Folded Book Art: Create A 3D Heart design and turn your books into art

Jo Smewing, Turn books into 3D art

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6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Book folding introduction

    • 2. Choosing a Book

    • 3. Calculating your start point

    • 4. Following the pattern and folding the pages

    • 5. Finishing Options

    • 6. Other book folding ideas


Project Description

This video class will teach you how to fold a 3 small hearts into a book. Video topics cover:

  • Choosing a book
  • Calculating your Start-point in a book
  • Following the Pattern and Folding the Pages
  • Starting & Finishing options
  • Ideas for your next book folding project

The materials you will need are:

1. A hard-backed book with at least 104 pages.

2. A printer (to print off the 'paper ruler' that you will need as your folding guide) - provided as Book folding - Small Hearts - Class Project.pdf document.

3. A pencil/pen

The template and pattern sheet are laid out for you to print off and use each time you wish to fold a book with this design.

In just a short time you will have a book of folded art that will amaze both yourself and your friends. 

For those new to this art a set of additional notes to accompany the class and a selection of designs are displayed to help your understanding and build your confidence in book folding.

This project uses the paper template method.

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