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Forecasting with MS Excel

Alex Akhunov

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5 Videos (44m)
    • Introduction

    • Seasons in forecasting

    • Theory of forecasting

    • Range forecasting I

    • Range forecasting II


About This Class

Spend less than an hour and learn how to forecast business indicators using MS Excel

This short course will equip you with simple tools that we use to make forecasts. Also, you will also learn more complicated a range forecast. This forecast requires a predicted single-point and estimated deviations from this point compared to simple single-point forecasts in Excel. The range forecast provides more accurate predictions, and it is more valuable for decision making in business. I will show you how to do it in MS Excel in 60 minutes.





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Hello, I'm Alex.

I am a professional business analyst with the economics background. I spend several years studying graduate economics and offering consulting services for business and public institutions. I was responsible for research about investment activity in CEE region. Also, I developed several ratings for this region. Now I am in academia, and I teach business. Also, I am a leader of an analytical department in a leading business magazine.

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