For now, we don't need them and music, and you can see that the prices falling and somehow stopping a deep coma, then going up and again respecting respecting Kumar. The tankan wasn't much of of support here, but we have come a So the future off this happenings here now it's working is the the current price, and again the price is trying to get in bouncing off. Finally, it founds the weak spot. It goes all the way through, but what it does later look at that is going exactly up toe retest coma. So we have ah, in pulls down the breakthrough, the command. This is very important. We will be talking about it later, when we will be looking for the entry points. So this is something that we're looking for like a proper impose the I wave that goes through the coma. And then there's a beautiful retest off UMA Onda. Since then, the prices falling. And just to give you the idea again, it's almost 1000 peeps fall. So quite the powerful rejection off the of the coma. Later on, the key journeys holding the price. But once again into the future. The prices coming Where is coming? Toe breaking through tank on retesting thing can coming Tokuma going back retesting Think on again stopping Get coma. Finally, it managed to get into the coma from Cinco, spun a to Cinco, spun Be and again Boom all the way all the way down to Cinco Spun a and like a double support here because we have, we have, um, he's on the swell later on is going all the way out, but unsuccessful. Going back in And look, look at here. So the clouds, as I said, this is supporting the resistance by the swell. You need to think about clouds is a folk. Can you see anything in the clouds? Not really. This guy's not clear when you were in the clouds. You don't know what's in front of you. You need You need the clear skies going to think about the this space, the great space here as a clear sky. If you have a price at this place Yes. This is the time for you to trade to look for the trails. But if you were inside of the coma you are avoiding trades. You don't know what will happen where the price is going. And you can see at this example that the price was insight. It was moved nicely, would make a few peeps if the cloud wasn't wasn't here. But later on there was a rejection and again the price wasn't really sure it was breaking through. Think on going again again, through and gain through. It wasn't respecting much, so we need a proper clear situation here. Beautiful. We already know we are out of the coma tank. Are Kidra every fingers out of the coma we've got there everything lying in the same direction and we know that. Okay, this is the way. This is the moment when we can, when we can try it. So this is coma you need to think about it as a support and resistance is bouncing off. And when we will be talking about entry points and the strategy, we will talk more about how to how to use it. For now, you know how Cinco Cinco spawned A and B are are created. Coomer is the space between the store. So it's like with thank on and Kidra one is fast moving. 2nd 1 is slow Morning. So this in Khost one b will be always ah, slower because it takes 52 periods. But Cinco spawn a It will be much quicker like you see X lying, going going below, going in going up and is the average So basically the average between in short term and meet stern and the long term and you have a beautiful space. So this is Cuomo and this is all we need to know for now. About the beautiful clouds. I was seeing the next video 8. Wave Theory: In this video, we will be talking about how sodas wave theory, the theory that he was very proud off. He came up with six difference wave shapes, and he gave them Latina letters as a symbol. So we will have a look at the I V and P. Why and us. Here is an example of an eye wave. Single temples up or down. So as you can see it just based. That's what there was an I wave just going one direction. It's a simple movement from From the bottom tune, it's up. Five or more candles in one in one simple direction. Next one is a V wave D V shape wave builds from to high waves. Let's have a look And this is our V shape as you. As you can see, there is one I waked going down and second I way going up. So basically all the all the waves will be built up from I waves on like corrections. But you will. You will get the grasp off the idea. Once you way go through some examples, the end wave does the most important wave. In my opinion, the most profitable wave and This is what we will be looking for while trading. This is our an away like a massive and wave. And as you can see, there was pro pair break through the Kuma through the kitchen. Ritter's off Kuma exactly at the point where Coomer is changing from up to the down coma and then another imposed down. So we haven't I wave down. I wake up, I I wave now, so this is like the most profitable. If you can finds an edge on the markets with on a wave, that's where you will make money. There's another and wave. So after this one was completed, you can see there's another one going up. So again, crossing through the think on retesting thank Khan and then going up through the coma. Next one is a P wave for Western technical analyzes that would be triangle. Or sometimes we can call color the fly but flags. A little flag is a little bit different, and we have, ah, beautiful P wave on a top of this picture. So you see the resemblance. It looks like p. So have I wave. And then there was ah long time off. Ah, indecision so traders they don't know where they want to go. There was an impulse up and they're waiting, waiting, waiting for something to happen. The either accumulating or distributing depends where it will, though, and then there is There will be either like a shoot up or pull back and we will change the direction. I will start going down. So this is like the triangle. As you can see, next one is ah, V wave. So this is a little bit tricky wave, but it's indicating a swell certain place on the market. So it's important toe Know that and the view wave. Ah, do I wave sort of your wife? The characteristic is its similar toe topi wave. But instead of having lie lower, low, slower heist, we are having higher highs and lower lows. So it's X expanding. So you might be thinking, Okay, we're going already this direction. We broke through previous high, but then it's pulling back and taking down your stop losses, so it's quite dangerous. Small moments toe be in a in a trade, as I said before, higher highs and lower lows expanding triangle. So that would be Western terminology. This is like why it's called a view way. So you can you can see why. Why? We're sorry and you can see the letter resemblance to the letter. And now we have ah s wave. It looks like that may be on the picture Looks more like Z wife. But we will look at the examples when it looks more like us and the characteristic here is that we haven't imposed on. And then the retest toe the preview stop on a previous previous bottom. So in this case, it would be like previous, previous bottom and the parts in this case Is this well apart often anyway. So if another impose down, that would be an anyway. And now let's let's have a look at the real time markets and this is, ah, real time market. We can see the chart off golds and you know that I made a video about gold recently, and my prediction here so you can check it later, is that after this beautiful P wife here, we will be going up. There was already some momentum gaining today and hopefully we will on go through this resistance, retested and then go all the way up for another 1000 peeps. 1500 peeps. Okay, so let's let's look at the current situation on the markets and world waves we can see here . So first of all, this is our I wave massive I away and then we have a pullback and another movement up. So that would be our like an away from my very strong and away we can count it this way Boom, boom, boom As an end We can do with this way a swell this that the impulse correction on dimples . So we have one and then there are another And if we look over here, this is a swell like impulse correction impulse. Very nice and wave on. So here, Bank, bank, bank And this whole formation This one, this is a P wave. This is a very nice on looking P wave. We have ah, and s wave in here. So if we look close, look at that. We have ah pulled back. Then there is an impulse and another pullback upto previews previous highs. So this our previous heists and the price is going through with the imp als retesting and going further. So this is very Borton and that was our another Like you can see, like a small P wave. No. So because this one small P wave and another impose on So this is this under names off the of the waves. But now you know what's so important about it, I think is that hustled, um came up with his calculation with his observation. That's there are five movements before the like. A buying momentum is finished, so we would have 1234 And now we're waiting for the 51 from the finishing. That's why in this case I'm still waiting for the 50 symbols to go massively up. If we go to the daily chart, we can see much better and you can see beautiful impulse pullback retesting Kidron and then another shoot up. Pull back. This is our P wave. So now we are waiting for the for another movement and that should complete our more. But hey was writing a swell and there is a lot of examples on the market. If we have like a really strong market, we might be looking at seven waves, even nine waves, so either in seven will be like a finishing way or the night. Deny who wife will be finishing finishing with so, you know, toe you to be careful going toe make your calculations. But after the five ways is ah, rule of thumb, you are good to take your profits. So, for example, if you notice that there is a nice movement, we have a retest off the federal on the prices closing above you can accumulate your positions. And don't be afraid that the prices making Pullbacks here because you know that then to be another in close up and you will be taking your profits all the way up. So this would This is what the way theory gives you. You know exactly that if we have some break from the from the coma or from the kid's room, you know, if you can start investing into this break if this is your trade or not, because the five wave movement is not finished it. So this is your advantage. Because I can see a lot of traders trying toe trade with Tomoko, and they are thinking, OK, so you see, there was like a breakout from the Cuomo, a retest of the Cuomo. So now I'm selling and said all the way down, but they don't understand and that's the price cannot go down. That's because it needs to have another movement up. So this is not time for looking for cell positions you can be looking for by positions. So in case if we have impulse correction imposed, that would be, uh, a good entry over here. You could make this entry, for example, and still your stop loss being below you are still in a in a trait, but their difference things that when you talk about why this place would be a good one to take a position because the 10 counties under the decade role and so on so far So you need to wait and then you can you can take your positions. But for now, let's let's just leave it at that. Ah, the theory of waves. So what toe? Remember types off off waves that we have I on p ah, why s and then that it needs to be a five movements. So one to 34 and the feast one going up. This is this is our idea. So, like we have here 1234 and five. Or we can say, like 56 78 and nine Finishing Go, do you see? Not like 123456789 And this is finished. We have all the movement we wanted to hear. So this is your, like clue like a light that Okay, enough is enough. I should be taking my profits because look at the number off waves we got here we've in. So it's like waves within an impulse. But of course, into practice on. So it's my view, a lot of information rewards is viewed your later practice and go to the charts. Have a look at what was going on, what was going on before and just try toe today. Identify different waves like here. That's where you see you've got, like, imposed correction in post correction imposed than some P way and the change of the of the movement. So this is sort of like a ah V wave. So we are going down. Then we are going higher. We're going down again. So this is very tricky and it's tricky moment on the markets. But once you once you practice You will know exactly how to take advantage off when you see on the other markets. Okay. Thank you for watching this video on. Please move forward next one. 9. Price Target Theory: In this video, we will have a close look into the price theory. As you know, her soda is famous for creating levels. Were price should get And were you should take profits. So in this video first we will see how they are calculated, how they are created, why they have certain names. And later, we will run through a few examples. I will show you on the platform which tool you need to use for easy calculation. There is a specific tool. You just put a, B, C and it calculates everything for you. So don't worry, we will run through the calculations. I will explain to you how they are made, but you don't need to memorize it, although it's good to understand where they come from. So let's jump into it. So you can see on the bottom, we will be talking about for targets V and T. And, and let's start with price target gene. Every of these targets would be calculated based on impulse AB, then correction bc. And then we will go into targets to point D, which will be our targets, whether it will be V and T, your n. So target v. As you can see here, targets viewing is equal the distance between B and C. Put it from B. So the formula would be V equals b plus b minus c. Let's an example. I would be five, then we've got impose up to be ten and then see correction to see, let's say it was seven. So in that case, be ten plus ten minus seven, that's three. So our target would be 13. And the letter V stands for, for the shape of V. Then target n. Same story, ABC. This time. This is a simple correction, one-to-one. I mean, in both one to one. So a, b, c, d formula would be C plus B minus a. So ten minus a, so times ten minus 57 plus five, that's 12. So in this case, our target would be 12. And the n stands for the shape. And because it's like and they are equal, this is equal here as well. Next, one, price target E, That would be the longest. So the further targets. And we calculate AB. So this is our five, and we put it on top of b. So b plus five, that would give us 15. So you saw we got 1312, Now we've got 15. And the letter E, because this is like in letter E, AB will be equal to b, d. So we've got like a shape of letter, price, targets and team. Again, we're talking about the impulse, pullback, another impulse, but this time we calculate the distance from a to C, and we put it from c. So c plus c minus a. So c would be our seven plus seven minus five, so that's two. So seven plus two, that's nine. And you remember that B was ten. So we actually might have a target below B, which is interesting because in previous ones, every target was above B. But this time depends on the situation. If there is not much of a pullback. So if this space between a and b is greater than this impulse, then we will go above B. But if the pullback is quite big than the space here will be small and put from C, it will be below B. So you need to pay attention to that because this targets are quite strong as well, which we will see in a second. So this is our calculation. Now, why is empty? Because we have n and then we have a letter T over here. So basically we calculate this and we put it for this letter. And so, and just to easy, easy to remember. Let's have a look at this example. We have an impulse going through the Cloud, retesting clouds. And if we calculate this impulse of this is our a, b, c. And now we are looking for the, for our targets and running the calculations. We will get the levels. This is a level, V and T level. And you can see that entity is quite far here, because the distance between a and C is quite far as well. So if we put it to see, this is quite a, quite a distance. In that case, V is quite close. Because this, this dance place from here is here. Then e of course is the further. And we have an, an in-between and T and E. And let's have a look how the price reacted at this levels. So we can see after the calculation, there was a retest and the price came straight to target v. Look at this precision touch target v. Then there was another pullback. And it's, it came again. To try to throw stopped, stopped for a while. Then it went through, came to target and t, look again at the precision, one candle, another candle. And then we came back to target V. We stopped here for a while. And then there was a pool back to, back to the cloud. And again, attempt to get back to target V. Then we went lower and retest the target V. And then again, target anti retest over V. So it's basically going from target to target. Then we came back to an first-time, came to n, then came back to 90, then k two n again, then NT again. And finally, we reached the target E. So the further one. So you can see how many like opportunities to take profits. We got here 123 for every single target was reached and look what happened after the market completed reaching these targets. After that, we went through the kitchen, retested kitchen, and now we are through the cloud on the other side of the cloud. That means that this movement is completely finished. And now we are starting a new one towards north. So now the holes are in charge. The bars finished their movement, completed with target. And now the Bulls taking taking control. We are above the Kidron, above the clouds. Cinco spawn a went above cinco span B, so the cloud is turning. Chaco as well, is above key drawn above the price. And it's heading towards the cloud. So you can see how powerful this targets are, how market is respecting them. First of all, so you can, you can try it even both ways for bounce off this targets. But most likely you should be, of course, trading with the trend, taking the profits here, and try to attempt another entry. Once we are on the safe side one there is one, as you can see, situation like that with nice cross. And then you can re-enter the market and again, get into new targets. So now we will jump into the platform and I will show you how to run the calculations. Let's use British pounds to Japanese yen daily chart as an example. On the left-hand side, we have hot Soda wave projections. If you don't have this platform, I will leave the link here so you can open an account and get access to all of these tools. Also, the way production and a hustler cycles. We will talk about that as well. And we can see there is a very nice impulse and pullback. Let's measure this one. If we hold shift, this will act as a magnet that you can see that there's a nice magnet. If I'm going here, I'm holding Shift. And there is a magnetic option. If I go here and magnet again. And with this example, we can, we can see that we have an impulse up retest of the clouds and then targets very rich. So we just go to Target v. We didn't went nowhere further, is related to the time if Theory, which we'll be talking about later. But for now, you can see this targets acted very strongly. There was a first attempt by two pips than retest a touchdown. And then consolidation. We have a nice p wave and then we fall down. So let's, let's check this fall down if there was anything interesting. Target wise. Also the wave projections, again, hold shift for the precise measurements. We got up to here. And then this is our, our pull back. And look at that. The longest target is our targets e. And we can see that the market came with precision. Unbelievable precision. We are exactly a target ea early, earlier you can see there's target NTU, which is interesting as well. Sir, Target and tea and targets and targeting t's here quite far. Again, because of the distance between a and C, we it was respected as well. We stopped here for a moment than those retest of anti. And we have a beautiful, very strong targets. It was a massive move, very, very short pullback. And then again followed by another massive more. You can see that there was an attempt of formation, had their shoulder formation, shoulder, shoulder heads, it was unsuccessful. So when the target is unsuccessful going in one direction, then the movement in the opposite direction might be very strong. So in this case, we could easily expect target II or further. So target E, Let's see. Dot was 10000, exactly 100 Peeps who can see. Exactly 100 Peeps. Very nice, very strong wharf. Just in one direction, now beating around the bush. So after we did dads, let's, let's see what happened next. So next we have again impose pullback and another impulse calculates interest hold shift. Ok. And what happened here? We can see our target and you see it's very early, IS before a beam. As we said before, the first candle just came over here. That's where the day stop. So you can see that there was massive candle just 20 later we got to target and target and target V, very strongly consolidation between these two targets. And then breakthrough retest and the massive morph way above E dot was related to Brexit vote's in Britain. But Luke will happen later because we broke so strongly here. Then respectfully, market came back. Let me actually put this one with the magnets. And now you can see better. Now we can see better how precise the market is. It came exactly to our target E, just to fall down like crazy. Later on. So retest, we came below the como, below the Kidron. The market changed completely. According to the time theory as well. You can calculate it later on. And, and again, massive fall we stopped AT and T. So you see this forgotten and T stops at the market at this point. Very, very strong off over here. So that's what happens. Targets E, very powerful. Later we have the movement's, again after this movement. This is a very nice impulse here. We're measuring because it's going through the clouds, coming back to the cloud. So let's have a look what happened here. Again. Impulse, pull back and will happen. We came up to target and very precisely time-wise as well. I will show you later. Targets and bang, we are back down. And now we want to, we can calculate again this one, this one for the future and see what will be happening in the future. So you can see target, Vidar gets E target. And all of this targets are stopping the market. Up to the people, stopping the market. And then we have a massive. Massive most, if you pay attention to this targets, look at that. This is 2 thousand peeps. The previous move over here that we calculated, that was 10000 together it was 2 thousand. But this 110000 or just a few days. Massive, strong movement. What else can you do with her soda cycles? So let's have a look and just back in here where we were, if you right-click, you can go to settings. And then you can, you can set up or this tool. It gives you the option to have on our chart as well as v plus N divided by two. Because sometimes this targets work very well. Depends on the currency pair you are trading. So pay attention when you are trading, how it behaves. You can change different color. I've got yellow here. So if I select it and I apply, you can see I've got your targets over here. And then we can see if anything was happening on this targets. So for example, if we go to our previous calculation, That's the one. And we can see that the targets, you can see here the target and plus v stock with the market. So market came up to here, stopped very precisely. Whole day, nothing thinking what to do. And then massive fall. And then we have this and plus and t divided. So not much reaction here. But this one. Various, very strong reaction here. So sometimes they might be useful. It's up to you if you, if you want to hold them here or not. Of course, you can change the colors. You can give different colours to different targets. So I can. So you can understand more easily which target is which one. You can switch them off, for example, if you don't bother about this ones. If you don't think that the entities working often enough on this currency pair that you are trading, you can switch it off. We have multiplier here, meaning that if I put it up to four and then I have multiplier of target V and targets and target E separately. So what it means, let's apply and we will see, that's my calculations show me below. Target E twice, three times, so triples, quadruples and doubled. The same is true for the target VMM. So you can see all the multipy vacation. You can use it for other things as well, which is, which is interesting. Thickness. So if you want them to be more thick, shore array, so this will go like all the way to the right or no Re. So then it's very short, doesn't go all the way there. It can be very thick if you like to see it properly. Fig tree not confused with another line. Visibility. So if you calculated on a daily chart and you don't want to see it on five or you want to see it on firm because you calculated on D1. And then you want to go to five. Because you want to scout on this targets, then you can do so. But you can switch it off on different was keep it, keep it or on or on or off. Or you can just restore to default. So a lot of things you can do here. And you see how powerful these targets are. I recommend to keep it to as, as array, because you can see that for now. You don't really see how precise this ie was now bank if it goes as array, you can see this massive precision later on as well. It reminds you that listen though some level before, maybe it's worth checking it out. Look how precisely here. Price reacted to our previous levels. So you can experiment with all these things. But for targets created by Asada, as you can see, there are very powerful. So study them, experiment with them, calculate them, see when they are working, when they are not working. A play with it. Again, this platform is very much dedicated for each immoral trading. So if you want to try to reach him more cause I would recommend to get this platform for yourself. It works on both Mac and Windows computer. You can install it through your browser so you don't even need to install anything on your, on your computer. You access it from your browser or from your phone. Very easy. As you can see. So thank you for watching this video and I see you in the next one. 10. Time Theory: In this video, we will talk about time theory. It is also the set time is ten times more important than the price. And let's see why. He came up with some basic numbers, which would be 927. He called them kick on Suchi numbers. And then there was the middle number, 17, which is calculated from this two numbers. So nine plus nine minus one, that would give you 1726 minus 917 as well. So he would give some symbols. Thus how was does how he was putting them on his charts. So not just NIH 1726 because as we mentioned before, he kept it as a secret so no one could know. So that was his secret code. Nine would be Acts 17, this triangle. And then 26, full cycle like a full circle. And this is like 999. So then we came up with the compounded numbers. So basically, the idea is that starting with 91726, then you jumped to thirty three, forty two fifty one, sixty five, seventy six, and so on. And at this point, we can see that 33 does basically 17 plus 17 minus one. Why there is always this minus1 thing? Because we are thinking in terms of waves. So for example, we have an ion wave that is 17 days. And then another II wave going opposite way, which is 17 days. They would share the top. So the top candle would be calculated twice. That's why we need to take this one candle away. So 17 plus 17, that's 33 new mathematics. And later 26 plus 17, that would be a minus1 Again, 4226 plus 26 minus one, that will give you 5165. That's 33 times two minus one, and then 76. So we have three times 26. So minus minus two, it should be minus two here because we've got two gaps in between. So it's 78 minus two gives you a 76. So again, everything works like in this three times something. So first we starting with nine times three, we get this 26. Then this 26. One full cycle. So then this 26 times three gives us 76. And let's have a look at the charts and how this numbers are working on the chart with the other lines as well. So as we remember, gioco, 26 days backwards, Kidron, 26 days, top and bottom, low and high divided 50%. Now, our como is moved 26 for art. And the Kumar is, well 5252 candles divided by, by two, so 50%. So, so cinco span isn't goes bang b. That's how we created. We take 52 candles and 50% between top and bottom. So if we take this and go spawn B, this is like 50% of this 5252 candles. At this, at this point here where it's, where is as we, as we. So that would be this 50, 50%. So what do we get? In that case? We get 26 into the future from the current price. 26 backwards, where we calculate our Kidron and another 26 where we calculate the cloud which report 264. So together again, three times 26 minus two, it's 76. So that's where the movements very often would finish. And this is, call it a full cycle. So you can see that these numbers are coming from somewhere. Again, we have a nine and this is our tank on. So nine times three, twenty six and twenty six times 376 times two gives us 51 or 52. In Como case, nine times two gives us 17. And then we can calculate the other numbers as we did before. There is a swell at time if theory connected with the wave theory. And this is a little screen from Sasaki is walk. Sasaki like summarized how does teachings. And so we can see the wave. It can equal another II wave. The wave can be equal, V wave, wave can be equal, and wave, and so on and so forth. I will not explain much about it in this course. I'm talking about it in my advanced course. So just to keep this one short and just introduce you to all the ideas. The householder brought to the market. I just want to let you know that this thing, this things exist. They are very powerful and they are all related to the time, the wave, and the price target theories. So I would advise you to take my alpha's course as well at this point. Okay, so for now, let's jump into the platform, our trading platform, where we can use the tool. I will introduce you to the tool, how to use it, where to put it to calculate the time theory properly. So let's do it now. Let's use again British pound to Japanese yen. As an example. This is our daily charts and to find who also does cycles. So the tool to calculate the time theory, it's called householders cycle in our platform. You know, each him AACU trading platform. And we can see that this movement is finished here. If we put, if we started from the beginning of the new movement, what we can see is now we just need to press, basically you press it and that's it gives you all the numbers. He draws all the numbers. We'll talk about the indicator a little bit later. So for now, what you can see here, you will have nine. I have extra 13 as well. 13 is because it's half of 26. So 50% of more of it works as well very nicely. So I keep it on my charts, use it. And what we can observe from here, we can see that the movements 17, so two times nine, we have our top. Then there is a correction. And it comes up to 33. You can see there is a 33 at this point. And again, you can calculate supposed to calculate from the bottom from this line. But it's always good to test what's going on, how the market is behaving, whether you do it from the bottom or from the first starting movements. Candle. So regardless how we put it, we have either precise 17 here or precise 33. And then, so we can see this is again the mathematics because how is 33 created? 17 times two minus one. So we've got 17 and then 17. That's what we were talking before. I equals i. Now, if we go further, we can see that our targets were reached at 4251. And you need to remember as well. So if we start from the movement, these are very precise. We've got 424 to one very sharp. 173032 is one day before. You need to think about this numbers. In the way that doesn't have to be 33 or 17 Exactly. It's always plus, minus 12 days. But you will see that the market likes to be precise. So very often. What will happen? Ok, so we have this one. Let's have a look about our later example. So we were calculating this impulse when we were talking about the price range. Let's see what happened here. So we have a nice impulse. And again there is a 13 here. So half of the way, look at dynein, how beautiful candle looks at this point where we, where we started and then our and of the corrections. So our V, V wave is exactly 26 candles. So this is our view AF 26 scandals. And then we can see that again after 33 plus two, we've got a new top. So we can around from the beginning. And we can see that either if we run it from here and we will have 99 is here, minus1 won, they won they area. We reached the top or one day after we have another beautiful top here. And later on we can see, if we live with just here, we can see that 51 is at this point to this earlier, we reached the top, the top of tops. So if we calculate it from the beginning, we can see that 76 is here. Today's, earlier. We reach the top and the movement has finished completely. So as I said before, nine times three, twenty six, twenty six times 376. And of the movement we finish you remember here as well. What was here before. There was our targets. So if we run our, our targets, our target. To remove this, to run a little bit more precisely. Okay? So our target V, There's u0 and v0 than there was a retest of E, beautiful returns of E. Everything happened with you in 76, so within the full proper fall cycle. So this are the numbers. If we see again, we can run it from here as well. Same story, 761 day later at 77. On my YouTube video, hours analyzing this movement very precisely. You can see again V wave 26, massive precision. And then we are reaching our targets. So the time in theory, you can see that the market is moving around the time around this targets, around the the waves. You can see all this high waves, waves completely falling into this time and target theory. So let's have a look at the indicator itself. So again, if we run the indicator, let's say we started from, from this point. What do we do here? Right-click settings. We go to sec, settings household are cycles. Again, visibility. I can choose where I want to see it. If I don't want to see on smaller timeframes jars on the D1. I can just leave it on the one and then I will not see it anywhere else. What I did with mine, I changed the colors for 26. I changed the color for an I make it thicker. 26 is thicker and 76, these are like important numbers for me, so I wanted to have them little bit differently. You can of course, change the colors depends of the background you have. I have dark background. You can put the dark indicates or so it's visible on the light background. So pay attention to that again, you can make them thicker, smaller, color-coded so you can make the rainbow however you want, make it your own. You can put different numbers. So I went up to higher numbers, dots. They exist in each Himachal. But for now, you will have up to 76 here. You can add new and then you can add whatever you want, your very own number. And that's it. Does how it works is very easy, very straightforward. Practice. See how market is working, how beautifully it's dancing around this, this numbers. And, and you will be mesmerized. Really, trust me, soda was right. Time is much more important than the price. And once you get to know it, you will understand why. So all the best with playing with time. 11. Time Zones: in this video, I will show you how toe converts Fibonacci time zones in tow hustled us time zones. There's the stool built in empty four. You can find the same tool built into other platforms. If you are using trading of your United States, they should have the stool. If you cannot see it here in empty four, it might not be visible. I don't remember if he's visible straight away. You need toe right? Click over here on one of them, right? Click, customize. And then you can see that we have on the left inside options that I cannot see here. So this one, if you're not you times else the beginning, probably it's here. So then you need to select it from a lunchtime cells inserts on it will appear here you can move it up or down, so selected wherever he wants, just close it. And now I have my few Bonacci times else. If I want to use it, I want to check the time from the top candle. So I need to start the candle before because the candle before would be zero. So this one can be counted as well. So I press on the candle before I move one to the front and now you can see that I have already snatched off time zones. It will look difference if you have a brand new one. Because there will be people are three times else I already convert My in tow hustled us. There is this little reds dotted line. If you twice precedence, you can right click on its and then you can do certain things. Ah, feudal times those properties. If you go over here, you've got some options so I can change this reds into different looking colors. You with the name feeble levels. That's what we are interested Barometers visualizations. So you can you can check on which charts you wanted to be visible. So, for example, if I said it now on on five, I don't want it to be visible on one hour because it won't be relevance Sorkin selected. But this is this is the key. So you will have numbers from Fibonacci, and you just need to edit them. So, basically, whatever you see here, this is the level. So you need to give this a different value. Nine. You've been changing to ever know tiny level wherever we were, just leave it. Is this and then description eso you can describe the way you want, so this will be basically this. Describe it the same way unless you want to give it some some funny name or some secrets. A symbols like also used to do. There was across for the nine triangle for 17 on the circle for 26 so no one would know from his drawing with this symbols mean. But we can also secretive at this at this point. Yeah, and then you can. It is the one that they are there, a Toho. So those numbers And if you need more than just press ads on let's add something, let's say between 55 65 55. 55. Andi then we just description 55 or we can say like a fake one. That's see if it will. If you do will appear in this way. Boom. And then we have Ah, I think one looks like that. Then if we want to remove it again double press and now our 55 we'll be a dense. So let me just delete this one and I don't have it. Animal. So here it is. That's how how this happens. Networks very easy. And yeah, pretty straight forwards. If you want toe, move it along. Just grab. It's You can move it along. You can put it to the bottom here and see where we are. Ads. Right now you can put it to some local local bottles. Always use the number one for the for the tops, four tops and the bottoms. And you can experiment. You can put as many numbers as you want or us little numbers as he wants. Okay, guys, see what the next video? 12. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Free Trading tools! New Broker: Hello, hello traders. It set up for the whole Vicent. Welcome to my channel. Into this video, I want to share with you very exciting news. I found a broker that offers EG, more CPU trading tools. Not only each imago indicator dots all the brokers have, but as well trading tools. Let's have a look. We have whole solder wave projections. And household are cycles, as you know, Hasso, household, I was paying attention to trading according to the time and also does cycles. Does the tool to measure the cycles as the, as the name says. So the time and the hostile wave projection, you know that there is a theory about wave, something like Elliot wave theory about how soda was concentrating on five basic waves, which could extend to seven or nine, but this is a little bit advance. The simple version is five. So we can, we can measure both. And the thing is that the whole solder wave projection is not so much actually calculating your waves per se, how many waves there is. But calculating the target where the price can get. So you can know the price, where the price can get. And you can know as well the time when the price can get there. And actually today we are at the very interesting point of British pound to Japanese yen. So I will show you using this tools where we are and say, what should be our conclusion from this calculations. If you are excited, just like me, and you want to open an account with his broker and have access to all the stores. I will leave the links below this video as well. You can go to my website. Link below a swell and I will leave an article or maybe like a separate section. And the broker section about this broker with all the tools. And there will be toolings to open one for European customers and UK. Because UK this days after Brexit, it's hard if European have-nots and the swell non-European. So Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australia. Unfortunately, this broker is not for United States client, so I'm sorry, USA. Okay. So let's have a look at the at the tolls. First of all, I already clicked it. Let me delete it for a second. So first of all, what do we have? We have here the basic charts, the clouds, Kumar, she correspond ten km San and to Joseon. And of course, the price represented by candles. And now we see dots. What we are looking for, as you know from my course or from my videos data, we are looking for a significant movement, like significant impulse. So I wave, and that would be our wave over here, going through the como and retesting como. Then we can see that we have a beautiful reaction with this white candle. And then there's actually another returns and another massive candle. And very strong movement up. And we're wondering, okay, so we already got our positions here. We are making money. The price is nice thing going up. We went above the, above the clouds, then the tank went through a key Johnson. We are above the cloud again, everything is, all. The price is above ten. Can we have a very strong upwards movements? And we want to know when to take our profits. So let's say we are in a bind positions right now. And we would like to calculate the profits. So we can go to our either HASA cycles. So dots will tell us when and the whole soda projections will tell us where. So let's use the hustled our cycles. And let's use this candle as the first one. So that's the beginning of our movement. And let's see if we have anything harmonic on a chart. And as we can see, starting from this scandal, after 26 candles, which also does number. So you will remember that 91726, so on and so forth. And then 76, closing certain movements. We can see that there is a beautiful harmony. If so, from one to 26, at the first cancer we have a massive move. And Dan 26, again, there is a massive movement, rejection of the como and all the movements starts again, last on the 30 seconds. So just one day before, again, we have another strong movement up. So we know that doubt was the power of each him more CPU time telling us that this is the moment to get long. And now we are long and we are wondering, okay, So when should I get out of this movement? So we need to know two things. We need to no time and no potential targets. Let's search for the targets as well. We, so we need the whole soda wave projections for large. We just click over here and you can see that I'm not holding it anymore, but it's following my cursor. If I press on the top, so this is our II wave. And then I go all the way back. So I've got the point a, b, c, And now we are looking for point D. So that would be our take profit. So these are our targets, this is our target entity. And you can see that there was some reaction here, but that's obviously early for taking our profits. We were answering maybe a little bit later, like over here. So we've guards targets and plus NT divided by two. So between these two targets, 50, 50%. And you can see that there was reaction over here, retest of this target. And now we got two targets N. So the idea is that we need to see if there is any synchronization of getting to the target and our time theory. And as you can see, this is 76 candle and the spin bar over here is 77th. So this is a very strong Hospital Number. And having this information, we know that most likely this movements represented by this n wave is finished. And now we should be looking at the correction. So we might go back all the way to Tacoma. Maybe we'll create some P wave over here and later go higher. But for now, we can aswell dro some classic or are we hear trend line? And from the trend line, we can see that dot was our retest over here as well. So we might go back all the way to the trend line. This is one possibility or to Tacoma. But this is information for us that we should close our our profits from the long positions. That could be a swell information for us that we can take the short position. Although we are above Cuomo and above tank, Above Kidron, we are still allowed to go short. So against the trend, because we believe that this trend is finished. So to do that, we would need to go to lower timeframes. And as you can see, if we go to h4, we are already testing kitchen. If we go to one so one hour, one hour chart, we can see dots. We went below Kumar already. So this is something, some stuff happening here. And as well, we can use our projections at this point. Cycles as well. So we can measure the hours. We can see wasn't going on. And we can we can check a swell wave projections. So we can go all the way here. And we can see that the price was reacting on the v. So it can see the targets. And now we have a nice reaction at the 50% between N and T. So something like before as you remember. So now we might be retesting this, this v in the como And then go further down. And having this information we can, we can try to get some peeps, close our our BY positions and all reopen cell positions with the stop-loss, obviously above, above this highs. So that would be our stop loss. And then we are trying to squeeze as much as possible. So as you can see, it's really amazing stuff that we have this stalls. So we have now tank on Kidron, chief co-sponsor correspond Async goes pass b, a b. So the whole chart and the whole indicator with the, with the price. Alas, we have tools to, to measure time and project where we should take our, our profit. So I'm super excited. I hope you are as well. If you are a subscriber to my channel, that means you are ICI MCU enthusiasts, just like IM. If you are nodes. This is the great moment too. Become one subscribed to my channel. Press this little bell button so you'll be notify each time I make a video. And if you decide to open an account with the with this broker, let me know, send me an email. I will leave my email address here. And I will create, I will create a series of videos about how to trade it. Because the good thing about trading with this broker as well is that you can do it both on the Macintosh and the PC because you are using an on Linux as well. Because discharge that you can see right now it's opening a browser. So you can open, open it whenever you want a swell on your phone. So no more problems like it is with empty for the Arts. If I'm Mark user, I always have a problem. I need to install Windows separately and trade on Windows. Although I still like empty for this broker has empty for aswell. So it's a win-win situation. You have two options for trading. So I don't see any reason for not opening an account with them. So if you do drop me a line or either in a calmer and send me your e-mail. And I will send you a nice videos. Once I make them, I will try to post some more over here as well. Maybe some interesting analyses. We will see how it goes. And all the best. Guys thicker by.