Forex Trading for Beginners P-1 | Dorrow Green | Skillshare

Forex Trading for Beginners P-1

Dorrow Green, Forex Trader

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5 Videos (11m)
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    • Forex and Casino

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About This Class

In this course I am demonstrating my real-time trading on Forex market, using EURUSD pair for intraday trading.

Actually if you know Forex, then you understand that trading is simple, you are buying or selling any pair. Same do I in trading and I collect profit every day. There are some secrets how to do it correctly, and I describe it here in this course, and in my other courses.

In this course I show my real-time trading, where you can see my orders and I describe every order I make:

  • where I open order
  • where I close order
  • why I open order
  • why I close order
  • where I put stop-loss
  • where I put stop-profit
  • etc…

It is very good for people who want to see how to trade on Forex market correctly and learn my strategy for own trading.

With my trading strategy, you can trade on every market you want, on Forex market, on Stock market, CFD, Futures, Options. I prefer trading on Forex, as it is more comfortable for me, and volatility on Forex is better than on other markets, so it give a chance to trade from Monday to Friday any time, and catch profit.

If you are ready for trading, and check my trading style, compare it with your trading skills or copy my Forex strategy - start trading as soon as possible!

P.S. You can trade same way on any Financial market you like – Forex market, Stock market, CFDs, Options, Futures, Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR) and other cryptocurrency you prefer to trade.





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Dorrow Green

Forex Trader

I am Forex Trader, work on Forex since 2013.

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