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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Watercolour your Garment

    • 3. Removing Background

    • 4. Adding First Print

    • 5. Adding Second Print

    • 6. Adding Third Print

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About This Class


A quick class teaching you how to add floral patterns to your fashion designs. Transform your illustrations in a few minutes by adding effects through Photoshop.

You Will Learn :

  • How to watercolour clothes
  • To edit your fashion/product illustrations in Photoshop
  • How to add elaborate prints to your garments  

What You Will Need :

  • A fashion illustration or drawing of a garment or fashion product
  • Watercolour Paints
  • Any version of Photoshop

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sharon Mapuvire

Anything Is Possible


Hello everyone, my name is Sharon Mapuvire and I'm a freelance fashion designer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Skillshare team invited me to be a part of the teaching community and I felt it would be a great platform to share my skills and talent because I have developed easy ways of painting and drawing portraits. Making it possible for anyone to start painting portraits today. 

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1. Intro: Hi, guys. My name is Sharon. And for today's class, I'm gonna teach you how to add these beautiful florals to your design or illustration from the water color process and gonna teach. You had a watercolor you'd signs and then we get a chance for them to photo shop and in for the shopping. Gonna add a florals and you're going to see how you can easily transform your dress by using adjustment layers, effects brushes in photo shop. You're gonna see how we get from this to this, so let's get started. 2. Watercolour your Garment : So I've already outlined my dress and I'm gonna start filling in the water color and I'm going to stop by. Filling in with shadows are I always thought, by filling in my shadows and then I can just blend those shadows, outs and my fabric. My dress fabric is cotton, so it's not very flowing, but it has some movement to it. Gary, stop blend in. Just dip your brush, warts, and then you just stop lending it'll out. So it's like, Starts off really, really. Document shadows, and it just fades out. And I'm using a really small brush that kind of hops with light come tells, especially the lines with a frill out my outlines. Use a release more brush. No, she would size it is what it's like the smallest size to get and as you can see him, pretty much filling in every where because it's cotton. So it was silk. I would leave a lot of parts painted. Okay, now I'm gonna do the bust. And of course, your shadows are on your sides, so it's gonna be my darkest areas and then I blend in the middle. - Then I fill up the frills and we're done. So now we can move on to you for the shop 3. Removing Background : I'm going to start by selecting my background using the magic wand. And then I'm gonna use them a connect a class or two to exclude the body from the background. Because I want to change the color of my background to match the photo shop background, which is completely whites and miners of gray Pamela to the lips to the circular one. And I'm just going Teoh include all the little parts that I didn't catch with my magic wand . We must select brightness and contrast. And then I'm going to go up here on the brightness. It could really, really bright, and I forgot the inside of them arms. Cem's gonna catch that select the inside said everything in the background of matches. I'm going to select the background and then I'm gonna inverse it's so that I have the body. So that's the booth. And now I'm going to select the dress and the great thing about the magnetic, less so tools that it like, literally latches onto the edges off your picture. So it's usually easier when you have pictures that are fully colored. Black and white will be but tricky, but the color is just like a latches right onto it. And you only have issues. Just move around and it just connects, connects, connects. I'm just going to save the selection as brightness contrast. Then I'm gonna select the background and we'll go to curbs. I'm gonna pick contrast and new folder labeled bad as body. I'm gonna go to levels and adjust those mid tones darker. It's my selection for levels. So the body's done. Now, I'm gonna just move on to the dress creating your folder, and I'm gonna name it as dress. And I'm gonna place that in there, and I'm going just just the contrast and the brightness off the dress so that the dress is more saturated, looks brighter and less doll. And then let's move on to the prince just 4. Adding First Print : sen Al, let's select the dress and then with very little adjustment, Lee and Pig Patteson and I'm gonna pick a floral pattern. So these florid designs you can download so many for free online we just typing for the shop floor or patterns free download. And he had so many. I'm gonna pick this one, and I'm gonna change it to multiply right there. And I'm going to create a new folder and I'm gonna name it's print one because I'm gonna dio for prints. This is our 1st 1 and at that in the folder and copied duplicates the Slayer, the pats in there. And I'm gonna change this one from multiply too soft lights. So it's softer, it's lighter and it saturates the color CCDs light parts. Before I get to those someone, we just change the value off the softs rights layer, though pay city make it lighter, so looks like it's slightly faded. Okay, so I'm gonna go back. It's my dress. I'm gonna select all the light areas in the dress using the magic wand. So you just select and then I go to select over there, and it's like similar when it selects all the other light areas will go to the background layer. And I'm gonna subtract the background layer for my selection. Gonna go to my body folded. I'm gonna subtract my body selection. Some just left with those light parts on the dress. Go back to the prince and the Minister. Let brightness contrast and I'm gonna make the brighter immediately. You can see it gives this picturesque effect to the dress and saturates the color. So now I'm going to erase or two parts of the prints and Leno said, my brush tool, get the right size. And then I'm going to select thes light areas that we picked before. And I am going to use the brush tool to erase my first layer of Prince. Now, when using the brush will make sure that the color black selected cause the color black erases and the color white fills. So I'm just gonna erase certain parses certain parts off the first prince layer. You don't have to select them. The brightness of contrast selection that we have to race you could just to raise without, But I want to erase on the light areas in the light areas and here we go. This is our very first prince. Let's move on to a 2nd 1 5. Adding Second Print: Okay, so I'm gonna make a copy off my first sprint, duplicated. I'm gonna label adds to shoot. So city somebody have old the prince in snow Just go in and be picking you prints. She's gonna see which one works, you know, You can also scale it changes size, and you can move it around. Only when this dialog box is open The pattern dialog box is open. I was trying to the prince. This'll looks good. Okay. And then for this layer, I don't think I need it. Say, going to delete it, I'm going Teoh select. I'm gonna go to the dress and when I select the dress and I'm going to make a new pattern layer and I'm gonna go and I'm going to choose you a saturation and I'm gonna just change you what? Just like the brightness of contrast layers gonna go select levels and way Just try first, see which one works and I think lights and shadows best's teach the pace, etc. And then I just click on the I to see what changes have been made. What changes still need to be made. So let's just see the before and after side snow. What? I also want to make changes to But I changed the brightness here. Then I'm gonna copy and I wanted to pick it up. Patteson there pick the same prince, go to multiply a soft light. Sorry. Stop flights and open dialogue box even move the printed only moved the print with a pattern box is open. So what movies? So I match it with Ah, first layer. Okay. And I'm gonna duplicate this layer this print and I don't need three. Your saturation layers. Somebody delete. Um, I changed my mind. You can do that for the shop, and I'm gonna select the dress and create a color balance. Where? And I'm gonna change the mid tone. We're gonna move towards the red. Okay? I'm gonna say both layers and I'm gonna group them into one and done 6. Adding Third Print: Okay, so for the does printed gonna move pretty fast because we've pretty much covered all the basics. You make a copy, you go to the print selected print and you changed. You scale it up, you move it around, place it how you want to place it. We now know how to do this, right? Select the dress and we're gonna do photo filter. Photo filter allows you to change the u Just be dropping here or you can select the color and you can change how the density. How such? Why did you want it to be okay? So as I am, continue working. I want explain photo filter. Photo filter is so great because thes three ways to change your the color of your dress. You can use use saturation. You can use color balance or you can use photo filter color balances for the mid tones, the highlights and the shadows, and then you in saturation. Your situation on Lee offers you a limited amount of colors where, as photo filter allows you to change to whatever color you want, all the colors under the sun, you can pick from them straight in the box. So I'll love for a filter and you can control the density or saturation or intensity off the color that she pick. I'm gonna continue editing my dress. E clicked on curves, brightness, contrast levels, your usual adjustment players. And then we're done. Okay, so you can change the color of your background. You just select your background and pick solid color as your new adjustment layer. You can pick whatever color you wanna pick. You could be black, or it's come be blue to be any color, and usually you want to pick a color that is complementary to the color are few garments and another way it's We can add a thorough background to our illustration. I'm gonna rest Arise my layer. So I just created a new layer and I emerged that you layer with my print. So now I can edit the prince and I have selected the black and and then creating new adjustments, the air, which is levels, and I'm gonna make that darker to the black really deep. You select the flowers, so I select a black and in verse, and I have the flowers brightness of contrast. And then I changed it to soft lights. And here we go and we're done. I hope you guys enjoyed this class. I hope I was able to show you them mu numerous ways to add florals to your desires even basically transformed a design. And it gives you a chance to actually see what works better. What printed looks better with your dress. You can do this with other prints. I just floor owes. So thanks, guys. And check up my other videos that have to do with painting illustrating. And what a color. Thanks a lot.