Focus, clarity, and intention: creating a vision board | Wendy Reese | Skillshare

Focus, clarity, and intention: creating a vision board

Wendy Reese, Freedom begins with a choice.

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About This Class

Do you have time to stay stuck- financially, in your career or relationships, with your health, with your joy?

This is a vision board class for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, who are ready to clear the field of the eneregtic hangnails, and play really friggin BIG! By the end of this class you WILL experience transformation.


I learned about vision boards from the movie The Secret in 2006. I thought it was silly, but at that time was pretty desperate for change... so I made one. When I looked back a year later at the 12 impossible things I had said I wanted to do over the next year (that I'd based my vision board on) I realized I done 9 of them! I'm not kidding when I said "impossible". There was no reason whatsoever I should or could have accomplished those things- like buying a house, traveling the world, and starting grad school.

Thinking it was a fluke, I tried again, this time with a little more intention and focus. Again, over 80% success rate one year later. So I started honing in on the process to see how I could get that success rate even higher. I did. Consecutively each year thereafter.

This class is a culmination of the best hacks I have to setting and meeting intentions that are soul-aligned. You're not just making a vision board. You can youtube how to do that! This is about clearing the energy, getting courageously honest enough with yourself to give yourself permission to dream big AND create a plan to make it happen. In the process, you get a vision board to focus on throughout the year as a reminder of your dream. It will serve as a guidepost in ways you can't even imagine.

Join me and let's make this next year outrageously incredible! It's simple and fun.





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Wendy Reese

Freedom begins with a choice.

Wendy Reese is a lifestyle strategist who specializes in whole being. Author, clarity+confidence coach, host of The Whole Being Zone and 500 Registered Yoga Teacher with 14 years of teaching experience. Wendy considers yoga asana to be training for living whole off the mat. She infuses ancient wisdom with pragmatic woo-woo in applicable, fun, and slightly irreverent ways to optimize wholeness. Wendy holds a bs in exercise science from Northern Arizona University and a MA in Applied Community ...

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