Food Photography: Introduction to storytelling in food photography

Marte Marie Forsberg, Author, Food and Lifestyle Photographer

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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Journey to Gather Ingredients

    • 3. Planning the Shot List

    • 4. Shooting at the Allotment

    • 5. Styling the Meal

    • 6. Closing

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Project Description

Capture a visual food story in 3-5 images.

Finding Your Story

This class is all about visual storytelling.

For this small shoot, we went to a garden of a friend, and told the story of a rustic lunch, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how you will tell your story! A dish, a place, a person? What inspires you?

  • When I'm gathering inspiration, I think about places, people, flavours, and textures. Sometimes I even put together a moodboard of images from places I've been, things, colours or textures that inspire me, or tear out pages from magazines and arrange on a board to visually set the tone for the photo shoot.
  • When I'm shooting, I look for variety. I want that introduction shot as well as the details.
  • For the introduction shot, it's great to include things, people, places, products etc that ase the essence of the shoot. For my story it was the place of my town, Shaftesbury in Dorset with it's green rolling hills and small farm, and Heather my friend, set in her garden about to harvest produce for our garden lunch.

In class we will touch upon setting up and planning a small shoot to tell a vsiual story of your choice, capturing a small moment.

These kinds of stories are a welcome reminder of the simple things that are truly perfect. I can't wait to see the stories you share.

— Marie

PS: Due to moving house and being without interenet right as the class launched, I've yet to share my final images with you and talk to you about why I chose the once I did, and how to put images together to tell better visual stories.

It's all right around the corner, and I'll make an announcement shortlyin class  as I upload two different stories from the day to share with you.


Sharing Your Story

Use your Project Workspace to gather inspiration, bounce ideas, and share your final visual story. I'd love to see you dive in right away, then finesse it over time. This way, working together, we can build a community of feedback and inspiration.

  • Right Away: Introduce yourself! Share your name, Instagram, and a wee bit about you.
  • Before the Shoot: Share your food story inspiration — a scene, a dish, or perhaps a place.
  • After the Shoot: Share your food story in 3-5 photographs.


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