Folded Book Art: Create A 3D Heart design and turn your books into art | Jo Smewing | Skillshare

Folded Book Art: Create A 3D Heart design and turn your books into art

Jo Smewing, Turn books into 3D art

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6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Book folding introduction

    • 2. Choosing a Book

    • 3. Calculating your start point

    • 4. Following the pattern and folding the pages

    • 5. Finishing Options

    • 6. Other book folding ideas


About This Class

Books are ubiquitous. Whilst some have a love for old or antique out-of-print books others relish in the feel and look of a polished new copy. Book folding provides the chance to use books, both old and new, in an original art form without cutting or gluing the original book so that ultimately it can also be enjoyed by the reader.  The art of book folding combines the love of books with the love of paper crafting. 

In this video I will show you how, in just a short time, you can fold a book into 3 small hearts that will amaze both yourself and your friends. Lovingly prepared these books make the perfect gift – especially for those people who already love books.






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Jo Smewing

Turn books into 3D art

As an avid reader and lover of all papercrafts what could be more pleasing than combining them both into one craft. Better still - folding the book into a 3D sculpture does not damage the book in any way so the reading content remains intact.

Jo wanted to be original with this new craft so she set about creating her own designs and establishing successful folding patterns. Rather than re-create the folded book art seen by others, she chose to fold shapes and objects.

What follo...

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