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Forex Strategy - Day Trading

teacher avatar Dorrow Green, Forex Trader

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction to Day Trading Strategy

    • 2. Complete Beginner?

    • 3. Time Frames

    • 4. Currency Pairs

    • 5. Double Highs and Lows

    • 6. Triple Highs and Lows

    • 7. Head and Shoulders

    • 8. V-shaped Pattern

    • 9. Indicators

    • 10. Basics of Trading Strategy

    • 11. Trading Strategy Signals

    • 12. Full information How to Trade

    • 13. Comparing both Strategies

    • 14. Day 1 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 15. Day 1 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 16. Day 2 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 17. Day 2 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 18. Day 3 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 19. Day 3 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 20. Day 4 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 21. Day 5 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 22. Day 5 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 23. Day 6 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD

    • 24. Day 6 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to make Day TradingĀ on Forex market.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dorrow Green

Forex Trader


I am Forex Trader, work on Forex since 2013.

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1. Introduction to Day Trading Strategy: Hello gaze. The scores is for beginners who want to trade with simple strategy. In the lectures I will show what you have to know and use for detraining as forex is seen for everybody and most of traders use the same information in trading. This strategy includes basic material and in lectures, I explained what kind of signals market hallmark and draw these signals and how it looks like some information how to use Dane creams and trading and what currency pairs better to treat. I explain it more clearly so you understand it faster and use it in trading. In the last lectures, connecting all information into one picture, I open secrets, how to use old materials and treating correctly and analyze all possible situations that market in draw wild trading. I also explain different examples that market control on life chance and show how it works in live training. It will help you to understand the strategy mechanism and use it in your own training. So I wish you good luck in learning and using this strategy. 2. Complete Beginner?: I created discourse by many requests from frogs, beginners or one single strategy and start trading on forks before providing learning material to beginners and usually ask their level in works as it is important to know. Words, basic foundation, and at least half trading practice. If you're a beginner and it is your first step in works. Before watching this course and learning the strategy, I recommend you to get familiar with folks basics. As I don't have any course with information about hertz basics, you can contact me and I will show you where you can get this information. So take time to learn for others basics and make some breakfast reading. So you understand for creating foundation, then you can move to my strategy. It will be easier for you to learn from my experience and learning for its basic material and get wrapped. This will take couple of days. So I wish you to do that. If you really want to become for trader. 3. Time Frames: This video is about timeframes, and we all know that works as different timeframes. We're trading from one miniature monthly charge. And each timeframe is four different types of trading. And it's very important to understand how to connect these timeframes for the statue of trading as recording the course with a single strategy. I am connecting only two timeframes for that. One, our child and fly from the chart. It's enough, we're getting correct creating. So if you want to use another types of trailing and develop yourself in trading works and know more information about Dan friends. You just go to this link. This one you're searching for is for beginners section. Then you're searching down here and here I show and write more information about Dan crimes, given examples, then coalesce and you can find and free video about that. So nothing what del bar timeframes here in this course, because you just need only one hour churn and five-minute chart. For using this strategy. 4. Currency Pairs: This video is about currency pairs and has a lot of parents who bears for trading. Here is quite short list. I know that different brokers provide much more prayers for trading. But for me it's enough to treat the Bridge Fund, sometimes euro, sometime this switch to follow two pairs at once. And if I apply a signal on which font I traded and switch and backward. Following bridge found if I see a signal or for trading hero, a switch on the Euro and follow euro. If you have time, you can follow even currently it bears, because this is a simple strategy. You just search for a signal on one pair and then new trade these fair and you follow it. And you don't pay attention on other parents because there is no sense to do that. It's better to treat only one there and follow it on a laptop or a mobile phone. It will be much easier to do it with only one pair. So you can choose any pairs for trading range here. Like you trade it. If you can see a big difference in pairs which want to trade. Because the chart is absolutely same. Candlestick chart. Here it is, it's absolutely scene. You see that picture is nothing different. Here. The difference is only that the price is different. Then Muslim is different. That euro Here is going up, but in Japanese, yen is going down. And it gives it different signals at different time. And that's only difference between Ferris. So Choose Your Honor, therefore trading and use it in this strategy. 5. Double Highs and Lows: This video is about double loads and doubles. And we already know how it looks like from space. And let me remind you to show it on the pictures here. The Double.parseDouble, No, it's clear. Delta dot here is an example. Then not finished double top and double log is redrawn double top, double law. It's false braking previous top down, shown as double top, like this. So let's return back to the charts and let me show you how market draw these double tops and w1 lungs on and passed last week. If we switch chart and we go back to last week, Monday, okay, what we have here, let me show you these double tops. What can I do? Here? I can see double this one and this one, it's not finished. Double top. Another one. Here it is redrawn W0, one law. Second law. As you see that myopathies showing it in different pictures here is clear delta one by Kendall and double top. Here it is. W 0100. Here. I will show you all double tops and double nose during the last week that Markowitz showed us on frightening chart. And in the last video where I will talk you about single strategy, I will talk and explain about these double knows where to trade, where to pay attention and these double doors and Deborah highest and where you don't need to create. Here it is. This one law and second law. Or it can be at this low and distal. Never mind, let's go. Let's continue. Here it is. 1 second. Then here is doubleAll, clear one. Then we have a double top. And go here. Here it is as well. Double top, double low case here we have as well. Then we have here, w o here. Here I can seal. So doublet Oh, 1. Second talk with a group of candles. And then after that, here. And down below. Here is another double-talk. Not finished double top. Here isn't a below, right here. Let's continue. And market. Here is double-dot. This job is will not consider this. This is more clear. W here it is. The below. Here is low, and nothing more til the end of the zoom it back. How many W0 and W1 highest market? So I will talk about these in the next video at the end of this course. 6. Triple Highs and Lows: In this video, I will talk about trig laws and triple highs and lows, but it can be followed like here, 1234, even five or six. Most here can be visible. 123456 laws. It doesn't matter. It's already known works basics. And let me show you on the picture about triple lows and highs. Here I'm examples how it can look like them. Example, how can charts? And let's talk, let's return back to the chart. And triple lows and highs. The market draw us. Last week. I already showed you about doubleness and now we're searching for triple lows and highs. Here I can see him dogs. Then another three or four dots. Here. Here I told you on these three to six. Then what you have here, del job, and then here is a triple LO Wal-Mart. Here is again, one lost. Their low with small was low. Well, one obstacle to top five, top worldwide. What? 123123. Then moving forward here, 1 second job, their job. Then going forward. And one law, second law, third law, allows demoing were worth nothing. And it looks like, again, three lows, right here. Second, no third, no. Nothing more. Here. What we have right here, and we have three and more Molson tops. So here we have doubles, and here we have triples and more. And all these I will connect in the last video in my simple strategy. So these are classical patterns and you just need to know these patterns. Double load, double and triple, triple heights. And moving forward. 7. Head and Shoulders: In this video, I will talk about Head and Shoulders pattern. It's also a non-profit varargs basics. But you will see less often than triple, triple high or in WOW. Okay, let me show you how it looks like. Example is, and here is an example. And let's return back to the chance and check how market draw it last week. Where market shoulder. Then. This looks like head and shoulders. Shoulder, this is head and this is the shoulder and could be a shoulders. So we can consider this figure Lake had ensured here. Another one. Here it is. This one. This can be also like heads and shoulders. Shoulder, this shoulder right here. And then where where else? Here I can see fn and shoulders. Is this one. This is a shoulder, head and shoulder, then more incurable. And then see here, that turns something I can sue. Shoulders right here. This is the shoulder. Shoulder to shoulder to shoulder, head and shoulder. Moving forward. Nothing. Here is not really beautiful head and shoulders like this. And this is a shoulder to shoulder. Here it is another one that looks like head and shoulders. Shoulder, head and nothing more here. Okay, this is quite rare to see this pattern. This. And now we have already read patterns. Last week. Head and Shoulders, crippled or even triple doubles. So with this video and moving forward. 8. V-shaped Pattern: In this video, I will talk about a V-shaped better. And it's also known from products basics that we show you how it looks like here. And here is on the charts. Lack an example. Let's see how many betters market gave us last week. Okay? What we have here, we can consider these as in V-shaped. This small vitiate, better discount v-shaped pattern because this is already doubled tuition and so do the shape better. Then I can see here we should better right here from Head and Shoulders pattern that I told you before. Then here reconceived, we see that here. This one, this is another issue better than small removal. Here is another issue better. So this is the surest v-shaped pattern. I usually attention on first V-shaped patterns. If the market gives a second issue that, and so these doubleAll trip of law, okay, moving forward here is very beautiful. Vichy, better here. Then here. Here on these 1-2-3-4-5 tops. These can be also written as this last stop was hitting falsely. And if you pay attention, then zoom. And here it is. And going back, it's a small issue pattern on this top level. Right here. Let's see. D is very beautiful pattern. And after that another Vichy, better, violent and to Morgan for var, one here, another one here. And after. Another v-shaped pattern. Where routes we can see that here. This one can be also fishy, fishy patterns, but it's quite difficult to catch. The good price. We're opening orders on V-shaped better. But in my strategy, I will explain you how to work with Vichy patterns and edge the best price on this pattern. So for veterans, doubles, triples, Head and Shoulders patterns. These betters, our most popular, intriguing. And all of these four figures you need to know in my simple strategy. So let's move forward and you will see how I will explain how to work with these old patterns in this simple stretching. 9. Indicators: This video is about indicators. If you can see, I don't use indicators at all. I am using clear candlestick chart and I'm following these patterns that I told you in the previous videos. So like an example, if you add one, for example, indicator or two indicators into the charge, for example. This one. I don't know. I never use this indicator but let's check out. Looks like okay. Well what do you, I don't really know. You will have to learn this indicator and follow this indicator, but you will, while you're learning and trading these indicators, you will be missing these simple things that further basics gives you. So don't waste your time on these indicators. Download it, clear, it cleared the char, and use only these patterns that I told you in for this strategy. I don't really recommend to use indicators because they interrupt your trading. But if you really like indicator's one or two or ten indicators, you can use it, it's up to you. But this strategy that I'm sharing with you, it's based without any indicators. 10. Basics of Trading Strategy: In this video, we're moving to simple trading strategy that can losing fluids beginner. And as I told you before that you don't need to know a lot of information, both trading on the basic things embodied and using on the two time frames for that. On one our chart, you're checking the levels of that market is growing by high and lows. And five-minute chart, you're searching for patterns that I told you in the previous videos. These betters, our signals for buy or sell. So here it is, doubled or tripled, those triple highest there, there had been shoulders and V-shaped patterns on these four buttons. You have to know and follow it. Okay, we return back to this picture. And one, our chart, we have to follow the levels. And I already draw these levels for you, that market draw before starting week and what levels were making while trading their week. And on five-minute chart, I already connected all these pictures that h bar, triple laws and dumbbells. And here it is out books like I mentioned, it too, with different colors. So you understand, where is this signal? Larry's Dumbledore way reciprocal and reshaped better. So all these patterns you have to follow while reading your graph to understand what is market, what market is drawing for you, and these moment in life training. So in general, we now all these pictures together and see the strategy with the whole picture. And I already did for you. Here it is. This small signals on five new chart with the levels on one, our chart here, how it looks like on one chart. And in the next video, I will tell you how to catch these signals, where to trade and where to avoid these signals on five-minute chart. 11. Trading Strategy Signals: In this video, I will show you how to understand where exactly these patterns on five-minute chart work in this single strategy. As I told you before, on one hour chunk we're checking levels and on typing Chuck, we are searching and waiting for signals from these patterns. Okay, what we said, we are connecting both pictures and we're having that market here, draw levels on one our chart, it's quite small. Levels were short period of time trading. So I'm Flatman Chuck and see, they're hitting this level and drawing double-dot it. Quite a weak signal because levels are too weak comparing these levels that are more powerful. But anyway, you can see here was the signals for cell. And here we have a signal flow by. Here it was a double jump, right? And market went down, drawing here doubleAll. So you sell weight here, you buy a right here. And you don't wait until my cookies going lower or higher because they're swinging between levels. We're writing what he's going to do next here. Then it is giving signals on private nature down here, but we don't see any levels. So we don't pay attention on these signals. We are waiting because multiplication, you are all bad. Air continued trend. That then we see that market grow here down. And here, we're starting to drawing signals. The first signal was double low-wage here, this or this. And it's going to be doubled or as I told you in the previous videos. And then they stuck right here growing Cyril loads like triple and 56 slows. And the result, the created Head and Shoulders pattern. So these three signals on one hour, one hour chart level. Very good signal for expecting that. It will go to the opposite level right here and mark it in a result market can grow straight away, like market did it here, you see several candles. Speed could be right here. But market decided to grow like this with waves going up and then it all back and then going up again. So many beginners asked me a question, how to understand the need to hold the order and run it to gloss it on opposite signal when this, see this situation. Okay, I will explain to you right now. From my experience, Market on five-minute chart usually is drawing channel on the level of one. Our chart level. Here is this channel. See, market was trying to reach this level. This level on this chart. Here. This level is here. Market is hitting this level, touching it and balancing and creating level. Small resistance level right here. So it can be future query neural world market can treat. So this is a starting point around market shrank to ship this level. And the conduit which several candles about half a day to do it. Several hours. You see here. And we have here a signal. Okay, we're buying year, it's a good market to here AT pips profit. But we are watching these on this level. And here you see market is going up here and stops here. And that'll get and hit this level up. Okay, great, the heat, this level, it's a good signal that market can reach this point. Right here you see candle go up, up and up. So they hit this corridor and moved up? Yes, they gave here double-tap on fattening churn, double-dot. But here you don't see any levels weight here. So you can close it part of order right here, about 30% of your order. And the rest order you hold till this level. And it putting stoke loss with pips. And here you can see the picture on Franklin chart and it's also visible on our chart. Debt market hit this level, be small channel. Then I told you, and then returned to this channel back. We're reviewing several laws made here. And you see how many signals on fracking job market gave here. Barnes from these support level, it was a resistant level and when might depress here. And then it moved to support level. And the balance for me for growing up trend, Darrell room on this one, these finite don't need it anymore. So you understand this situation. Debt market is creating this small channel in future. Here it will be the same and they will explain how the where you can see that we are moving. We don't see hearings, he knows, but here market created and new levels would lead on one uncharged, then go up. And here you see a small double-talk. Almost reached this level, but these have reached this level. So DC signal for white, I'm sorry, for closing by position. From these points. And I probably could sell right here, but it's quite a weak signal because they didn't reach this level. And you can clause right here. Profit with advanced 70 pips, having a sell order right here. But expecting that market can reach this level and heated again because you seat on one or really didn't reach this level, was about six pips. So need to be careful what market buildup in a result. What we see here, if we zoom five-minute chart, you see here double-tap signal, you're closing my orders from this point. And market growing down and evils. If candles go up, you see someone, market-makers didn't want to go down but would like to hit this level up. And yes, we have here and trend up again and go down. So the heat, this level that was done, this level reached and draw v-shaped pattern right here. And market stuck here at this level. Okay? What we have here, again, you see this starting point where market, this level is right here, is seen. Here it is the studying land market here, this level. So this is a level four cell signal where selling their reach these levels starting point, but they didn't hit this level and gave the signal for a right. So we have to pay attention and these that if market will not go lower, they can go up into the heat level support, they will down. So market could go down back to this. Now, write down the girl down here and here that you see if you even sold right here and you expected market would heat this level down. So you see how many time a barter wilder, Dan, human endeavor? 20th of August. And on 26 of what was in the morning, didn't heat it. And even here, the damned heated. So drawn here. One job up. Here are signals here us in those n here are signals from, in general, from this level were sharing a cell signals, but we shall have to bet engine on the support level because the level is holding these Merrill from one our chart. So we're trading these channel until market heated down or up. And here you see that there was a signal for several very good signal surplus was about 1517 beeps. And then they go down impulsive candles. And it was impulsive candles, no absolutes or Vichy, batter and crossing all Euler's for sale because it's a reversal pattern. And we have to watch it. And you see impulsive candles go up and up and eat. Resulted market is going to reach this level. So we don't bet the tension on these signals. We've done this on this. We don't read it because markedly increase the sale and there is no levels by x here. So we are waiting, waiting, waiting. And in the next day, it was a 2016 then 20. Well, they draw a civil tops with several signals on the five-minute chart. And it could be small level on a one on chapter where we can trade and catch some fixed. What we have here, again, we have here air support level that when market he'd bring this level right here. They created a support level right here. And what? They're hitting this level down and return back. Giving us signals will buy with appreciate better. And this level up here a vitiate better as well. It's this small level and you can see with these Vichy better, they're reaching this level. And it's a good signal for cell. And we're selling here because we have a v-shaped pattern and we're reading when market will go down. But here we can see that market, a rich, actually that market created here mode and a little bit lower with this, with this visit better right here. So the cold and heat this level right here at this point after viewing a V-shaped that an actually shrunk signal. Because here is the levels from one our chart right here and their unique here V-shaped bear turn. And I expected here trend down right here and even longer. But you see, they were holding these level second time than 13 and stuck, stuck here. It means that market don't want to go down and we have to get out of our orders and wait. What market will do it expecting that marketable draw something new future in the next days. So here we see that market draw another level where we can work for trading. And we're moving forward and market reached this level. And the cell signals. And we remember that this cell signal will work until market to heat, starting point. Heating this level, about this pointer. Every time we're watching this small corridors and five-minute chart and waiting, what market will do, okay, refresh yourself signal. But we have to go down and then go up. If you sell here, you get a small stop-loss. And they're reading. And what we'll do next. Then they go down. And again they're bouncing from this support level. So this is a result that market is not going to go down, but it can go. So in the next picture, I don't see anything else. So as a result, you can see and understand that it's better to trade from their levels from the lowest of the letters. And watch these small corridors on five new chart. What market is doing there on these levels? But the smoker and this small corridor, how market is working in the life. I will tell you exactly need to enter the market at these points on the levels, on their one hour chert levels. Actually, you don't really know where to catch these points for buyers, sell for putting small stop-loss. And they will show in the next video where exactly how to read the market correctly for getting a raid would rise. We're trading. 12. Full information How to Trade: In this video, I'm going to show you where exactly needed to open and close orders at boiling to one our chart laterals and using signals on five-minute chart. I already prepared the points where you should work and I will explain how to find these signals correctly. Okay, what we have here, as I told you before, this levels are very weak. So need to be careful and react very quickly because market can go up and down between these levels very quickly. So here what we have, we have here one to hitting this level. Right here, this level is resistance and this is fourth level here you can see these cells. So here we are expecting to market, can draw number. But we see that market, one candle and the next scandal is going down. It's covering previous two candles and dave back under their level. And we can take a risk and sell. But you see the stopwatch is quite a bit. It's 25, so we have to decrease the volume and make it much less than usually trained with the classical one leg if you have 15 dB stop-loss, so you Andrew 7% or 10% from your deposit MET here will be nafta trade about 4-5 percent because tableaus is quote, because 20 beeps and catching here when it's equal to stop not so dont really have taken a risk to trade with big volumes with or if markets go up here and then bounce here. Yes, you can take a risk and trade with 7% or 10%. Okay, never mind. We see here in Pacific ando covering released two candles and open borders where waiting. When the price goes down, then we see that the price has gone to the support level and giving here very, very small W0 and balancing. And next, femto is very impulsive. And it's covering previously candles back to it's covering 1234 candles. So here, need to react quickly and get out of them because this is very narrow trading zone. So here we are, get out, you know, we see another job, it's 123 jobs or three jobs at this level, and we can expect the month came here or even go lower. It would take a risk here, putting Still plus weight here over this level. And what we, by selling here, we see that distributive can go up, then the next candle stuck it on. So we have here three tops. Double dot. Next. Kendall didn't continue that trend. The margin Jim week and next candle will down so we can take a risk and yes, we are selling. Mike is gone, done black strongly then goes back and here we get Douglas, 30 pips. Okay, nevermind happens. And we're reading quote, situation. Next book, marking, draw us next couple of hours. So here we ignore the signals because there are no levels and we're moving forward. And here we see that market and reach this level of torture in previous videos. I draw here one dose can low, very low or W0 at this level. Here. And way by here, we see that market gifts, one law, and there were several gambles above 20 minutes, the coolant longer and impulsive candle up, and this candle returns back over the level, over this one, our chart level. So we can take a risk and by m, our stubbornness about ten or 12 pips issue miss signal and you are trading in tonight. Three AM. You can catch another try. Market, gave their chance. They were balancing, you see here several times. And here another chance to DOJ and reverse back and you see these candles are covering all the scandals or you can open an order right here. So moving forward here, actually as a indulging in previous video channel, this one under level. So we see that market here. You should remember this gentleman market here at this level and give here double dot, or this is a signal for rolled back at least to the bottom of this level where we could buy one more time. But market descended to stop right here and go up. If I trained, I will disclose about 30% of my Euler and leave my order, stopped loss plus one. Then you are ignoring these signals because here our null levels. And here we can see that market here is enriching level these Zhong and give each year double top. Okay. St, one barn seeing and giving another tough one candle. Then next end up is not going up and the next candle is going down. So we what we are closing these orders from the bottom. Yes, that we bought here. We're closing it here would take a risk and sell. Great. But we shaft a bare attention on this signal because market really didn't reach this level. It's no is either this one or chart level. So there can be. Market can do something against your order. We sold and the market build down small rollback back and go down. Yes, here we expect that the market can cause here, at least here, or even born. But then next candle is very strong. And this one kind of covering all the scandals. And next candles also going up. And here we react. And then we close here another with 0 or minus two. Or you wait for a lock and wait what market is going to do? Next? Next scandal is going up and you already see that du equals if candles, it's very strong angles which they have to get out of the market because marketing is getting this previous levels. So here definitely we exit the market, which minus damping or 15 pips. Get what we have here next. Here we see this. This is a level from one hour and mark it is hitting this level where waiting years we expect it to market is going to heat it up. And what see what we have here. Then market hitting this level, then the next candle is weak and not growing. It's not continue the trend. It's same as here, PCMH here and right here, single picture. And then next scandal, the third candidate is trying to go up here, but it's going down. And the fourth candle is going down as well. So we can take a risk and expect that each can be better and market can reverse back. So be a take risk and sell here because stock was, we don't need to wait when market will go down and sell wave here we're having a stimulus with three peaks. You have to catch it, right? And very quickly do it. Because distribution happens on this level. Here we self here we see Mark is going down, then next candle up and dance or they're going under this level and see that this looks like a V-shaped better. So this quarter you open before Vichy pattern appears on the chart. Here we definitely see V-shaped better grade. It's a chance that we can catch a good trend down to about 70 pips. What we see here, market given a rollback of n, another chance to go down. So they are hitting this level where they started the starting point of hitting this level one or chart and going down. And many times they are hitting this level down. And if you see that, it's too long to wait, they don't heat it. We get out of the market because it's already late time, it's evening. And probably market can close the market right here. Or they can cheat. You can get out of the market and they can slowly go down. But we can see that it's holding level from this point. And the evolved this small corridors that they took on the 1R chart level of salt. We don't take a risk and we don't hold the position that we just exit the market and catch boats that he keeps. Okay, then we are going to have a rest. And here we can see issue training in night. There was a small weak signal here as double-talk one job on Wireshark, and this looks like a second top. You can sell here because here a week tops, you can sell right here if this cell. But in Where to stop loss, stop-loss rule, you have to put all of this level and it's 27 weeks, it's extra points. So decrease your volume to very low Williams for training about 2, 3%, not more because an issue trade big Williams with such big loss. So degrees volumes and treat deeper risk. But here, inconsiderate a ship better. This is a small channel, very small channel. Actually. Small channel is trading on this level. So we have to find, we have to search for signals right here. And then we see here a V-shaped better. So I bought order by itself here because we see that market. Here. The heating, this level, small level with one hand and mystic implantable go down Aki, the next candle in the middle, and they stuck in the middle. There are no signals. And then after several Candace myopic go down against. So this candle is broadly there, a candidate that will move the market down? But it's not waves here in this situation and stuck in this quadrant of the heating level with unplanned or within another random state in one position and then go down. So this is another signal cell. And here we see again this level. You see this corridor smoke window there shooting this one candle, then stuck two candles, another candle and drew impulsive candles covering of small trend. And returns back under this level, this one. And we catch part stop-loss was over this. They'll waiting, waiting for the situation. And we see that if we assume that we see here that on this, from the expected market can reach this point, x0 or movement of the market. Here, market go down, then go up, then go down, them go up, then gone down. So it's a way we modeled MT. But they didn't reach this level. And this one, they didn't reach and give unclear W0 and reversed. The trend back exit here, because this steps down. This is a reversal pattern. Market go down, then go back and then go down, and then they reach the level of this roll back. So that's where we close our order. We can close it here or we can close it without any problem. But anyway, we have to get out because we see here and not beautiful picture for going down. Okay, moving forward. Again, market to reach this level. They draw here unclear tops. Like a spike. Candles go down then against by candle go down. Okay, I don't see any Vichy pattern. Not beautiful. But here I can see double-tap on this level, again, on this zone, another double top. How it looks like we have a spike and then another spike and the market is not hitting. These levels are low and throwing w2 and next candle go jump at the chance to sell and we're selling. Tell us about 12 ribs were selling expected market at least go to this level. And we see another situation that markets stuck here. Again, creating a very small channel and reverse back. So it's better to get out of the mountain right here because this impulsive candles, returning back to the top, it's a risk that markets can go up. So we take our order and close it with minus two beeps or minus five beeps. Defense when you react and how you will cause. Okay, we see here that one can do is we exploit that market is going up, then market descended to go down and stuck here for several minutes of trading. And then we see that these two candles covering these small section and exist signals, we're cell because L1 you see this candle down. You already have an very beautiful tripled top picture. So we shall hear. And putting stuff was about 15 Pips. Going great. We're selling. And you can see that the market is here, industry corridor and slowly go down. And here we see impulsive candles. They are very nice. E-books have candles, we expanded, markets will go down. But you can see there are heating, this level, this one, the heeded falsely, one candle heat and other kinda stuck and another candle go up. So, but they really didn't keep this level, this one. So in this case, you can close, your honor, right here, but if you sold here and you have already 30 pips profit, you can wait. You can take a risk as after every moment there is a robot, it's classical movements. So you can see here a movement, it, yes, it's breaking this level, but we expect that much code goes here. And we see here what one impulsive handle up. He didn't cover the scandal. This one, but the next candle tried to cover this one in this zone. The next scandal is also trying to seed it, but stuck under these gender. Then next candle also stuck in this handled Nissan. And, and a very good opportunity that market can go here lower for double-dot or loan. But we see the next, yes, you see here the market went down and then go up by this kind of signal, that market will not go down. And then it looks like a v-shaped pattern. So on the next endo, it's better to get out. And if you see, if you understand that this corridor trading on this one, our chart level, you can bind small volumes and vital because stop-loss will be very big. And by EU brought here, you expected market can reverse. Here again. Here is a beautiful V-shaped, better expect for profit. What? Next? The next week you have impulsive canons. They're hitting this nail into heated to 1 second, kinda, kinda one back and then another candle. So it's great. Market is going up. Yes, market here stuck a little bit and then we'll, then they're all bad and will end up getting here doubled. Where we can plot how we close the order. Here it is, one candle was hitting this level. One is hitting, then other is trying to hit another step here in the middle. And then all other stuck in this zone. And then going down and next scandalous current down in this zone. You can react with then exit the market and catch BAD 70 pips. In moving forward and not with have next. Doubletons. Morning. Small double-dot one or Charcot's signal for cell. And here is another dot. Again. What we have here, here we have candles go up, they're hitting these previous stops from night tops and prevent D. So they're hitting us with Mark endo and return back. So it looks like a full rate, but it's risky to enter because. Uniform, not clear picture didn't looks like and reshape better. Then we see that this stuck in these down. So we can see that cell right here, because market is going down and indeed that their reserve chances for going down. But here market reverse, giving not clear Double Top, one candle, then another app and then stuck, one stuck candle, then one can do now. And next kind of discovering this movement, we can take risk because this is a, another double top. Here is a double top, and here is a double job. And here is a double top. So here it is 1D obstacle. Job and dumbbells on faith mature to week. It can sell here, willing surplus, but not 1617. Okay, we sought here market. Slowly go down to this point. This song bars showing they don't, this small candle, this one, and the girl down. Great. What would this moment? Then you zoom it. Be more clear? Yes, a way here is a situation. We see here. There is a small channel. Lows are higher than previous, and it looks like a channel up. And now it's like a triangle. Here we sought here, market hid this channel down balance from it and go down. But again, we have to remember from this corridor trading on one our chart level. Remember that back there. This one, our chart level right here and draw worked level, a corridor where market is trading now. And this is a sport level and this one are shirt level is the zone where market can stuck or stop work, boss running. And what we can see here. And then zoom in. Here, we see that market heated with one equal to half canceled down this corridor. And then again there next scandal stuff. And that'll kind of go up and up and were expended. The can go down from here. No, they go up again. They return back all of their level, this one and this candle implicit premise. So compare their picture. This impulsive candle was not covered by this one, but this impulsive candle covered by this and this also on the level. And it looked like a small issue that we have to get out of the market. And this 30 pips, don't wait, don't hold the position. Just get out. Because this small channel. Okay, we ignored this v-shaped pattern because it's not a good signal. Buying will, as we don't know where we'll go next. And we're waiting, waiting for W0, at least by here all my books. So we see here that market go up and then down. And then did you not finish double load that it had on C hearing develops. And then market girl heating. This level, again, you see this level is light, strong. They were good and slow. And here, as I remember, were used. And you see candle. Then get up again. And we see these two levels where they come from, their coming from this zone. We are watching this cells. We turning back and we see that this one candle, these levels, strong level, another candle, continue the trend and go dark. So it's absolutely, as with previous signals, as I told you, somewhere. Here or here it is, yes, it's absolutely same one level. So the next gander, we'll do them down, next candle go down, and the third kind of go down. So we take a risk and micelle, the fertility of the market is involved. So stop-loss also will be very big at this signal. And this is an US trading. We have to decrease rooms to 1-2 percent because it's very risky to trade on US. But there is a signal and their ability to get a good trend up. Again, we see here market go down and here down. And as a result, what we have here, a result. Whereas it is a spike handle on our chart, it's great for on down is DSR levels very strong and spike handle while we wait for market go down. Here, we go down and see here a situation that market bouncing from this point. Guess the current sea level and draw here double law. Okay, we're waiting because we have already AT pips, market will reverse and pap. Chances are lower, but they're as so we have to wait because after each drank there is roll back its classical moment detrital bag and then a small trend down, giving not clear W0. And you see impulsive can-do down and then up again. And so there is a risk that market looks stuck this section. So we should have small, this small head and shoulders, shoulder to shoulder. And this is a very small level. And then here again, they didn't hit this level here, they tried to go down and then decided to go up. So they're hitting this level up. And it's better to get out of the market because you see it disproves, they'll draw a double Law and then their next laws are higher than previous. It's a risk that market can reverse that even on strong news, on strong signal, it happens. And the result just look, there was a very strong signal, but MC for 300, it happens. So we are out of this market and you are waiting. Actually, here is this better? Head and shoulders and other small has shown that it's not a shoulder head and shoulder selling. Yes. It's quite risky because your stop loss will be 65 pips. It's not very good for selling and expecting 40 or 50 pips were not good. So you stay out. And we are watching this situation and watching the market. What market? Cool glasses. It's a night time. There are no signals at all because everything is trending in the middle of this corridor. And lambda is said to go up. I'll have here signal. You see this here, reached this level. This one, here it is. And the bonds from it, okay, it's normal. Then the body see this target right here, the small scandal, six pips and good gun. But these kinda what level? And this is another querying the treading on one or chart level. So here is a double top and we take a risk here to market with one piano right here. This job. And the next scandal in the scandal. So it's same as ingredients. And random tried to go up, but didn't go up and go down. And the fourth Canto weren't dumb covering all these candles. So it's a chance for selling and we're expecting market at least to go to support level. But what do we have a market go down and then reverse back right here. A little bit on this level and decided to go up. So here not chances. Catching stop-loss with trotting keeps MAC in general. If you count how many beeps you collected before and getting this stuff versus it's absolutely normal because there are not trading without losses. In your week, you will catch losses and profits and then the result you will get the profits. Anyway. If you follow this strategy and trade only from one old chart levels. Okay, I think it's clear for you now with these signals on five-minute chart. But as you see, I didn't tell you about this signals, but others signals on hyphen chart. In the next video, I can show you how to treat are the signals on minute chart. And I can also compare, brush it and losses and everything compare with this simple strategy. And if you want to treat all these signals on many chart, it's a bit difficult trading strategy. Anyway, in the next video, I will show you will compare the difference between this strategy trading and another training stress. 13. Comparing both Strategies: In this video, we'll go through all five-minute chart signals and then we'll show you how to trade it correctly. In the previous figure on signals that are located on one our chart levels. Because it was a simple trading strategy. But reading all these signals of these patterns, it will be much harder because you have to follow the market and search for the veterans. Signals. Here I already prepared these signals for you. So here it is your Hughes. Absolutely same trading mechanisms that I'm using in simple trading strategy. Because these signals, they are absolutely same. Yes. But the difference is that doubles were located on a one-hour chart levels. But these signals, they are not located. So the mechanism is saying, we are watching the candles, we wait what these scandals to hear and catching a best price. We're opening or closing quarters. I already explained it in previous video. So anyways, here what we can see here was a double top and here was the lock on double-dot. You sell on doubleAll. By you reverse, you close your sell order. You buy. Here was a triple tap and you close your white wider use cell. Then we get stuck loss. Then we see here double-talk. We sell, expecting market go down. But here, market accuse another job. It's a triple top. It's much better. So we have already opened order expecting market go lower. But on flattened chunk, the sector go up and they hit our stop loss that we're looking at it over these stops. When moving forward. And here we see V-shaped better market returns back under the small level on five-minute chart and we open cell. And here we see that market bonds from this level. So it's a double whammy. We're closing order right here because we can see marketing is going here lower. And they're the first candle of rolled back. But next scandals, they don't cover this first handle and go down. So we're holding the order. And here we can see the two candles go for all back on these doubleAll. So we close our order. Here, will close it here. And if you want here you can see here a signal. We buy expecting market go up and here we get a stop-loss, about ten pips unconvinced. Absolutely the same bridges are right here. And don't learn, we buy here double-dot because are we sell here as well? The sheet better. Reclose ourselves, would leave them down below where we do have an order. Here, dense jokes or it's a 1-2-3 jobs. And we expect that market balanced from DC resistance level and go down. Weak laws are by water we sell. And Sam here, three laws. Impulsive candles, we close our order and we buy. And it seemed absolutely hear Sam signals, we sell, we would stop losses over the level or under the level. And when you see the opposite signal, you close their owner. And reverse internet where not trading. So this signals that we can ignore. And here is, well double-tap, we sell and we close here or there because with hits see here W0 and market give balanced from the slope. You see one long and the second law and the mobile small W0 and we clicked bounced off the clause order will be white. You hear market go up and moved down. And so at this point, we recognize that this is a triple top clause on order and we sell and same v-shaped pattern, we close our order right here and reverse. Because these slow and peaceful is a double ball with a v-shaped pattern on this doubleAll. So moving forward, the same doubled up with cell. The below we close our knowledge or we buy. Here we can see why we should gloss here because this is a triple top and Head and Shoulders pattern. Here mark it didn't hit this level right here. 123 damages, integral dance. So better to close our order, open water and putting stuff goes over their head of this better modeling trauma. And this is in my training, doubled shops selling vitiate that turn, closing our order. A clear Bishop, better we can buy here. Markets went up US, then reverse back. So this is a V-shaped, better veteran is going from one our chart as we remember. So definitely there is a sell signal. We sell here is w. Here is. Just looking at this second law. We close our owner and we reverse back. So here was a small double log and Third Law and then mightn't go up. Mighty hearing. You can see that there is head and shoulders, this shoulder, head and shoulder. And we can see here market to gave us already about 1415. So we can put stop loss and take a rest. And learning who can close their order are somewhere here because you recognize here Head and Shoulders pattern but selling right here, putting surplus with 70 keeps, it would be not looking for one. What will be here? Double low here, one mole then touching the level from one of the chart. Back and bouncing from these small starting point. Then here is a buy signal. Here. This is a doublet opened fire. And on one level, so because our order, we sell and here mark, it, didn't give any chances. No signals and the laws, our order. And this point we can see that market go back under one or chomped level, drawing 1-2-3 for loss and weekly bars from his soul. Quick reaction here we open order and market go up. What we see here, a small head and shoulder market didn't hit this level, this 112 for Kendall's four times it would try to hit it, go down. So it's better to get out from the market because market go back under one our chart level if Head and Shoulders pattern, and it's already 05:00 PM, We don't know where market will go, so it's better to close deposition as market can go lower. But they decided to go up. So here it is. You see how many orders we've had here on a chart. You have to react very quickly. Trading class. You spend more time on trading because you are following all this signals that are not located on one or chart level. So it's my shoulder because you have to sit in front of a monitor amongst all the time and watch the market and react very quick. So I already compared two strategies. Here. My result's simple trading strategy has about 12 orders in a week. So it's about 2-3 orders per day on the levels, on the 1R chart levels. So if you're dreading one our chart levels, you just pay attention and spend your time when your order is opened and preparing yourself for opening border. But in fighting chart gradient, you have to spend all day watching the market at five minutes sharp. So here we have 12 orders and any result, you could get 231 pips trading. Trading, spend less time using only one currency pair. And you can do other things. Where I, you at home, worrying, restaurant doesn't match anything, what you want and follow only one hour chart levels and checking Craig miniature signals. But I'm five-minute chart signals. If you treat these orders are mentioned as a night orders. We can delete them or if you trade these night orders, you can leave them. But anyway, the result we should have brought 33 orders week about 400 beeps draw flip. But it's much harder. It's about 67 orders per day. So you decide what trading style you like, their com, trading or intensive training as you wish. So, so here it is two different strategies and you just, you can start with simple trading strategy. By experience more of these harder trading strategy and collect more beeps. I think it was helpful for you and it will help you to build your own trading and you'll get this success on market. 14. Day 1 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello guys. Before we made a trading with have to analyze the market weekly and determinate where will open and close woods. Let's dig, respond. And as I said in my stretchy, that with astronauts market from the highest time frames to lowest for day trading. So let's reach on for our chart. And, uh, here we can see an uptrend and I don't see hear any casinos for by ourselves. So I moved to one hour chart and here is clearly shown the picture that we have here three tops here is want up than second up and their talk. And here is a cell signal or a row back on a bond overcharge Here is you can see here. Ah, here they hit the previous stop and on m five shark with her year three tops its want of second open hurt up. Actually, you can sell on the second up as it's a signal. That third tub it's the strongest signal or sell? No. And we expect from this point he rolled back as medium to these point and lower. But for thing What we see today, they will see here. Sorry, they will see here. Ah, support level. And here is a double talk where market started in days. A small trend. And he thes previous. No. So here is the cells and no market heat piece. What we have here now? Ah, I expect market will go for old back to this point where they started for you in a year. And here we can sell then Actually, market cannot give these roll back right here and we can use the trend if you don't want to use the trend and you see here a cell signal and, as approved, the heat this previous low we can sell right here. But our boy must be Yeah, who have seen their still 45 groups. So you must be not more than 23% from your So here it is. Now we have here on Richemont's cell signal on for day trading and expecting from these points At least I think 50 peeps. But we have to pay attention on one thing we see here that market heat, these with inclusive candle and these symbols is going to go down. But then they, um, to go up and it looks like a false breaking level if we compare the situation with other picture on one of which aren't We see here that every time they were trying to heat the previous levels, they were bounced quickly and go up. I think it's because off these Brexit news it's happening like this and they are moving, trained up on for over a chart. It's up. One of turned every roll back is I mean every low, easily higher than previous. So until it is higher, we have not trend when market will heat thes loans down, then we can expect corridor trading from the snow's too the level where marketable stop. But I don't know where it will stop Zycie here its uptrend and on a daily charge it can move that to this point, even do this point from this point more 200 or 400. So it's when dangerous here to moon to sell roll middle term. But from one of our chart we can try to sell and wait, but you need to pretension on this small nails. Okay, what we share on Europe Euro I don't trade euro. I'm on bridge part now and this was the great signal for self I Sue Holder. How hard? I still hold half order from my because I closed it. I saw this on double top Right here. Show you that rice where I sold here I sold them Is can overnight notice that market didn't hit This'll l these figures on top and then he stopped and go down. So here is a Celtic stop loss. It's about 20 peeps and expecting at least hungry peeps. But here I didn't see any movement down so I closed my half order at this point and I conscious 36 weeks and the rest water I leaked and stuff lost These loose one people Okay, let's check your or now here it is for overcharge for a chart we still see here Uptrend! No signals, Nothing here daily chart Absolutely no signals We have here trend and this is just rolled back And we don't know where this rollback will go It can go here or it didn't go to this point and go down So do you want charge? Unclear now quarrel charge is same Its uptrend Nothing here No double tops, No double those expected here. So we're for so for selling on going down. But you see here, market heated up and go up one old chart Here we see Double Top and then, if you can see this one, uh, they gave us doubled off and he thes level with one second candle and go up. So they stuck at the's own. And I think they don't want to go down on five minute chart. If we do it. A 15 minute chart Here is a double no double top on from one now, which are smaller over the top. Then it's is small on these double dog off. One of George was here. Double top on them five minutes Church and its ourselves, you know, for going down. It's absolutely seeing if you can see a bridge found us. Show you charities. This is a double talk on 10 chart this Cindy's and double Top on Fighting Church. Same as on breach bond. If we remember show line here it is. My child is the 2nd 3rd 2nd or their dog on one overcharge and double top triple top on five minutes of absolute same signals in the Europe and on breach part So off screen. Ah gay on euro. What fell from your quickly? You know, it's Ah blow from the yesterday Here is a small coroner The smoke order researching peeps and we sell her waas self seem ill here a taste cell signal double talk one took second top third of small double token These three tops to sell signal And the aim is the slow Really slow Yesterday it's quiet small corridor 17 peeps and selling From this point it's too dangerous because if you sell here market came quickly bars from this level So me do wait the better If we weighed market go down and then roll back to the civil or a bit higher Then we can sell or we check how market will heat thesis level if it heat falsely and draw a double No small double o work normal double o weakened by what? Here we wait but flies go up here and then we sell here These points Absolutely same. We check home market heat this low You could heat like like like you with week candles Then we can sell it Would he strongly and go up? Then we just wait. What is it? So in general what we have here on on bridge pond and quickly. So we wait for these nails we sell here. We buy here or with weight and market hit this level and several back then we can sell from this low selling on them. When markets go down and we sell here it's number because you should stop right here in its 2025 peeps. But if you wait a rollback, it will them and stronger signal market goat here and then go up for a little back. Then you can sell and you have boo have here 20 bits about for having a profit or the or a loss. He will have about 16 people here. Reach Found that these moment. Um, now market heat this level Do they rolled back? Stop us from this point, it's 40. 42. Peeps began cells year? Yes, 2%. 2% only were weight. Yet if you sell here about 2% that market heat this will expecting that Mark Go down. It will be okay because we have here sells. You know, we have year ourselves in the second Selves in open and go home here you can and position and check home market would work with the slow Iskandarov double. Oh, and bounds worried can go down. So selling here 2% putting stuff 25 peeps and wait for a while back Shape the situation here and the market. If here is, you know, we can add one more self. Okay, I hope this was really information for you. And, um, check the market situation and decide where you will sell or buy foodstuff loss. 15. Day 1 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello, guys. Hope you got some broke today and it's summarized based rating. They let's start with Bridge Bond. First switch on and five chart. And remember that there was a level sport low and market gave here a cell signal. Then Mark go down and they rolled back somewhere. Here I waas talking what to do next and what market can do, how it can move and so on. So from this point, I expected him be Tirol back. But here was small signal for cell, like we've had here Double top, then market go down, they heat this bring us low. He did right here and give us roll back. So on this roll back, we can sell. But they said only 2% because stop lost his quite heights 40 peeps and 40 45 tips. And I told you about the situation. That market can draw double low at this point and give a rollback and you can see market gave these double o even third low. These three lows is a great chance for buying, but at this point you should close thesis yourself. Order on this double o toe one low sell here second low and third low on these second low or their low. If you had near a sell order or as I told you here, you must close it because market hit this river slow and go up again. So definitely closed their order right here. Then market gave viral back from these three lows right to these point. If you remember, I was expecting from this point a rollback. They're here to the section or even higher, and the market gave her by quite here go down and impulsive candle and then strongly go down. So it looks like a V shape pattern. So this is a trend I see. No, for by this is a rollback trend rolled back here. We can sell for double low, so it will switch on my 15 minute chart. If you remember, I was talking about this point. That market can go from this signal on this double top here that it can reach here. And I was talking about 50 peeps profit right here. And if you can see if you sell here or here or you sold here on this road back, um, as I told you, a market go down they gave us by candle, then gave ah second low and go up. So here on these second low double Oh, you must close your order because there was a chance that market Congar Oh, up, actually because of thes level that I told you on one hour charging small visible here they started going up and roll back is going to peace. So search and point back No one we can see here, Here one low Secondo, go back and third low and go up. So here. Definitely on third low You close your sell orders and you can buy here. Actually, I didn't buy here because I was expecting the market Go a bit lower, but here they decided to and give them Spike Candle didn't reach thes Spike Angelos and go duh. And so we go up very strong. I think it waas something connected with Brexit votes over some nails. I really don't know because it was already 6 p.m. and sometimes I after six pm dawn trade. But you can see this impulse up Give a little bag here They gave small double top and to give a cell signal from these level They bounced, as you can see here once, 2nd 3 times and he's a thinks Brexit use destroyed all technical now houses for sell. And they here go up very strong. So nothing to do in the market at nine b m spare to stay out and relax it ghostly. Okay, let's check your today. What? We can't hear cheap Mills. Yeah, okay. He everything is levels from today. I I was talking somewhere here to round it was I waas telling you that it was quite risking here to sell because about bouncing from thes And yes, they can see they go down They heated with one candle and they stuck So it means that it should be a row back from this point And it's really it was a rollback can see here a roll back Then they stopping it and continual back toe thesis section where they started moving toe hitting this low They started here he dis label go back and then gave no that this point. And here is a great signal for self Bring Stop right here. Putting stop right here. It's not a good because market can continue arrival back. So it's bad to But here it's quite safe. And yes, 14 deep seats, not too much. And here we see yourself signal market, Go down. Give a hero bad. Sorry giver here below Bonds from it and strong go down. So it's safe. It looks like that market will go down. Down. Okay, roll back, you hear doubled up. So bear down and go up. And here I expect again something with Brexit because market is destroying technical analysis. And if you sold right here, as I said after breaking this now expecting a rollback and on the roll back, you can sell can see here market he hit and go down. And so where this point weakened cell on this Not really good Double o It's not clear it's him. Peace Channel double O. They didn't reached the three peeps. Yeah, in this case, it's better to go out from the market somewhere here because the thesis Kendall and go up, down and up. So here is exit. It's 10 peeps in market volatility. 20 beauties getting 10 pc. It's quite normal. So and then I don't see here anymore. Good signals. So for tomorrow, what can they say on Europe? Nero heat this level one over chart and returned back. I don't see any good chances to go down. Win to hit Israel is minimal for going down. Yeah, and so I think him. We will wait until the morning and see the picture for over the bacon to stopping this. Miss Corder do their morning like piece corridor. Sorry. Here it is this quarter, many VIPs or even discord. Vacant stuff and about bridge Bangla, check it. Being in charge, we have here the sport level and the low. And here we have these It was stopped off today the pastry. So if they heat thesis level before closing the day so I don't know, it's Brexit. It was It's absolutely possible. Yeah, but they can bombs from this level and stuck in these very dark 50 peeps. Anyway, in the morning, little C and I will check the situation and probably will share it with Okay, see? You see some 16. Day 2 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello, guys. Let's check the market before we start to be treating. Yeah, let's take bridge, prom, hers. Inject the situation there. It's which. And five. And if we remember from yesterday, I was talking here somewhere about thes levels, the narratives and 15 near this one and somewhere here. I told you that market can stuck here in the corridor to the morning. But these were Brexit amused and market bones from this level and girl down. So in this situation, we can see here imposed down. Then go back the blowback and go down. So here we have a little and morning glow level right here on day trading. What we have right here We shared a cell signal that market go up and give us my candle stuck and go down. So they bounced from this level. He didn't go to the point of the cell but didn't reach some peeps seven And I had a cell right here. Stop Bus was about 20 peeps and here I closed my oil because, um, they made the same situation with support level Here. You see your reasons by candle and here is despite candle on one in charge it's more visible. Unities. They were trying and draw a head and shoulders pattern. This is ahead. This is a shoulder. This is ahead and this in the shoulder and go down. So here it's possible to sell. Or here then market killed down here, uh, gave you know back then going for double O lower and return back. So Savi shape better and they bounced from the slow. So here markets stuck again in this quarter end. We should wait here or double o from this point of below and check how they work this level or if they go up and we can see this division right here on sale here. But in general, we see here in a downtrend from breaks news, then slowly go down. So I expect market will go down to be It should be a calm day today because there are no important used. I know many bids, something he didn't use about Brexit in market can go up and down strong with you never know what will happen today, but anyway there were so from this low by from these on the market a heat one of these levels do they heat up, then give a rollback. So this is a trend, and they can hit this level up and give a rover. So here we can sell. Or if we see a signal for sale or if market heat this level right the way and then give a rollback, they can heat. Sure, let's check the levels here in one hour charm. The next low is this one. He soon where they can stop and weakened by here, Buddies 100 peeps. So anyway, we'll see what market is will show us. For now. It's talking recorder, and it's treating the goiter swing trading. So it's so you can you can work in this court. Okay, let's move to the year. Room one is happening among your absolutely same picture from yesterday. The bonds from thes level brexiteers go down, but actually, they didn't heat thes this level. They told you you they slow, they go down and the picture is changing for they rolled back home one hour for our chart marketing thing. He thesis Well, they can go Dorothy slow and you're someone. These 100 sleeps for day trading today. Absolutely same as Bridge Ponte. We work between these levels and the Squid Aries. Foreign tips Not too much mean spender to wait it her signal from the slow double top and sell more. We wait here double Oh, check home market Cletus level. Wait, I'm trading bridge partner because it has a good motility a year. It's very low and catching. 10 12 peeps. It's not good can Let's see what market withdraws today. But now watch these the swells and traded cake block seeing. 17. Day 2 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD: who pays so beautiful of my morning recommendation for today? Stay trading. Let's check the market out. Was going. And what did they do today? So let's start with bridge pound first go down and five chart. Let's remember these morning glows. I told you this one and this one. And here I was talking from this point, I was talking about these trading corridor for about swing trading while these double Oh, I was telling you that Yeah, this was a signal for cell here. Here is a signal for by for exit. Then they drawn small double top in the middle of the channel. It's quite dangerous to sell here because stop was his 32 pips. It's too much. But anyway, big moved down and draw here on this support level the below. And here we said us by signal from here advice, even though right here stop bust About 12 tapes, not too much. And market then stuck here a little bit and go up. They reached thes review Stop. Ah stuck a little bit and didn't go up with several Cano. So here must exit because we don't know where market will go because of these channels So catching here about 20 peeps. It's also very good and market go down didn't go lower and stuck in this quarter. So here we can see that market heat thes produce high morning Hi Once then balls from it second time. And here was another cell signal where I sold again. Stop loss was about 15 peeps. Not too much. Then they draw one more top street small tops and go down. I was expecting at least 40 45 peeps, but market your lower and bounds from this point from the middle of the channel. I don't see hearing signals in anything that you should call your order But these no one was quite strong. And here I get out from my order and decided that I will not trade today anymore. It was almost six pm Pleasure to have a rest, but after six pm big drop another cell signal. Here it is three tops and go down Go. But if you can see here now we have here a shoulder. This is a head to look like a V shape better. And here is another shoulder. So here use a cell signal and the aim Waas At least head and lower. They have seen that they gave us, um 25 Pips. Hey, it was my candle and go up. So anyway, if I sold here, I would close right here somewhere with 10 peeps because they stuck in this coriander off 25 peeps. So today market was really calm known use nothing on I for for tomorrow I can see that they didn't heat this'll level up the stock here And I hope to see the market tomorrow at many sound 50 somewhere here. Yeah, nothing in the morning do the morning they boo trait in this corner they will draw another corridor smaller maybe, maybe bigger and probably tomorrow I will try to sell again if I see a good you know and cage 100 more tips. Que hope This which found and let's move to Europe. You didn't show anything special. Here's him. Five Chun Here are levels. Yeah, it's level and we remember and how much was balancing from thes mental? It's check with is you're one top second term. But I did and Trade Bureau. As I said, it's local guilty and waiting four hours and getting 5 10 trips. It's not so good. But as a technical analysis for trading here was this situation. They heat this level down. So it was great. Ah, then a rollback classical. After heating any level we have to make a go back. They made a rollback. And here we can see once by Kendall expecting here, up notice by Kendall. But they closed this candle or under thesis one. And here go down. Very weak signal. You can see this one minute chart. Here is double top. It's one top again. Another top 12345 candles on the stop And there is a signal. It's for scalping golden catching eight peeps, but not for day trading anyway. A small signal you could sell here, putting stuff loss about 50 beeps. It's too much for Europe anyway, Here we see number low. Second low thesis is they hit the slow with Van Cano and go up. And this is a buy signal for closing all cell signals. If you have saltiness from this point dumbbell. No, you have to close it. Well, you could reverse for by because this is great. Semen by market return back to this channel. And, uh, you can see that they stuck these channel again until these eight peeps Nothing cage today on Europe. What about middle term trading? And for tomorrow? What can I say? They didn't he piece loan, so they return. And but the slope I can see that it's going down. Who? I expect. Same on the breach found in Europe. The slope is down is here Double O. Yeah. Hope to see you. Go on. Which from tomorrow Going down. Okay, Hope this waas useful for you. And I hope you got some broken today. Okay, See you next day by 18. Day 3 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello, guys. Let's check market situation for two days. Trading day. Let's start with bridge bond first and usually and what we have here, we still have here this level that level the spot level. Analysts switching Survivor chip Institution. What WAAS market doing doing tonight? Out Game 15 is more visible. Yes, They told you that market can stuck between these two levels. But they decided to go higher and made another channel. And if you remember yesterday, I told you about Rollback. So here is a trend down. And I told somewhere here yesterday in the morning that there was a possibility that market can get their own back right to these points. Uh, sort acceptable because every trend, a rollback. And yesterday we had a trend here, and I expected that this was a small roll back and expected to go down from these points. But market decided to draw a higher roll back. Okay, It's normal while we're sleeping. Market is making a go back. Then we switch from M five. Here we have another levels. New levels for trading the slow. If you see we have the slow and then they heat it and bars from it and stuck Get great in the morning, I had sell orders and based inherit Ah, here we see that market. He thes level up, then go down, then trying to go up again and go down. So here I sold and the scandal this point. And I was expecting that least 15 peeps where I would watch the station. But market unexpectedly hit my wonder with stop loss Right here. I've got about 15 pimps loss. It's OK, it's normal because I expected that thes trend was going down. This is a rollback, and I know that this is the last candle for a rollback. So this is one top second top and their top here is 123 and, um, I expected go down. What market decided to go up? As you see, it's very strong candle on the one minute chart. It's more visible. I had a cell right here, and market didn't give any chances here into cause myself with zero peeps. Three minutes and my stop loss Court 15 peeps Okay. Nothing her here because as this is a rollback, I see that. And here we see that market gave inclusive candle, then didn't continue a trend up and started reversing back. So it means that this is a false breaking thesis channel resistance. Will they break it and go down? So I saw the situation. I thought the table bonds from it and go for the gold top where I could sell. But here I saw that they stuck a little bit, and here I reopened myself. Order brings up again about both and tips for security. They go up and yes, they returned back to these channel and go down. So on the one in charge, it's more visible here. We have a trend. Then they go back. Crisco movement roll back. And then they stuck here and then decided to go down and go down. So on fire we see here want to free for candle stuck and these candles going down the slope is done. So there, as in the general decent trend, this is Earl back there. We have a chance to catch this rollback and go down on a four hour chart. We can see that this can be another top where market can go down. So this isn't Spike Kendall. Top this. Another top smoked up This is a spy Conduct up and this can be another top. So want up to dog three tops? This is the third top where market Congar Oh, don't So what was? Let's return the cells And now I expect this point. There is a problem because this is a trend in this room, but it's quite a deep throwback. You can see it's a trend. WAAS 150 peeps and Rollback was 100 peeps. It's about 60 70% rollback. And this, because of this deep throwback market, can stock at this point and draw double o there, the chances are low to go down. Toothy slows. So we need to watch the slow. Probably we need to watch thes level as well. Right here. This one is we see here and not a beautiful head and shoulder. Maybe on one no charge, no two more visible Here is a shoulder Here is a paired with double deer is a shoulder market can stock right here If they start right here and I see a signal for clothing order , I will close about 50% of my owner and wait the situation What will be next? Okay, for now, I'm waiting and downtrend for day trading. Of course. And there is a possibility that market go down from here. Bonds from this point, with this point for back, if you didn't enter the market, you can catch this road back and entered the market. But make sure to put stop loss, maybe, maybe over the cell, because if they returned to the slow, it will. Looks like expending triangle like this one and this one. Okay. And let's move to Europe. You're was playing with news today saying levels they're working here. This one? Yeah. This were news. Oh, here we have another small level whom Mike level correct from yesterday and night. This quarter? Yes. They changed the corridor. They had disc order yesterday. And today they have these coins or small corridor. Um, what they see here next. I didn't drink new today on the bridge bond. As I said, because of over building and here there were news anyway, trading 30 minutes before news. It's it's not good, because you don't know where Mark will go as afternoon issue. We need to wait apart 23 minutes. What market food will draw you. What signals it gives and so on. So to then use I can see that they hit this level. Okay? They heat it, they go up. What? They didn't heat this one Bonallack chart? Yes. They hit this level here, then gave another candle and go strong the back with same speed. It looks like we shape better. No signals at all Here they give a small roll back and go down and they return to thes. Ah, night level that a show? This small channel Ah, night. You know it started? Yes, they continued to the morning. So here we could sell Yes. And the first day and Mr Slow, but catching 10 tips and strip most and beeps It's not so it is better to wait or or Oh, let me see where we could enter. You know, we can wait if the market bonds from thesis will to sneer and it would be better signal for sale because this is a no Not really Good. See? No for sale. But after bouncing and giving a rollback, Louisville have a shoulder. This is his shoulder of this is ahead. This could be shoulder. But if you want to sell, you can sell right here with 1% to any peeps. Stop loss. 1% not more. Maybe 2% of your deposit just to participate in the market. Because market Teoh market moved. He's going down, they see and seeing where I will charge want to second top and they're and this can be their top from these levels and it could go down, but I would wait for a bag will just enter here for so 1%. So we catch stop loss. It would be not do much my It was que hope you're came with these announces and hope to see the market bridge found today at least here at 28 to 15 and even lower. And you know as well we're going down. But you go work there today Some news when checked that for expect to upside Yeah, I seen there are use that, uh, after 23 hours European press conference. And so until you can check it by yourself And beware of these use on your own. If you have wonders, end is better to close it or put stop us with plus one and we'll see what market will do today K c Isam 19. Day 3 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello, guys. I'm finished for today. And let's summarize today's trading day. Let's start with breach. Pound hers. And remember the levels that I showed you in the morning. So this was the level and this one. And these two levels here, this one. And where is that? Well, Charities. Okay, if you remember. I told you that I had the sell order right here. From this point, I had sell order from this point and I was hit by stop loss. Then I reopened myself. Order expecting trend down. And here we go. I had a cell here. There was a first loan. Then there I I said you that I was expecting at least a thes blue line or here. But market didn't give thes Bryce in the morning. And the draw the blow right here. This point, I don't see here in your levels why market is drying down below. But anyways, market marketers are always right, and we have to follow the market. So here is the below. Here is another low. And I closed 50% of my order with about 40 43 peeps. And why 50%? Because I was expecting trained down As I said from yesterday, I'm waiting a dream down. So here, you see? Yes. If you remember, he stops and trend now. And here we see what we have here. I was watching the market and I was waiting for trend down from this point because they saw here the bouncing from this small little from here and here and here. I don't know what happened. My market heat them Kendall up. And, you know, maybe they were trying to make a roll back a bit higher after these trends. So as if you compared thes all movements like here is the trend. Here is a rollback. Yes, and here is a trend here is rolled back. It's absolutely same pictures, same signals and it works perfectly on the market. So And if you remember I told you about this one Where is that? That market Give here a signal and they give one more candle. Go back. He had these V shape pattern can go back. Same situation here. They want candle then Spike and absolute seem like here and go down. So here was a cell signal. I added one more small order, not 50% that I called but only 20% so held in in total 70% My order in general And you go market. He he slow beats stop here I was waiting for hitting it and yes, they go down down Then we removed the slough because eat market here it it is and received this one level Here we see markets hit it and stop a little bit for checking the level If they draw here double Oh, they could bounce but they heat this level going down, down and down And I closed my owners at 27 98 in a here These 27 98 somewhere here I closed my order. Why here? I had a level at round 2 27 90 but I was waiting this level actually market sometimes don't reach the exact point. So there was a zone off thes level. So in the time was always talking in my strip too. My lectures So I can a level here At 27. 90 and 28 27 90 There was 10 deep slow How to catch these such broth It I was watching one in a chart. You can see the trend was gone down. Much is going down, down. It was quite stolen going down, down here again. Down and here on the level we seem impulsive, candle down and same up. So here where I see the situation on one minute chart, Of course I understand that there bouncing from the level and I closed right here, my positions. So in does Oh, of course, it's quite difficult to catch such. I wonder for closing because if you're learning or if you have just beginning trading, it's very, um, difficult to catch. Only if you have a good experience, you can do it. But sometimes market do such situation. I close my order and they continue trend, but we never catch all trend. Dio never kitsch the best prices on the market. So in general it's absolutely classical. They hit this level, this one. Yes, these giggle back hitting this, though bad bouncing and problem, they can give a double O, and it would be a signal ful by, but it's already too late for opening any orders. But anyway, you they give it you can take a risk and catch about 2025 peeps and with stop loss sound or 10 peeps. But we will see what market would so in general have got here is the prosecuting keeps than I covered it with 40 peeps. Then I got about 200 130 peeps and here was a small cell order. Also bring me about 100 peeps. Okay, let's move to a euro. As I said, both currencies had the mood to the market. Mood was down so as you see, the trend was really good for down it's hundreds and even more hundreds and 50 peeps Europe . Let's check you now. Remember the levels I was talking about? You disease here and here. I told you that it's possible toe cell from this point or from this point them if you salt here 1% or 2% As I said it, stop us 20 peeps. You see, the market here is not going down, something is wrong and they're bouncing from thes points here. Bounced here, bounced here, go down, down. So definitely you have to close the position. And don't wait for stop loss or there's something else because, um, if the bouncing giving three full lows so must close and forget about your order because it's your laundry's. Um is there it's that it's killing These expire candles are killing the signals. So they going for, uh, for a roll back from the small trend bouncing from this level these for lows here and expecting the's head and shoulders. As I told you before, this is ahead. This thesis shoulder, this is head. This could be a shoulder. And yes, they heat thes level. Want to handle spike and and strongly go down, return back under these level, it's not beautiful head and shoulders barbarities. It looks like no one top second opened again here we see that they're trying to heat them the price up and, uh, they can't do it and they go down. So here is a signal for cell. Even if you couldn't by here or you sold here is tell you kale and shoulders, you could sell from here right away and putting stop loss over the stuff. So here is a cell c no, than they touch this level again. Go down and they heat thes for lows with one candle and going down, the slope is down. Then here is down and they hear stuck a little bit and we check What is there? What is there? And we can see here a situation. When there was an impulsive candle up on one of our chart, they stuck a little bit and and go. So here the draw a level and check that on one child. Cavities. Oh, sorry. Not on one in chat on frightening shirt. Yeah. Here they hit this level and bounds from it. And general, back to the slow. But I think they will go to these points anyway, if you didn't close here, but I can see here and they go down the no, we don't be stuck and then tried to heat the slow and go up with this fight. Candle one in charge. It's more visibility here is one low. Then he couldn't be slow. Second low has a low end of alone. So here, about one hour. Staying in one position here definitely exit or is minimal closing 50% of your order fitting pearl back and then had expecting Melo Ward Moamer. Okay, Today was very good trend. And I hope you got some profit. They're watching my recommendations and then for tomorrow, let's check what I expect will tomorrow on Rich Bond. Actually, they have a trend down conceived here right away. You see, they bouncing from the, uh, from the bottom never off these trend down channel. Um, I think that they can draw here to below somewhere. They can come to these, you see? Here they bounced. They go down here. And to these points, at least for double no here or even lower. But in general, I expect a bit lower breach ground. Daily chance. We need to give a roll back right here. And as we see here, they broke this level, broke it. And then we have to go back to the slow advance from here. And for tomorrow they trading don't really know what will happen. But at this time I can see only these channel where they can stuck two of the morning and about Europe. Your results with the same. They're continuing Clear. Um, their girl back here is a level. This one on them. Yeah, this'll level. This one is going from thesis lows. You can see here it is this one. They stopped here because of these lows. And then they hit this so So this corridor is trying to peeps and market can stuck to the money. Okay, See, in the morning my 20. Day 4 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello, guys. Every time in the morning, when we start reading, we have to make analysis, Short announces Before we make day trading can let's check or what is happening on the market. They which bond First, Let's open and beating. Put bolos. He had this one and net one click on and five. And remember what I was doing yesterday and after trading day. So here I expected done below. But market didn't go lower. And here they stalking thes channel charities. They gave I roll back after these bouncing from this bottom. Well, no, back then didn't heat the stop its signal for so But it's quite late. And the first thing was this 1 23 peeps and they reached it in the too late time. So they stuck in this corridor and then they started drawing small levels. Like these ones, we move forward in the morning work. We can see markets stealing the scoring or here they euro, small double top and then another job. And here was signal four. So here I had small signal a zai expect market going down at least here cause market mood is down is if you remember, I was telling you that market is going down from the stops. At least these points and lower. So for now I am selling and I trying to catch a sell orders. So let's check. Here, here, here. I had sell order expecting going down here. The bonds from this level and here They gave double Oh, and didn't heat thes bottom low that they draw from the night and yesterday. So here is differently. Exit the mark I got here 16 peeps and now I don't see any signals buying here. I didn't like this signal because I expected cell, but this is a buy signal and market Congar Oh up. And they can make a row back from these trend. This is the first level off a bit, but they can hit a bit higher somewhere to 28. 75. Somewhere here they can go make the rollback of the deeper, or they can reverse toothy starting point. So I just checked mark use. And today there are no important news and market should become today. And it can be swinging between these corridor with them sheeting, spy candles like treating expanding triangle. Keer! They made it. Teoh made this triangle trading here during the night and they started to swinging the market here. Now here, bro. Gration here and go then down. So we'll see what market will do anyway. Yeah, we have here the signal we can sell and wait for the slow again and lower if market go up, We wait for an obviously No, another double talk or we weight. These points were markets not trend yesterday. And we can sell from thes points as well. Freighting court Trent not 40 and 70 Piece that's moved to your or now what we have here. You know this snow that level I was telling you about this one. No, back. Well, they're here. I told you that we could expect the below. But market here, you see, they draw double top, not not finished all top and go down with one candle. They heat thesis level one cannot and return back a small number low and go back over thes level right here. Then they gave us by candle and stuck thes small corridor, six peaks Corridor with work. It's crazy for here. Okay, Anyway, this is corner and were trading it here. We hear from one top second top. They disquiet. It's more signal for cell. Then the heat with by candle and go down. It's a cell signal. But here we can see they didn't heat this low with Duncan does, then bounced another try and go up So here differently. We have to exit the market because they didn't go down to be slow. And this one and they decided to give a roll back a bit higher. Let's check this situation where market can go Actually think this is the point where market can stop and draw a scene. Of course, L from one of our charge can see the day broke. The snow's thesis one Please break it here and stuck here didn't go down and rewards back. So, yeah, let's roll back from this point from this Trent trend down and rolled back. No, all saying that we can catch here. So order as market is calm today and there are two directions. They can go slowly up slowly, slowly, and they can draw double top right here somewhere and slowly go down and start swinging and stuck. Maybe in the trend is 60 people. Maybe somewhere here in the middle, They will be trading the middle of this trip Bridge found again. Let's check. And the other picture from 10 chart is we remember these downtrend from you want our chart and marketing and also trade here somewhere on the calm market like these. Touch this level somewhere here or here. I don't know. We can will seat how many hours? About 12 hours to wait or heating. Don't know what market will draw during peacetime and you would check this channel and did the check for our chart. Was there I there we consume the snow Men's by candle and stuck a little bit And yes, market can go up here one of Richard? Yes, same. You can't go down, you know, up and stuck. So anyway, for day trading today Today's Friday And I don't really like trading on Friday because sometimes market is it unpredictable and they can they do swinging. So let's see what will be today. And, uh, if you like the video, you like it sharing and I will record more videos. Okay, See you 21. Day 5 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello guys, today's Monday morning and let's prepare also for day trading. Let's click on bridge bond first as usually. And check this station. When? Friday. As I said, it was calm day and I didn't trading. Why did? But let me tell you a quick information. What was there now we consume the charm. That market didn't heat this level on Friday. I was expecting here double toe, but I didn't see any signal. So I quit the market and this I did not create anymore. And Mark go slowly down and stuck in these general of 40 peeps and about Euro. Let's quickened here on check the situation there. Yeah, I was expecting on era double top somewhere here it was trained down than its roll back. And then we'll talk. But market didn't give any signals here for cell. Even on five minute chart, it was like this one wanted three small tops and and being see any clear signals for still And it was then going down slowly. And he did slows que no signals for cell. Mr. Trend, It happens and we wait. We should wait for perfect signal for working on day trading. Working without signals it same as red or black on rule it. Gillot's registration for today's trading. Okay, that's Greek on five nature chipped alleles from Friday and a today's night here. These these one and today's expect trend up. I already have a by position, and, um, I expect that market heat thes points up. You know why I was, um I was waiting drained down before, but now I weigh Teoh much. Go up. The reason is going from for over charging one hour charge here we can see that you hear market to heat this by candle. And on Friday, I was expecting going down lower than the slow. But market didn't go down on one hour chart and the same situation they hit this level charities. And, uh, on Friday they gave double. Oh, and today and tonight they gave her another low. So three lows, then it means that market will not go down today. I think so. But I can see a parliament Brexit roads today. So were they can go up and down and it need to be careful with any orders. They If you see any signal for closing order, you must close it and take 10 peeps. 20 peeps three peeps How much market will give you and with the market Wait for a signal and decrease your Williams for trading because of these Brexit balls. Okay, let's check their signals situation here today we have ah double signal for by and self and here it is We can see here a level to Mike level they heat Thesis here is going from here. They give Spike and advocate the bunch from the these price small rolled back and they go up and down. So here I can see the market going down then heating up again trying to heat and the little But it's a week for going up And here I see yourself, you know? Then work Anesi They need to be careful with trading between these corridors because market will change the direction very quickly Here. Ok, we can see self. So you know, I entered the market for sale expecting that Yes, they can go here, here or here and in lower. But then I noticed this picture market going down. Next candle Go down. They didn't heat thes study went Ah price where they started. We're going up and heating thesis level. They go down and here they bounced it. Okay, it's normal. They give a roll back, roll back, then roll back. And this picture is very strange because they give them. If you see here a trend and then they keep a deep throwback. It's not like a small roll back with 23 candles, then going down. But they give a deep probe deeper. Okay, They keep here s by candle. Great. I expected Here, go down. But next candles are going up and here again. So here I close my oil with minus five peeps and reversed for by then. Here I see the heat is slow. Going up, up, up. Ok. And now they regular RL back gave my stop loss was here under the slow. It was about 15 peeps here I saw that market. They were returned back to my level. Do my Bryce, my position price And now they go up. Now what can I see here? I see here that markets can go for double top. I expected market go hit piece levels and go to these live oaks somewhere here where they started to the starting point for heating. Thes low. So this low here they started here. They heated, returned back and didn't eat this'll. Oh, give three lows. So expecting. Okay, catch about 80 peeps. Very good. But we have here Channel. Well, here it is. And we have to pay attention how they will work with it. So? So for bridge found, Expect as minimal your order minimum 50 peeps, If I see here somewhere Double top or here I will close my order and wait before the Brexit news. So today my mood is for going up dry and down is finished for for today And for last week here was a signal for sell on this one. Sorry here wasn't no force cell, And, uh then the market to was slowly going down. And this cell signal probably finished right here on these flows. Probably on the slow They finished. This is the first law. This is the second low, and here are another two lows. Okay, let's switch on your Oh, let's check the situation there. What we hear from one of which are put levels. Yeah, if you see that market from Friday reached this price this one as I told you Bounties. Small level where they started the trend up. Okay, that shaped the low sits quite diner or else monthly self here on 15 minute chart. Yeah, okay. To Friday had a trend down. So now we have dio wait a roll back. Enderle, back here is dumbbell Top. Probably to see no for cell because we here see here one top seconds up and their job, And, uh, these can be, as you know, for cell right now, but not for a full William about, uh, 2% as we can expect a rollback a big deeper right here. No, they can be to be slough somewhere the slow, But they're bouncing from thesis at the moment, This one. So anyway, it's better to wait clear, double top for selling. But this is not finished. Double top. And if you sell here, market can go retire and take your stop loss. But if you enter about 12% right here, um, market go up. But he 2% and about to any peeps, it's nothing. But if you bend that send or 10% 20 peeps, it will be a good loss. So it's better to Panter here. 2% and kitsch. You think your profit right here You get a small profit for them. Coffee in a restaurant. But if you ah way enter here might go up and you see another said no, you can enter another 2% and then market go down. So for now, I can see a rolled back at the moment. Yes, to roll back. It could be It's a very such a channel is going down. All right. Okay, so now it's your down bridge count. I expect up, but they can stuck here. Yes. So if they stuck here on bridge pound, I will exit my warders and euro Um, your own M five cell signal and going down here, we can wait for a double. Oh, and by sea. Okay, so I'm not reading your at the moment on a bridge part. And I hope this video helped you and you will work today Stand directions as I recommend you to trade and wait for signals. If you see about double top or double O close the signal and wait for another Said no. You feel like this reader. You can like it. Share it and I will record your another videos where I will recommend you what to do in the X situations. Casey, you buy. 22. Day 5 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello guys. It's time to summarize our trading day. And let's compare today's market movement with my morning to you about their let's think Rich bond hers click on and 15. Remember the levels I showed you? This one, this one as well. And that one Gillet switch on him by and remember what was there. If you remember, I felt themselves water right here that I reversed for by and at this point we were talking about this moment and I was talking about the market. Go up. But if I see here Double Top who closed my position So the here I saw double crop at this moment and if you can see they gave spy candle didn't go up or three peeps. I was expecting a bit higher, but market stuck here for 15 minutes. And here I with my position because it was doubled up and nothing to wait. Ah, the reason Waas they hit rain didn't hit this level. This one looks like I didn't draw these line, but I saw these levels and it's absolutely normal when they don't reach them. The level for five peeps, it was okay. Hey, let's return back here they started swinging and I didn't want him to sell here because I was waiting for the market. Go up. And when I see the situation when market pounds from this level again, you notice by candle, then against by candle. I wanted to buy here, but I wait. I was waiting right here and here. A So another loan and the bones going down and up again. So here I bought again Because I see here one most second. Open. So this slope is going up. It's definitely market will go up. It's good here. I see that market is trying to go up again. Then roll back, giving another low and they go up. So here I leave my orders and I beat the market. So I was expecting at the moment and market go up right here. Here. What was their next market? Go up And here I noticed that they stop war flowers, I think Yes, with 16. 17 18 somewhere. Yet somewhere here when I saw they keep the level right here, This one going from that point on, they gave a double top. But I didn't close order. I put stuff most toe last one people somewhere here at this point and was waiting because I had the repeats already. So expect to go up and here Market decided to go up right here and then go down. So here I closed 50% of my owner that with about 25 peeps and the rest of order, I put stop loss with us five peeps because it is a thesis level. They draw here alone. Absolutely same level as here. This one. Several lows, several lows here, same picture and taken bounce for me. If they heat this level back so they will go down to the sale back, like swing training from level to know. And, um, here is a signal for cell, of course, but it's evening and I don't know where they go on unique. I don't want pray because it's better to stay out of the market and better relax, neither thinking what marking is doing. What will be next special to plu put stop loss a close one or five people and go live accent. Leave the order to the market. Let the market decide what to do with your order. So anyway, I expect that market will go up here. They hate me. It's OK. You they don't. That will be great. So I will wait for tomorrow. And if remember these the level I was talking about Friday, the channel air This going from this point. And I was talking about that market do. From this point, we could go right to this level and here I was expecting it to do this on friendly, but they made it today. And if you see Zoom, they make Simo spike candles. Yeah. So 123456 candles on this level, it's also signal, But anyway, I will wait to the morning. He wants moved to euro and check the situation there. What was there then? 15 drawing the levels. This one, this one and five. And here remember one top second term in their job here? Yeah, there was a self see? No, for very low. William, I was talking about it. Yes, there was signal. And the stop loss was about 20 peeps in the big Higher because this is a rollback. This is a Tran. This wasn't the trend. This rollback that Trent. And here we see that I was talking about if you enter these point Yeah, and you expect marketing market go down at this point. Want up then Another copyists, you know for so But he stuck and drawn the several ghosts here one do send off or sell another law Another low. So here must exit. It's absolutely same if you zoom in this picture on one charge. Let's check it out. You will see several lows Here is a low here, low here. So here about I was talking about peace on rich Bond. So it's the same picture here is no. 234 lows Here is ah want of re for want of before? Absolutely same picture and it works everywhere on which pound on your on New Zealand on in Canadian on on golden Bitcoin everywhere it works safe. Okay, let's move forward. As I say, I told you that there was a risk that market go up here. Yes, they heat this level. It looks like a false breaking level for this one. They said, with one Cano second kind of and fear can go. Don't go down and it's look like spike cattle and then go down and down. So it looks like a V shaped better. They're reversible pattern. And for this, though, looks false breaking level. Okay, it's very risky to sell here because they beat the sell for nine peeps. Then they down here, go up and down Don't reach the top and they go closer to these where they closed these candles right here. Almost reached this price and go slowly. Doubt So here is definitely so order because there we were expecting that market can give a rollback trend. Go back a bit higher than these price. Gay. Great cell signal. Double top If you have cells right here, you add one more wonder here with 2% in common. Have 34% for self great. A 34% or sell. Let's check how many beeps difference about eight peeps in common you have in the border. We would hear that 10 94 10 94. So you have so here. Sell here Common order right here The medium price. And we explained going down 20 peeps to catch From this point, it's very good on your own. So here 20 dips and we wait this market go down here. The bonds from there of these songs. Like them, we remember the small level from there night and day parts from this level and you can see that they were bouncing from this several times. See, here they bounce from it here, go down then they can't bones. And here are several lows and here they I am clearly Dutch. This level and bonds from you can exit it this moment because you see here they don't heat this now another try and go up. So here you can close your wonder with seven peeps. But it's where toe wait for a perfect see no for cell or even reversed. And here we see that market go up. So in general it looks like this is a trend and this is roll back off the strength. So thestreet Rand, this rollback is quite deep. This one OPEC is very deep for this thread. So there is a risk that there would be a double o Okay, they give ah warmed up and stuck for several food for one hour, maybe. Yeah, it's shooting 45 in 16. 30. Blessed in the mom, our they give a double top on rollback and go down so there is a risk that they can draw a double nose here Because of this deep rollback, they go down and go up. So here are the bouncing They stop. 123 candles and go up. So here, 100% or 1000 person that you have to close the order and you can reverse. For why? Because it's double in. So in general, you could catch four peeps. Yeah, that's the market. You expected 20 peeps, but market give you seven or four peeps. So you have to accept it and follow the market How it moves. Okay, that's it for today. Today was where come market as a so I told you I was expecting market going up. Or it can stop him right here and its stock. You see here the first of these up here and they moved thes channel. This is General. They moved to this point. These zone. So I hope you like this video like it share week? And did you? If you have any questions, you just write a common down. I will read it and answer your questions. Next week they see you Bye. 23. Day 6 - Morning view before Day Trading GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello guys. It's Tuesday morning and we're preparing for trading. Let's check Bridge Pankhurst. We compare 15 Throw the levels that market drew during the night and breathers days levels . So here it is way. Remember what market was doing last two days? You can see here they stuck in thes channel. This is 1/4 or 50 peeps. Okay, let's click on him. Five chart on that chip. What was there? Does you remember? I had to buy oil from these lows and I lived my owner for and for the market the market. Teoh said what to do with my water? And here? No, my water was hit by stop profit with plus five peeps. They said if market heat this'll level this one, then they can go down to this level and lower right here. Mark Mark and decided to go doomed This one. They slow here in the night. They reached this little and it's not exactly so This so I just draw right now, but in general they reach This point is on the's slows charities so And they go the bus from this little and draw here another top on these where they started going down. So here they started their reached thesis on they danced from it and hit some candles on these little and go for down for swinging back to thes slow. Actually, I don't see any signals from now. I don't like the picture because they stuck in the channel for two days already from fire Friday and Monday. So we don't know where market will go. It can go up and go down. But if we check and one, he's ah, trend. This is a role bag and thesis can be a small back. Actually, I expected they rolled back a bit lower, like you thought. If market give her this such a small role bag, it can go up for 400 peeps or more. Part 5 600 peeps. Yes, e As I said before, if market give a smaller back, there is there is a chance that market can continue. Trent, If the rollback is quite deep, then monarchy to can draw a double talk. But also we have to understand that market can drop double top from small rollbacks. But these are less chance. Gilad Jack for orchard. What we see here here we see these double o small double. No, it's more is going One hour. Charge three lows. 123 and start between these slows Niece one. When mark go down, give a rollback, go down and hear it. And And this is the corridor that I was describing to you about how to determine that the corridors were trading in corridors, Um, in my stretching my lectures. So if you watch these lectures, you can understand. And you could I understand how to determinate this little And they was talking about the snow. Where if you remember yesterday they stopped at this point, like for swing training. And I did I just close my part of world and I was expecting that in the night they could heated this level up Mother did became Never mind. We're continued trading with Forget about what was yesterday, and we start reading with fresh brains, fresh signals and we trait. So for now, I don't see any good signals. This was associate. Nobody was a week for me. I didn't like this, you know? So I missed it. I don't see here in the good double top. It's a very, very small and the previous point is quite far away. It was 3 a.m. And this one for 9 a.m. It was seven hours difference. There was chances that market can they hit this little up? Okay, so for now. Okay, I see here you would draw here double. Oh, right here. Um, maybe not clear the blow. It can be like this one. What? Finished them below. Weakened by here for getting 20 or 40 peeps. And but market is Looks like going down on this point can reach these bottom anyway, him as the market is trading can corridor. At the moment. If we see a double O or double top, we enter the market and we wait for opposite signal for closing our order and reverse back . Okay, for now, I will bait for double No, somewhere in the zone. This one. You think you hear the below here the most year? I will answer the market and wait for hope. Look lucky for bridge vomiting. It's clear now for Europe. Your, um didn't read euro about anyway. Their worst knows. You know, we remember this trend this year old back, and they they didn't heat this row back up off these double lobes. You know, they go up. And did he this one? The town was talking about two yesterday. And about this roll back from here, they can give Heil roll back, Okay? They didn't heed it. Right here. Right here. So want up Second top three toe, four top. And they gave five tops on this road back so differently if you and sell here it was good because it's Rebecca. And we can expect right here. Here was the blow calling order. Hateful. Back. This is double tough. 34 tops. It was quite late. It was risky toe sell here, but chances work. We stop loss of bone 9 10 peeps and expecting going down. And here at worry am they gave another cell. And on a five conceited let's drew a levels you hear from night This one this is well because it's trading now in corridor s rich pound, we have to traditional all these cells And what we can see here. We can see the stock little bit and heat the slow. There are backbones from it and go down there, then go down to the slope. Stuck a little bit and go down and give so signal Waas at 4 a.m. Right here. Very good signal. Stop. Plus not big expecting trend down if you miss the trend. No, you can. We could so right here on this road back. But it's quite difficult signal. And during the market it will be very difficult to catch such signal because we don't know where the market will call me. Right? This picture, If this is a live picture, they go down. If you understand that this was a Sikh, No. Yes. Sometimes if you miss a signal Good. See? No, you can enter on their go back. And if you see here around back and bouncing from this point, you could sell here but stopped lost. Not over this over this one. It's 15 peeps on this, Warner, I would recommend you toe open about 1% if you deposed, Not more, just in participating market and the market is going down here is an it rich in the event that this bottom and even go over? Yeah, we can see here is slow down like this one and market could go here, but they can draw down below But for waiting, least a below. It's quite long. Time was one hour charm it Waas Friday in today's beauty. So you think you here on five miniature below, then we can buy Okay for a euro. Use clear. No, tonight's going down. Then Rich Bond is going now it's going down to these veils. We watch. He's song. Okay, I had a question from my last to yesterday's video. Gaunt average monthly percentage. My profit. Actually, I don't like these questions, but anyway, I don't like this question because it's difficult to say market can give you more profit than you expect, or even less. But in average, I make about 30 40% of my trading deposit during the month. So if I start, for example, on the 1st October and on on the the very first book Turbo, I will hear about 30 40% of my profit. Sometimes I can increase to 60%. Sometimes it can be about 20% but and because off market mood or my treating week, I can trade two days per week or five days. Okay, this is a average percentage off a lazy trading. If I trade on the 23 orders per day, and it's com trading. When I was scalping, 3% was very high and it was more than 203 100% for a month. But scalping this very hard thing and never lose. So in contrary, think it's absolutely possible to have at least 20% per month. So here is an answer. Can't you feel like this? Would you like it? Share it, then their comments ask questions and I will. Okay, hope you too get some profit this day and seeing meaning. 24. Day 6 - Summarizing Trading Day GBPUSD and EURUSD: Hello, guys. It's time to summarize out reading date. And I hope you get some blood today from my morning. The recommendation. Okay, let's see how much keeps market gave us be. So let's remember these level that was talking about this one. He's one. These girls from that Friday bills and the bond swing trading wrong room Yesterday and today. I was talking about 11 in the morning and here I didn't see any clear signals for buying cell. There was in the one signal here or so And I was expecting from here or here or here, here, Double O. Yes. And here we see this level, it's about level my shoulder. And here it is. We had here her slow than a small roll back and second low. And it's a signal for by I have bought here at this point, remember where exactly? Oh, yeah. I saw this kind of were going up, and I bought right here. I bought than market moved up very strongly. And I see that market didn't heat thesis levels. These one Here it is. It's going from this one. They didn't heat thesis wells here and started going down so I quickly closed 50% of my order because you see, these impulses is quiet, strong, and it's 50 peeps and this same impulse could go down. Yes. So it's 5 10 15 20 minutes in 20 minutes. Kitchen Christie beeps and next 20 minutes could be going down like a V shape pattern. So I closed my order with 50% of whether I closed and the rest of whatever I put stop profit plus one people for its beauty. If Martin go down so here wanted a c I see here trained up, then market decide to go up again and going down and say, And here I closed another 20%. So 30% of my order left and I put it to stop rocket plus one. And I was waiting here. I zero back. This is a trend. This is so bad. Then again, trying to go up can down And here I noticed that they can't go down so they draw a support level on a five inch are expecting to heat the self. So after the's inclusive candle up, I understand that they can go up and I then re open by order My 50%. So 50% closed here. 20% closed here and I reopened 50% here. So in common, I had 80% of my order and I was waiting. Going up. Great market. Went up here than stock A little bit. Gave a role bag. It's normal and go whore And next try toe the stock. They were trying to do this here bouncing and here they heat it and go down Sane saying speed. So you see, Here they go. They go up and strongly go down, down and they'll go here I close my all orders from this point there rest order And from that went I closed world and I reversed them there with the decreased William not saying problems that the entered here and here but a little bit less So I sold here because it's double top. It's yes, it's double toe overdrawn Double top sell here And I was waiting at least to this 0.15% 15 peeps that was ready to close it right here immediately and a bit lower. So these points and here the little bits talk. I was thinking to close the water, but I saw the trend was going down, down, down. And here I I was watching this situation how they hit here because they stuck a little bit and they fall quickly. Go down, up. And here they go down quick and then go up. And here I exit the order. Why here Hawking. How did they catch this price? I'm only showing Remember this one? They were. It's a trend up. This is a role bag double o even three lows here one No, here and here on the one in charge. It's more visible here it is one low to condone Third low. I feel it's Chek Prime Venture the way here How I saw the situation that they need to close because this is a level this one This is his own about six peeps stone and they heated with one kind of and go up on one minute chart. It's more visible, as you can see Here they go down strongly. Then move, move, move and go 12 free candles down and same direction up. So it looks like a V shape pattern and must close differently The border If you remember for my fear previous videos Let me show you this same situation. Where is that? Here. This it's going from Yeah. Thursday. If you remember these falling market on one minute chart, absolute. The same situation. Inject the cells. Market is going down. 123 candles and same direction Up and same here. Wonder three down and up. So it's same signal for closing the order. So here I got another about 40 tips. So that's your hero today you're awas Same, but a little bit difficult with signals. But there were signals. It's good as well. But I was in breach pounds. So it's enough for me for on bridge ponders You're a bit lazy last last month. So here we are. Where were we in the morning? Here we were. This is not a small Never. Yes, this one. And, uh, you were on Europe. We market touch this level. This one going from Ryan A. This one goes second Low cream lows and it's a level like a zone. And on five minute chart, you can see that they he too wants second time their time Fourth time, four blows. But the slope is down to be careful with such signals because and the slope can fall down quickly here like actually going heating, touching the level and go down. But you see that market decided to go up and they see this through this channel. They heated up right here. And this is a, um, medium stretch of signal. It's not a could see No, but it's medium and we could buy right here. But market then go up and strongly go down. So this looks like a V shape pattern. If you enter here, you must exit right here immediately because it looks like they falsely touching the slow back and vases from it and go down for double Noah's minimum or something else like going lower. But here they thanks this price and go up the pounds and stop for one hour, maybe here for one, while one hour they stuck and go up. So in general, we re opening our order right here because this looks like 1234 lows and another though general thesis, the second Law. This is a first look. This is second not really finished. No, but it's alot and market go up and hear differently, signal for by putting surplus with 10 peeps and expecting and market to this level minimum . And you can see that they heat this level here, stuck a little bit and trying to go up. But no signals for closing order growing up, going, going. And here is a main robe off this threat, and then they trying to go up again. So if you are, if you were working on Europe spreader to close right here somewhere, about 50% off your order to have a profit with 26 people. Okay, Lloyd Slits, Let's talk about tomorrow. What we can see here we can see here that market steel is working in the channel the, uh expanding the channel right here in Europe. So where will wait home marketable, work with the slows tomorrow and reach from let's see and 15 1 hour chart? Yes, market is stuck these wells again so you can see the picture that already from the last week, market is trading swinging between this levels and we're catching their these small trends on five minutes are But on one hour chart, it's it's very small. Corridor five minute chart. It's great trends with 50 and 80 peeps dot on one no charge. It's very time. Quite a so in general, I can see that market mood is going up. Cost. They returned to this channel back, but they're holding thes support level. And the signal is going by. So the heat thes line, these support level, then they will go down again or stuck in this channel. So we'll wait for Monday morning off, serving up Monday, Wednesday morning. And, uh, we'll see home market will work. Okay. Hope you enjoyed this video. And you compared my morning video with this video. You got some profit. Like this video. Share it. And right comments, questions. I will check. He's in the morning. Okay. See you later. Bye.