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Forex 13 Patterns - Golden Ratios Secret Revealed

teacher avatar Baraq Adnan, Student and Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

35 Lessons (3h 35m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Forex Vocabulary and Terms

    • 3. Fibonacci Golden Ratios

    • 4. What is Forex 3D Strategy

    • 5. Understanding the Market Structure

    • 6. Forex Pattern 1 - with Live chart example

    • 7. Forex Pattern 2 - with live chart examples

    • 8. Forex Pattern 1+2 - How to trade with precision with loss recovery technique

    • 9. Forex Pattern 1+2 - 11,00 pips XAUUSD (GOLD) Live Trade

    • 10. Forex Pattern 3 - with Live Chart examples

    • 11. Forex Pattern 4 - with live chart examples

    • 12. Forex Pattern 3+4 - How to trade with precision with loss reocovery

    • 13. Forex Pattern 3+4 - 800+ pips GBPNZD Live Trade

    • 14. Forex Pattern 3+4 - Market Behavior explained

    • 15. Forex pattern 5 - with Live Chart examples

    • 16. Forex Pattern 6 - with live chart examples

    • 17. Forex Pattern 5+6 - How to trade with precision with loss recovery

    • 18. Market Recap - Live analysis and predicting future move

    • 19. Forex Pattern 5+6 200+pips CADCHF Live Trade explained

    • 20. Forex Pattern 7 - with Live chart examples

    • 21. Forex Pattern 8 - with Live chart examples

    • 22. Forex Pattern 7+8 How to trade with precision with loss recovery

    • 23. Forex Pattern 7+8 Live Trade explained

    • 24. Forex Pattern 9 - with live chart examples

    • 25. Forex Pattern 10 - with live chart examples

    • 26. Forex Pattern 9+10 200+pips Live NZDUSD Trade

    • 27. Forex Pattern 11 with live chart examples

    • 28. Forex Pattern 12 with live chart examples

    • 29. Forex Pattern 11+12 how to trade with precision with loss recovery

    • 30. Forex Pattern 11 + 12 with 1100+ pips CHFJPY Live trade explained

    • 31. Forex Pattern 13

    • 32. Risk Management

    • 33. Exercise 1- Pattern Recognition Practice

    • 34. Exercise 2 - Pattern Recognition Practice

    • 35. Final Picture - GBPUSD story! "Moving On"

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About This Class

Right Education is not Expense, It's an Investment

This course will help to build solid foundation for trading, confidence and managing portfolio. It is completely On-Demand hands on experience course and includes everything from theory to practical step-by-step.

You will be able to understand International Financial Markets structure and behaviour, how to interpret, analyse and trade them. You will learn 13 distinct structures/patterns that market forms and through technical analysis you can take advantage of them.

I'll also teach you Trade-Recovery techniques to recover the losing positions. Along with fun part of trading, you will be able to learn serious aspects of trading which are Risk and Money Management and why they are important factors of any successful trader career.

Nothing ends without fun and party ! at the end of the course we will have couple of great exercises to practice what we learnt throughout the course and an important story about GBPUSD. I am sure, you will love it.

Have a great fun in learning and I'll see you there.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Baraq Adnan

Student and Entrepreneur


A Student, Professional Trader and Entrepreneur.

Expertise in recognizing market structure and identification of price patterns for potential reversal point. An active trader and live forecaster at various recognize trading forums.

Carrying a mission to make it easier for people to have financial freedom by sharing passive income strategies that generate residual income with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn Together - Grow Together - Succeed Together

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1. Course Introduction: Hi there. Thanks for doing it. This short video is all about the course. But let me introduce myself first. This is me. This is what driving me on. This is what I'm trying to achieve. My goal is to build quality institution Simple. Now let's start with a course introduction. We will start this course by laying down the foundation. This includes important terms forex market behavior, how to understand Price Section or the structures. And then we will move on on understand Fibonacci golden ratios and how to use them. Once the foundation is built. Then we will learn what is for extremely strategy. Our commitment on We will start learning patrons from basics to advance. You will notice in all patrons we will be following the same structure that how to draw them. What is a proceed inside off the pattern Trade management Trader Curry techniques in case off loss with examples on live treats. During the production off the scores, I had conducted live market analysis on made the trickles. This will help you to learn riel time patrons formation. Also, it will boost your confidence for anticipation speculation The market move ahead in the final face off this course, I have added a few exercises that you will on most practice and also a true story off GBP, USD, pound, dollar currency pair. I will not go into details. Hair Let it be secret till you explore it within the course. As an addition resource I have included a free Maxima's of strategy and taught one for expectorant. With a life treat called I'm sure you will enjoy and share the knowledge and I'll see you after the Nordberg. Until then, have a good time by 2. Forex Vocabulary and Terms: Hello and welcome back. Today's lesson is purely about vocabulary and the terms I will be using throughout this course. I think it is worth spending some time to understand these terms. If you're already familiar with these terms, please skip this video and move on to the next one. But refresh is always good. We will understand what is bullish mood. What is a bearish move? Extensions or expansions in market? What is gold retracement or call back and hard to recognize them and also will take a brief look into Candlestick chart to understand the structure off a candle and hard to integrate you. So without further to do, let's jump into the charts to analyse charts I will be using creating view dot com Web side Candlestick Chart. Extremely powerful website with all necessity tool to play with, like nipple New Zealand US dollar chart in front of you, I will start our lesson. So ends it D u s t on. There you go. You're gonna charge right? That's crazy. This will do. So what is a bullish mood when the market direction is towards the right top corner off the charts? Yeah, which means going up or towards North? Yes, different terms. This is called a bullish momentum. Let's draw some lines to make sense right from this bottom. Do this high. The market went towards nort. This is called the bullish Move the Bressman off. But if you notice the price doesn't move in a straight line. It goes up, down, up, down, up, down. Which means the market move in harmonics. It moves in a raid cycle. So let me draw some lines to make more sense. The red line is called extension. Let me just make some samples post, So make it blue If we're gonna present over Grace Mons, Um, long you get around. This will be our extensions, like extensions on Come for this crazy. This is a congressman extension. This is replacement. This is extension. Get a copy. Too excited on this is Christmas. Uh, extension. Go on on this sister Grace, man. Right. Um, I think this will do. What can you see? It is very important that you learn how to draw this line. If you have noticing, I'm trying to connect the tails. I'm trying to connect that. Don't Andi off the candle. Nor does this end? No. Same from here to here. OK, we'll go into the procedure in later. Let's stick with us. So now we learn what is a bullish move. Now we're going to look into what is called a bearish move which will be opposite right when the market direction is towards right. Bottom corner. Look at here for their do. Yeah, this is cold it Barish, move. Let me just make it on the cigarette holder. This is cold. Barish, move! The market is going to words south. We're going down now. Again, Let's differentiate or distinguish between extension on retracement. Something I get now. This time the tiger like this. This is extension on. This is You're Chrisman extension. Okay, Okay. Got it for Christmas. Extension retracement. So on. And so far. Okay. Now you notice in either direction. Other south or Lord, the market doesn't move straight away. I mean, it goes in in in of age cycles, okay? No, I'm not sure whether you have observed or known what you can see. The Chris Mintz are smaller, then extensions. Chrisman is smaller than extension. Retracement is smaller than extension. And that goes in the opposite direction as well, like if the market is village now, let's examine a candle. Well, this chart the red candles are representing down. Move on the green candles are representing up Move. Let's examine this candle. Long deals either on the top or bottom, are showing market pressure. Long deals at the border. Your present buying pressure. Which means buyer want to push the market to words not on. This is what happened. Look how long this Taylor's as compared to the other tales. Okay, this is telling you this is an important piece of information telling you the pressure is coming. A buying pressure is coming. The buyers want to buy this market. Someone is encrusted in this crisis so it will push the market towards north. And that's exactly what happened. Now take a look on this candle. The screen candle. See this long tail? It is showing the selling pressure is coming. There are cellars here. We're interested in this price. They want to sell the marketing. They want to push the market towards south. And that's exactly what happened. The market changed its momentum changed direction. This long kid is significantly long as compared to other tales. So this is important permission again to see that the market is speaking momentum toe other change its direction. Look at this. It was going to work north. The pressure game, the market change its momentum yourself. Now let's examine it candle more closely. Now take a look at this green candle candle section. In between these two red lines, it's called the body off the candle. If you notice there are lines, their tails at the top and after boredom and let me draw another line right at the edge of the border, right at the top detail of this candle. The bottom deal is this long. The cocktail is this long, as I explained in my previous media that the tales represent the pressure. Now if you tell me from there more pressure is coming. Other. The buyers want to push the market or the seller who won't after this one over candle chart , right? It is very clear that there is more pressure to push the market towards north as compared to the pressure to push the market towards south. So what happened? Market change its direction because of the huge pressure. If you can read the candlestick You can also determine the move. Look what happened here. Pressure came to Mark moved up, but pause. Wait a second. What I told you in my previous video, the market does not move in a straight line. So that's exactly what happened. The market bent up. They went down for Christmas. Okay, this looks familiar. So as you can see, it pushed up came back down and again. Which for the up towards? No, but this is hindsight again. You know, if you are viewing the market in this way, you don't know what is going to happen after this candle. And if you understand, you can definitely get more confidence to see. Okay, this is the replacement. Obviously. Market house to recruits. And after this, you're expecting a move up. And this is exactly what happened. I hope you have enjoyed this video on. I'll see you in next lesson. Good day. 3. Fibonacci Golden Ratios: Hello and welcome back. Today's lesson is about Fibonacci and Golden ratios. We will see what golden ratios are, how to configure them in Fibonacci tools. We will also identify the most frequently used ratios in worse and scary routes that will be using throughout in our course. So without further to do, let's start. Mr. Leonardo Bonacci, Italian mathematician known as Fibonacci, was the main driver behind this discovery, and more about him can be found on Wikipedia or like Nicholas paid in front of you. This is all about him on the mathematical formulas on where the X Patron existed in nature . Pretty cool stuff, Alexis. Get back into the charts, all brokers over different charting packages like Terminal for Market, School Workstation, etcetera. And there are some specialized charting solutions available in the market as well, like the signal creating you dot com. So for more, please google it and see what meets your upon. As I said in my previous video, I will be using trading the dot com website for analysis, so I'll show you how to configure Fibonacci tools there. There are two Fibonacci tools, retracement and extension that we will be using on the left hand side of the screen. There is your toolbar. We'll click on the third burden, and it will display all the tools that trading you dot com offers Pitchfork gan box. I mean, all the tools have their own significance, but we will focus on favorite Chrisman on the extent. In some charting solution, you will see the extension is replaced with protection or expansion, which is pretty much same concept as a scent will be focusing on February placement. On extension, we need to master these two to create patrons with the proceeding before using recruitment and expansion on the chart. Let's configure them first in the left hand side of the screen in your toolbar. I'll select the fib recruitment, and I will click two times. Click and click on. This will draw your favorite replacement now to configure these levels. Oh, let me just create this chart so you can see the ratios to configure these ratios. More importantly, after in two colors, I'll select a recruitment tool. I'll click on auction time. This will allow you to change any of thes settings. Please write down the one I have selected and press OK now Let's draw expansion. Ah, quick on the same toolbar and select Krenn based extension. And now I click three times. Click, click, click. Make it bigger for you and you will see it will draw some levels. I select the tool and going to the settings. Please copy these settings for your extensions and click OK. Since now we know how to draw them and how to configure them. Let's practice them on the charts. 4. What is Forex 3D Strategy: hello and welcome back. Before we jump into the practice, I want to share with you what is for extremely strategy on why I call it a winning strategy . What is for extremely strategy and simple words. You must have a dream, and it's strong and desire to achieve it, but you cannot get it without direction without knowledge. So your destiny is guaranteed with three D's your dream desire on the direction. As I said, you must have a dream, and I have a clear definition about green. That's something you're not willing to give up something for which you are willing to go. Extra mile for ritual Focus. It's not something that will lay in your long wish list. It's not something you should have. It's something you must have. But dream is not enough. You must know how to achieve the dream, and the only way to achieve it is by doing mistakes. Yes, that's correct. That is where your learning commence. Once you learned the art off getting knocked out and stand back up again, it guarantees your success. You village chief, your dream. You will make it happen. These words are not just worth let me tell you one thing. I'm not here to sell your course. I'm here to work with you to achieve your dream every single day you have noticed with this package I've offered a lifetime membership to Barack Affects community wearable personally monitor on discussed the trees with you. It is very important to get this message clear right from the beginning. This is not a Jack Ridge over the night set up. It's a journey and I wanted to be a part of it. The world's finest, brilliant. And the best traders have a losing trades. But they have learned the art of taking knockout on Stand back up again. And my friend, you will have this confidence to with the knowledge I will be sharing with you in this course by following the SEC rules off engagement with the discipline. I'll explain this more in detail in taking, create and create management section off this course as I am committing to you to help you to achieve your dream by providing you knowledge on platform for the direction. I will expect two things from you and these are discipline on dedication. Please write down your dream today and shaved me by sending email at Barack dot adnon at gmail dot com. I thank you for taking some time on understanding the forex treaty concept. I'm ready. I hope you are ready to let's stop work. 5. Understanding the Market Structure: Hello and welcome back. I know you might be thinking the previous video was bit emotional, but believe me, it is absolutely pivotal to be in the right mind state before jumping into creating. Let's undisturbed the market structure on how to identify trend. Left side picture represents the down train. The market will go down and make the first extension, followed by tradesmen, and then it will break the previous lows. I call it lower lows and removed towards the South. This piece off information signifies the market changing its momentum downwards. So we will be changing our buys too short side, which means we will be looking for selling or issues directs. That picture is an example off up trade. Initially, the market will move up on formulate extension, followed by small retracement. I have labelled this with the Harlow. Once it breaks the high high and move towards north, this piece off information signifies the market is changing its momentum upwards, which means we will be looking for a buying opportunity. No, let's practice them on the chance. Now here we have New Zealand dollar for our child on, we will be identifying higher highs and higher lows on this structure. The uptrend. As you can see, it's a Heinz I'm, but the structure will be same You will identify is the market is making higher highs. Hi lows, which will define uptrend or it is making lower highs. Andi lower highs and lower laws. The quick brew will bay if the market is keep breaking the highs. Look at this one. Highs broken. Michael Brando made another highs. Broken made another heart. Mr Finds Up Train. In this scenario, we will be looking for the buying opportunities on pull back or owner casements is that the market went Don't 1st 1 when down signal went down again turned on. Now let's look at the downside. As you can see, this is a downward move. Let's define the lower laws. Here's the market made the first form broken made 2nd 1 broken. Make terrible broken again. So this is divine that the market is going down source in a downward trend, so we'll be looking for to selling opportunity. But as I said, any Pullbacks or any decrease mint who've been selling you will see this behavior when the market is trending. What happened when the market is in consolidation. Some people use accumulation world as well. So a consolidation is basically when the market is not making higher highs or lower laws. The business consolidation. Let me find a very good example for you. People hate consolidation because that's where most of the traders lose their money because it tests the patients. Look at this one. Look at this one. The market stayed in this box for how many hours, actually days. So it started from great fourth off October Sorry, September till attempt off October. Know how many days there you can see? But I test the the patients. Please practice this. Now we fully understand how the market trends or the consolidation phase now less jump into the patrons. 6. Forex Pattern 1 - with Live chart example: Hello and welcome back. I'm very thrilled and excited. Let's start the fun part of this course with the very first patron, which is A. B C or a B C D patron. It is a very basic veteran, and you will see later on that all advanced patrons contain a B C D formation in a final phase. So it is absolutely important we understand it properly and how and where to drawing. This is a bearish patron. As a result, the market will go down after its completion of point D. So from Point D, we will be expecting market to take nose down. We will see. In some cases, a B is exactly equal to city and sometime CD is smaller than a pea or over shorted. Then maybe once the market moves up and stop going down, we will draw Fibonacci retracement from bottom to up from point A to point B. This will draw the Fibonacci levels. Our area often crust is in between corn 618 and born 7 86 If the price bones is at 1618 or between born 676 level, then we will expect it to go up between 1.272 on 1.618 Fibonacci expansion. How did Rahe expansion? I've already explained you. It will be three clicks. You will quick, at this point this point unplayed. Back it again, and it will grow these two extensions for you. You will see sometimes a B is exactly equal to CD. As explained before on sometimes CD is slightly shorter or slightly bigger. The navy. Let's see some example and play with the hips. Right? Admin said when the market goes up, you draw your line from a to B, and then you draw your Fibonacci to from bottom to top and wait for the market to come back into. 618 and 7 86 on came back in. This forms your B two C leg. There you go, from C to D League, Lexie. If if that's exactly equal, let me copy this every copy. And to be Lexi. The market moved from its and yeah, slightly over shooted, but it came down. Okay, Now, once the second leg is completed, you draw your extensions. Select Fibonacci extensions from a to B. Okay. Be and back to A It will grow your extensions and you select between one point 27 1.618 for selling opportunity. There you go. A reflected zone. Look, what do you know? The market rent in that zone and then took the nose down. Okay, so we're picking the market hopes now. Okay. No excitement. OK, carry on. Carry on. Let's see what happened. It's true for this. Like a it to be B to C. Let's see if a B is physical to see Dean. No, Mark it or shoot it. You draw your extensions from point A to B be Do a look for selling opportunities between 1 47 61 a. Look what happened. You lost the surgery. Now what is going on? Either you will quit this strategy and we want of next month. Or you will question yourself White work first time. Why didn't other? There is a lesson for you. A B C d will were if you will draw it on a proper level. I will tell you the proceeding. Take a look at this one. Okay, on four hour charge. But when we are on for our child. We are reeling. This leg, all green bars, Bouldering bars. Okay, I'm selecting this area on going down to Lord timeframe from four hour to one hour. Candlestick chart. Let's see what we are receiving that. Okay, here is the area off. So let's draw our lines. There a to B. Excuse me. B to C and then C to D. Actually, I mean with this one. Let's make a copy off here to be in C Alexey C to D is exactly equal or the market moved up at the end off this leg did. Wow genius. So I just started working again. No, there are two lessons to take from this point. The first lesson never created on a single time frame. If you are creating a four hour charge, you must see what is going on on a daily candlestick chart. And you also move to lower down on the one hour to chart frame to see what the market is doing on the lower timeframes. So more often it will give you more clarity on you will be able to pick right location. You go either short or long on the trade. Let's see what happened next. Draw your extension from a to B and be B to a, Ackman said. Look for selling opportunity between 1 47 618 Didn't worry. I lost occurred there as well. There are two lessons to take from this one. Okay, it's not wrong strategy, but where you are applying, that's metal, okay, and I will tell you about it in the preceding section. The second point is now we're creating a single time frame. If you are creating on a four hour kind of sick chart, you need to go down on one hour or daily chart to see what exactly happening on a higher time frame on on the lower timeframe, so you will have a better picture most time. It will give you an indication to take a proceeding entry for either long or short. Now let's take a look at the bullish. A BCG pattern 7. Forex Pattern 2 - with live chart examples: Now, here we are on a four hour chart again on we are going to see bullish A B C D bedroom. Okay, that's bearish on bullish will be opposite off this one, actually, if I can call the There you go. So from a to be it will your first extension. And from B to C That's your retracement on from city that we are second extension. So this is how it's gonna work. Okay, on. None said, draw your first line and made for extension. I'm just meant expanding it. So you know, we can see the bigger picture. Okay, it to be b to C. And I see if CJD is exactly Look, what do you know? Why did my drug properly regal? This is awesome, right? You draw your extension from A to B, back to a and that, and this will give you a nice zone off 1.27 on 1.618 to take the long opportunity. Look what happened. The market came in a Tokyo trade and obviously went into the direction. But you were predicting awesome. This strategy works. Okay, let's Let's take a look again. You know, No excitement, no excitement. So how about this? A degree. Beat a scene. Let's see. It came to be is equal to C to G. Uh, slightly shorter, But but none, son. We look for selling opportunity. You draw your Chrisman from any to be When you look for selling opportunity between 1618 on born 76 and then you look to buy on extension off 1 27 on 1.618 Okay. Oh, the market didn't get in there. So now you have started doubting your started. You Well, it works on Damn, it doesn't work. No, again. The lesson is same. You need to identify location to draw a to B B to C and C today. Okay? And I will tell you in the next line 8. Forex Pattern 1+2 - How to trade with precision with loss recovery technique: and that we have seen some random results with a B C D Patrick. Okay, We're not sure whether it 100% words are not or the probability off meeting will be higher , based on just our random 34 periods that we have looked into what is proceeding, right, We're back into the preceding slide. Okay, this is how you create this patron with the purse again. First, you want market to take out the previous lows. This one. Okay, this will give you an indication that market momentum is still down. Okay, on the third leg. 123 With her leg, you will draw your replacement. Bake for the market to come down into 618 or 76 area. Okay. And you shot it from there. Once you put your cell owner, you look two words. The 1.27 extension of this leg. OK? And from this point, you take along opportunities again. Weiss person, this goes are on a bullish side and the schools on their on a very side off the market as well. Well, let's take some practical examples Now, here we are again on New Zealand dollar for our chart. The reason I'm sticking to one charge is I'm so I can tell you I'm not talking random. Okay? If this is working on one time frame on one chart, it'll work across the board. Okay, so let's take a look. Right. Let's see the first Berris A B C D bedroom. I'm just making a bigger Okay, so it non said market really make first leg in the market will make second leg. You draw your replacement there. Look for the market to come down in a born 618 in 76 area. Okay? And then you draw your extensions from a Toby to a I look for shorting the market from 1.37 and 1.618 Okay, it's and market went there. Yeah, came down. Successful career. Awesome. Let's take another example. Look at this one it to be B to C see to day, actually. Let me make a copy of a tribute. See that are cynical now slightly over shooting. No, you draw your extensions from it too. Sort from from second leg. Top back. I looked for sending opportunity, but men 1 47 and 1.618 Okay. Well, you know, it came into that zone and that took a nosedive. Absolutely fine. My friend cried to understand what market is doing. It's a lot easier for me just to grow this and to say OK, in other markets, turning from this point. Yes. What I'm trying to say is absolutely general. OK, but you must understand what market is trying to do. Let's let's rewind. Let's go back your very first trade. Okay, this is your first leg se leg, and you're turning. Okay. And they said you don't do anything about the 1st 1 because that's just for the confirmation market wants to grow up that it break it would give you the signal deaths. It want to go up. OK, that's your confirmation signal. On second leg, you draw your extensions Absolutely fine. The market came into that zone and Riendeau okay, not your risk, You know, let's let's talk about the risk of the same time, okay? This is what you are risking. This is your risks on. Okay, What you are trying to make now you draw your extensions from this point to the highest point and you try to target this. 50% have level bare. Minimum 618 76. Okay, these aren't your minimum targets. That's what you do when you set your crate. Okay, so you take your trade burger. If you are limit crater to kind of curtains, right? There are creators, those who spend hours. And I was in front of charts. Yeah, on watch market moving and look for the potential opportunity and created absolutely fine. And there are creators. Those who use limit orders. OK, once they have done their analysis, for example. Okay, you've done your analysis on your second there will be looking to shop market McMeen 1.272 on bond one born 618 Okay. When I said this soon what I met, Okay, if the market cross his own absolutely fine, you know it will take you out from your trade, but this gives you a significant piece of information that it wants to go more higher. So you establish your trading plan once again while looking into let the market come back, You know, at the market Rick race and you will, um, buy it from appropriate level. I'll explain the street. Okay, so let me just make a grand. That's your stop loss. Okay? This is your risk. You're risque, and you go for a minimum. Do what you want. Okay. When I said 2 to 1, let the market, Rick race two times amount of pips. You're risking. For example, if this is a 20 bibs, okay, destroyed. This is a 41 pick gap. You want at least 80 82 tips out of as a market overview. 82 pips? Yes, More than that. Okay, once the market goes in your favour, at least 1 to 1, at least 1 to 1. Any move your stop loss to break even. Okay? Don't take profit. Let the market give you at least 2% and then you take your profit and move your stop loss. According what if the market goes down and you grilled your crude earlier? This is how I trade. Okay? The goal. Sometimes if I see the market is in consolidation or is in the range bound, and I just take profit. Uh, but if the market is trending, I electric rate goes in the direction off the major crime on give you more profit. This is this, Mr find your your your success. Okay, well, we slightly talk about the create management, right? Let me to rule this right At this point in this area our BIS war, we want to short the market. Yes, the market went in our favour and it took the previous laws. It broke the breathing slows. Remember in my earlier lesson, when I talk would higher highs and higher lows I mentioned when that when the market will be taking its highs our highs higher highs, higher highs. That means the market is an up train. We will be only looking for the buying opportunity Since we shorted the market from 1 27 it has taken out the previous laws were changing over buys. Uh, we are in the more where will think. OK, the market will go down further. Okay. This is how we weigh are playing on probabilities here and look at the left side. Since the major crime is also down, we are anticipating the market. Go down. Okay, soaring. Don't look at Look at this information yet. Okay, Let me unfold it for you, right. What will happen? I believe this leg. Okay, We understood this area, so the market came down ranked up, but it hasn't made higher highs. It couldn't break the top there. Okay, Took the nose down, which is fine. That's where that's what we wanted to do. Do happen, OK, It's the second life don't down. The market is coming up. So what we said will grow other extensions. I will sell the market big pain. 676. Okay. The market pope in this zone, we're short it. We are anticipating the market will go down. That was a risk we want at least when the market goes 1 to 1 in our favor. Moreover, stop loss to do break of it. Okay? And let the market do what you want to do, hoping it will go down. Okay. What happened? Market made firstly second and outburst. Our stop loss. I took it and took us out of this trade. Absolutely fine. We know what happened. Okay, let's see what happened now the market has proven you wrong. Okay? You can. It has gone against you. You are out of your trade, obviously, but angry. You know it will affect you emotionally as Well, it has taken out the previous higher highs as well. It is offering You okay? I want to go up. Uh, this is what I'm showing. So is that anybody willing to take a long opportunity? Yes, because we are emotional. Creator, I'll tell you how to establish a long side entry. Okay, you will growing your increase mint from the from the second leg towards the top. Okay. From a BCG, you complete, you completely decreased the whole A BCG pattern. Okay? And look for the buying opportunity between this. Between this old 0.61 18 76. Okay, so once the market recruits there you are long Andi, that's your first target. And this is your second time. Okay? How do how? Well this this is These are the targets based on the pips. You are risking. Okay. How about from Fibonacci does not help you to define targets? Yes. Okay, let's draw extensions. I came from a to D Back to a and look for selling opportunity. 1.47. Okay. After you exit your your long position. Okay, you recover your loss on you take the short position. Okay? Which actually went in your favour Quite a lot. And you look over. So this is how you Okay, there are three stages in this small radio talking first. What if the if the if the grid goes in your favour, how you will manage it? Okay. Second state, when you add more into and Craig goes against you, uh, to handle this, uh, and and wait for the better opportunity. Okay. The third state is once you establish your mind. OK, When your industry Okay, the market has taken the previous higher highs. Now my biases change works a long position. I will take that long opportunity when the market will trace Andi, uh, where my exit will be. It can be your own pips based, or it can be the Fibonacci extension as well. Okay, so yeah, disagreeing You will draw your extension. Took over the complete A B C D. Battery. Okay. And you look too short. The market from 1.27 on. You know, before that or exactly that could be your your target. Sometimes you will see the market will just, you know, come closer to 1.272 And you know a book back so expanded to give away for five Pips rather than to looking for exactly exactly that. Christ, Yes. You know, sometimes it will. You know, just case 1.27 move away so entirely after you, I always get back. 34 perhaps. Doesn't matter. You know, we'll recover that on on the short side. Off the opportunity. So that was a complete create cycle. I know this sounds like a little complicated right from the start, but it was an excellent example. And I wanted to go in and in a detail, couldn't stop myself. Let's see some some reasonable, some normal example off baby physical to city pattern and how to create it for the preceding right on our let's take a look on the bullish side off a BCD patron. Okay, um, just continuing on the same chart. This is your first leg. This is your second day. Now you draw your extension from your second leg, this back to the same point, and then you look to buy the market from 1.37 its external yes market came into that zone. Take your target and went into your doctor. Once you have done your analysis on this leg. Do you have to sit in front of monitor and stared the chart? And you know where? Don't let the price competition come into this. No, I mean you. You can set your trade. You're buying, um, area. You set your target. Okay, 1618 Opposite side. That's where you were exited. So you by here, this is gonna be your stop loss on this is your target. Okay? Once you have set this before the market even moved into this zone, do you have to, you know, stare The market will pick your order, and it will offer you what it wants to offer you. And obviously, you know, eat Candle is representing for our you will. You will have plenty off time to do the trade management. Like you know, if your effort, if protests moved in your direction, you can take some profit or twice rather exiting trade. You can move your stop loss to do there and take some property and let the create go. Once it, it has broken the previous highs. You can move your stop close further, so you know not where you can maximize your property. So this is the bullish. A BCG pattern completion. Now, let's take a few more examples. Okay, Let's see what was happening before. No. Are going to see a potential create that. Okay, I'm moving down 21 over charts That will make more sense. You know, Be easier to see. As I said, You know, once you will train your eyes on different charts, you can easily recognize what might be happening on the lower timeframe. Okay, so I didn't find that area just drawn, okay? It was him, right? Foreman said Muslim second thing on second leg. You call your extensions and he looked for selling opportunity bickering one for grace seven once, 1618 Michael Brent. There, take your your order. Bang. Okay. And suppose form. How about this one? Check this one out. Most like second. You call this? You're growing from young trust lee. And look for selling opportunity by plane. One can be certain once accepted. Okay. Nice room. More from kiss is your This is your second no percentage. Often shooters you 17 16 Also, let's go back to for our child, as you can see, okay? This is gold, Chrissy. We're picking the market tops. We're picking the market tops was your foot straight second career border. So the potential profits are huge. This is just 11 strategy. If you create with Percy, it now, later on will be looking into different patterns, more advanced patterns. I will see how could create. Then we proceed on. You know, it will definitely open your eyes. I hope you enjoy this video and I'll see you next board. 9. Forex Pattern 1+2 - 11,00 pips XAUUSD (GOLD) Live Trade: Hello and welcome back. Let me share with you with one off the trade that I posted on trading me dot com about gold and it went into my predicted direction. Let's see the result. It went approximately more than 11,000 pimps, and you can check the proceeding. Now, let's go back into the chart on where I'll conduct the same analysis that I did before to put sense where we are on the gold chart. And I think the trade walls executed October 21st. Let me double check the date. Yeah, roughly roughly. Um, yeah, the same. Corny. First off October, which isn't on about this. Okay. No, simple. Your first leg, Second leg. Thirdly. Okay, that said, you draw your extensions on your second name. And he looked for selling the market between 1.27 and one from six. Money. There you go. Look what happened. The market took reversal from this on with the proper create management, Okay, You might have captured approximately. Um I'm the same 10. Forex Pattern 3 - with Live Chart examples: Hello and welcome back. I know you must be thinking that I've explained the previous spectrum way over. We believe me. It was essential to lay down solid foundation first. Now you will see how quickly you will learn advanced patrons. You remember one thing. Knowledge without practice is like Holy Grail without knowing its contact. It makes no difference. Please practice this as much as you can. And if you have any question, this poster to Barack affects community. Now let's start the third Burton off this course. This is bearish garlic. Petrin owners completion at Point D will expect market to go down. The four version is very simple. Once the market moves down on formulate extra a leg, we will draw our Fibonacci retracement and expect market to touch 0.618 From this point, which is Point B, the market will go down and we will retrace between 0.38% 2 point idiot person off the leg . It to be on all this might sound confusing, but bear with me in a practical session, I'll explain the trick from Sea Point will expect market to go toe 0.0.7 86% off extra in leg and this will complete this pattern. I'm sure you must be observing at a B is equal to CDI exist in the final phase off this spectrum. Let's take a look into some live examples. Here we are again on New Zealand dollar for our chart. I will see how the bearish got the pattern. Formally. Now on the left hand side of the screen, I've just given you a snapshot. This is what we will be observing. Okay, let me quickly dried for you. Okay, The material Scala A little, you know light. It's light. Make more sense. Can you see the similar? Has it worked? Yes, cause market went down from this one. Okay, let's take a look in in a in a detail. I'm just maximizing it. Um so we have a bigger picture. Okay, I said the market will make extra a leg. What's going on? X gift? Yes. Since you and then we will draw our trace mint from X to Okay, The preceding should touch that endpoint of this government. Okay? And will wait for the market to come down into 1618 You're crazy from this point market came into touch there. Can you see that? Precisely. Twister. Okay, fine. This will make point be. That would make this. This is your extra A it to be. And I said the formal it see point Will Rick race from a to B. So is your IQ Raisman from a to be okay? This is what I said on the completion. Off be point. We will expect market through. Retrace on that regress mint will come in between 38 person to 86% off this entire leg. Okay, so in this case, Marken down. Barely touched 618 area. Is it between 38% and 86? Yes, absolutely. So that made it a valid seaborn. Okay, now less girl, no see point. And to be b to C now for the D point. I said let me draw retracement off the dire leg off. Extra A that we will expect market to come into 8 56 Area 76 area. We will expect market to come into 76 area. You go. Your Yeah, precisely. Okay. This is your area. Look what happened. Market when there stop for a while. You're worse. Okay, no how to create this. Okay, reverse. And this will be our C to D points on the completion off de. We will expect market to go down. So that's where our sell orders will be on our stop loss will be above exports. Yeah, this is what we are risking. If your limit order okay on, we'll expect at least you to run at this case. Market house. Get offered you 321 dribble. Which is absolutely fine. Let's take a look again. Let me draw. Um, colorful picture for you. Awesome. We learned this, okay? I mean, to leave this, we're gonna take a look into another example. Okay. Are then said that the market will formulate extra a leg. OK, come down to 618 You? Yes, came it. We're grace further between 38 on 86. Okay, It did. Now you look forward to short the market from 76 86 76 area ready to December 6. Okay, there. It didn't work, man. 11 create. And he lost another one 11. Forex Pattern 4 - with live chart examples: Hello and welcome back. Our fourth patron in this course is a bullish gardening. I'll explain market behavior off Patron third and fourth in three plus four receiving section, which is the next video. So let's take a look at this one. This is a bullish hardly. We will expect market to go up on the completion off Point D. Initially, we will draw retracement from Point X to A and wait for the market to hit foreign 618% retracement level. And we will expect abounds that can between three person to 88 person off leg and Toby. This will give us important see after having a C point, we will expect market to hit the level off 76 person replacement off extra a leg which will be the completion point off this pattern, and we will expect market to go higher. Our stop loss will be under X point and the rest of reward is bare. Minimum two will be risking 1% to get 2%. So let's take a look into some live examples. The Harry are again in New Zealand dollar US dollar chart on we will look into the godly bullish. Patrick. There is one bedroom that is formulating right now. So this is gonna be a live example. Which is this on the completion Off this deep point, As we're saying, we'll expect market to go up. This is making a green candle, which is telling, you know, things are looking good. It could go higher. So that's that's just a live trade. Now, let's learn first how to drive. Okay, so from this point, this point, this is your extra A. Okay, next. Right down. This is your ex. Yeah, this is you A This is your X to be This will be your be Do see. This is your deep one. Okay. From extra A, we will draw Fibonacci retracement. Okay. With for the market to come down and hit 618 area they did. Okay, so there you go. Precisely. Okay. So draw from there through there. This will give us you to be now from going to be will draw decrease mint again. I will expect this bounce to be between 30% and et and person. Okay, so that would precisely basically no 76 so absolutely fine. So well, it do points about it now would draw our extra a and wait for the market to come down into 76 years, you know? Yes. So this is your bullish godly pattern. And on completion off the point, we're expecting more to go off. Okay. There you go. That's your 1st 1 Let's let's take another example. Uh, well, this is complicating up or make it complicated for you. Um, I'm looking for something. I'll give you learning as rather than just okay, take a look at this one. Run post leg, extra A and to be B to C, someone around 76 which is around. Yeah. Okay. You're better and completed. Is this about it? Yes, brother. How? Let's have a look. Crisman extra A. They make it lighter. You know, sir, you could do it properly. You know, extra integrase mint. Has it got your 0.618? Yes. Big Okay. Is a near to 76. Yes. There was completely 76. What happened? Market moved up as explained. Your your stop loss Will Bay James come underneath your ex leg big and he will go for better minimum 1 to 1 to the one you know, I go forward to the one at least. Okay. What happened? That's your risk. A copy of the market offered you 1 to 1. Yes, it did. Came back in? No. It is bouncing in between your risk area. That's your risk. Let me changes. Color to red are bouncing in between your risk area. Now, that's where your emotions get. Game. That's where you're thinking. OK? Rather that's gonna work on ordering out. What should I do? Should I exited? Should I should I just take a loss? Are you know, all that psychological thing you're going through, but only discipline it Now look what happened. Once you have taken the trade, once you have done your analysis, either the market prove you wrong or you get what do you want? This is how it's supposed to be. This is how it will work. Okay? This is the mental state you should be in. When you are creating otherwise with emotions, you will pay irrational decisions. And that will cost you a lot. Trust me, that will cost you a lot. So what happened? Market, Over here. Do you want 321 Order one. And I've explained you know you. Once the Craig is going in your favor, you don't close it. You do the trade management. Okay, This is your stop loss. Once the market has given you 1 to 1. There you go. Strapless on regular. 2 to 1. Move your stop loss there. 321 Move your stop loss. There, Lord one, move your stop loss. There. Now, obviously, there is a limit. But you can calculate your targets based on on the move. How far you're going. Just remember a physical to see the pattern will talk for very first video. That's exactly what it is. Okay, so once you have started viewing this whole leg and you say OK, actually, it's going beyond a stroke. Your first leg. This is your second. This is certainly in the same second leg. Cannot be shorter than this one. Okay, you draw your extensions, you're already in the risk zone. They ordered in his own remark. It can turn down any time. That's your 161 18 76 area. Okay, so and this is how you know your your mental processing should be behind. Create management. It's not like you took the creator and then you're sitting and hoping it will touch the sky . No. Should Conway once it has all for you on what your expectations are. You keep doing your your analysis. Andi, take the risk on the shorter side. Right? Just a quick recap on the bullish car fleet that we drew on our last video. I published the same create call on trading me dot com. Let's see the result. Um, here in Florida for the same trade, um, set up seem godly set up Onda. Uh, there you go. It went 100 pips in my favor. So now you can see how powerful this pattern is. 12. Forex Pattern 3+4 - How to trade with precision with loss reocovery: Hello and welcome back. Let's have a look. How to create Patron three plus four with prissy in Now this picture explain itself. It looks familiar. You never draw these better right from your first leg. You always leave your first leg. You drive from your second leg. Forget either it's bearish or it's a bullish. Do you leave your first leg and then you draw your extra A. Let the market come back and retrace 618 or 0.618 and then it will formulate. See point and you short the market from deep. It will make more sense when I'll explain this on charge. Please understand. This is a very powerful patron. It only occurs when the market is about to start in new cycle or reversing, changing its direction. So if this pattern proves you Rome, you take the create in open the direction. I'll explain this in charts the Here we are again in New Zealand. Dollar US dollar for our chart on, let me explain what I was talking about Reversal zone or continuation off the cramp. Now this is a bullish cycle. Let's combine the decks a puzzle, right? Our first record. Rick. Race Mint. Second night retracement. Certainly. Okay, market came down. Move up. Came down again. Now, that's where you're bullish. Pattern is completing. Let me throw this. This is just rough. Please do not put too much focus on on a ratio that the movement is trying to understand where these patterns occur. You know, this is a very powerful patron. It only occurs when the market either reverse its direction. Seeing this example, it is going out. If it would reverse, the market wants to go down. We'll get what happened. Okay, That's your risk. Yes. Topless will be below this This point. The market should go up. Okay, I don and we'll go up. This is our prediction in case the market rules your room. Okay. It crosses this zone and say OK. Hello. I prove, you know, I took your slope. Stop loss as well. Now you're angry. You can't do anything about it, right? Would you need to understand? Most off the time? Most off the time. It they say market will go, huh? Into the same zone. And you take your short position from there. Okay, So by crossing the zone market is telling you it wants to go down. Okay? Do not fight with the market. Do not fight with the trend. This is reverses. All this is a confirmation. The market has proved you wrong. Absolutely. Find rate. Let the market come back into the same zone. In short, it there. Okay, that's the first strategy. The second strategies. Let me just delete these one. You wait for the market to come back into 618 area you shorted from there and you look for for 1 27 Now, let me quickly share an example with you. Here is another trade abode on trading route dot com. Okay, this is the same pattern you're talking, Amo. Okay, But you will see the market will prove me wrong, but will come back into the sword and will take me short opportunity. Look what happened in the plate, right? It has proven me wrong. Came back into the same zone and took my short opportunity. Have I recovered my loss? Yes. Absolutely. It depends how quickly you change your mind. Understanding the structure off the market is very, very important. Now let's talk about the distinguishing factor between the low probability on high probability setups taken this example. What I would like to see is a high probability set up where I see I'm just deleting these arrows. But I see a break in this leg and in break in this leg. When I say break, I'm expecting prize to take a swing to take a retracement. Okay, this is a break. Prices going up, brig. Okay, there. See any example? If I can quickly find out? I can't. How about this from this born to this point, it is your price break. Price came down, up and down. Okay, swing. It is Your break. This is your second, Rick. This is your third final break. Okay, Let me draw a pattern quickly for you. Present. Start from from their extra A be See dig. Okay. Looks ugly. But it worked. It gave you a lot of picks, so it will increase the probability. Now if you notice what I'm saying. But in the final freeze off this pattern, you should see at least three bounces. Remember? I talked about one leg to leg and three legs. Same thing. Okay, So you practiced. Basic. If your basics are very, very strong, distinguishing between the high probability and low probability. It will be a lot easier for you. Okay. My previous example, there wasn't any break in extra A leg. It was a genuine set up, but it was low probability. 13. Forex Pattern 3+4 - 800+ pips GBPNZD Live Trade: Hello and welcome back. Let's take a look into some off the live create goals I have given to creating new dot com on examine their those. I will not be growing these patterns as you have already learned these in my previous videos. Now let's take the first train. This is bound New Zealand dollar trade on This is your bearish, godly pattern. It are the results you're seeing on the completion. Off this pattern, the market took the nose down with a proper trade management, as explained in my previous videos, that how you move your stop loss rather than closing the trades, you would have been captured approximately 607 100 from North Cross. Uh, this is the first example there is your New Zealand dollar chart. It's a daily chart on, but this is the bullish godly Packard on the completion at deep point, the market went approximately 300 peps in your favor. This signifies how powerful this pattern needs 14. Forex Pattern 3+4 - Market Behavior explained: right. Let's have a look. I'm deleting dispatcher. I'll get will fill their come back to this one. Okay, start with this. The market came down. Formulate extra A a to B and your see point. As long as it is not breaching or breaking this lower law or a point. Your c is well okay. Sometimes you'll see it will be threat 38% or 78% over year. Composer. As long as it will not cross your a point C is valid. Okay, So are supposed to the second day ones. The market reached your D point, which is 76 around there somewhere. Okay, you will expect market to break these laurels. Okay, once these these laurels are broken. Now you are changing your vice, okay? Market still want to go down? Any pullback? So So what happened? You know, market came up into 618 area, okay? And you sold it that this area, you sold it. Okay, then, to see your second credit, if you haven't exited here, Okay. On. You know, you're looking to add more into this is your second trip. What happened? Let me just make a copy over the market broke down. Give you 1 to 1. You moved your stop loss to break event market took you out. Okay, Once you are out off this trade, once you are out off this trade, is there any point to short the market again? Taking you out of the straight means the market wants to go up, but it's so came. You stick to your analysis. That was Your analysis is okay. You said then this is a patron completion. I'll stick to this roughly hair. This is where my stop loss will be. Okay, I'm I'm sticking to my analysis now. What happened? The market has taken you out from from this trade. Completely your stop loss of head. You are angry. You're thinking about if the market is going up because there are strong green bars, the strong green candles should have just arrived. The whip? No, Never change the market. That's a lesson. Never change the market. Let the market come in your area which you will defined by your rules off engagement and then take a trade in that direction. This move has foot printed. It wants to move up. Absolutely fine. Let me delete this. Take this better. Now you re analyze you quickly change your moored on you say Okay if the market is going up , is it setting up any Petron? Next, Have a look. Okay, You're closely Second your turn leg What they say in my earlier videos that when you said extensions on your second life give extensions right You try to short the market between 1.61 point 27 1.618 on again. What? I said your targets should be middle. It your dive. It should be from this Like this. Like around. Born 618 Base area. Okay, on 618 That's it. That's your area off target where you were Exit your short sight. Okay. What will happen on the question? Arise here If you have exit your province at their So are you anticipating my market will move from this point? Yes, Absolutely. Because it is a calculation for another packer. In fact, this is even Your previous move was another pressure. Thank you. Take a look at this one. Okay. Your previous move was another patron. You're This move is basically another record. What you did Basically, you draw your Rick Rissman from second leg pewter leg and you wait for market to come between 61 18 76 area need. Then you go long. That's why I said, You know you, you executor Craig. There. Now let's jump into. And as Patrick 15. Forex pattern 5 - with Live Chart examples: Hello and welcome back. I'm sure you must be practicing what I have told you so far and utilizing the bracket fix platform to its best potential. Now let's take a look into the fifth pattern off the scores, which is called Cipher. This is a bearish cipher, Petra, and on the completion off CD leg, we will expect market to go down. This is extremely powerful patron, especially in a better trending market. Initially, we will expect market to formulate extra leg. Then we will draw trace mint on expect market to retrace back 2.618 year off the replacement and this will give us a point B. Then we will draw her extension from extra a leg. Look for the market to hit 1.27 area. This will give us buoyancy. Then, in the final phase, we will draw retracement from Point X to see and wait for the market to hit. Born 76 area off the replacement level. This will complete the pattern on. We'll expect market to go down. Let's take a look into some live example to understand it better. Now Here we are again on New Zealand dollar us dollar chan, and it's a four hour shot. Um, I can see a pattern hair, but to make it a little complicated just to improve the learning experience was Richard to daily charge. Let's see it again. Growing there gonna quickly draw this. Petrin looks ugly, but this is a This is the bearish cipher picture. Okay, this is my extra A. Let me right, X. Okay. And I said, you draw your Chrisman from extra A and you read for the market to hit 618 area. There you go. Next. More bigger peon. No, this is it. So here's the market has hit your foreign. 618 area. Okay, this will give us and to be that's dropped. Need to be okay, B boy. Then I said we will draw our extensions from next to a and wait for the market. Come into 1.27 area. This is very okay. Head down area. Absolutely fine. Now, this will give us the point made to see That's Troy Extra A to B. Be. Do see. Okay, I'm gonna connect the lowest corn and then let me just market it may be see, and then we will draw our craze Hman from point X, Do you see? And wait for the market to come and head 1 76 area this area Let me just stressed here so we can see for towns hit 1 76 area. This will complete the pattern. Okay, Andi market will go down from this morning. There you go. How many Pips? Brother said from this point there's about 182 83 pips. There is more potential. It will go down Just you know Candle is suggesting So now let's completely spectrum extra A It'll be literacy and C to d Smaller for crying. This is what we're going to see. Okay, now if I switch back to four hours Sean, you will notice. Yes. Where is it, John? Sometimes it becomes difficult to draw on the smaller time creams. The beauty off these patron. If you draw them on daily charts or even on the weekly chance, you can switch back to the smaller timeframes and start taking trips in that direction. We're York anticipating market will go. It's okay on this point but has given you 23 trades straight away. So this is your bearish cipher pattern. Let's take a look into another example. I'm switching back to daily chart. Andi, this is how it looked like on on a daily challenge. You know, complicated. But it worked. All right, let me find and little example learning girl rather than just there a beautiful, uh, rosy picture. You you will find a lot of pictures on Google, you know? But nobody will tell you what if you are wrong on how you will recover your your losses. Okay. Okay. This one, this one. Right. This is your extra A 6181 47. Okay. Completion. What happened, Patron? Didn't worry. You'll start questioning your methodology. Okay? Durations were correct. What? No. Absolutely fine. Rachel. Correct. You expect market to come into 618 area to hit 1 47 76 Upset. That's okay. Now, what happened? This was your risk area. Approximately. Thank you. No drawing for you at this point to this point, Actually, your risk area. Okay. So what happened? Market prove you wrong? Absolutely. Fine. Went above. As I said in my previous radios. The lesson. Never choose the market. Let the market come back the market came back into yours. Same zone, Your rest loan. You took the long opportunity there. Okay. Have you recovered your loss? 1 to 1? Yes. Made me. Do you want a comic? Yeah. The market offer you 2 to 1. So you recovered your losses for some money. Okay. In case you didn't take the long opportunity There you get what I told you. Let the market come back. Since this has proven this has given you a clue. The market wants to go up. OK, have patients. She missed opportunity. Draw your your Chrisman. Okay. Let the market come back in. Do born 618 area. What happened? Your born 618 area. And you take your long opportunity from there. There you go. Have you recovered your losses now? Yes, you did Try to put sense into situation. See, there is a purpose Why market is behaving. If you will go by your emotions you will take the wrong increase and you will mess up your account. And then you will blaming your strategy. And you know you probably accuse me that are none was talking Bs important language. You need to understand this concept never changed the market. There are plenty off opportunities that you can take, but those opportunities will come with time. We're drawing this on a daily charts. Look how many days a term prove you wrong. Here it took one. Do 345 coming floor to get four days to come into that zone. If you are a daily chart trader, it took you four days for a reasonable angry 567 So it's like a full week approximately before it over you 2 to 1. Okay. You risk your 1% and got your 2%. You recovered your money. So patience is the key. Never choose the market. Let the market come in your area and then you take trade. Look at this one. How many days? You know how many days you have aged for this opportunity, but has it right off? Yes, Fine. What if you jump in in between this This choppy market, this, um it's just range bone market. You're probably losing because you don't know where the direction is, where the market is going. But this is at least giving you some sort off rules off engagement too. To go along because you have secular mind hair market points to go up. So to possible opportunities, other to take along from the from the same zone or you try born 618 That's a I hope this is helpful for you. Let's take a look into another Packard. 16. Forex Pattern 6 - with live chart examples: Hello and welcome back. This is our sex patron Bullish cipher on on the completion off CD leg, we will expect market to go up. It is extremely powerful and bullish trending market. And usually we will expect market to formulate extra a leg. Then we will draw our Crisman and expect market to retrace back 2.618 area. This will give us point B. Then we will draw Fibonacci extension from extra a leg and expect market to hit 1.27 level off extension This real providers foreign See now in the final phase, we will draw to trace May from X to see and wait for the market to come down and hit. Born 7 86 level off her increase mint At this point which is d the patron will complete and we will expect market to move up. Let's take a look into some live examples Your understanding better now Here we are again in New Zealand dollar US dollar chart. I know you must be getting sick watching the same bear and the same chart over and over. But believe me, this will give you a broader view off these bathrooms that the same job offers so many opportunities. If you view it with precision right now, let's delete this one. Onda. We will continue bullish cipher patron. Okay. Actually, I want to show you something here. But, you know, live it out. We'll make another video. Okay, here we are. Let me quickly dry for you next to a A to B. Did you see your summary six area And there you go. Now let me drive for you. The first thing I said, the market will make extra A leg. This is a X okay from X to a withdraw their grace mint on greater market to hit. Born 61 Diphtheria just did here. Well, I think they could for you, so you can see it. Just okay, so know this level. This will give us a point B under reading bears so extra a A to B. This is the point. From b point, we will draw our extensions. Exact extensions from X a back to X and look for the market to touch. One born 27 area. Just this one is the market or to Syrian. Yes. Okay. So confirmed. So now we have our B two c les. So you You see, I always tried toe connect the highest point. Okay. And the lowest point. So this is level basically from B Do see once this is formed. Now we're in final phase. Okay. What? I said we'll draw our Chrisman from X to Okay, Extension sort Chrisman from x two. See this area on grateful the market to come back into 76 area, Which is this? Well, it was surged. Fine. As long as the market is not going below X, that's where our stop loss will be. That you read this As long as market is not going below eggs, this is a valid petrin. Okay, we can add more into not for another lecture. Actually, it came into six area and bang that completed over Petrin. So what? We did let me grow it again. So this is our entry or in 76. Andi, this is a risk zone. Our stop loss will be below x x point 23 pips below. Okay, on. We'll go bare. Minimum 2 to 1 or get at this point. Clearly you can see it has offered do three on well for I want five. I don't think so. Five after Florida. Okay. So you risk one person on your God for person, you're done OK with a proper trade management right now. Let's have a look into another example there. See if we can find it. Okay, How about this one? Curious, but let's see, I'm drawing a patron break with 10. 36 somewhere. Hair looking bank. What happened? Is this about it, Patron? Yes. So I didn't worry. Try to understand. Let me draw the recruitment for you came from this point. This one, Your entry walls Basically 76. Which is the small. Okay. And this was your your risk zone. What happened? Market proved you wrong. Came back into this zone, you said OK, let's try short. He shot from here. This was your stop Loss came down. Aunt took yard off the create. Absolutely. Fine, but this has given you a sort of confirmation. The market still wants to go down. The market started moving up. Now what you need to do you will draw your Christmas. Okay? A grateful the market to come down into six one a giri a 10.618 area Look what happened. It came. He shorted the market from there. So you tell me. Have you recovered your loss? This? Have you made some money? Yes. Okay, so this is how your talk process should be behind it. I hope you liked it on. Let's go into the Chrissy inside. 17. Forex Pattern 5+6 - How to trade with precision with loss recovery: Hello and welcome By now, let's talk about trading pattern five plus six with the prissy in the left side. Picture is a bearish cipher. Patron, you might have noticed I have drawn an additional length, which means we will always draw this patron from a second leg. I would call it extra A on the completion off leg A. We will expect market to redress back 2.618 area off retracement. That will draw from extra A. Now, this will give us point B on completion off point B. We will draw our extensions on Leg X to A I wait for the market to hit 1.27 area off extension, and this will give us point C. Now we are in the final phase will draw from natural trace mint from extra C and wait for the market to come in 2.7 86 level, which will complete this pattern on. We'll take a short opportunity with setting over stop loss above the point x. Why, sir? Sir, for the bullet cipher, which is on the right side of screen. Final move will be 0.76 replacement off extra. See leg which will complete this pattern, will take a long opportunity from the point d with stop loss below the explained. Now let's take a look into some off the example and practice this right here We are again on New Zealand dollar your stroller for our chart, Onda. Uh, let's take a look. I said, you know, you you leave your one leg again. This is a high probability. I'm proceeding. Okay, the second leg, you draw your patron from second leg and we quickly draw it for you roughly like this. Okay, so what happened from this point? From fine D our stop loss waas below, exploit on the create burned approximately 141 140 pips and your favorite. But what I would like to highlight why it didn't give us more than that. Why? Just when there and then just the market started moving back or down. There is a particular reason. Remember, in a few videos back, I said that is something I wanted to highlight on this side. But I said Okay, I'll make a separate video. Okay, let me include that information into this. Ah, In our previous video, we drew another pattern on the daily chart. Okay, they go. You made a bigger for you. Okay. Between this patron re signed its change its color. Let's go over this. That looks ugly, but it worked out. Look, coming. Remember one thing. The higher time frame analysis will always take precedence. Anything that you have grown on a hard I'm cream will give you more chances to win. Because what you will see, if you are conducting your analysis on a higher time frame on your anticipating market, will go into your anticipated direction. You will see on the lower timeframe. Obviously it will give you the opposite direction signal as well, which is all right. But at the end, off the day, the high time from analysis direction will take precedence. Another thing we need to look at. Let the market is extremely bearish. Look at this. No strong push down. And this is a daily charge for how many days, you know, from August, September October. We are just in a downtrend. It's bearish market. Any better indictable draw in the direction off the major trend. We'll give you more pips as compared to the patterns that you will grow in the lower timeframe. What happened? Okay, that's your lord timeframe, Patron. It give you them, but not as much as the other patron is giving honest. Real. Still doing her. Let me go down to four. Over shot. And to put more sense, what happened here? Market went up. Okay. Took you out from your straight on since it has invalidated this pattern, what you will expect. Do you expect this? You're straight nose down north. I can't wait. If you have lost days, for example, you know you have lost this one. Let the market readers back into the stone, I recall down. Okay, Now there's another angle. Let me add more salt to the injury. Okay. Uh, how about this one Virginia scholar. Yeah, Same over this one. Okay, how about this? Do you discover Great. Well, maybe something different you can distribute. Now, the more you will train your eyes, the more it will give you conviction, like you know. OK, these passions are working. But you you could have considered that each time when you create these patron, you always go for your wrist revolt. Okay, Um, again, any bedroom that you will draw in the direction off. The major trend is more likely to give you more profit as compared to the counter trend patrons. Which is like this one, like this one sort. This one. Okay, give you the big, but, uh, not as much as this one is giving you. Okay. And it's still pumping on pips. Comedy pushed. So far, it's 260. 67. Okay, 250 roughly. Say on Okay. What do you know? This. This there is another patron that is completing that of just wrong. This won't purple. What do you think about this one? Okay, this is a low probability. Why? This is low probability, As I said that there is no extra leg, okay? And since the market is bearish, excuse going down. It has invalidated this pattern. Okay, it will move up, but we'll go down eventually is going across this one. In fact, this is making another pattern, which which I'm going to teach you it in a the next few videos. But the probability is lower. That big drill break this pattern, but the proceeding always leave one leg. Give you higher probability. This is low probability. Okay? I will see the results in a few days. 18. Market Recap - Live analysis and predicting future move: Hello and welcome back. Now, quick market recap. Remember, we talk about in our previous video that this pattern is not going to hold. Market will invalidate this patron. And the second thing I mentioned, the market is trying to make another pattern, and that pattern is basically on higher time frame. I remember the statement. I said hi down from analysis will always take president. Okay, Not foreseeing first. The market has definitely taken us out from this trade by moving down and breaking the previous low. Which was this point. That's where our stop loss of arts. Okay, so we are definitely out off the trade and from the creative recovery point of view, I said either you shock from this loan or in 76 on, or you, Rachel the market to come up into born 618 area. Uh, we drank for you. You go 618 area and he shorted from there. Okay, on you have definitely recover your money and make some money as well. Yeah, the reason I did not short from here is because on the high timeframe it was making another patron on the pattern was completing on this area before moving forward. Let's have a look into the patron I was talking about. This will. Don't worry about these lines. I will tell you how to grow channels and, uh, make this pattern to stick to the market behavior at the movement. I predicted the market will go down into this zone and it will bounce up. What happened? And I predicted this on the date off 48th off November. Let's go back into the charge. 28th off November. Correct the current six point. Someone 28. Okay, around about here. Just highlight. Deserve you. Groenvold here on this stage, I publish the prediction that I'm expecting market to go down this area. I would jump. Okay, now the market behave the way we were anticipating. Obviously it took us out from this trade. When the market is entering into reversal zone, usually the price action is aggressive. So it's a low probability set up the shortage from porn 76. That is the reason I've waited for made it for or in 618 area. And I shorted from there. Let me growing for you Gain. So that was my entry stop. Plus was above the sea point on the create bend More than 100 pips in my favor. Okay. So definitely recovered my money from this angle. Now look what happened, okay? I don't make it a bigger for you. I'm not making this up, so I tried to stick with me. Okay, check this one. What happened here? Okay, what about this? So multiple opportunities. Now, what if this market take a turn, take us out from this train? Okay? This this is this is approximately our reversal zone. Let's say the market worse from this point. Hate our stop loss and take us out from the trade, so this will probably the price action. 19. Forex Pattern 5+6 200+pips CADCHF Live Trade explained : Hello and welcome back here. I have a few examples to share with you. The first example is basically cipher and godly pattern together on the completion off this bullish cipher Packer. Look, the market moved up. Okay, I I took a profit around there because market turns from there through the proper trade management. I waited. So another opportunity, That was a bullish cipher pattern. You know, that was my risk. I took another opportunity from therefore to go long. Look, this trade when actually more than 200 pips in my favor. So, you know, you see the opportunity just traded. Okay, That's the one off the example now, in this particular example will decipher it didn't work. Actually, the trade will go against me. It will take me out, will hit my stop loss. But again, we are going back to the same education behind that. No panic like the market. Come back into the same zone. Look what happened. Let me play this. Okay. What happened? Market took me out of the straight this stronger and bar amount. Okay, But angry. But look what happened. You know, the market came back into the same zone. Get a zone I talk about between day since already six. I took the short opportunity there. Look, I recovered my loss and making some profit. This is how you're your brain processing should be the moment Market takes action. You should predict what will be the next move. Okay. No panic. No panic. Go with what I'm teaching you. Okay. Practices. I know when the emotions kick in, you take irrational seeing you go to control your emotions. No panic. Let the market come back into your area. Uh, what if the market moves all the way up? Okay, no problem. It will take you out from this trade. Absolutely fine. You short it from 618 You know this leg? 618 area. It will recover your losses most probably again. We're playing with the probability here. That's another one. There is a another approach which is very, very aggressive. I don't it rise unless until you know what you are doing. Because this is not only pattern. This is a combination of a lot of for the confluences. So I took long opportunity or New Zealand dollar your stroller on anticipating it will complete this patron and an old shot from here. Look what happened. Rocket hit my target exited muffles trade. Took my another one and nose down. At the moment, market is down this point. Some of the example are sharing with you. I hope you are continuously practicing on enjoying the time and prerogative stroke called Let's Go and learn and of the Practice. 20. Forex Pattern 7 - with Live chart examples: Hello and welcome back. Now you have learned some off the highest probability patrons, which will give you edge in the market while you are trading. Also, this you create up most of your time as you're setting your traits well before the market reaches. At that point, keep practicing more on this will help you to discipline your creating motions. Now let's start the seven patron off. This course on this is called three driver Spectrum. Mostly this pattern appears on the reversal point off the market. But remember the major trend off a high time cream. With all this stake presidents, we will only create the background on its completion off 0.5. As this patron takes time to reveal itself, let's understand this pattern. First, you will see market will make extra one leg, followed by a Chrisman from point to which is our Rick Rissman, whose use in worse Fibonacci extension ratio 1.27. First, we will select from a notch extension to on click on a point to then one click on a 10.1 and then click back or point to. This will grow extension levels. We will highlight the zone between 1.27 2 on 1.618 area and you will see 0.3 will reverse from the song. We will wait for market for craze mint Once the markets start moving up from 0.4, which cannot be lower than points to this point, we need to remember 0.4 will never go down below point to one point for we will use the same in burst level. But this time we will draw it from 1.0.4 to 3. Then click back to four. This will give us one born 27 1.6 area off Fibonacci Extension. Once the market entered, the soon this will complete the pattern on, we will expect market to go down from this point. A few points to consider. You will see the 0.3, which are labeled here with three will always break above 0.1 on 0.4 will remain above point to and similarly, the 0.5 will break about 0.3. Classic. Let's have a look into some examples right here we are again on New Zealand dollar US dollar chart on let's draw this factory because this is old benefit off high inside. You know where the market is heading. I'm going to use a different approach this time. Okay, Let's see. We don't know what market is doing in this way. You will see you on the pattern will reveal itself. Okay. Initially, I said the market will move extra one. Okay, We don't know. This is one at the movement. Okay? Market came down, moving up. Well, uh, as soon as the market has broken the previous highs, this one, it is giving us a clue. Okay? We don't know yet. That's why no moved up. Went back again. Okay. No, it is fulfilling two points off the pattern. The first point. As soon as the market moved above the previous highs, this will become 0.1. This will become our point to, and this will become over 0.3. In order to make it a relative third point, the market has to reach us back into the same area. We're wanting to retraced. Okay, there is. You're going into as a game, Mac. The same area. Yes, it is. It is at the moment there. Okay, Hold ruled. Hold as soon as the market started moving up. Now it has taken the hides off. Third wind. Okay, Now this is adding the final piece off. The chicks operable. Now we will draw. Inverse extensions were burned. Four, 23 and back to four. Let me just label it with. It's a 0.4 and we look for the market to short between 1 47 and 1.618 Market moved up. Down, down, up. Just arrange boned. Range bound. Okay. What happened? It came in in our zone, took over entry, and then we don't. Okay. And what I said, Your Grace and Dire Country, I look for exiting your creed. 2.618 area. This one. Okay. Why I sent done. Reason wants because usually this form into another pattern. Okay, take a look at this. One can see that. So that was a reason. Okay, Another point. Look at this one. The market has invalidated this pattern by taking your stop loss. Okay? This is giving you conviction. The market is willing to go low because it has taken your stop loss there. What? I said let the market go up, okay? You look for 618 Shorting it down there But what happened? Let me just too late in on our since is getting crazy. You think? What happened? Smoothing it outside. Do this one as well. This point to this point. Market came into 618 areas shorted. There you recover your lots. Okay? Simple as it is. 21. Forex Pattern 8 - with Live chart examples: Hello and welcome back. Now let's learn the X patron off the scores, which is bullish three driver, patron and usually we will expect market to make a bearish move on. This will give us point extra. One will expect market to retrace and break the previous laws, which is the 0.1. At this point, we will start leveling this pattern. Break off 0.1 will confirm 0.1 on point to In order to relative the 0.3, we will expect market or readers back into the breathe this area off retracement which is basically between 0.1 on going to and then finally break the low point off 0.0.3. Now we are in the final face. We will draw reverse Fibonacci extensions from the point for 23 on anticipate the market will reverse between 1.27 1.618 zone. This will give us a 0.5 on. We will take long opportunity from this zone. Now let's take a look into example. We are on New Zealand dollar US dollar for our chart. Andi, let's draw the bullets, treat our pattern before we jump into. I would like to clear how to use inverse aeration. Let me make it easy for you. I'm going to draw 1st 2 lines. Okay, let's say the market made a bullish move from this point to this point. OK, I'm making a copy off. That's just bear with me like that. Exactly. Said Now I'm going to draw retracement on this move fund. I'm going to draw extensions on this morning. Click on click back. Have you noticed something? Your minus 27 area off retracement is exactly equal to 1.27 area off your extensions. Which means if you add minus 27 into your recruits mint tool, you will achieve the same result off criminality extensions. Which means the minus 27 level off Rick Chrisman is exactly equal to 1.27 level off extension and the same goes for minors. 0.618 area off. Your Chrisman is exactly equal toe 1.618 area off your extension. Well, why? I'm adding these level into retracement. The mainly reason it saved me time. I do not have to go back and select extension toe android. So what I have done, I have selected the retracement tool. I went into the settings and just added these two levels minus 27 on minus born six money. Okay, on this have grown these level on murder. Crisman, Let's take an example. You know how it will be handy. Okay, here we are. Mark a boat up. Give us Rick. Race mint moved up again. Remember the prospect and I talked about sorry here. Now we are going to draw our retracement from this point to this point. Onda, we said we will look to short the market between 0.27 on six minute Erion. Okay, So rather than, you know, drying it creates men. And then after extension of this point, no going back into the extension clique Clegg play. We just saved me time. Okay? Ever do the same job from this point onward, I will use retracement with these additional levels to eliminate crying extensions. Okay, Now let's remove these drawing. I learned the bullish treat our patron. Okay, um you were, well, crying tools that will do. You can find back in the game. We are going to adopt the same approach for this patron. As you know. I wanted to show you when this pattern will reveal itself. Now let's draw this pattern. Okay? Initially, the market has made avarice move from this point to this point and we will expect a normal retracement back into this area. But what we are interested in market to take out the laws off previous. Move this one. Okay. What happened in game now here. The market has taken out the previous lows. Now we will start labeling this pattern. Okay? Was that this is 0.1? This will be over. Point to on roughly speaking third. OK, this is not a valid third. Unless until the market moved back into this area. Okay, there you go. So this is our third point market. Came back into this area and now we will expect market to take out this low that c There you go. This spike, it has taken out the laws of bring this one, and we will label this high as a number four Now, just before the start off this video, I've showed you how to use a replacement for inverse relationship. Okay, Now let me do it first. Through the extension, I said you draw the extension inversely from this point back to this point on court, and this will draw you the 1.27 618 area. Okay, that's the inverse Fibonacci level. Okay, on worse extension level. Remove this one. Now, what have done in my recruitment level, if I draw from recruitment from this point to this point, I've added 1.27 1.618 So basically, I can use the same tools to achieve the same results. Let's try it properly. Okay, So, like, this will extend it, elect a market move. Let's see if the market comes into this on. You can't deleting this. Ah, Harper size Lee. OK, there you go. Touch there. That's gave us 50 point the market shooted up. And this complete the battery. Let me growing for you $3 spectrum. So this is how it looked like. Now let's learn the Percy inside of it. 22. Forex Pattern 7+8 How to trade with precision with loss recovery: Hello and welcome back. Now let's take a look into the patron seven plus eight. Trading with Prissy in on this light, you might have noticed the formation is very similar to suffer Patron, to draw this veteran with the proceeding and high probability returns, we will spare the first leg or the market move. I will start drawing this patron from the second leg on the left hand side. This is a bullish treater, Every patron set up. As you have noticed, I've left the first leg on drew it from the second move. The rest off the calculation off. This pattern is exactly same as I taught you in my previous video on we will be looking to exit this trade from born 618 area vice versa for the British veteran at the right hand side. Let's take a look into some off the live examples and we will also discuss rest reward and trade management. Hello. Here we are again in usual in dollar US dollar for our child. Andi, you are noticing. This is the pattern we drew an hour previous video. I intentionally left it there just to prove the point. Why? It worked. As you can see, this was initial move off the market. But I've started drawing in from the second leg. That's where it completed on. You know, the probability will hire, as I said on the spectrum, Work in your favor. Take a look at this one. Market moved up or a first leg. We don't grow or pattern from the first leg. OK, The second, like up came down absolutely fine. Moved up again. So it has broken the previous highs at this point. Okay, so we'll start leveling this one. This is our 0.1. This is point to this is 0.3 to be a valid third point. The market has to come back or recreates bank into the area off one and two. It came back. This is week. Okay, on moved up again. So it has broken the previous highs again. So as soon as it has broken, the previous highs will level this point for and we will draw over retracement. I look for inverse relationship. This one between 1 27 on 1618 area. Does this one? Sorry, I'm just a little out of scope there. Wait a second. Let me just delete this. I'm deleting these lines called in confusion. I can't see the bricks. This will do from this high to this low, I look for shorting the market between 1 27 and 61 Nigeria. Look what happened. The market came back right into this zone. Took our entry nose down. So that was over fifth point in this zone. Let me grow it again. So basically, this is your three driver Patrick Connection. Okay, this is an action. So that's your fifth mine. Looking out the trade management side of her. Okay, let me draw this. Ah, Fibonacci recreates mint again. As I said, Look for shorting opportunity between this zone. Okay? This is your risk zone. Basically, you set your entry short entry there above. This is your stop loss. Okay? This is your stop loss. Let me read. Bolder. This is your entry point green. Thank you. And I said, you know, risk to reward is bare minimum to that's your 1 to 1. You to run 321 Actions 321 4 to 1 are two dozen over to you. 5 to 1 or not. There you go. To risk 1% and you go on 5% off. And I said, You know, I usually trail my stops If the market has going to persons in my favor Look, my close person let the market run. So three person again. I'm just trading my stop. 4% creating must stop. 5% creating my stops. Okay, so, you know, I didn't get that, but market took me or four person. Absolutely fine. Now take a look into this one. Okay? Check this one. Well, the reason I said, you know, start exiting your credit into this area. Or how about this? So this is the Brazilian side off the slide on a little bit on great management on. Obviously you go into market with the 1% each time, depending aboard your or your risk tolerance. Onda. Uh, take it from there. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. And I will see you next. Video 23. Forex Pattern 7+8 Live Trade explained: Hello and welcome back. Now let's take a look into some off the life treat calls I have given on creating new dot com and examined the results. I will also share with you how I conducted analysis by using the pattern seven plus eight. Next have a look. The 1st 1 is a USD. Can as you can see, I've put labels. 12345 Let me play this. It was approximately 100 pips in my favor. Nose down. Let me show you how I conduct analysis. As they said this was your first leg. Okay, You don't do anything. This is your second leg came down, took the previous high. That was your high. Okay, came down a gain. Now this is the high that will be looking for if we level this This is your one. This is your number two. This is number three. This is number four now is a said number four. You draw the inverse Fibonacci Retracement! I look too short. The market chrome 1 47 on 618 area. What happened right from this on. Okay, so let me quickly draw this for you three driver pattern. Want to 1234 five. Nose down. Okay, that was a first rate. Now check this one. This is your US dollar charge on its A daily John again. You know, the numbering the same. The great bend. Approximately more than 190 peps. And it's there is a still chances will go up. Okay, let me quickly show you. This is how I drew this factory. So 12 three, four Fine, approximately decide. Okay. As I said, you draw in verse, Fibonacci from this leg to this leg. And look do by because this is a bullish veteran between 1 27 618 But what happened precisely took your entry. Moved up 3rd 1 Now I've showed you the to create Zach work with this pattern. This is the 3rd 1 which didn't work, Ok? And I'll show you how recovered the money. So it's the same sector. But you know it came down didn't give us much. Babe took us out from the street. Okay, here it is. This is precisely so. The idea is that me quickly must growing for you. It's not this one street art patron. This is so long. Do three, four. Fine. Okay. And they said, You know, you draw your inverse retracement. I look too short. The market between wondering 7618 Uh, as I said, you know, both 618 1.618 is your stop loss. The market took your stop loss came down. But this this piece often commission is giving you a heads up that it wants to move up. No. What do you need to do? You just draw your Rick Raisman and buy it from 618 area. There you go. Precisely. Okay. Came down into 618 area and moved up its more than 200 pips. So you know, you lost 2030 or 40 pips here. You made 190 or 200 pips out of this. So this is the creator recovery. As soon as the market takes you out, do not jump into the trade. Let the market come back and you're by six way. Okay. I hope you like this video and I'll see you in an expectorant slide 24. Forex Pattern 9 - with live chart examples: Hello and welcome back. I have a few questions for you to start. Bread. How are you feeling? Are you feeling confident? Is your observation towards the behavior off? The market is getting changed. Can you identify the trends and patrons without struggling and along the line? Are you getting experience off the patient's game that you are not in the market unless you see the pattern, which means your money is protected on you? Only trading the high probability setups, my friend. I'm sure your answer toe all off the both questions would be yes, you are becoming confident and you are practicing more every single day in case this is not the situation. Drop me email right now at Barack Daughter. None at gmail dot com. My email is on the screen on Explained to me the points where you are struggling on. We will pick this up now let's start the ninth veteran off the scores, which is head and shoulder. This is a bullish head and shoulder pattern on. Most often, I have found two or more patron in the formulation off this patron typically combination off three drivers combined with the A, B, C D better let me explain this pattern as we only traded on its completion. Or there is an aggressive approach which I don't cook a man Gold breakout. Initially, we will expect market to make a lower law, followed by another Laura Lou from structure Point A few this is telling the market. Is he breaking the previous laws? Hence the crime is down at this point when the market will not be able to break the previous laws, which is 0.5 in this example. But instead it will break above the previous high, which is point for it will give us a heads up that the market wants to go up. So in a simple words market will make Lord oh followed by another Lord Low and then hire little which will complete this pattern. Then we will draw a line connecting the top points and we will call it a neckline once the market will break this neckline. Either we will hope on to the break up move by taking long entry, or we will wait for the market to retrace back. And then we will take the long opportunity. Let's check some charts example. To understand this pattern. All right, Here we are again in New Zealand. Dollar US dollar chart. Onda. Um, before I explain the market behavior, let me quickly drive for you to make it more simple. Okay? We are saying the market will go down. Remove up, retracement. Go for a sit down. It would break this previous low. It will go up then the mockery tress again and bang so it won't be able to break this one. However, it will break it's previous highs, which is this point. Okay, so these are the two points. Very, very important. First, it will take the previous low, and then it won't be able to break the next one, but it will stay the previous highs. Let me see if I can put the shape. Thanks. Maybe this one. Okay, delete this one. I'm crying too. Rotate it. Okay. That's your head. This is your left shoulder. This is your black shoulder on. This is your right shoulder. Right shoulder. Okay. And I said, Well, connect the top points, which are basically these two points you can moving to say this point on this point will connect the line and we will call this in a client once the market will break the snack line. And either we will hope onto this move, we'll take the buying tree there, or we will wait for the market to redress Mac, and then we'll jump and do the long side of the crime. Well, this is the market structure on the video. I said in this pattern, I usually find two patterns formulating this head and shoulder. I'll explain you an example, but this is the structure. We are willing when we're looking for a head and shoulder, okay? And we will only create this head and shoulder pattern once the market will break the neck line. And then we will jump into the trade in the longer side. Okay. This is a bullish one. Okay, enough said. Now let's get our hands dirty. Take a look at this one. Okay? This is a bullish head and shoulder example. Margaret came down, made a laurel, pushed up, came down again, broke the previous loads pushed up, came down. Now, at this point, the market could not break the previous laws. Okay, Good. It broke the previous highest, which is this point. So I signed in simple words, Lord all there's called it a little. Okay. Followed by another laurel, followed by another lord High Now, once the market house taken out the previous highs. Yeah, I said to approaches you hope on to this move. We're taking the aggressive entry jump. Okay, Four. You wait for the market to come back in this example, the market didn't come back quite well to give you born six Monday to entry. Okay, but take a look at this one. See that A B c d? Or if I may say sorry. How about this one? The market has invalidated this pattern. Okay. Which is also giving you a heads up. That market wants to go up. OK? Okay. Hubbard, this The market has definitely taken you out from this pattern. Okay, What we discussed you don't jump into the market. You want market to come back. That was your risk zone. We wait for the market to come back and dress on, and you take the long opportunity. Look at this one. Okay, so there's another angle, but this is one example. Okay. How about this project? This one market came down, moved up, came down again, cross the previous laws. Okay, moved up. What if the market will hold in this area and then it will go up every close by both this neckline. These doctor points it will close above the neckline on what do you know? A little Grace back on. Uh, There you go. Is it possible? Quite possible. Okay. So basically, this is your left shoulder. This is your right shoulder. Which it can be. Cannot be again. There is a potential Okay on this is your hand. So, Lord Oh, followed by another lower low on and another lower high. We will see either the market make this pattern or not. How about this one? If the market turns back on invalidity this patron like which will give you a conviction. Obviously the market wants to go up, jump onto this tree, take a long opportunity. 25. Forex Pattern 10 - with live chart examples: Hello and welcome back. Now let's learn the dance patron off the scores, which is bearish head and shoulder. These patrons mostly represent reversals off the market here. In this case, we will expect market to make higher high, followed by another higher high which is boring. Three unforced. Then the market will not be able to break the previous higher high on. Instead, it will break the previous laws on formulate lower low which in this case is our point C. At this point, the pattern will be completed and we will create the Pullbacks for the short opportunity. Let's take a look into some examples. OK? We are back into New Zealand dollar US dollar for our chart. Let's learn the bearish Haddon shoulder. Patrick. Okay, take a look at this one. Okay. Let me quickly dry for you. Move up! Down! We'll take the previous highs. Come down. I won't be able to break the previous highs. It will break the neck line and then we'll trade the Pullbacks. Short. Short. Okay, this is your left shoulder. Right shoulder on. This is your head. Let me explain this to you Initially, the market will move up. It will come down to make higher highs because it will take the previous highs. And then the market won't be able to make another heart high. Pull back came up. It could not break the previous highs, Bird. Instead, it will break the neck line. Okay, These two points it came straight down broke the previous lower laws made another Lord law . And I said either, you know, two approaches other. You take the aggressive approach, which is basically on the break off this neckline. You take short opportunity or you wait for the market to pull back, which is safer and more profitable, If I may say and you short the 618 area. Okay. Now, let me explain to you the trade management reading this one. I said the market has taken out the previous lows, wait for the market to pull back, and then you sell the 618 area. Okay, This is the area you are selling. That's your risks on give course, because your stop loss is above this point. Okay, now what happened That we make a copy of this. The market gave you 1 to 1. Okay. If the market has offered. You want to? One probably will move your stop loss to break in. And guess what market turned around. Took your stop loss there out of trade and we went down. That is the reason I normally move my stop loss when the market move in my predictive direction two times off my risk area market to at least offer me due to one before I move my stop loss. Okay, In that way, I might have captured if not at least 321 off this move. How many pips we are talking here? Um, roughly 200 pips. So with the proper trade management, I understand that sometimes you would like to secure what market is offering You work? Absolutely fine, but But I personally do not move my stop loss unless until I got do the one out of the crate. This will determine your success rate in long run. Let's take a look into another example. Your move. Old strange. Um, okay. You see if I can find one. Okay. How about this? Okay. How about this market? Came up down, Took the previous pies came down, pushed up, couldn't break the previous higher highs this is your neck line. Came back all the way down, broke your neck line. I said, you wait for the pullback. Pullbacks came You Troy are Fibonacci retracement you salad in the sun. And guess won't This is how you trade having shoulder. Andi, look how many Pips? Uh, now this is our head and shoulder pattern. Now let's learn another one. 26. Forex Pattern 9+10 200+pips Live NZDUSD Trade: Okay. Welcome back. Now let me share with you. One of the trade call, which are published by using head and shoulder pattern concept, is saying left shoulder right shoulder and how did in between. But I conducted this analysis on a high time frame and published in a long time for him to identify precise entry. Let's see the result first, and then I'll show you how I conduct this analysis. I published the straight call on 29th off October. Okay, And here is the result that create weren't approximately more than 200 points in my bearer . It's still down. Um, but let's check how I conducted this analysis. 29 off off Juve this month. Right here. Okay, Simple is your having shoulder Petron? It broke the neck line. This one didn't give me entry to hope onto the street. I've waited for retracement back and then I showed it. 618 There you go. Okay. On trade went more than 200 bits. Simple 27. Forex Pattern 11 with live chart examples: Hello and welcome back. Now let's learn the patron 11. This pattern occurs usually in a four ships, but the dynamics are saying these are called bullish. Veg is flags or channels. In this course, we will call them Veg is before I talk about their formations. Let's understand the psychology off this particular pattern from a trading point of view. This is called market consolidation or where the traitors who are already long takes their profit on it provides opportunity for new or existing buyers to add more into for the further long settled from craters psychology point of view. It creates temporal frustration as there are many traders who try to buy or sell the breakout. But the market rivers as soon as the previous highs or lows has been taken out, I will explain this concept in examples. Now let's recognize its four formations in a bullish market. Initially, the market will make strong move up and then range bound for a while. During this range, it forms symmetrical, falling, rising on expanding register in symmetrical veg. The price get squeezed between two boundaries, trend lines or channel. I will explain how to draw these trend lines in a live example, but at the moment considered, the price is bouncing between two lines or range. Falling bridge with the price formation is downwards. Rising wedge with the price formation is upwards. And the most confusing among all of them is expending Reg with a price. Takes a previous highs on laws off the market till it completes its cycle, which is called a B C D E. Now, let's take a look into some live examples. Welcome back. We are in a GBP USD daily chart on this is falling Bullish. Reg example. Okay, this is how we are going to cried. You select the line tool and you connect the two laws off the swings. Okay, this is the first law, and this is the second law, and you expand it, okay? And then you connect the two highs, This one on this one. Okay? And you stretch it. So now let's label it. This is your okay. Be see de on. This is your feet. Okay. Now let's examine this. Okay? On the completion off the leg, we will expect market to go up. What? I said, let's start from the basics. The market will Move up. Strong bullish. Move, man. It will come down. This will give us a move up. Be See. OK, notice you're see. Point is below than a point. Okay, this is the first indication this is going to be falling. Ridge A B C. This is your a point. You're see point is below a point. And you expect as you can see this I know you expect the e point will be below sea point. There you go. It didn't quite touch the line. Okay? But the idea is it will go underneath this point. And look what heaven see De a more. Well, now, if you take a long opportunity from E point where you will exit how you will calculate your targets, that's where the Fibonacci comes in. You draw your inverse Fibonacci from D point to e point and you look to exit your trade 1 47 area. Okay, This area. Did you exit you around? Simple. Let me remove this all and draw it for you again. Price came All of it up recreates mint a point. Be point. See point de point. And this is your point E which is below this point and the market shooted doors north. This is first example. This is G p J p Y chart or pound Gen Jarred. Let's find another example. Okay, this is rising Ridge, the other side, But the market will make strong. Move up. It will come down. This is your a This is your be you're see point your d point. Can you see? Collect me? Label this one and babe. See? Day on. Now, here's the point. You're see point is approximately equal to a point. You expect Yuri Point to be in a roughly same price range. Look at this one price came older it down. This is your point e and then shoot it tours north. We're good. Now you draw your inverse Fibonacci from D point to point and you look to exit precisely this area. Okay, this is your a B C D E. Patron in action. Okay. Our dis with me removal. Crying tools. Okay. So again, you are connecting these two eyes this point connecting these two laws, but you expand it. You were expecting three touches. 123 Okay, you take long Howard. This price game. Old away cap. Then creatures aproned to be point seaport. Let's connect the laws. Okay, on the highs A, B, C and D. This is D. I can let me label this one. This is your a be see, De. And as you can see here in this example, your c is above. You're a so you're expect e above your seat. Okay, so this is your okay and be see de a Well, okay, so this is another example. 28. Forex Pattern 12 with live chart examples: Hello and welcome back. Now we are going to talk about the 12 factory. I know we are approaching towards the end of patron slides, but this is not the end of our relationship. I'm sure you are in touch with me. I Barack affects community on making the full out of this course. Okay, these are four formation off bearish rages. Same principle. We will expect market to make strong push down and then consolidation or former channel. This can be symmetrical, falling, rising on expending rigid. In all cases, price will bounce between two lines and we will expect three touches on our top line. Now let's take a look into some examples. Okay? Here we are in Aussie dollar New Zealand dollar daily chart. Each candle is representing one day and this example is going to be the rising bridge. Can you identify it? Okay. Let me make it simple for you. How about this one? Okay, let's go back to the basics. I say initially, the market will form a strong push down. Okay, Retracement. This will give us point a. Then it will go down. Point B. Kim up old away. Now, at this point Let me delete this at this point. Withdraw our trend line. Okay? Okay. We will connect this high and this high, and then stretch the line. Okay. As I said, you will only trade this patron on the point E. Okay, try to understand what is happening. Let me hide the debtor. Okay, At this point, you are not sure whether it's going to be a veg award. Okay, but you will label it see point. Now, let's see where you're D point will be. That's where your D point is. As soon as the market started moving up from this point, okay? You connect the two lines and you stretch it. Okay. Now, since you're C is Lord and a you expect your e point lower, then see? Okay. What happened? Spike up and then came down old away. This is Yuri Point. Let the label this and I explain it. Okay. And then it came all the way down. Okay. What happened at this stage? The market knows what the patron is. And most of the time since the traders get into the straight at this point, the market will hit their stop loss because they're considering any point is going to be shorter than see. They placed their stop loss above, See the market, take officer stop laws and then dive down. I will tell you the strategy how to award these scenarios. But at the moment, just stick to the formation. Banque A B C. This is your de point e pine. And then you draw your retracement. I look to exit and within this zone Okay, Que? No, that's your first example. Begin your identify another one. How about this? The market came all the way down. Pushed up. It was a nice point. A be See looking at this point at Corn, See, we'll connect our trend line. This point on this point now I have to see is above a We will expect e point to be above sea. Okay, in the market came down, which all the way above. What happened? A sudden Speicher a game? You know, the same concept it took Are the stroke losses off people and the nose down? Actually, creators get frustrated. Okay? Some people say this practice doesn't work. Try to understand the market knows what pattern it is forming. Okay? And they know where the stop loss will be for materials. As a certain here, I will give you technique how to avoid the sort of scenarios. But try to understand the market behavior. That's where people lose their money. Or, you know, some will make up their mind. The patrons doesn't work. You need to understand what's going home on. Ben created calling. It will give you a prophet. Look it. This is the second example. Okay, Now let's take a look into GBP card. Right? Can you identify any bearish register? Okay. This one market came down retracement. That gave us point. Yeah, be see, de. That's label it be three de. Okay. Since the sea point is below a point, expect e to be shorter than see. Okay, that's for a line. Let's see, that's the height off currency. Has this price cross this line? No. Okay, so it came all the way up. It was nice Point E and then shoot it down. I get what I say. Detroit, your craze Mint exit between 1 27 and 618 Okay, so this is another example. Okay. How about this price came old away, down, pushed up. Give us nice a bay. See? Okay, Se de. Okay, that's your e born. Now look what happened in this example. Although it weren't. But since C is lower than your point A, we were expecting e to be lower than see, but it's slightly overshoot it. This is also called stop hunt. Okay, where they take out the craters in the next slide. I will explain to you how to avoid these sort of scenarios and trade them with the procedure. Okay, on this is your point e And the market took No, it's down. So these are the few examples off Barish prejudice. 29. Forex Pattern 11+12 how to trade with precision with loss recovery: Welcome back. Now let's talk about the prissy inside. Remember, in my previous video, we talk about stop hunting scenarios. Here is a technique to award them by using inverse golden ratio. This is the same veteran we drew an over previous video. Once the market forms a B C D points who will draw Fibonacci extensions from a to be okay. The trend line we drew from A to C point will select that. Make copy off it. I will place it right on the start off this line like this. And this will create an ice zone. So this is your risk area. Your stop loss will be above this point. And then you will manage your create according to the trade management principles. Let's take a look into another example. Okay, This one I said once the market made a be see de points like it was a BCG point. You draw your extensions from A to B, and then you make a copy off this trend line, which is connecting a and C point and place it right at the start off this 1 47 area like this. And this will give you a nice zone to place your stop loss The boat This point. OK, And there you go. Another one. This is GDP can't on. It's a weekly shot. Each candle is representing one week. Okay, so either said once a market form a B C D point, you draw replacements from A to be and then copy this this line second, we just delete this war. I just want to see the height. No, you are so high. Well, can you cry you Chris Mintz Copia Trendline. Place it right at the edge of 1 47 Saad. Okay, they go. That's your nice risk zone. Your stop loss will be above this morning And you do your trade management. According I think there was another example. Oh, yeah, There it is. Same principle. Product placement from A to B. Make a copy of this talk current line. Place it right at the start. Off 1 27 in her school and ratio And a nurse. Your very scary. Okay, now there is another way to draw these channels the two were going to use is gold. Fibonacci Channels okay to you. Select your point two points and then place it. Toby point. This will draw these channels. You can simply draw the line on this channel. It will create the same zone. So you either you can use the Fibonacci channels to or you can draw them mentally, as I told you, Okay. Precisely. Before we proceed ahead, let's talk about the live scenarios. Okay? Okay. We are in the GDP USD chart. It's a daily charm. Okay, let's see. Okay. Hovered. This market pushed out. Keep up any point. This is your be point next level if this is a be see date, Okay? Now, what do you think? Will this make E boy, Let me just expand this one now see, is below a This is where the e point will be. If this patron correctly phone, you know, the four points are already there. Do you think so? That's the first trade call. Okay. Top of New Zealand dollar US dollar. Same scenario. Strong push down came up. Give us a nice born to a be see de So next connect the lines. This line. So at this point now this for Okay, stretch it in this point on this one, what do you know? Well, this form e being seen, G okay. If so, you showed it for this move. Okay, That's a second. Create coal 30. Forex Pattern 11 + 12 with 1100+ pips CHFJPY Live trade explained: Okay. Now let me share with you a couple of create calls that have published by using the same patron. This is the Euro GP y charm, and it's a weekly chart. In the description I mentioned, this is a B c d e patron, but I label it with 12345 The red zone is a restaurant, which I drew by using the same technique which I told you in a previous video. Now let's see the results off the street. See, the market came right into that zone, but because my stop loss was below this line and my trip was secure, it didn't stop me out. And the market went approximately more than 1200. Perhaps in my favor, bear in mind, This is a weekly chart each candle is representing one week off data. Okay, this one is abound. Yen chart. Same concept. It's a B C D. E veteran. Thank a on. I use the same technique to to hide my stop loss and the trade when approximately more than 1800 types of my favorite again, This is a weekly chart. Now let's go crazy. Here I am in a your GP Y weekly chart. I've just showed you one off the trade call which I made on the Euro DePuy which was? This basically can be. This is a B C D e. Okay, how about this? And B C A B C D e. Okay. What about this? I know this. This is a big confusing. Ah, and it's a little bit complicated, agile, but more You will drain your eyes. You know, you easily. You can recognize them. Um, Howard, this looks familiar. Okay, let's see if my calculations are correct. The first bounds born 618 and then obviously retracement broke. 70 38. The second bounds from 76 area. So this is your godly patron as well. I hope you find this radio useful. 31. Forex Pattern 13: Hello. Hello on Hello. Finally, we are reached to the 13th pattern off this course, which is our last fracture. This veteran is a complex ABC, as mostly it contains the combination off two or more other patrons. Most often you will find a to B or B two C leg will contain different patterns just like three driver backwards dredges or harmonics. With the passage of time, training and experience will allow you to see the bigger picture. And you can calculate the entire moves off days, months, even a year. Let's take a look into a live example first, and we will take it from there. Okay, This is one of the trade goal I posted. Um, on this is a bigger picture. I said the entire move from this point to this point, I said, this is okay, Bay on, See? And I'm expecting market to go down. Although the market consolidate in here for a while, I look what happened here is the result. The market came all the way. Don't in this area now let me share with you how I conducted this analysis. Here we are in Aussie dollar New Zealand dollar daily child What you have just seen is this area. Listen, don area. When I said this is Hey, be on. See? Okay, let's go with the basics. That's your first leg on. This is your second leg. Just deleting this. Okay? For the time being, just keep in mind. This is a B C. We concluded. Okay, let's leave it less for our convenience. Who said? Hey, B, this is Nancy. Okay. The market came up, Made a first leg came down. This is our second night. Okay? It was from second leg. Will draw over extensions. I would look to short the market Britain in this area. Okay, analysis. So the market came in this stone consolidated for a while, but then dropped on for more than 708 100 plus pips. Okay, So, flossing Howard, this one Meow one. Okay, concentration. This is your had an shoulder. The market has broken the neckline. We wait for the market to come back. And you by 61 six. When I gave you Precisely. Okay, how about this? This is your trader over. Packard, make it bigger for you. Okay. In worse Banacci to this level and you buy 1 27 16 20 area. There you go. Okay. On this range. This is your A B C D E. Bedroom. Select the range for you. This one a b destroying. Okay, be see De. Okay, but you'll find little difficulty to understand this one. But once you will go down to four hour chart, you can clearly see Okay. Okay, how about this one? Let me just delete this one first. Yeah, I'm delete this. How about this touch touch? Okay, Jane, it's gonna get Black Hooker. Okay. See, Day practised relies a B C D. Do you wanted to touch three Touch? Precisely. This is yes. Well, okay, particular. That's what. And on top of that, we said make a bigger for you. Initially, this is your first leg. This is your second leg. This is your third leg move. Okay. Was that we grow you extensions from this point at this point and you look to the short market. Which one vessel which eventually market game consolidated and then dropped more than 800 ribs. Okay, I know it sounds a little crazy. Uh, but once you will practice this, it will make easier for you I hope now you can understand why I concluded This is a B C. And I said, You know, ABC how to draw precisely ABC. You always leave one that. 32. Risk Management: Hello and welcome back. Now let's talk about risk management. This is very important aspect of creating and valued 30% off your success. It is absolutely essential to understand your exposure to the market. There is a list off seven major pairs. You need to select only two pairs to start with. Create them for six months by risking 1% off your total equity for trade. I'll explain you later how to properly select the Lord size with your risking money. Since you have selected to bears and traded them for a least six months, you can add the third pair to your portfolio only if you have earned more than 3000 tapes possible. And then you create those three pairs for six months, or unless you double your pips, which will be 6000 and again this is possible. Now let me explain to you why it is important to limit your exposure to the market by trading only two pairs. Initially, as I mentioned in the plan, you only risk 1% each time you open a new trade. Let's say you are creating all seven pairs at the same time by risking 1% off your equity. Our trade. Alexey, this is one of those days when nothing works. You will lose 7% off your equity straightaway. It will not only affect you financially, but psychologically as well. So our plan is to minimize the risk till we become profitable and diversify our portfolio with the profits. So two pairs, six months and 1% risk. Now let's talk about money management. 33. Exercise 1- Pattern Recognition Practice : Hello and welcome back. Now, this is the fun part off this entire course. I am in GBP, New Zealand dollar chart, and it's eight hour charge. Okay? And we are going to exercise how many patrons you can recognize. Okay, in between July on on December. See how many patrons you can recognize. Okay, Now posits video Lord, this shard go back to into this time frame, which is eight hour and do a practice. Okay? Meanwhile, I'm going to grow it as well. Okay. No cheating. I'm trusting, you know, cheating. Okay. Just posits video on checking. Meanwhile, I'm going for you way . Okay, so I counted 11 off them. Let me know how many you counted and post your child in a community website. I'll see you next exercise. 34. Exercise 2 - Pattern Recognition Practice: Hello and welcome back. I hope you had a great fun in the last exercise I truly enjoyed. I love drawing patrons. I hope you found the same patrons as I did. Even if you drew more than what I did. Please do share and it will be fun to see. OK, this is the second exercise on place time. We are in a GBP USD chart. Yes. Found dollars charge. And this is a weekly chart Each candle is representing five days. Okay, The reason I choose a weekly charge it will provide an opportunity for swing trading is like, you know, you take a trade and you hold for for quite a few days, even months. Um and it is ideal for those who have ah, um, own business over there are, you know, busy in the job or they have a career and they want to adult creating of the as a second income. You know, this could be helpful for them. Okay. Without for is it to do the principles are same Ivan drawer patrons on. This is your GBP USD weekly chart and the time period I have selected is between May 2010 Dio July 2013. Okay, on let's see how it falls this video and I'll see you in a few minutes. - Way , way. Okay. 35. Final Picture - GBPUSD story! "Moving On": No way. Just quiet. - Nothing that's not want. Just way . Nothing. I mean, nothing. I want way.