Fluid Acrylic Painting: Abstract Puddle Pour Method for Beginners. | Kaitlin Goodey | Skillshare

Fluid Acrylic Painting: Abstract Puddle Pour Method for Beginners.

Kaitlin Goodey, Creative art and business encourager

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6 Videos (51m)
    • Fluid Acrylic Painting Intro

    • Supplies List

    • Paint Mixing

    • Spot testing

    • Pouring Demo

    • Troubleshooting Common Issues

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About This Class

Learn the basics of Fluid Acrylic Painting to create your own beautiful abstract wall art. Artist and teacher, Kaitlin Goodey will cover everything a beginner needs to master the basics of Fluid Acrylic Painting.

In this introductory class, Kaitlin explains step by step the materials needed, mixing the paint, testing the consistency, how to puddle pour the paint, and common mistakes to avoid and how to fix them.

Kaitlin is breaking down the fluid acrylic process and explaining everything she has learned by trial and error over the last year in hopes of making this art form easier and fairly stress free for you. Once you've got the basics down you can really start pushing the boundaries and experimenting with unique outcomes!

By the end of this class you should feel confident in your ability to create acrylic pour paintings and if you have followed along you should have some physical proof!


What You'll Learn

  • Supplies List. In this lesson Kaitlin Goodey goes over all of the materials needed to step up and paint your project. Including explanations of why each material is necessary or alternatives to it. You can find an attached document of the list of items and where to find them in the class project tab.
  • Paint Mixing. Kaitlin shows step by step how to mix the paint down to a fluid consistency with added materials and what to look for to know you've done it correctly.
  • Spot Testing. You'll see how Kaitlin uses a scratch canvas to test if all the mixed paint will work together as planned.
  • Pouring Demo. Kaitlin will demonstrate how to do a puddle pour painting while also explaining how to experiment and vary the style.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues. Listen as Kaitlin covers all of the common questions and issues that artists run into while attempting to create Fluid Acrylic Puddle Pour Paintings. 

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Creative art and business encourager

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