Focus: How to Double Your Focus And Decrease Distractions

Bryan Bolt, Adventurer & Virtual Coach

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9 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Welcome & Orientation

    • 3. Clearing Your Mental Clutter

    • 4. Getting Closure

    • 5. Getting Out of the Gray Zone

    • 6. Eliminating Energy Thieves

    • 7. Your Most Valuable Actions and the 80/20 Rule

    • 8. The 60-60-30 Rule

    • 9. Q Invitation

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Project Description

In this exercise we're going to identify some of the most valuable activities in your life and business that we need to focus on more proactively.

Begin by identifying 3-4 activities that you do each day that fit into each of the categories below and write them down on the second page of this exercise.

Once you have identified the “High Lifetime Value” and “High Dollar-Per-Hour Value” activities in your life, design your days so that you do these activities first - in order to create the most results and success for yourself.

This is the fastest way to dramatically increase your focus & productivity in a big way!

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