Food Photography: Food Levitation | Anett Elek | Skillshare

Food Photography: Food Levitation

Anett Elek

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About This Class

What I am going to show you in this course does not require a photo studio, you can do it at home, as a DIY project. I will be using natural light for most of the pictures and will show you how you can effect the outcome with flash light. We will talk about settings and at the end we will discuss some editing options, what I am using for smartphone or when I am editing my image on the computer.





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Hello, I'm Anett. I am a freelance photographer currently in Dallas, Tx. I began my photography career in 2008, and since I have enjoyed shooting. I shoot photos in multiple genres of photography. There are so many things I love to shoot. Many are radically different from the other. Photographers have their own view of the world and they also love different aspects of photography.
I am not restricting myself to titles, I shoot whatever seems appealing and I like to be this way.

My ...

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