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Flutter and Firebase Part 1 (Real-Time Database)

teacher avatar David Brewu

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (3h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create Project

    • 3. Data Class

    • 4. Firebase integration

    • 5. Main interface part 1

    • 6. Main interface part 2

    • 7. Textformfield part 1

    • 8. Textformfiele part 2

    • 9. Submit part 1

    • 10. Submit part 2

    • 11. Display part 1

    • 12. Delete

    • 13. Display part 2

    • 14. Update

    • 15. Project

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About This Class

This class covers Flutter and Firebase Real-time Database in more details. The class focuses on CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) of Firebase Real-time Database. Students will learn how to integrate Firebase into flutter applications. Students will also learn how to create, read, update and delete from real-time database in more details. Aside Firebase and database, students will also learn how to design interfaces in flutter, including how to use pop-ups and dialog box in flutter.

Students taking this class should have basic knowledge in programming. Basic knowledge and experience in flutter and/or  dart is preferred but not a requirement. 





Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

David Brewu


Hello, I'm David. I am a mobile app developer with a focus on flutter and dart programming language. I am also a MasterCard Foundation Scholar and Computer Engineer with focus on software development. Outside my profession, I like watching football and anything related to Astronomy.

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1. Introduction: Hello, welcome to another class. In this class we want to take a look at Firebase realtime database. As we know, Realtime Database. Firebase has two databases, it as the Realtime Database, and it has the cloud Firestone. So in this class you want to take a look at the real-time database, how to do all the crude accretion. And now you can use it to create and minus looking up. So what is Realtime Database? Realtime database is a database whose work load is changing in red. So if you are going to need to change something in your database and you want your users to have a very quick response on that, then you need realtime database. Because real-time database, it's really fast. So anytime you changing your database, there's a real-time synchronization. Dao helps your users to see anything you've done in the database in the back-end. We see it also works well with database system. For example, if you want, you want to create a fortune up, that's going to help you vote. And let's individual aid has like a 100 books. And the next person who fought for individual a means that the Hamburg was going to change to a 101. And thus changing n can thus changing in real time news, real-time database so that your users will see what is going on in the backend, Right? So the 100 votes of individual, individual A's going to change a 101. And everything, everyone is going to see it's in the up. So in that case you need realtime database. And we can look at that. We see is not affected by time. Because looking at how fast the data changes, then it doesn't make sense when it comes to time and when it comes to real-time database. So we've built a nice looking up. Now help us understand real-time databases. Firebase, real time database. So you are going to, we are going to learn how to create, read, update, and delete in Firebase real-time database. Just like any database. You create, read, update, and delete data. And we are going to learn all those operations of Firebase Realtime Database in Florida. And all these operations together are called crude operations. So every database you have to do crude operation. So in Fabius realtime database, we are going to learn how to do all this crude operations in more detail. So we've built a nice looking up that's going to help us do those operations. And the app is caused this year data. So you have the option to delete. Data. You have dog scenes to add new data. Amd obscene x2 beads your data. So we are going to try this yourself. So there's up is called data. And let's try to add a new data. So your full name. And it's a bit your city. Cus you're comfy US annual Citi, New York summit, this VS, so we are kind of going to make some crude things in this class enum. Then our data appear here. There will a well. And that's good, right? So you also have the option to delete when you press on, you long press on these pink eye Batson on the on the left side, you are going to have the option to delete phenomenon. I don't want to delete this for now. And you have the obscene two updates its rates. So you saw and you click on this icon, you have the opsins updated. So maybe I want a chain Deborah out. So maybe Deborah good. Updates. Yes. So you refresh. And now we have our good and it's really fast. So okay, now let's choose the lids. Someone flatter. You wanted deletes. As. Now you can see some of our diets today. By this, we only need to refresh and now it's gone. So now we have Dave impure when Deborah good. Base how the app's wake and everything that's going on in the background is taking place in the Firebase real-time database. So we are going to learn how to do all those things. How to create, deletes, updates, and read from the database rights here in this class. So you can start creating your class. Your two just for the, Unless the new. I'll do that in the next video. And you can start something being something in regards that being something in Visual Studio code in the next two videos. So I think BATNA does that for now, and I'll see in the next video. 2. Create Project: Hello, welcome back. Now let's create our project in Android Studio. So you choose Stats and in fact up rejects. You select fat application. You click on Next. The name you want to give to a predates this scale shape. And then allow you to install the SDK. And I'll go ahead and choose that for me, my SDKs right here. Now nest and finish. So it will take some time, liquidity or predicts. Just some cool stuff. See, this projects are this class doesn't require you to know all the business doesn't fatter. But the level for this glass was intermediates. Not because you have to know our day bill stamps and flat-lining deaths, but what it means is that you will have to know how to create, how to understand some basic things in things like how to create a class. In that, you need to understand some basic functions like the synchronization and await, how they awake and how tends like trial and error, how they like the boss. You are going to use those kind of things in this class. Things like trying catch a synchronization are wheat had to create a class. Those kind of things. So it doesn't mean the intermediate there doesn't mean that you need to have to know all the basis dancing that end in Florida. By its means, you need to do some visibility into that can help you in this class. So now predate excreted. And most of the times for me, I don't I don't write my encoding Android Studio. You can choose to do that. You know, most of the times I do mine in Visual Studio Code. We can also do that with IntelliJ AS H2O. So if you have those two applications, you can go ahead and use them by a few like working members to get x2. You can also do that. Last thing about the your emulator. The, in the previous class. I use the phantom later, but as Dan for around not connected my own device. Yes, so on device in this class. Alright, so I'll see in the next video and you start making some cool staffs in Visual Studio Code. Thank you. 3. Data Class: Hello, welcome back. Nav, hoping the projects in Visual Studio Code. Remember we created a project in undressed in the last video. So nowadays my mean that that's an identity in teen might mean that that. So I can go ahead and delete everything in it. Now. We will need to install some dependencies. And the phase dependence we would like to install is called Firebase database. So in your passport dynamo come to and the dependencies and the flatter, you add Firebase database. Now remember that's anytime you change something, you pass back the YAML mixture. You are connected to the internet because when you click on Control S dot save is going to run. The pump gets command to fade in data from the flatter package websites. So now Firebase database control s, And it's going to run the command to face the beta lambda. We are done installing Firebase database package. We can come back to a mean that, that's and start writing something. Noun back to, back to the application. Now you can see that in order to insert a new data, you need, you need 34 test fields. And when you click on submit this data in this test fault as same as sends as JSON file in a form of JSON. And therefore, when you want to display ads in your app, reading from the database to you are going to read it. It's going to display and I want to take, it will be working in the form of JSON. So we can create a class to help us design the how will be sending the data and how we fetching the data from the app. So we can call that class biodata. Biodata and quake1 again. Now you can see that this class is going to have some strings. And that's because we need the peasants full name, date of birth, country and city. And in Firebase and in Fabius realtime database. Every day today is going to have a snapshots, right? And anytime you want to fetch data from the database, you're going to make use of the snapshots and the data key in order to fit the data. So having that in mind, we can, we can model a class that will help us. Do that functions taking into consideration the key. And that's how we will take the data in the form of JSON from the database. And how will we send the data in the form of JSON to the database? So in a biodata that we create a class and you have a key. We haven't been named. It's passed all the parameters. All right, so now if you want to fake this data from the database, the data snapshots, as I've talked about, n-bit key. Bio from. Snapshots are going to need the database. The data snapshots. And the snapshot has been to work will be key to fetch the data. And once its facade emphasis adequate data, we are going to, we need to ensure that the name of the country and visit v are the ones we once, right? So you said name. Just copy and paste data from database using this particular code. And now you also have to define how we will send the data to the database and make use of JSON, so AC. So Jason. So here what we are basically saying is that any time you want to send the data to the database in the form of JSON, send it in this form, right? Senate. And that's what we have seen. So you want to create a parameter called name and that one, that one must, must, must be stored. The data should be stored. Shall be the name format data. That's what we have been discussing. Don't forget to bring your colon semicolon. So now this is the class that will help us model, that will help us model and data. And now we can make use of this glass to fetch data from the database and to send data to the database. So in the next video, we will start developing our main, our main class, our main file, see what we can do. So I'll see you in the next class. Thank you. 4. Firebase integration: Hello, we have biodata. Let me write this and then main method, the main.js. Alright, so I've written this glass, this glass. And so in this Misko sec lesson. So remember how we create and make this guy. Yeah, there we go. So remember, this application is built on Firebase realtime database. So go to your websites and books. Dot google.com, Google.com, and sign up. If you don't have an account by Google accounts, then you can simply login. Just Susan account. So if you have a good one, I guess you can guess illegal account and login. Once you login, just click on it. And once again, this is an analysis for them, doesn't mean that you can go ahead and look at how it is performing, how people are using. And you can choose your location based on where you are. And then you can click on. The ticket. Is done. You'll be directed to the Firebase to add an application. And we want to add an application, an application to get started. So with iOS or under all way. So we're development on Android, so you can click on downgrade them. For you to register your Android app, you need the package name. And you come back to your Visual Studio Code and Android. Go up as our main and builds your manifest file, your AndroidManifest XML file. You'll see your package name. Just copy that. And just to give a nickname and register. All right. Now what we are seeing in your folder, for that folder, so it doesn't download it and get it. All right, so if it does not look that way, it's downloaded. I'm in the store. So Uda and good. And right click and hold the ads dependencies. And in your previous level, Guido, he wants you to add this dependency. So just copy this class Path. Logo dot DMS, mobile services. Just copy that. And go, ooh, ooh, this level. Level. Yes, come and click on. Go back. In your upper level. Build. Dependency. Guessing. Just copy this. And I'm to the last slide. You can choose to add the wrist, but this class is how to do thus. And the rest of the Android application and analysis does monitor your application after you develop it. And you can go ahead pick it up. Alright, so now we've added added application to the Firebase. So on the left side, you have seen the bot analytics. This click on, click on authentication, cloud faster real-time database. Authentication. And logging. Maybe email password or use our login with Facebook or Google, or these kind of things. You do them on authentication. And that's not the focus of this class. And this class one to deal with databases, anyons and deal with Realtime Database. And then click on the tab is. Now I want to create a database into axiom. Exactly what I wanted to study the oil under the law. It means that if I had been waiting, all reads and writes will be dynein, which means that only people who have been authenticated would be able to read and write for an application. And since we have not done authentication yet, that's in the testimony, which mean that anyone will be able to read and write to application. And that will make application with a number. Once you're doing authentication will solve that problem. So you can go ahead and choose that. And so now our database is created. And this way we see all these database just by September because we are in the personal by Congress. And its rules kind of come in and it's all monitor how many people have been allowed and haven't been denied when it comes to read and write, we deny, right? Alright. So now we can go back to our data and backups and explain how how you are performing. So once we study is an obligation and a story. How many, how many, how many megabytes of downloading you asked Darwin in application, backups, unless you have hundreds. So now we've added up to application. In the next class, we are going to start our main class and see what we can do. So I'll see you in the next class. Thank you. 5. Main interface part 1: Hello guys, welcome back. Less than developing our main interface. Silicon at application wants to do this how the interface looks like. So first we have a title. We have a small icon, icon here, but when you press my impress, you will get an unknown data. Then we have recently added map displays, the little beads or someone does added. And this small icon here, you press on it still gets the information about each beta is beta. And this button when you press on it, or refresh, refresh your page so that you will get always real-time synchronization obligations. So little application or something. So you realize that we already have our Mozilla. So just go ahead and do. Okay, so now I guess we don't run on up to c. Once you have the terminal, terminal icon, this part of the command. I am using a real device. So mixture on a telephone or your emulator. So if I connect than mine eyes to run, it's on, it's on, fatten later. On this floods emulator. Viacom creates new device in undressed and recovered. That's in our previous class. Because check it out if you know. You can create databases and also get a floods emulator. Or I guess you can also creates a new one if you don't know, right. So and that's what, so if you are running your application of DFS time, then after that. So now variable and this ones we have and I think we on the right as well. Yes. So now let's continue. Okay. So in our body, nobody scaffold body less than. So. Let's look at okay, so we need icon, right? So let's start with a 100 and less than half of that problem. And on the left, some space on the left. And then later the colors dots around London. So when you look at the picture, you can see this. I think thinking twice, my adrenals, whites, it's fainted. Color is offended. So then bracket. Okay, so let's go and with an image, you can see here that there's an image and background-image skill share. So that's what you wanted to do random in that image. And then the mean. All right, so I don't think we have the image. So what we can do right now is to go and download. So let goods, and let's just choose an image. So let's say this image. One orbit, like this one, and just download it. Remember to save it in your far right. So we'll do a desktop flatter printed. Then pseudocode as you are working on. And you have an inner goes and creates a new folder here, a new folder called assets. And in this folder, this way we are going to add all the media named the assets. You can save your image and this image then named Skill image. So once we are done, we can come back to Visual Studio and we can see that we die with risk-weighted assets. And I'm still image. In the image. And the image. You can see image assets. Assets, that image assets given the link, the path. And as I've said, sludge skill image, PNG. And thus she would come in and see what it's doing. That by president does. And we have an error. And we have an arrow because we did not add added swamp aspect of CML. So anytime you want to add and maybe at your Michelle, you add the media aspect of Jamil. After having done media immune Furda, new senor aspect Dojo. There's a place called assets. This so uncomment this out. Parts of your particular parts of your husband Gaziano. And you can change this part of your image or the particular assets you want to add. And that's a skill that's control as well. We have an error and we have the aerobic cause. We are not following the correct state. So in the past, you have to be very careful and come to space. So you see why this flat ice your assets. And so yes, I'm one step here. I think. I guess it's become combat to Athena or to reload again. And now we haven't asked cache here. So now we have asked Joe Shea image. We need, because in the image you can see fainted rights as audiences are the backbone. So you also have to fainted in order to find halophiles. And the collapse loads are dots mode. For doing going for colors, dots blank when opposites. With obesity or 0.07. And for the Blend, blend mode, BSD. Bsd. So yeah, I guess we have and let's reload yeah, very, very things. And let's do both fits the idea. I think in the image. In the image, it's quite big by Ernest, Just centered. So mapping beans and children's fits. For the boss fits you. The question image. And you choose MOSFET. Mosfet, color, color. Let's see what happens. So in the next video we'll do and we'll try and add this. Added. Adenine gets up Landis icon in lottery gangrene Dennis, thank you, and I'll see you in the next video. 6. Main interface part 2: Hello guys, welcome back. This is what we wanted to do. And those once we have so far. And in this video we will try and add, add new data appeal as the small icon. Okay, so let's get started. So this way, the last time we have a pattern and we have a container. So we can go ahead and specify that child for the container. For the job downwind of a column. And column has children. Right? So looking at our image, if another column, you can see that the first thing obvious an empty space before you have the add new data. So for an empty space, real users size was sized, box size, box of heights. Or let's make it two. Remember, anytime you're in a column and you're using the science books for hides. Many timeline, a little laziness, sidewalks, William four-way instead of height, which leaves us as base. Then you can see that the icon. So alright, now let's see what we have by now in this, what we are. But what I want to do right now is to do something new rule said the main Alice. And for the main Alice alignments. So let's choose center and see what's central to us. All right, and when you press on this icon posture happen. When I press on this icon. When I press on this icon, I guess as you get as you get that this one. So when I press on this icon, I should get something like this swimming in data and then submits it does what you believe in the next video. So this will grow and will require us to write some Firebase integration program where you have add. It shows in your database issues in your app, reaching some family needs and it shows up also. You can also choose to make changes in your app, and it's also show individualism as well. So we'll begin that in the next video. Thank you. That's all for now. 7. Textformfield part 1: Hello guys. Welcome back. In the previous video, we're able to do. You're able to add and Dad has and the icon, 12k on the arm price, price on the small icon. So how some forms to collect our data in a previous video to predict gene does collated pin. So that's I guess cuts that from the icon button and basically the icon. So you can do this on press and press on this icon. I guess that's it looks like this beta H. And for now, let's concentrate on the so repel on its rights. So who's routes and and let's lump age age routes. All right. So now let's scaffold scuffle. Let's have an ampere background-color pink icon that's, that's and the less of the before that title icon. And I, I, I Robot iOS and press o, right? So that's a conscious that's called conquest of hope. All right, let's run our app to see once we have done so far. So let's look at spots we have. So I guess we expect to see yet. So yeah, that's what we have and how you braces. So now let's go ahead and add a title and title. Pencil tests. Let's reload this. So once we have unless unless hotspot steps, That's our current become president again and see what happens. So let's go ahead and do some stuff. So stop. And let's fonts. Font size, font size. And so that's learned. And yeah, let's send a title as well. So set center types of risk response. Ok, so let's see what's happening. And I guess so now let's go ahead and do the body. Then. Let's specify that. And let sod will be a shadow. So we don't have to do any complex. And so yes. Yeah. So now we've done that. Yes, so let's specify that shot for a single singular ScrollView. While this sounds similar to scroll up and Carla has done so, despite a fists are and wanted to be a feasible shot, resonable will be a center. For the center will be iPhone. So let's do that. So and so. And I will also ask servant. So let's shout at pests. Because quotes you're supposed to do tests like that. So. So what's real that we thought were scattered application. And let's see what we have. We have an incoming have never tried to check from the beginning. And it seemed that renders, let's have non-self likes. My incoming heights are our spin. I get this arrow, you have nonzero flats. Let's put that flex unless you happen to be 0. And let's see if we get the error again. Fall semester helps us stop. Let's see. Yeah. So I don't want to put onto puts. So confident. And let me find some variables here. One last question, are, you see cuts? So in order for us to always be right. So yes, one variable, thus limiting. And let's define some desktop. So finite test that. So let's go ahead and foreign size and font weights. Ok. So we can come back. And instead of beta, we've put that stamp was now okay, I guess I'd say. Ok, let's see. All right, now let's leave a space. I can see that space between line. And so let me, let me, let me put some books. So now let's test, test, test, test, test. And by we will have ax, help you typing. Have something, right? So that's empty. Then this and this. Otherwise. So what's happening is that these are shows to enter into the submitted. If the value is empty, then submit that disturb cannot be sooner as far as the better by making sure. All right, so there's one more thing that's called C, right? So what happens when we sing this form? Right? So, so anytime you see this one, corresponds to the name. So the by, right, so so important. We go and then say, thanks. So we assume that any time we save this one, Let's graph corresponds to name, right? So any value that is, I will put in the test phone as we specified in our biodata dots. So I guess the rest right here, red is manifest form. Let's run and see how it was. And once it gets to the fs one, never meaningful announcement for that. So okay, so now we have our phone. And I guess, I guess you can now enter your name. Alright, so in another video we are going to quantity on the rest of the phone. And I guess you're not going to be difficult for us. Again. 8. Textformfiele part 2: Hello guys, welcome back. Now we have an application like this and you would like to continue. So before we do another form, let's finish this live questions. So let's do another killed Su. This cute x2 will have data. Remember that's biodata dots. We had focused. So we need to focus on here we have country. And for the last question we have, we have city, should be Q3. So now we have, now we have our questions. Let's go and continuity of four. So I think that for me, once we have done for the first one, we just copy and paste the rest. So just copy from new rule. So that test form filled the role that headphone field, right? Just copy after copy. Just put aside the dots. The size box of HIV. Once you've put the size books, you can go ahead and paste. You just covered right? After you've studied mix, you change that one. The one you copy to kill rates. Then after that's a risk and see what happens. I think middle beth writes, yes, so now we can go ahead and do that. Alright, so size box of height. Then we come to the radius than our own. And under size most of highest. Then we paste in this change one to kill for, right? So nonetheless, risks, that's I guess. So now let's have us submit button. A submit button. So rights after the transform, I think we'll need another size books to leave a space. And let's have us size button to submit. Button to some gametes. We need less. Take a flattened button. So that's about two men. Let's leave that on Peres for now. But for the shop, then we will go into it picks. And that has some myths. And let's have some star. The star, let's, let's give me his funds. Funds awaits us getting old color into the heights by default. So the icon, the icon color for i. Okay, so it's a nice colors, dots, pink. So when we press on this submit button, check whether everything with and that they satisfy the form KVL. And when it says five, then we go ahead and submits. Right? Okay, so let's look. Okay, floods button. Okay. I think we should make it erase button either. And let's see what happens. Okay? So okay, so once we have the Kali is still not. The main problem is because with the press. So I think when you press the button now, they are not going to get anything that looks like a button because I'm not going to press it. So let's just put some distance. And let's see what's happens. I think less than our own little way. Alright, so. 9. Submit part 1: Hello guys. Welcome back. In the previous video where we will put the submit button. And in this video we are going to web embeds our database reference. And and then we write a method to submit this form. Right before that. Let me just put something here. And that's, it's funky. Funky helps you to create anytime you want to use it. So you want to know for your like. You love to look at what's listed off your phone before you submit spike. So the farmsteads help you have the state of your phone before you submit. So once we have our form, you will need to put his phone. So scroll down to the floor and in the phone. So once we have our foreign key in a phone, let us, one can bid on and database, right? So let's create an instance of database as Firebase database. And let's call its database instance of our database. Let's create database reference, right? Alright. Alright, now we have a database reference. What we need is a list of list of so called, sorry about your Anna suggested sites. And the first is, we are going to initiate, let's say in the database we are about to Greece and mean database. And then in the database instance database. So we are going to create a database, and in this diagram, we are going to be specific rights. And anything is changing database. Once you have identified the database, once you have it. All right, so now we've written our inner states rights. And he had been in a institutes that we initiated analysts and advisers. And we've created a reference database called employee by CNI database, we've created a chart and you can think of that one as beta, as beta. So one set of data. So we can create an automated another child. And so now we've created a charcoal employee by and that data again to pick the data off employees, right? Where they come from, the Abbottabad, hungry and sits. And all that data will be put under employee by lambda sin that database we're friends on child rights. You listen to an event. So the event is when something is added writes on child and so on child. And that we want our database to do something fast. Database reference on charging, right? That's an event or canine database. You want to do something. So what is this something that we want to be? Something we want to do? We want to put this in a metaphor, right? So if something is changing and this what we want to happen in if something is and what you want it to happen. So let's write the method rates. And this do something. Let's be on entry added. So anytime an entry is added to the zombies, right? And this one on m3g. So let's go on. So database and sometimes added to our database as snapshots, fights. We want that to be added to bio lists. Fights are bio list is a list of employee rights. Think of it. That's how people write the needs of homeless people being studied. Right? So anytime something is added to that database, come in two lists, right? So unless we convened by the database, the data we put beta has been added to the scan data with which to a database will be added to the list. So we have a lot of meta analysis. Then we can use our vascular list in the rest of our code. So that's what we had seen that anytime something is added to our database, analysts and when something is changing and the debates soon enough, adequate onesies and events. And for the entrenching what we want. We want to, we want to, we want to place. So if you look at this is a bio lists rates by a list of all energy snapshots, bites, event those snapshots. So we want to place, has recently in the database space, the event that has occurred in our database, right? The old entry with the NG and for you to get the old entry right, remember that dealing with LS. So the index of the old entry rights is where we are willing to place the new event data. That's what we have discussed. So before that you have retained the events. Thus Marsha, that key, right? And again, to help us to identify, the key is going to help us to identify the hazard event and the energy that's where the events happening. So once we know the energy where the event happened, event that has happened to replace the v in our list. So that's what we've done for the entry gene. So, okay, so now let's go ahead and move this Events. And let's leave because you've specified events limited, right? So let's go ahead and vote on this one as well. Okay. I guess we have a spelling mistake. So if if you don't know what's was selected as an underscore. 10. Submit part 2: All right, so now we have undetermined setup, right, for the method to stem summit rates. And now when we submit, we are going to see that's writes in a database. So we come down here and this has submitted pass rates and on press when we present it for me wants to happen. Well, we know rectilinear marijuana something to happen. Let's you then you don't get some middle button because someone can click on this button by mistake. So you first have to submit this form. Then we sum in this far, right? So let's weight them. It'd call conformation. That is going to ask, do you want to submit this form? In the form? So we have a method called confirmation. And therefore, what we are going to write is to show the dialogue box and dialog box. Yes or no. Yes or no. Yes. Then so now the dialog It's something like a proper on the on the screen now contains a question. Maybe a patient or a confirmation that something was successful or something wasn't successful. And sometimes it gives an NBA annihilate dialog. And it has a title and the content. And it has action for one or two button. Okay, so now we've written formal confirmation and in the form of mission, we are returning an alleged dialogue that has a title from conformation and the content is do you want to submit this form, right? Yes or no, right. So the parameter actions that helps you to retain veterans writes, As for you to to enhance them convolution between you and the ISA. So in the action, have a flat bottom, right? Yes. And a flat Botswana chart. What am I going to do? So once bays up presses, not, then I'll just pop, pop, pop to remove the dialogue, writes dilate dialogue from this week. So I pop dialog on the screen and I'll come back to this. Then. The data says yes. Then I talked to move that dialogue rights from the screen. And then I do something. Once these are present, decimal phenomenon is happening by a 100, we run iterate. We are going to present is late dialogue and dialect. Monday is actually no pockets in a movie from this one by this woman with us from the screen and do some, and that is the summit. Now send it to the database rights. So let's start this dialogue and now let's see how it goes. So nowadays what we have is what you have new onto the screen from the screen and do something right? So now we want to do, you want to write a method called summits rates. So summits. So after we've copied from the school, then we as a Judas method cause submits. So now let's go and run this method cosine theta cosine, right? What we are going to do is we're going to make use of our foreign key. Set of rates is going to help us to see when that therefore has been validated. When I'm asking good decorate information, then we can do whatever you want to do with a phone, right? So fast. So remember, we've created, created enough. Don Quixote has to check your phone, right? So now that foreign key will help us, were written as parents did, and that's written as the current state of our form. So now, as I'm speaking to Anna, if I call this foreign key, current_state is going to read them in this form. And we determine that loop does nothing uniform, right? So key, it is validated. All right, so now we have the foreign key, the form that you take whether it is validated. We have this parameter or validate. And that's where you want to today's inputting the hereditary rights. So once we saved the validation to see these asking cuisine, then correct and rate that's validated. Then we see that from the research. And then write database refined dot, dots sets. And remember this by Jason in Biodent. That's right. So now that after you've Summit that is formed is unknown as mindfulness has been something, right? So now you would like to also maybe write a method, right? So that's the form has been submitted, right? So let's have a method call, summits. Successful. Submits successful. Okay, so first let's run it and see what I have been successful. You follow, right? Okay, so now let's load application and let's see where we've been so far, right? So what we will look at that are in that seminar. And we have no errors. So let's go ahead. And now let's, okay, so now let's try and put in some rights and syncing. So now unless some iterates. Now, let's look at that terminal. And I think we have an error, right? Never narrow enough Amnon and erasing this and encourage parents data weighted data with I don't know, but anyway, nice. The error is in this photograph alone dialogue rates. So I'm only thing is because of the rates and thus how I'm trying to separate one from the other, right? So spacer, so after this, it is designed in such a way that the actions are designed in such a way that you can put a number of commands, the right number button then interacts with this bizarre space, writes something and thus the error rates. So many are made have to remove it. My visa and see what happens. Let us hot base. That's again restaurants capita, amino mixture. You see if you click on Console as before. And now let's see again and city. Right? So if you, if you choose no copy, you just move it from the bottom. From the schoolmates and natural habits by yes, right? So now let's check our database rights. So remember that in our database, nothing has happened in his day. Nothing is units. When we click on Yes. Mr. something to happen in a database face. So yes, something that's happening, database rights. And that's awesome. And nothing is the employee buy-in, right? So the aspect that to happen, and remember that we created this database. And we said that anytime something is added to the database, is added to our list. And then we place we've not done that one. Yes. Yeah. So I think we also set up a database reference and the shadow score employee by the database we added. So this employee by unless any inquiry via we have this. So remember I told us a number of data, right? So it is just one. And it has oh, I guess something as shown here. So we inserted in the database. So when this one you also get a narrowly this properly everything and I was waiting for and don't forget that. It's likely that your biodata. So let's go back to see where the arrow is coming from. Because a US citizen and he also had needs, right? So all of them should appear. By then. You have to get the concept rates greater than charcoal and, and, and, and, and there's just one of them. And this one can assess employee. So let's check where the arrow is coming from Java, you can get all these data. So now let's go to our BioDent. That seems crazy because From Snapshot sprites, then beta, Pangea. And those are the same thing in a database city, country. And so there's no error in Biodent deaths. So let's take this Gaussian and in our field. So we said let's, anytime we see biodata, that's two millisiemens, right? And an arrow is coming from their eyes, right? So we said, we want the name to be called sooner. In the second one, we don't see a biodiesel by say a biodata DOB data. The data is and in that country and in this one. Alright, so now we can turn into a synonym. Let's see, let's see, and let's restart space. And unless try to entering data, let's push in new data and see what happens. So let them around Davey. And soon unless you guys how to and again. Some of the anti-Semites form? Yes. Now, submitted any time the form is submitted in his being clean. And anytime this happened, we see the phone has has been recently rights, therefore is recent research rights sooner. So using new data, has this appeared once we submit that data one? And this one, the Somehow we have all our data, our data. So now you have, so now what do we want to do next? In the next video, we will be trying to see me. We will fetch this data back into our app rates. Because now we know we've added something to the database, but we have not been able to fetch that data. Right? By now we know B as summits are formed the summing. And then let's do one on one or two then before then as you do so. Now you can see for this particles and these two buttons are together and that one will give another. So instead of putting the Sunday to give us our narrow, let's try and put an empty tests. An empty test. And let's see. And let's go ahead and CO2. And what do you want to do is just to separate the good. They SEA announces that that's, as I said, that we need to we need to have the unknown. That's the form has been submitted. Successful. Right. So now let's see. Oh, having responded sides is bothered them. So let's go back and you will find a way to me that's an LGBT rights. We'll find a better way to do that. So let's click on yes, we don't have any data in its own, right. And it'll tell us this form. This field, hands be empty, right? And that's how validate our can have valid data is trying to sit up all the forms, all the test telephone has been validated. And even if you summit, you have a medium correctly and just leave one is to maintain. This form can be distilled into you need to fail on a species, or it's right. By my main program. Print, Enter, and indeed arrays. When we enter new data. And how well they Isn't that. Note in audience assessment, the data's been successful rates, balance I metastasis. Well, that's what I'm saying is means we have to create an inlet to order from us. So now we have this reads and click on new dialog box. Maybe you want to correct some guys. So now let's find summits. Yes, it's in this form. Hence be empty, this will be m. So now let's put in some rights. And when you go into a database, you're going to see that a new dataset and this army homogeneous. So now let's write a method to tell the user that the phone has, has somehow been submitted. Cylinder. So that's a tokamak that will be executed as Candice. After the summits. Successful. Some meat successful. And metadata days adopts. The form has been submitted rights, summits. And now until we are done, right? Alright, so now we have a dialogue. Dialogue twice. Lead towards restarts and silicones, right? So add indeed heights. You click on it. And the data method. And you click on Submit. You'll click on Yes. Because the phone was not something that you are not going to see. That dialogue. And that dialogue will only be called when the form is successfully signed that Cerner let's put in some data Summits. Yes. And successfully submitted rates. And let's dismiss. Dismiss you. Come back to the main page and this way the DWB, right? So in this case, if we have faded data, name, the new data we just added. Now once we have it's legible but to their database and see what I have here. And we have no more rights more. So now, I didn't. That's all for now. And in the next video we will try and fetch the data we've just added in. Part two is the how how best we can. And so seeing an LGBT. Thank you. 11. Display part 1: Hello guys. Welcome back. In the previous video, we were able to finish with that submits and we tested it and it was waking perfectly. So in this, in this one, in this class, we would like to do fetch the data and back into our uprights sonar less than, let's get things, right. So now let's, let us stuff, right? So there's something called via base and emitter. And base and emitter list helps you to just one of the few things in fact that I have to use with families, right? And in this case, it helps you to retrieve data, especially if you want to use something like a list and list, right? So retrieving information from the database. Yeah, so that's what we are about to using. And that is that when a Firebase, lets add some below this adenine data, remember, adenine the tablets, the small icon. I know rule. And that rule, right? So that is why we continue our program rights. So less than atom like add new data, like recently added, plus an icon that you can always press to synchronize your data rates. So now writes after this rule, that's how the size of height. Right now that aside books yet let's have a little barrel will have recently added data in an icon just like this. So I will. So now we have rights, right? So now we have rights and rights. And so I guess we have rights. Rights. And I guess I'm dismiss does misaligned pellets. So now you can go ahead and choose any color you want. If you want to use blue for this one as long, you can go ahead and do that by Mayawati than hot Afghanistan. Right after this particular rights had been Beta. And this icon, I had a space right side box that will give me a space of 40. And now with this huge iPhone afterwards had a rule. And the rule, and the main idea is, I said it to space given the rates and it's basically you will have all claim foods around Gracia, right? So you can see the species is equal to the species. And that's what's this evening will do for you. And for my first job, I have this recently added a test and had some weights. And Augustus, after that I have an icon, right? And that's icon, refresh, icon, icon that's referenced, and the size and the color, pink. And when you press on this icon, what do you expect to happen? Well, I'm not I'm not doing any any independent rates. What I'm doing is I'm just replacing this with an impedance. Remember this is the page we are currently working in. Is Costco shy about that? And this is what we are working right now. So anytime I press on this refers icon, I just want a new child rights. I want a new stage of this of this closure rates. So anytime I press on this icon, rescue Sam plenty working in is taken away in his being replaced by a Gaussian, right? That then gets the name the currents of these weights of Lascaux sharing and caring for animals, thus MySQL. So that's what I have right now. Let's continue. So now I have that. Now. I think I can go ahead and go ahead. And homicides books of heights, Houston. And now we're about to do families and meter lists, right? So now let's have flexible. And the child will be Firebase and rights. And the query, the query we're making is the big database reference. And I can build a non-linear spend as Firebase admitted less. So now it has an item builder writes. And anytime you have an item, but then flatter means that you are going to specify how many times you want to build it, right? And we want to make use of the index of violinists. Remember our bio list is the list. The list of data where we have that vital information about, about employees being started. The number of items in the list represents the number of data rates of employees we have in the list. So we want to make use of the data in the bio lists to build a nitrogen, right? So, meaning that if we have a 100 items in the list, we are going to build a 100 items. And each item will build or have something about each of the data in the violinist. I hope you get that right. So if you have ten items in the list, we are going to build tonight and steel bit, we'll build one for the fast data, one for theta one, for theta two, we are done for auditing. And for each item we built this. So let's go ahead. Alright, so now based on the number of index, number of items, you have violet light. So now I've got two. Alright, so numb column. You'll have the chance to to specify your, you have a chance to specify your title and your subtitle, right? So maybe they can choose to make a title and a subtitle to be maybe the database rights. So in the list I write it also as illegal and eliminate some of them. You can display, right? And we did. You can display before the list on the left side. So, and when we press on that widgets, fascial happy, right now has a gravity that we want to put there, right. Is it a central arbiter? And that's second. Nasa puts something that maybe we can choose to delete. Right. Now. I think we can run application to see, to see how the Sakalava doesn't look like, right? Make sure you see effects come through as if you don't see you. There are no rights who might not have an error in it. So until s. And so now you see something here. We have four different data rates and you have to know that we are using index writes MAR scene, that's for their families and medalists. Accumulate index. Meaning we are going to build the item based on the number of items in our list, right? In variant minutes added for data to the database. And we wrote them attendance in the Tammy and something a database is to add data to grab data to the list. And then we have four items in the list, right? And for all the four items, we want to build something for it. And so far what we have built for it is just a cycle habitat rates. And I think that for each item in the list, built Ezekiel habitat, right? And then we have four different secularity. Does model lithium ions. For each item in the list, we want to display the name and the database. For each item in the list, we want to display the name and the date and the date of that, right? Or maybe in the city, some highlights. So now let's go ahead. Alright, so right after the, the increment. So now we have the second of azide and this data has been, we've wrapped and inkwell right around it. And when you wrap wrap an info around our widgets around a job, what do you want to use? The GestureDetector rates on the inkwell rates? So in this case, when I press on this inkwell, I can do some. Alright, so here I want to, when I press, when I long press on this inkwell, I want to delete. Every company will do that later. We'll do that later. So just delete, so you'll come back and write the delete method. And so when I press on this segment, I want to delete. It means I want to delete that particular data in the database. But for now let's continue. So Alice has a title and that title is a test grades. But then I don't want to put any Today. I want to put the violet sprints. The index has again, thus we are dealing with rights, right? So nonetheless, the list in the list for each item in the list, retained to me as secular advertise, and now return to me the name of the name of each data. Right now. And it also has a subtitle rates. It has a title and it has a subtitle, right? So now let's do the subtitle as well. And the subtitle rates. We want to test. And in this case, we want to display the city. So we resume bio or the congenially via list index, index. And that may be country or database LED display the data rates via list by analysts. And adding doesn't mystic. Yeah. I made it. Just adds it with agile antitrust fell an index. So you can just among xe. And that means you have to remove it from all the index. And as I've been thus bytes burdensome soon. And so now I have it here. So now let me see what we can see right. Now. I have to have the database of each data rate, and certainly New York. New York. Well, now remember for the data rates, for the event data, we couldn't, we couldn't because we displayed some of misplace them on the ice. So when we asked asked IV fluid in the delete method, delete doubles great data from the database. By now, we have that workers and actually database weights and we have the name and the data rate of each particle, right? So it tells us something called trailing rates. Surely end up villainous. And icon we display rights. Something that canvas first at the less than and K12, this plan icon, the icon onto display. For an hour. Alright. And the icon size. And onto lead on queries for now. And when I'm done with everything right after my unless I want to leave it by the man after each less than specified icon Color. And I'm engaged colors that spin. Let me make these things both ways. That's both element do this same thing for the subtitle aswell. Star, star, star wind farms weeds, and a color lesbian home. Now let's hot reload. And now we have its pace. We have it. Now. Let's change the color for this arrow means. So in this case the colored dots pink. And place it here. Let's reload again. And now we have rights. So now we've been able to fetch the data from a database into law. And like, see how awesome it is, right? So now we can add the data from an application and we can see the data arrives back here. So now let us look at something in our database. So let's go back to the database. And in the database we have for the diets, for the Zionists, and the name, and the database of each particular data item. So here we have in the database, right? Here we have Jamie and a little bit. Here we have David and a data buffer data. We had some issues, right? So we're getting directs them. That's why we have the name to be New York, right? So I just deleted from the database rates. So quickly the lymphoma upright. I want to delete a staff weighting method for application. But now let's change something in an app, right? In that database enlisted what I actually changed in the app. Because USA interest rate time the database, meaning that it is not a respect of time rates. Anything you do in the database. Quickly changes in the up any chosen the upgrades. So now I want to change Jimmy rates to identify. And let's see what I saw genuine up. So now instead of Jennie, Jennifer, and let's see what does this genie, This was a great Jennie. Jennifer. So when I hit Enter, now from Jenny, and now we have Jennifer, right. Now we have Jennifer, right? So now on to David. Let me add second name race. And now let me hit. And so that is for the same brains on entry gene does. That's why we work on entry changed. Many times I'm transgene database will quickly reaching in the upper-right as well. So I think that this phenomena. Now let's go to the application and let's try to add new data rates. So now remember I said that this, this habit I hear you use the appetite to deletes late, finish development obligation. Now you long press on this habitat an option to delete. But we're not done yet by watching really can add data. So let's add new data. And let's say we have some little bit. And countries spin. And you want to submit this ES. Now, as soon as you click Yes, incidentally, recipe database means. So you have some rights from spin minded brains and the database. So now let me dismiss. And when I dismiss, it has mean back to my my main page and now have some right. Any database here. So I think that's cool. For now. I think it's cool, right? And less than and not have data. And this time around. Let's add Rebecca. It's the country England rates. Since z. Now let some, it's you want to submit onto some index form dismiss. And now I'm Rebecca makes so one couldn't allow SDA is it helps you to scroll up and down. You can scroll up and down. As the data gets plenty. You can kind of scroll up and down. And I guess my, I know mine, my device I financed by debt cosine incomes to screen right. Now that's happening, does it phenomena? And let me also talk about mismo, icon theories. So finally finished by your person decimal icon, you are willing to get a list of dates, right? So when I click on the icon, just misidentify this particular ion. I'm going to get something right. Okay, I'm sorry, my guess disappearance and got disconnected. And I click on the icon, I'm going to get a new page and show me all the data taken about any Teresa. I'll see the name of the database and everything. Right. So that's all for now and I'll see you in the next video. Thank you. 12. Delete: Hello guys, welcome back. So in the previous video, we're able to display the data. In this video, we are going to try and delete the data from the upright not funded inhabits. Because in the database, you can just go back to the database and click on this button, right? And it could be emulated data from the database, right? Bite onto me that I want to delete everything from the AP. So now let me go. Long restaurant list, right? On this avatar, I will, I will have an object in the database so that our time rates, as well as our foods, my deletes buffer now and to increase the size of, I think they look to smartly. So I wanted to include a size, right, so font-size. And give me 24 or maybe twins. And let me give, let me give the subtitle type zone. Swing. So our notes, right, so I've got this one after one again. So let me run it. And let's write them. Delete space. So the method called delete, delete, delete. So now let me as blending method, right? So now in this delete method, now, he believes in using the using the list rates. Remember we have at least writes in Dallas contained in the data. The data we have currency. So some people would just be live from the list and now under delete from your app. But I choose to delete from using the snapshot rates. So mine deletes would pick betas nauseous rates. And now I delete using the snapshots rates. So I just need the snapshots in the key. So the snapshot, the key, the key rates. And then I just delete key. Remember when we defined our BioDent that we gave, we give it a key, right? Which means each data has achieved. And that when we get that key, we have access to that data and then we can delete the data, right? So that's what we have been. So we first, we invest in these, really want to delete the data, right? Yes. In these h's, yes. Then we go ahead and delete. Man, just like the other one. If Neizha thus just note, then we just we just hope and come back to where we are. Right? And what we had been in Adelaide method is that we have retained him at a lead dialogue, right? And we are absolutely is I really want to delete this for, right? So eBay's us choose yes, right? Then we are going to delete the database. We're going to delete that adequate data using this snapshot big dots key. Using the G on that data, we remove it from the database, maybe choose not. Then we just pop it out from the from the from the screen rates. So and if they choose, yes, we deleted from the database. Then we also remove it from this outlet dialogue. Alright. So now supposed to be this way. And as I've downloaded you, yeah. So along on long phrase, we want to delete and no lights, not damage. Let me just compete. Well, I don't know. I think the problem is because of okay. Let's go back and check on the lakes meant that race because I think it should be in quotes. I don't know. I think we did not place it. Right. So I've lived method is in the semesters as fights. And so just Cotard's Patterson waves is right now the scattered from there. And paste it after. Right? Alright, so now I guess we are there, right? So deletes. But you have to know that the delete method we just wrote, pigs in a beta snapshots made snapshots because it needed a P2. So yes, pardon snapshots. And the item that was working with a data snapshot, snapshots, the delete method here. So make sure you could snapshots here. So that's awake, right? So now let's respect rights are in your terminal. And let's see what's happens. Navigation, just rest, but right now let long press on this, you know, New York rights plugin. We want to delete that data, right? So m along preyed on it. Okay, so now it comes right, now. Right? And you go back. So you need to long credits. Right now it's coming to you on to delay this phone. Yes. And I choose yes. Now, you see something like this vanished from the app, right? At first for you to school now we will not go in and write something just vanish right from the by the New York we deleted is to the right. That's why we have our reference, but I just refresh. And now New York is going up, right? So that's all for the delete rate. So now I can go ahead and delete one more, right? So now let me delete. Let me delete. Jennifer. So long. Press on Geneva. You want an elite ES? Somebody is gone. So you just refresh and identifies Pneumonia, right? So that's all for the elites. And I'll see you in the SVD. 13. Display part 2: Hello guys. Welcome back. In the last video, we were able to finish with the display. And now we have i beta in the app. And it's why can ask v1. In this video, we are willing to work more on these buttons rights. So when you press on this bathroom, is you get something that looks like that, right? So if I press on this button, the gains of the country and city displayed right, then I shall have an option to update the form. So that's what we are going to do Rainer. So if you remember, there's an icon right? Trailing when it comes to a less than trailing. And we did that. You can display at the back of the list, right? So there's absolutely, and it's an UFO, an iOS rights. So on press when you press on it, what do you want to happen, right? So that's what we are about to work on right now. So when you press on its view, have used Navigator to push a new piece. Okay. Now if we then I'm okay. And now we can go ahead and devote more and do more. So now let's wake up way scaffolded and everything. So I think we have a new piece. So now we've went on anew and now we have a scuffled and so we can go ahead and run and see what's happening. So let's do our demo. And now I think So now lets, you can click on these icons rights. So now it's like, so. Now we have a new page, right? So this way we are going to display the and I info about speaking Italian ice. And what we have here is an OR gate arrays. And now columnist material page routes, right? And we are attaining a maxilla up in the unbelievable writes and reads R0 back. I was as a leading. Their own press is. Okay, so now we're gonna add an app bar, right? Alright, so now, alright, so now let's run. Okay, so now we have all kinds of rights. And now pencil, instead of displaying these to display, this page shows data about a particular employee. We chose to use the darpa Grand employees as a title, right? So now we have the employee's name and a country. So if I choose Norma, have norma from US rights by choose, some, have some spin. And if I choose Rebecca, Rebecca from England, right? So what I did was I set the center and the test. I'm going for nine bio lists that index, you know, you are building an item, right? And item boda, everything. So choose the name and the country as the tides are, right? And I just did some stuff. So I'm gonna put some space around this. So now let's continue with somebody, right? Marianne, Ambassador, buddy. Okay, so now we have our last somebody. As I'm Wendy. And in the container via the creeds in the container with an image does ask Jose, image, like we've been in our space. So you can copy this could give us, I think we've done this twice when it comes to the depletion imagery. So you have your calculator rates. And we went for coffee tablets, mode, writes the colors we just colored black and opacity to these open the 07 and blend Moon ritual, the blend moonshot AS220, an image the image downloader rates. Alright, so now let's run and let's see what happens. I guess application has run. And now we have those Amy's right. Now, yang masculine. So now become continuous soon our nest. Now, once I'm done, I guess well as as well was something dial counselor because, you know, some people, they are fun. And the Pizzo rates, that puzzle is the physical side effects. So you might think, oh, you're on your phone, you can, you can see all the data and Alice who writes on someone's phone, the person might have to screen all that you see on the right. So it's advisable that always you use single charts will us global rights in AP stats. So now let's go container, right? So now let's verify that. Okay, now let's run out. So now we've added some one or two things, right? Say Nochlin Dana, we set out to be a single school at single Josquin. Then we have our form and don't forget your foreign key. And we find this one key. And a foreign key. He gave the foreign key to the key of the phone. Then you have a column in a column E left time-space and gave it, and now have a rule would test. And that test is actually a fraction. You remember, we have a test. Question one, and remember the question why we said at the beginning. Yes. These are patients that have your name, your full name, your date of birth, country and city, right? As we used to take date from the ISA when we were sent sending the data to the database, right? So we go back to that question has atleast, right? So now let's do hot restarts and let's see what has happened. And I guess everything should be working crazy, right? So an avid application, just rest of it. And you can choose any of the data. So managers should know and non-anxious analyzing how fullName here, right? So what we really want to do as the sprites, right? So now we have the fooled me. So if you have the forming, the how-to follow what the nest and outflow will be a test form field. And that has fulfilled. We will display the full name of norma writes by just techniques from the database. Then you have a database, a test form field, and take the data from the database, writes the country, US Peggy from the database. And we will have the option to update the phone. So if want a beautiful letter form field typing something, and now I'm dazed, right? So that's what we want to do. So now we have a half women and domestic now follow would be a test for one field. Now will display the funny right? So once again, in a contemporary hardest single Jasper view, and the shadows are formed. And we have our funky and the Charter of the formula and column weight. So now let's continue. Okay, now, so now we have this form field, right? And C is the name of that. So if I take on this form field, It's continuous in that order. So on safe, permissive, you want to make sure that we're missing the name. David writes, as the food minim of visa doesn't change to meet the needs of their rights. So when you see the Anything imaging is Diomedes to Dhaka form field will still remain the name of Bill, right? So if I want to choose to add something to the name David, I can add an adenine. And then I've been a phone. So when I go back into my app, I'll see that everything I did, everything that I did the same as minimum vivid. Okay. Then the valid data, just like we did for the first one, if this one is no validated comes from its right. Molly data is that ensure that don't delete the data rates. So now let's run it and see what's. So now lets choose data rates. And that's what we have. Baby, baby fooling. So now why don't we put into the bids. The direct result of David is his autonomy is David Wu and his army, the US, right? We have the full name here as well. So unless what do we want to do? Unless, unless we want to, we want to display them is meson baby, the country in the city as well, right? So in this case, if you have the Summit for that summit format and you want to submit the tau1 showed us this. You have not deleted this massive Band-Aid. Realize if you deleted this particular data, you want to submit it to the database is the same as some Islam MD5 rights. So it does it. So we can go back and we will see are the heat. So now, now we have this because form field writes. I guess now we can copy and paste in order to have all the rights. Just like we did for the first form writes, we can copy and paste. And so in order to save time. So before we copy and paste the copy, I don't like it. They will money when data is to close eyes. So I would like to leave some space before the test actual begin. So our goal, so mind-body rates. And there's my body. My body has a container. Unwrap this container with no padding helps you to leave spaces around me already. So and this small rap when pattern rights. So once IRA, isis fabric pattern, now my body will be added and the child will be generated in a pattern. Here, the agents said, all right, we're going to leave as visual aids piecerates it around on the borders of your device waits, tsunami come, save rates, and continue to do the copyrights. So I will copy, right? So now we want to copy from now we have this test. You'd like to leave a space. So let's leave a sizable of hides. And then we have this sizeable study space. We can copy from the right to let us far-field. So let's, let's save. And let's run again and see whether we have the datapath one mountain and they really need to change some nights. So in the first transform field, we said, we want the initial value to the right minus the initial value. To be a little bit, right? So now we have a list and rights. Rights. And now when we save this val rights, when we submit this form, we want the platform should be once everything has to remain as the database rights. So he had achieved by the density into by a little bit rates. If you don't do that, once you seem that transformed the name or anodic count. And so now let's see, and let's run it again. And let's see how far we have been. So I guess it's as one. And then let's go. Alright, so now we have now fullName and maintain the question one to question two. So now we still have one. So let's go ahead and show one to 22 instead rights. Okay, so now let's run it again. So it is kind of cool, right? When it comes to meta basis in flood lights and in Firebase. So now we have a little bit. So now let's continue copying affordable rates. Let's have our size box of heights. Betsy. Let's, let's, let's, let's, let's change Joe 123. And this time around the initial value will not be named to this country. And when we save the form, we want it to mean as a country rates. Now we can have another size boats. And we view of what copied. And this time around. Question one will now become question form. And the Misha will now be the city. And when we sell the phone, we want it to remain as the city. So now, let's see. Let's restart the application. And then we so minus one, minus one. So let's go ahead and have a submit button. Let's go ahead and have a submit button. So for our submit button, we are going to have a raised battery, rights, arrays battery. And we write down method rights. So let's do the residency says you will have to leave some space, right? So it says books of heights less than arrays, but okay. So now let's see how. So capita CAPTA are in your terminal. And let's restarts. So one thing you have to keep in mind is does fall short and item boda rates go down in the Firebase and made a list. We'll do the same thing for each particle. And so Rebecca, I shoved the same rates as often begun from England database, right? City. And soon unless I ways, but I'm bid for me, right. So now let's change the color to the color of the button to pink. Okay? So in the next video we are going to, we are going to write the method for this particular maximized. So if we, if he preys on this updates, if you press on this update phone, but nice quotes you happen to be in the next video. And so thank you. 14. Update: Hello guys, welcome back. So in the previous video, we're able to set up and did phone writes page with all the necessary things that we needed. And now we have a big formats here. So in this video we will be, so this video might be, is going to be the last battle, right? So after this video, then, we've been able to cover what we wanted, the rights that they could operations in order that we wanted to create a database. The database and gated related rates. So now you've been able to create a database, right? So now we can delete from the database. And now we've been able to read from the database rights pathway you see on this, the NCAA. And now you need to ambience and they'd have these rights. So now we've created a database. We can read the database. We are about the database, and then we can delete the data from the database. So now let guessed that I would our update phone button. So you have to know that just like there's some made for margin, you might be thinking visa might press this Update Form button by mistake. Say you would like to deal with some in this form, right? So you write that method, the method dao as they really want to sum in this form. So in laser will want to sum in this form. Then we are going to ahead and some in the form that it is doesn't want his Amanda phone and breaks the pattern by mistake, then mesa would know and we will pop it from the screen after we've written down method would just coming to the method here, right here. This on-premises say can come in as I'm beads for rights for Israel will come into the method that did phone maximum, right, so let's, let's write a method. A method call Pfam. Pfam updates. So dislike home famine summits. I'm willing to display and dialog box to some needs before. Okay. So now we have our needs met, had rights. And the phone up bids method is issuing a dialogue rights. Unless dialogue I'm dates confirm ambience. And the content is, do you want to have this form? Now you have yes. In the actions you have the first floods bathroom with that shot of test, same ES and another fad but somewhere that chart of tests where the test, right? So and I choose CS. There you would pick, then I led the dialogue from the screen and do something rights. And that thing we will do is that Pin Dao or send it to make sure that data has been amputated, rights. And know these edges. Then we are only going to hop from the screen and we wouldn't need shoes. Yes. We pop it on the screen and do something, right? You need like no. Then we publish from the scheme. Right? So now let's run and see how, how it works. So remember, remember we have to, we have to put our phone a bit rates on families, the Press rates. So on press on, press, on press. Then we put our form, our own Pfam. Obviously, right? So now we can run that and see how it's links. Okay, so now let's try with norma writes. And now let's see update phone. Now, d1 term babies phone. Yes. We pop from mescaline and do sound right? No. Obvious from this. Right? Right. So right now when we are about to do some guides, Bible, Nandan, Nilekani, its lights. So thus our iterates. I remember the last time we are trying to suppress this. Yes, we wanted to bring the CSU in this model here, right? So now let's go ahead and see whether we can do that. So rights, floods, but remember we have two buttons here. One is yes and no data, one is your rights. So in between the two, let's go. So let's test unless say. And maybe we want some blank, blank and sets the color rights to rights. Let's send that to us. Nice. And let's see how it goes. So let's run and get this done. So let's see how it goes. Right? So now we have ds here and the moon day by Z DSPs here is higher than this. So you can go ahead and add more tests. Might say, this is at the back of the list and add back will be known is almost the same rights somebody can choose to add. Alright. So now let's continue, right? So now let's write this. Do some limited rights. Do something that'll help us update our home, right? So let's come down rates. And let's have void. Void, update writes, handle updates, updates. And by the way, and it means that the method doesn't return anything writes. This method doesn't return anything. Value of y, right? So we need a phone state to check whether it is validated before we can't do anything, right? Alright, so now we have a handle on beads, right? So now I choose yes poppies on the screen. And we will do they handle and then we handle and updates, right? So now in this hand-on I'm beads is also going to send the data to a database rights. And after that you want to, you want to align these under the, um, the Italian successful rights. So after that we'll have a method called success and being successful, right? So update successful. Thus is a metal we are about to write. Today's adopts the form has been submitted rates. So now in the handle and a beets, right, we have four states rights. And we are checking whether their phone is validated so that the current state of our phone is invalidated. If invalidated, resets and sanitary database, right? So now let's write this as S rights AND gates sucessful. Alright, so now we have bases as for metal rights. And now we have seen that when the user presses CS, writes his phone screen and handle and updates right now and a 100. And now we have seen that in the formulas validated, it does. Visa has glucose in everything that he was seen as input rates. And that's the snows. But left blank form, right? So if we take an incidence rates, then we send a form to database writes. We want to today's and as the formal been updated. So database reference dot by dot JSON will push the database the data rates then. Wanted today's the formal when I'm datasets as right. So now you see that we set at Penn aniline dialog confirmation and contents are successfully. Then in the process, right? One of these I is choosing dismiss kind of rights. We cannot remove the old one from the database, writes old man from the database, and then we pop, right. So now let's go buy generates laser we should CS. And these h's, yes, we handle an upbeat in such a way that we checked whether the form is validated, before they can submit. Any phone is validated, send it to the database, writes, and then. Isn't that the phone has been updated success rates. Then in the process of telling the visa vi the old one right? From from the from the database. And now when days up pop and days up, oh, no, that's the old one is not there anymore. Bananas and in beta rays. And that new data will continue to information. Everything he made only changes human rights. So now they chart here is a test and that test will be dismissed. So my days are present. Best dismiss. When these are present, Mills dismiss. We remove the old one and then operate. Laser will see the changes, USE rates, and the changes LEP made, auditing is emitted will be shown in the meanwhile one, Reese, amiss, and then among the older. So that's what we're doing here. Then there's an error here because anytime we want in a matter of moving, we will move it as snapshots that ski rates. So we'll have to pass the data snapshots rates, data snapshots to this one, right? And then pass it the as well that we can get into the metadata as well, right? Snapshots. And yeah. Alright, so now what again? Now? Yes, Zona, Handan ambition, taking data snapshot, right? Pleasure is also positive from condemnation, right? So also puts your data snapshots into formal confirmation. Because snapshot, snapshot Rabbi, in order to pass it the hand and leads by snapshots. Alright, so lambda, we are done. We need to pass this confess. I'm Bates. So our update phone banks rights. So now 100 comes up. Thus a waste bags night, it is available and the own dress. We've already said that's right. So if you have not set it just as rights. So just in their own press des Buttes. I'm dates rights? Yes. Puts content updates, the rights and the confirm update things as much as I so yes, by this notion to it. And now it's Vietnam. So now Monday's I choose yes, days, our press, this is our best. Less fatigue Ombudsman writes update for some days from a hopper rights. And for the pop-up days I choose. Yes. Yes. Then we are willing to. And though it and check whether the form is correct, everything is not less than blank, right? And if everything is the same as the database and remove the old one, writes and poke, right? So now let's see how it works. So now let me end dates. And I want to add, and I don't mean to numerate. So LMC, Noma phosphates. And now normal relocated rights from New York to Indiana rights. So now let me, I'm bits. You want to update ES elements of bits and pieces as four. So dismissed. And I come back right. So now just rephrase. Refers that I refresh button and we haven't nama for us right? Now. Consider Lamaist noun visits of Noma Islam in Indiana rights. So that's how it works. And then go to a bank rates. Rebecca, Sudan launching rockets are Cowell sun rays. And let me change this to two thousand. Two thousand. And let me update the phone. I'm Dana form. Yes. Or enzyme deeds. Dismiss. Now, we'll refresh and I have no mouse. And now and I go into a normal LLC. And consumer mice were assuming that there is no BS, right? So that's awesome. Mao we've counted and writes. So now we know how to query the database rights and set their own shoud added. And on Zhao chin blades. Don't shout added, help us to add any day diets. So any any Daniel Boorstin income-based being an entry of bio list, right. Lying mood, and number of employees that you have in that list. Sergeant, or eyes or the entry j, the entry change helps you to identify the event that has occurred in your database then so I can replace this right? Then. We also know how to set up new data right now to admin data, right? So now let me add new data. So isaac, Isaac lives in France. Let's hurry. Right? So submits. Yes. So you can go ahead and do the same thing for these two? Yes. Unknowing or dissipated as we did for the other one writes, The Smith and I have my asic admin data rate law contused in the late summer via long pressing on this deletes. You want to delete and delete some. I refresh. And now sum is gone, right? So that's kind of cool. And now spots out. I wanted to show you in this class, right? So in this class we call it Firebase real-time database in more details, right? So these, these are one of the best value gets created database deletes, updates and classes. In the next classes we will be looking into authentication rates, how to authenticate rights. Thus, how to add a user rights creates a login. Long doubts, and the USA authenticates. Rites. Sent, forgets the holidays. Are we send the password rights. And maybe you have an application. And the application, you have your Noma is s. And we'll have administrated by administrators writes, how are you going to separate them? How are you going to know that this is their nominees? That person shouldn't be allocated to this person on the app. This is an administrator and this person is Monday. The specimen will allocate and dispersion of the app, right? So that will be in the next class. Bye for now. This all I have for you. And there's a large venue rights and that we do doxa mouse, that project for this class. So our ceiling. Thank you. 15. Project: Hello guys. Thank you so much for making it to the end of this course. As we all know, causes on scale, say, ends with a projects in order to help you learn the skill you've paid for. And therefore, this class also ends with a projects. So this slide really deal is to explain the class, the project for this class. So as you can see on the screen, have totally changed application. And this is what I asked for mu for the project. So for a PEDOT PSS, we are no more going to create the title, take employees, the employees by rights. Barada, We are going to take data of the football teams in our country. So I created this and this data, this application till the beta of a football team, right? So if laundry taking data, just like we did for the other ones, you have the option to enter the name of the team, the football team. The, it was established the states where it is in the name of this positive, then you can submit. Once you have submitted it, it should appear here as we did. And if I click on this arrows, I should, I should get more details about eating, right? And just like we did for the other ones. So as she sees it seems name, the eight was established, the states and the sports stadium. And moreover, if I long press on this, I should have the option to delete. And if I choose, I should pop pop me from the screen. If I choose, yes. It should delete and I refresh, and everything should be okay. So this the class for the project for this class, and I know you guys, I went to work it out. And you have a good S brains when you do, you go through these periods. So you can find more information about the projects on skills. In their class page. You'll find more information about the scale of this project. So once again, thank you for taking this class and all the best in your studies. Thank you.