Flourishing on the iPad - Fun Techniques To Up Your Flourishing Style | Jane Snedden Peever | Skillshare

Flourishing on the iPad - Fun Techniques To Up Your Flourishing Style

Jane Snedden Peever, Illustrator and Digital Artist

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11 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Flourishing on the iPad Class Trailer

    • 2. Set Up and Downloads

    • 3. Basics Strokes

    • 4. Combo Strokes

    • 5. Specialty Brushes

    • 6. Getting Symmetrical

    • 7. Getting Colourful

    • 8. Shading Tricks

    • 9. Flourishing in Autodesk Sketchbook

    • 10. Flourishing in Amaziograph

    • 11. Taking Your Flourishes Into the World


About This Class


Let's take Flourishing onto the iPad.

In this class we will explore the many ways you can play with flourishing on the iPad.

We will start by exploring the basic pens and strokes and work through two worksheets I provide for you.  Then we will take it up a notch and explore different brushes, how to use colour and some fun techniques to give your flourish designs some dimension and artsy style!

I show you lots of tricks in Procreate, but I will also show you ways to flourish in Amaziograph and Autodesk Sketchbook.


- Basic strokes and how to use worksheets on the iPad

- BONUS PACK of 12 of my Specialty Brushes

-  Steps to create your own Flourishing Brush

- Adding Colour and Special Textures to your Flourish Designs

- Tricks on how to get Shading and Dimension into your Flourish Designs

- Exploring Procreate, Amaziograph and Autodesk Sketchbook Tools for Flourishing

- How to export your Flourishes to use in other projects

- Lots of step by step demos, tips and tricks along the way

So come join me now as we take Flourishing onto the iPad and

Lets Up Your Flourishing Style





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Jane Snedden Peever

Illustrator and Digital Artist

- The most beautiful designs start with the simplest ideas. -

I believe the first step to accomplishing your goals and dreams is to just start. Jump in and learn as you go. Allow yourself to make mistakes for those are the best lessons. Don't judge your work, just do and then do it again and do it some more. Watch it evolve and look back with awe in how far you have come because you chose to just start!

My goal in my classes is to break the process down into simple techn...

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