Food Photography: Shooting at Restaurants | Daniel Krieger | Skillshare

Food Photography: Shooting at Restaurants

Daniel Krieger, Food Photographer

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7 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Assignment

    • 3. Gear & Ambience Shots

    • 4. Ordering

    • 5. Shooting

    • 6. Final Tips

    • 7. Explore Photo Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Learn to make a dish look as great as it tastes. In this 30-minute class, freelance food photographer Daniel Krieger (New York Times,, and more) reveals how he styles and shoots food both on the job and when he's out on his own. Each bite-sized video lesson covers his gear, ordering, shooting in daylight, and the images that make his portfolio stand out. Whether you use a DSLR or iPhone camera (or both), you'll love watching Daniel's gorgeous images come to life — and then creating your own.





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Daniel Krieger

Food Photographer

Daniel Krieger is a NYC-based photographer with a focus on food photography. ??His photographs appear regularly in The New York Times,, PUNCH, Travel & Leisure amongst others. He has photographed several cookbooks (both food and cocktails), including The Old-Fashioned cocktail book and Ivan Ramen's book. You can explore more of Daniel's food photography at and see his instagram account @DanielKrieger where he regularly posts work.

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