Food Photography: Introduction to storytelling in food photography | Marte Marie Forsberg | Skillshare

Food Photography: Introduction to storytelling in food photography

Marte Marie Forsberg, Author, Food and Lifestyle Photographer

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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Journey to Gather Ingredients

    • 3. Planning the Shot List

    • 4. Shooting at the Allotment

    • 5. Styling the Meal

    • 6. Closing

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About This Class


Join Norwegian photographer Marte Marie Forsberg for a short introduction class on telling a visual story, and planning a small shoot.

You'll travel with Marte Marie to her English countryside cottage, pick up a few items at the market, and make your way to a friend's garden allotment to photograph the story of a rustic, everyday feast.

Throughout the lessons, Marte Marie touches on planning a shoot, styling, and photographing — with special consideration to telling a visual story, with emphasis on color, overview images, detail images, and curating a group of images together.

Beautifully shot, full of inspiration, and brimming with insights, this class is perfect for beginning and pro photographers alike. Whether you're shooting a food story for your blog, a magazine pitch, or for a client, you'll leave this class full of inspiration, and with a better understanding fo how to tell visual stories and setting up a small shoot.

It's a welcome reminder of small moments that are truly perfect.

Note: This class is demonstration-based, and the emphasis is on inspiring you to photograph a story of your own. For more technical classes on photography skills, be sure to explore all of Skillshare's photography classes.


Be sure to join Marte Marie's first class on Skillshare, Lifestyle Photography: Capturing Food, Flavors, Conversation, for more on light, composition, and visual storytelling!





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Marte Marie Forsberg

Author, Food and Lifestyle Photographer

Marte Marie Forsberg is a self-taught food and lifestyle photographer from Norway. After having lived in many beautiful and exciting places around the world during her studies in fashion design and art history, she found her tool: the camera. Her fist cookbook "The Cottage Kitchen"is now out for pre order on Amazon in both USA and the U.K.

She moved back to Norway and rediscovered her cultural roots and heritage, taking great delight in exploring the local food scene. This inspired he...

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