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Forex - The Maximiser Strategy

teacher avatar Baraq Adnan, Student and Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction to Strategy

    • 2. Fundamental Analysis

    • 3. Technical Trading level Examples

    • 4. How to draw technical levels with Golden Ratio

    • 5. Crazy Part with Final Note

    • 6. 1 Trade - 1000 pips profit explained

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About This Class

This short course is all about developing a strategy that will give you edge in market. We will learn how to read fundamental, we will build strategy how to use this information, we will also explore what are the golden ratios and how we can use them to draw technical levels to Enter and Exit in market.

I have also taught 1 forex pattern free - check the details in course.

This course will take you step-by-step and build your basics and then finally address how to trade with precision. 

please do share it with others and make the most out of it.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Baraq Adnan

Student and Entrepreneur


A Student, Professional Trader and Entrepreneur.

Expertise in recognizing market structure and identification of price patterns for potential reversal point. An active trader and live forecaster at various recognize trading forums.

Carrying a mission to make it easier for people to have financial freedom by sharing passive income strategies that generate residual income with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn Together - Grow Together - Succeed Together

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1. Introduction to Strategy: Hello and welcome back. Let me first explain why I'm calling this in. Maximizing strategy or profit maximum extracted. See, there are two kind off analysis that we do in the trading world. One is called fundamental analysis, and the 2nd 1 is technical analysis. And those were in this field for longer know that fundamental analysis always take precedence over the technical analysis. Okay, on, since this strategy is going to based on fundamental analysis, So you have more chances to maximize your profits or to add into depending upon your strategy, off managing risk or adding more exposure to the market getting back to the topic. So, as I said, this strategy totally based on fundamental analysis. So we need some fundamental information about the pairs or the currency's we're going to create Okay for this very purpose information. We need the country statistics. You know, they're micro the macro level. Indications how How? Well, there before me 2. Fundamental Analysis: So in order to get that information, I'm going to use one website called trading economics dot com. You'll find a link on the screen. I'm ultra sharing with you the page. Once you will enter that link into the browser, it will take you to this page on the right hand side off the screen. You will see a drop down menu here. You can select any country. Let's say we want to see ah, fundamental information about United States. Okay, So United States have selected okay? No, this is telling me the GDP did you to be growth rate? Um, unemployment rate. Okay. Quite a lot of information. You know, inflation. Great encrusted except or exchequer. Very, very comprehensive. Upside. If I might say the figures you are interested in or for this strategy I'm going to use is Judy. Be growth. Trade this one. Okay, this figure, andi, interest rate, this figure. Okay, So what do you need to do is to write down first the name of the country and then you write down the Judy be girl trade. Andi. Its interest rate, which is this one. Okay, then you move on to the next one I'm going to select approximately seven countries or seven pairs, plus one European Union, the eurozone, which comprises all the Europe countries and represent euros currency. We just extracted information for United States. Let's find information for United Kingdom. You can okay, the GDP growth rate, which is not 0.7. Sorry about this. This and then the interest rate, which is not quantify. Okay. And then you move on to next Canada. Same thing. This is your GDP growth rate on this is your interest rate. Well, I'm not going to go through the entire list, but now, you know, from very extracted information on what particular information we are interested in. Okay, I have already extracted this information on D. Let people this slide for you. The left hand side are the list off the country's with their corresponding currencies. Andi, you know this column contain information about the Judy be growth rate in percent age on this is interest rate. Okay. Okay. Before we do anything less, understand why we selected GDP growth three on why? Interest rate. Okay, The bold factors are leading factors. I understand. Economical help off any country. Okay? The hardly Judy P is which made the country is doing great and for interest rate. The hard and frustrating more money will come into that country subject to some of the other factors like, you know, let's say, for the Russia just increasing interest rate to 40 person, does that mean money will find that country? Maybe? And all that was the worst example exit in Iraq were in Afghanistan. Let's say if they are offering 35% interest rate, do you think the people will investigate? No. So the investment sentiment is also necessity factor, which totally depend upon the geopolitical situation off the country. So interest rate stand alone is not think you have to add another practice, which I'll tell you. So now you know why I have selected these two leading factors. Now let's use them out. The strategy, The strategy is simple. Strong worsens meat for Bolton frustrate and you to be grocery okay and GDP Growth rate column. You need to find out the highest rally, which is five. I have already highlighted Andi, the lowest value, which is minus north 15 and I've highlighted as a red so green issuing the highest rigor red is showing the lowest figure. Okay, so is strong versus weak. The strong is a USD. The week is J P one. Okay, now this is how you treated. If the U. S. D comes on the left hand side off the pair or as a base currency, you buy it. If the USD is as a counter currency, you Celik here is an example U S d j p y by USD can buy ust Swiss franc by New Zealand US dollar sell all the U S dollar sell GDP US dollar sell euro U. S dollar sell Okay, The reason I'm saying it straight because among all of them American economies is the strongest and the weakest is Japanese. How about the next? Weakest is not 0.3, which is Ozzy. So all the U. S dollar sell. We'll look into the charts in a minute. It was Please write it down. If the highest is USD, we use it as a base currency to buy the pair. Okay. U s d j p y usd con us distress Frank etcetera. Okay, you buy them? No. Let's talk about the interest rate. Same thing you identify the highest interest rate and then the lowest, which is minus North Korea pas just run. Okay, So New Zealand, which is the highest stress, frank, which is the lowest. So what do you do? You said New Zealand at the base currency. And you. Bye. Okay. More importantly, you need to see that you to be growth rate is less than your base currency. In this case, it is true. It's amusing. And dollar high growth trade. High interest tress, frank. No growth rate, Low interest. Ideal pair for by Okay, same goes for Japanese yen. New Zealand, Strong growth three higher interest minus north. In fact, this is the precession. Okay, Andi zero interest rate. So what do you do in this case? You By because New Zealand will go up against yen. 3. Technical Trading level Examples: Now let's take a look into some charts. Example since now you understand the fundamental analysis, What are the key factors that you consider when you're conducting your analysis or once you know the direction off the pair, you just go in that direction and maximize your profits. Okay, Simple. Now that's the fundamental side. How about the technical side? How you get into the market, you just don't blindly jump into. You need to identify what are the key levels where you should get into the market or hope onto the trade. Okay, so now I'm going to teach you one for expectorant out of 13 which is the course I'm about to publish. If you create that veteran with discipline, I can assure you you can make millions. But with the proper money management. Now, let's get back into the charts and have some fun time, right? So this is us. Jesus, Frank Chart, Can you see this pattern? Just bear with me. I'll tell you how to draw inspection at the movement. See the beauty of these factors and how much profit you can learn. As I said, if the USDA is your base currency, you bite Okay, so I said us, this was Frank. Train is up by. This is the patron. Gave you indication to jump into the trade. Okay. You you took the crate from this D point and your stop loss is below X profit. Okay. U S d J p Y trenches up profit. Okay, you jump into the trade from this point, your stop loss is below X point. This is your risk trade working. Okay. USD can see the beauty off the specter How powerful these patterns are. Okay, frustrate second tree. In fact, this is a critical I gave a day before New Year. So look how much profit. You know how much profit we are talking here. 186 190 pits. Okay. Still going up? You know, us began. This is a trade I post three years ago. Same thing, you know. He's going up. USD. Cad, just check this. Okay, So these are examples off the GDP growth trade with its strong versus weak. Okay on, Let's take a look into the interest rate. One we said, um, you know, New Zealand J b y. Let's take example, New Zealand j b y. This is daily charge. Check the spectrum. OK, move up So you can see you know you can maximize your property To me, trading is just not going to the market and exit. Okay, Stay some hours. And just like the exact to me, the trading is you add more into you Go with confidence. Okay. You have conducted your analysis. You know the directions. Fundamental. Doesn't JD over the night? That's a long term view. So you can maximize your profits. Okay, using and J. P y. There's your trick or user and Swiss front. There you go. Patrons look familiar to trades. Maximize your profit. Current is going up, right? So these are the example Now let me share with you how to draw this spectrum. The Clipper I'm about to show you I've extracted from my coursework. So you will see during the course I was connecting the live analysis and it's very hard for a publisher to put the credibility online. You must know what you are talking. I'm very confident because I've tested over and over and it works, so I'm sharing with you. Okay, let's take a look into the clip and I'll see you after a few minutes 4. How to draw technical levels with Golden Ratio: Okay. There's one pension that is formulating right now. So this is gonna be a live example, Which is this? No, the completion off this deep point. As we're saying, we'll expect market to go up. This is making a green candle, which is telling, you know, things are looking good. It could go higher. So that's that's just a live trade. Now, let's learn first how to drive. Okay, so from this point at this point, this is your extra A. Okay, let's right down. This is X. Yeah, this is you A This is your X to be This will be your be June. See, this is your deep one. Okay. From extra A, we will draw Fibonacci retracement. Okay, Wait for the market to come down and hit 618 area as a friend, it did. Okay, so there you go. Precisely. Okay. So draw from there. Do their this will give us you to be no, from and to be will draw decrease mint again. I will expect this bounds to be between 30% and et and pursing. Okay, so that would precisely basically, you know, 76 so absolutely fine. So Vallat do points about it now. We'll draw our extra a and wait for the market to come down into 76 years there, you know, gun? Yes. So this is your bullish godly pattern. And on completion off the point, we're expecting more to go. Up they go. That's your 1st 1 Let's take another example. I published the same trade call on trading radar Coma. Let's see the result. Um, here in front of you, the same trade, um, set up same godly set up Onda. Uh, there you go. It went 100 pips in my favor. So now you can see how powerful this patron is. 5. Crazy Part with Final Note: So what's now? Do you think it's enough for conviction? I don't think so. Let's go crazy. At the moment we are looking into forex market. Let's take a look into on other markets. Shares. It is. It's a Yahoo dearly shark. Looks familiar. How much profit? Okay, how about Tesla? Motors? Looks familiar. Okay. What about apple? That's the daily chart, my friend. I have given you one veteran out of 30 with an excellent fantabulous strategy. Just one picture and see the potential. Make the full out off. Earn money. Maximize your profits. I want to see you successful. I want to see you achieving your life. Calls your life dreams. If you are still struggling, let me help you. If you want to learn more about the high probability on low probability setups for how to trade them with the procedure for the better risk to reward ratio join me. Drive me to spread the quality education. No time wasting. I have just delivered you what I promise. And I'm here to help you achieve what you want. Let's work together. Let's grow together. Let's succeed together. Thanks for your valuable time and have a good day 6. 1 Trade - 1000 pips profit explained: Hi there. Just a quick recap on the strategy. I have received a question from one of my students, and since the question is a very valid and need a bit more explanation rather than just skim over, I thought it's better if I pretty was a short medium. So everyone can take a leverage. And it's even better if I shared a trade call and explain it life under the same context. I know some of you guys have enjoyed more than 1000 peeps ride, but let's take a look at the question first. Okay, here is the question. Based on this strategy, yen is the most week a spare on crossing it with Canadian dollar, which means cad jp, wipe here. This should go up. But you have recently made a short call, which means a cell for more than 1000 tapes. Downward. Please explain once the bias is set, which is alongside how you analyze the short side. Before I explain the trade, Let's quickly have a look into the fundamentals. Okay, quickly. Come. Okay. I've consulted the same website on extracted the information on based on this table. As you can see, the yen pair is the weakest, the lowest GDP growth rate and zero interest Re comparing it with the Canada. We have not 0.7 GDP growth rate on north 0.5 interested, which is better than the Japanese Now the currency pair is cad JP way since the strongest is coming on the left hand side off the currency bear. So you buy So the cat gp Y is for buying because we are buying a strong currency against the biggest. Okay, that's the fundamental sites, which is absolutely fine. But he mentioned that I made a trade call off shorting the same pair. However, my buys should be towards alongside Okay, this is how you explain it. One of the important factor that I discussed in my forex 13 pattern course on I teach my students is a multiple timeframe analysis. You will agree with me that the market moves in harmonics it creates may. Okay, The price cannot go as a straight line, you know, it moves in a cycle. It creates rates like up, down, up, down. Okay, Now you need to figure out the market is creating wave off which time friends? Okay, although this is one off the pattern I taught in my course, but the market is in vehicle retracement more so, all the candles that I will show you in a minute. This is cat J B Y. For our child. Okay. All this downward momentum on four. Our child, it doesn't mean that the yen pair has become the strongest. No, this is a retracement, okay? And as I said, you need to figure out the market is making retracement off. Which timeframe. Okay, so obviously the higher the time frame will be, the longer you will see these trends by downwards or upwards. Okay. But it doesn't mean that the fundamental has changed. Okay? It doesn't mean that yet is stronger over the night. Okay, But once you understand the harmonics off the market, it becomes very easy to trade comfortably on with confidence. I hope this answers your question and feel free to ride if immigrated. Stiller. Okay, Now let's have a look at the trade cold, which I was talking about Here is a trade cold. I made it two months before, and I said, you know, market is a forming a structure, and I'm expecting ah, it to come back to this area before it go further further up. And we were talking about Canadian young pair. Okay, Cat JP white. Here again, our buys a stores along. Thank you. Look what happened. Years old Market came old way down here. Let me share this. Would you? With more clarity. Okay, here it is. It's the same pair and same structure we're talking. So if you know what is this is a weekly chart, OK? The market came from this point to this point in how many weeks? 12345677 weeks. Right. Once you know the direction of the market, you trade with the confidence, especially these harmonics. Once you understand the harmonics off the market, it gives you more confidence in trading. Okay, so look what happened. The market dropped on this point, and it's exactly the same location where, you know, I was anticipating I'm not saying that I have a Super Bowl. Ah, but as I said, you know, your confidence grows ones. You will know that market cycle works. Okay. Multiple dump rims. This is more than approximately 1000 perhaps. So from this point to this part, it's about 1100 something. Okay, so it's a nice right Those who took this trade actually enjoying. And now we're expecting market to take a bounce from this point on, DA, you know, continue device, which is, you know, the long side. Okay, so that was a trade call. I wanted to explain this in more detail and and, you know, to put things in the context, it is very important to understand the harmonics off the market that in which cycle the market is under grace. Men belonged to rich timeprint. I hope it made sense on those who have enjoyed the straight, you know, good luck. Make more on will continue learning the quality stuff. If you have any question, you can ask me on this platform or you can drive me on Facebook as a normally share with my fellows. Dark yellow is spending money for a quality education is investment okay? It's not expense. So you are investing time and money on a quality material to learn under all of the skill which will help you and longer run. Okay. But I'm here to help you and support you to achieve your target on, you know, make this trading more fun on reliable. Cutting the noise out from the market. Okay, Stadium Thanks very much.