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Flower Bouquet in Watercolor

teacher avatar Fitri Kamila, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. Flower Bouquet Elements

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. Art Supplies Recommendation

    • 5. Colors

    • 6. Greenery; Sage Leaf

    • 7. Line flower; Snapdragon

    • 8. Filler; Cosmos Flower

    • 9. Filler; Rosebud

    • 10. Focal Flower; Gerberas

    • 11. Final Project (part 1)

    • 12. Final Project (part 2)

    • 13. Thank You!

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About This Class

Flower bouquet! Who can resist its beauty?
Did you know that flower bouquet has 4 elements? What are they? You'll learn everything about flower bouquet in here.
In this 76 minutes class, i will take you to do a little exercise about each elements in flower bouquet, before jumping to do the final artwork. This is perfect for everyone who is often get confused of where to start.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fitri Kamila

Watercolor Artist


Hello, I'm Fitri Kamila. I am a 19 years old artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I've discovered that I am so into art, (especially watercolor) when I was back in Junior High School, about 4 years ago. The process was so slow but I'm getting there! I love flowers, but been trying to paint landscapes and handlettering at times, which I wish I could teach some in the future!

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1. Class Overview: Hello, guys. Hurry. Today. My name is Frederick. Camilla. Welcome to my floor. Okay, class, if you know me, you know that I love lovers, especially painting them. It's been my passion since I start with watercolor four years ago. So today I want to take you on this journey to do this fun activity to paying a flower bouquet. And here is how it's gonna work. First, I will explain about the elements in Florida. Okay. And then we will do some rough sketching for the UK based on the elements that we have learned. And then we will talk about the art supplies, including color palette. And how do you make them how you achieve a certain color and ex cetera the next one way will have any that exercise on each bouquet element before finally making the final project . So, without further ado, let's get started 2. Flower Bouquet Elements: knowing the elements in flower bouquet will make the whole pain contention a lot easier. So what are day? The first thing is local flowers. This is the biggest flowers in the Frenchman. Andare demand instruction, and they usually have only contain one bloom person. This fiber flowers, including sunflower David, Boston Garden rose Very Adelia White calla levy number two for the farmers. They feel like your bouquet and make it full and lush. Taken just off, multiple limbs burst up and days. Popular types of flowers, including wax flowers, baby's breath, hyper seen Berries and so late ago, number three. They put finishing touch to an arrangement and gives a property hands men and also can at a property structural support the popular types of this elements, including eucalyptus fern, grossly number four line flowers. This is very optional because not everything. Every flower bouquet has this element. They are usually the toll types with multiple blooms for single stamp daily. Find the shape off the bouquet and and, of course and height this summer flowers, including bells of Ireland for kids that dragon and Roxburgh. Okay, that's all the four elements in Florida. Okay, now we are ready to start doing the rough draft for our final project 3. Sketching: I think this part of the class he will only need a piece of paper and a pencil, but say can see everything that I put on my paper. I use a black marker instead. So starting with the focal farmers, I want to put it somewhere in here and maybe another one right next to it. Oh, because this is just a rough catch. A rough draw off. You don't need to put a lot of details on and I close, but in here, maybe two of it. Flowers. Let's put the lion summers from top. Let's just pretend that this is not drinking way . Have this bifocal flowers biller to we have a line and greenery. That's all complete. Okay, this might get to this. Good works. Just maybe some ribbon. And here thats good work through this focal hours. I think I want to make it the color dark. Stand out the most. Okay. You ready? Let's jump. Do don't expert 4. Art Supplies Recommendation: Hello. Welcome back. So here are the tools that I use for today's class. The 1st 1 is the most important one right away. The paper. This is potent. 8 200? Yes. Um, rough texture. I will use it for exercises. And for the final project, I will use these arches paper 185 GSM and also a rough texture. Next one for the brushes, I will use two different sizes of she never rushed black velvet. They are size six and eight. And then I will have escort a perla in size eight as well. And for mixing colors in just basically summer job, I will have this cheap Breathe nail and hair brush inside 60 and then I will use two cups of water. I want to clean the brush and one for my clean water supply. And then I will use colors in tubes. Mostly are from Bengal. I'm go deeper into what colors I will use in the next part. So because we used colors in tubes, we will definitely need a pellet. So here is my palate. A really big one. Uh, I will make sure that in every part of the video. You can see the palate so you know how it makes it. And what colors do I use? This one is optional. You can have it, but it's OK if you don't. My one and only spray bottle. What did do it? Just Prewett your paint quickly. Don't forget your paper towel or old fabric. Turns out the excess water. This is very important. You have to You need to have this. Okay, that's it. It's all complete. Now let's get started. 5. Colors: way have ConAgra rose madder leg deep as a yellow, medium yellow Oakar, indigo, sap green and Naples yellow. If you don't have the same color as I do in here, it is completely okay. Just make sure that you don't use every single color on the color wheel because it might be a little confusing and a little bit overwhelmed to work with. Even though I do have Brad yellow and blue in here, I'm not gonna use that as a single color. I will makes them to create a new color range. I have this ready. We have corn regular rose and I will makes it with yellow. This is as a yellow medium look bright yellow. It's and I'm gonna bring them together at a new shade of orange. You see this started Blend out. That's the one number two I will have And you go, Oh, blue is a really strong color. If you want to mix color with the blue, make sure you know what you're doing. Just take an example of this color. If I put one part of pink and one part of blue, I will end up with bluish purple because the blue is just so strong and overpowered pink. So that's just 2nd 1 The 3rd 1 would be ConAgra Rose plus yellow Oakar. I really like this color combination. It's like a D century. It'd ping so nice. The next one hung and it makes that with this pretty levels yellow. Bring them together to get a new shade. Yeah, doing for the red one. I have a special color. I will mix this bread with other two colors, so tree color in total. So you know that quinacrine roast plus in to go equals purple. So I will take that purple and mix that with the rent. I need more purple steak. More have performed Ready right here they will turn into a burgundy core and I will use this color as the color off the focal flower. So we're gonna need a lot of this. It's a deep purple. We move on to the leave sub green, plus read. Yes. You hear that right? When you mix a color, plus it's complimentary color. It will dilute the color and de saturate them, and that's what I'm gonna do. But in this case, because I still want to green I will have more grain then the red. So we'll be resulting a really muted green instead of brown. You can see in the middle of turning Teoh the next one. I will have green mixed with yellow joker. So basically, if you makes any color with feel over, it will be saturate them a bit. But not as much as you mix it with their complementary color. And the last one I will have submarine mixed with blue. Just remember, you need to have more green. Dunder blue. Okay, So here are the mixed and Colonna debt. I will. Yes. For this project, we can funding you to the next part. 6. Greenery; Sage Leaf: we owe Welcome back. So you're reaching the first part of Lower Luke Aleman exercise Were saying off with the two granaries line flower to fillers. And the last one is the big, huge focal for I have sub grand mixed with red. Ready next to me. How you defend? Here we go. Take it from the top. Bring it down like that. Do you have a little weird edges? You just take it. Bring in a word again and fixed the Okay, We'll start again, starting from the top. You bring it down. There you go. On the top. You bring it down. There you go. Taps. Try again with lighter tone of color. Thank again No. Make this them to make the brown color. Just grab that green the same green and get the same amount of red until they mixed together to get a nice prone I get that. Okay, So, like this, Stan, And do not at pressure in there. Okay, You know, I'm gonna wash it off and get the green. Okay? I'm going to start from the top, Okay? Just like that. Maybe some colors. I just want to go. Let's make a really Big one. - Everything is finished. We're gonna go back with Brown First . Exercise is done now you can continue to the next part. 7. Line flower; Snapdragon: okay on to the next part. I have delighted flowers here. This is the snapdragon kind. It's shaped like a really skinny triangles. So I'm gonna teach you the brush. The basic struck. First load your brush and just flick your brush from better fast towards you. Like this. Easy not strike again. Just like that. A lot of my students are having troubles when doing this exercise. So to make it easier, you can draw this Keeney triangle with the lightest color you have in this case, I'm gonna use that yellow. Just make a skinny triangle. So no first up is take one color that is highly pigmented that has more pain than the water . So I'm gonna grab this red, okay? And just gonna do it like that. But construct, wash your brush and take another color. I will have you and do the same to top at the top. Washed again. Take another color. Knuckles Yellow. What's your brush? There are still a few empty spaces, and that's what we're going for. The 1st 3 colors. We have a very pigmented. So now I want you to just dip your brush into the water and rinse it if it until your brushes. Quiet, damp. And with that clean water, go over with the same stroke to your snapdragon. Make sure you have a few white spaces among them. So it makes an illusion that it has a dimension. Okay, Now I'm gonna get the green and red mixed together to create another world while it's still kind of wet. Make the branch and look the rep nous do its job. Be careful while doing this because we don't want the brown color too. Take over the whole composition. Just screed. Tiny brunch, please. Very. - There you go. We have to snap drinking. Okay, If you already let's guns in use in the next part. We are getting clutter to do the final project. 8. Filler; Cosmos Flower: we'll come back. So in this part, we will try to pain Cosmos flower. This might be the time of flubber that you used to pain when you were a kid. 1st 1 we're gonna be painting this. It's really easy. So we have this yellow ready, so I will get the corn after rooms. Mix it together. I'm going to bring my brush from the top to the bottom. Finish it with a circle of motion. Make another fine, make another one. Okay? I think not. Make sure you have this tiny white's praises, so it doesn't end up with just a love of color, This one. And when you're done, wash off the ground right there. I it has two layers. But instead of going with the lighter one first, I will go with the darker one, and then after it dries, I will continue with the lighter one on the back. So this is the darker one. You are having difficulties making the pedals. You might want to rotate your papers at a tone of yellow around the center. We're gonna leave it until it dries and come back again. So this is from this slightly top next one. I have a right orange again. I'm gonna mark the middle, so I don't forget. Just a touch of red right there. A pink. And we need to let it dry first again before coming back and own at Doug Little detail in the middle, pink and mixing pink and wrapped together Top. Bring it to the center. While I'm at it, I'm getting just a touch orange. The goal is to not make it perfect to get a lighter color. All you need to do is just adding a lot of moderates called new center detail. Be careful reading. You may get a little uncontrollable when the paper is still way to let. Just like this one. This is a mistake. You shouldn't do this. - Mixing red and green again. Oh, I took that color in this center, so yeah, now you finish. Yukos was exercise 9. Filler; Rosebud: way have another few of flowers. This is Rose, but so basically because rust but is usually very small, we're not going to do too much of a details. It's very easy to do. The basic stroke is just around. Stroke are like a comma stroke like this one hopes I need more water. A thing like that. Okay, do it like that. Like that. Very easy. So and you just combine these two stroke and at a little stem at the bottom to make rice. But I'm struggling because I use a roast surveys paper. But this is all I have. So, like that on, and I was gonna do my brush once. As you can see, there is still yellow tint, and I'm gonna go in with another color. Do it twice okay to the front car. While it's it's all still wet. Get agreeing. Drove a short line and it's not touching it And was your brush. Depict ones or twice. Make sure it's not to rent and conduct the lines to two former Let's try another one Naples yellow plus permanent rose winegrowers. I don't have for Mannerist make done. Same like the previous one. The line first and then connected yet. And then after you're done, different ones are twice and connect them in this way you won't have of leading. That is too bad you're leading one B two terror only Too much easy. Let's try another one. I'm gonna get red, mix it with, make sure with yellow Oakar and just go in with that color done thing. Let's do a slightly open Oh, slightly more open one like this one. Make a circular motion dip your brush once rented a bit to make another one Get that red plays You hold her color pet in some part to make it Have a nice thing Sure. You know, I kind of want to s a bit of yellow, okay? And I understand. Toto, it's so easy. Okay, we have completed the line flowers, the greenery there feeling flowers And now we are ready to jump Do the focal summers. Let's jump to the next part 10. Focal Flower; Gerberas: you are reaching the end of our exercises. Congratulations. So, before we get started, let's just pray to paint first through, fresh from a lot of it. And here is our focal flower. I will take the connector, rose and red. Mix it well. Okay, so, no, To do this, you need to master basic stroke first, obviously, by doing this thick stroke and thin stroke a repeating thin stroke. Make that OK. Now let's get started. I will make the outline off the circle. First thin stroke. There you go. As you go, you can makes the color with You can make a different color to your pedals to make it more interesting as you get to the bottom. This pedal should be shorter than this one. Get that yellow. Let's do it again. I will get this Snapple's yellow I will take just a tiny bit of that roast makes it grow. Let's drag him this time. I don't I will not pain the circle and just go straight forward. There's really, really no wrong or right by to paint this because you can get this get the same result with a different method. So suit yourself this is similar to the cost. Most flavor, but it has more pedals than that one. Make it really big, thank you. - Wait until the pedals completely dry before we paint the center. Because it might be bleeding way too much that you can control like this one. That's a big no no, it is already dry. So now begin paint. Dissenter. I will makes red and green both with the equal amount so they produce a really nice grown. It's just type it there, make a little thoughts repeatedly. Oh, are you can at a yellow like that one too much water. There you go. Are you can even makes both yellow and grown First take that yellow wash your brush and just at little brown here and there set up. We have completed all of the exercises. Now let's dive in to the final project 11. Final Project (part 1): on Here is the example of the flowers that we will pay. I made this earlier based on the Scotch dead we have made. So let's get started. First off I will get the brush silver like wallets side state Israel y to make somewhat again This is the burden the color a combination from red and purple. So I will start from here is a really big makes it a thread Thins throat six troops Don't forget that First, our focal one is finished. We move on to the next one. I will have read then just I will. 28 May paper to make it easier. It goes from here. Some yellow. - It's okay. I kind of look feel satisfied by just adding to pedals. Can we had another one? A small one, right about fried below and I carry focal Flower is done. Let's move on. Judah feeler power. Got that nickel knuckle yellow? You never know. Mix it well with corn, a good or rose and make day rose budget. You cannot run. I would change to brush. It's called a rush too much at just, um, be careful of pleading if you think that it's putting way too much. You can just wipe it off life using your dry, clean brush. It's no Georgia. Next flower reaches lying fine flour. Just dragon. Very tall. One starting with really thick and pick winter color, Right? - Well , the previous mixing pertinent here. They're just fresh. Go. Don't let they really hurt. Just make this really important to make flour connected into one another. Juicy brush number eight Thank pain, tiny filler flowers. 12. Final Project (part 2): be careful with bleeding. Okay, Finish your degree. No degree. They want to make the first layer really, really thin. So with that color, I will take just a tiny amount of that and mix it with log. Tough order. Gonna paint knots of this all over the UK You can so more with the yellow. - Okay , now, just for adding the fun touch, Rotate the palace. Begin. I want to make some kind of ribbon down in here When the pink just go there. Me the purple. This isn't supposed to look like this. Sometimes I forgot how strong the blue color is. - Let's leave it there. Okay. Now, to finish the greenery I limits ever makes the green with just a tiny bit off that indigo. Make your don't put too much because it might be turned into blue in that of green I would hope in. It's because we only have one type of sleep in this project. The process is pretty much the same for one to another. They just differ in size, angle and place. - If you think your bouquet still not for you can can't that brown color and make like grass coming out of the bouquet to make more fool. I think that's enough. So now let's paint to details that we have left earlier. Jones. Tiny ducks A lover place. - Don't forget this. Them juiced. Make some of them greener, heavily pregnant rope. And if you like, you can literally next to this bouquet, your piece of flour K is now complete. 13. Thank You!: Congratulations for finishing this class. If you've been following along, you already have a few pinches off exercise and one floor. Okay. Painting. I really hope that it helps you to improve your skill. Please do not hesitate to upload your creations under Project gallery so everyone can see it. And if you think about making your own flower bouquet, I have a whole Pinterest part for you to see as a reference. Thank you so much. I hope to see you again in the future Classes. Have a nice day. Goodbye.