Food watercolor illustration: Paint & Create a product!

Anna Koliadych, Illustrator & Watercolor Artist

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11 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Techniques

    • 4. Source of Inspiration

    • 5. Sketching

    • 6. Choosing Colors

    • 7. Painting Carrots with Watercolor

    • 8. Editing Illustration in Photoshop

    • 9. Ordering Tote Bag (Printful)

    • 10. Unpacking Parcel

    • 11. Conclusion


About This Class


Food illustrations are around us. You can see them in cookbooks, magazines, in packing, textile design and even you can find beautiful food illustrations as a part of the logo or a brand style. This is a yummy, juicy, colorful and fun type of painting.

So, I Invite you to explore food illustration through one amazing project called Carrot illustration with watercolor. What can be easier than to paint a carrot and design product from it?

As 5 years experienced designer, I can say that a designer starts with a real project. And you don't need to wait for your first order. Start from your own project and grow your own portfolio whenever you want.

So ... Make your dream real, become an illustrator and designer with me.  

In this class, I will show you watercolor techniques, guide you through a project process and at the end, we will breathe a life into your illustration.

After my class, you will be able to paint your own project and grow your own portfolio.

Let's paint and have a fun :)