Floral illustration | Doodling Flowers for Beginners

Suzanne Kurilla, Painting & Illustration

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3 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro Floral illustration

    • 2. Doodling Flowers composition

    • 3. Doodling Flowers pt2


About This Class

In this class, I will show you how to draw different types of flowers. I will explain what supplies you will need to get started. What you will learn is basic drawing skills, composition, and how to improve and create your own floral patterns & doodles. I will go over simple-line drawing as well as various ways of shading, such as stippling and crosshatching. This class is great for beginners and people who enjoy doodling! This is a great way to practice your skills and boost your creativity! 


  1. Black Gel Pen
  2. Pencil
  3. Kneaded Eraser
  4. Drawing Paper