Forex Trading - Basic Concepts and Terms - Part 1 | Marko Cvjeticanin | Skillshare

Forex Trading - Basic Concepts and Terms - Part 1

Marko Cvjeticanin, Professional Forex Trader and Educator

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10 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. What you will learn during all my classes - Coming Soon

    • 2. What is Forex?

    • 3. Who are the Major Forex Participants and what is traded on Forex

    • 4. Forex Trading Platforms

    • 5. Currency Pairs and Charts

    • 6. Time Frames and Pips

    • 7. Leverage - Lot - Long - Short

    • 8. Stop loss and Take profit

    • 9. Pending orders - Buy limit Sell limit

    • 10. Pending orders - Buy stop Sell Stop

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About This Class

Forex Trading - Forex Basic - Step I

Forex market is the biggest Financial market in the world with an increasing number of traders. This short course is a part of the course Three steps trading from beginners to advanced. This part is created for students who make their first steps into world of Forex Trading. The learning process starts with understanding of how Forex Market works and who are the most important participants on the Forex Market. After that we will continue with primary and elementary things, such as the basic theses and terms related to Forex trading like trading platforms, charts, time frames, pip, spread, lot, leverage and other important things related to the Forex Trading. Besides these basic things in this first part we will explain how and in what situation to use pending orders because it's very important for many Forex trading Strategies.

The aim of the first module is introducing into Forex trading, and it is created for beginners.





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Marko Cvjeticanin

Professional Forex Trader and Educator

Professional Forex trader with 10 years of experience. Beside this I am Forex Trading educator with more than 5000 students worldwide. 

I am looking forward to share my knowledge with you!

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