Food Sketching #4: How to draw and watercolor a Taco | Francesca Guasconi | Skillshare

Food Sketching #4: How to draw and watercolor a Taco

Francesca Guasconi, textile & surface pattern designer

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6 Videos (26m)
    • Intro taco

    • Materials taco

    • Features taco

    • Glazing taco

    • How to draw and watercolor a taco

    • Outro


About This Class

Welcome to the forth class of my Food Sketching series! In this class you will learn how to sketch and watercolor a taco.

I have broke down the observation's process in 4 key features, that will allow you to understand my method for sketching not only this food, but all sorts of things and I will guide you through the drawing, inking and watercoloring process step-by-step.

I will provide all the info you need but if you haven't taken my previous Food sketching classes I suggest you to do it because they are full of useful information and they will make this class so much easier for you to follow this class.





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Francesca Guasconi

textile & surface pattern designer

Hi! I'm Francesca, an Italian textile and surface designer who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I've worked for several years as product manager for a worldwide known fabric company and now I want to build my own brand creating stationary and scrapbooking products based on my drawings.

I have recently opened a small shop on BigCartel if you want to check it out.

I also have a passion for scrapbooking & papercraft and i share it through my Youtube channel and my Instagram ac...

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