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Floral Wreath Water Colour Class

teacher avatar Rina Ramly

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Material

    • 3. Basic Stroke

    • 4. Leaves Stroke

    • 5. C Shape Rose

    • 6. Open Floral

    • 7. Filler Flower

    • 8. Flower Wreath

    • 9. Final Thought

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About This Class

Hi, please feel free to join my class. This is the basic class for everyone to try painting with water colour. 

I am using the following material :-

1. Silver Black Velvet Round brush no 8  ( code 3000S-8)

2. Silver Black Velvet long brush size 4 ( code 3007S-4)

3. Water colour paint any brand you can use. 

4. Water colour paper 300gsm Arto Brand.

5. Tisseu paper 

6. 2 glass water 

Hope you enjoy my class. This is my 1st class in skillshare. Do support me, so i can produce more class in the future. 

Can also follow me on instagram & facebook pages : Artsbyrina 

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Rina Ramly


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1. Introduction: Hi all, My name is Rina Ramly. I am watercolour instructor. In today's class. I will teach you how to do a simple and easy flower wreath. In this class you will learn the basics painting stroke, leaves stroke painting, roses, filler flower, open floral And at the end of the class, you can make your own flower wreath. And it is very easy. And everyone can paints and enjoy. 2. Tools & Material: Okay, let's start with the material. Okay, these are the material that I use. First is, please prepare your brush. I have two type of brush that I always use. Number one brush is silver black velvet, size eight. And number two is silver black velvet size four. Next, we have water color. Any brand will do. You can use any brand. I am using loose tube watercolour from the Mijello, also from Senellier. From Daeler Rowney. I am also use Korean brand from alpha and also Winsor and Newton Cotman. Next is, please prepare tissue paper and 2 glass of water. One for wash your brush and the other one to use to mix the watercolour mixing pellet. And also you need 300 GSM watercolour paper. I am using watercolor paper from Arto. Okay, so let's start. 3. Basic Stroke: Okay, let's begin the first basic stroke to exercise your hands, okay? All right. First, prepare the water color. Take your brush and dip in the water and choose any color you like. I am choosing the Mijjello compass rose color. All right, First, I will teach you how to draw a very thin line. Let's draw a thin line. Use the tip of your brush. Right? Just draw a very thin line like that. And thin line, very simple Okay, Next, we will move to a thick line. So get enough water and watercolor. Then use the belly of your brush. And press. And lift up. Press, lift up, press, lift up, press, lift up, press, lift up. Okay. So repeat the process. Alright. So the next step is combined two stroke above. Okay, repeat the process of the thick line first. So next step is to combine two stroke above, thin and thick line combined. Right? So do like this. Upstroke is thin line and downstroke is thick line. Right? So make sure your hands is not shaking otherwise, the stroke will not be perfect. Okay. Repeat the process again. upstroke, thin line, downstroke, thick, upstroke thin, downstroke, thick, upstroke thin, downs thick, Yes, perfect. All right, next, we want to do a simple stroke. Commonly used for leaves Use the tip of the brush Take a green color. Use the tip of the brush. Press the brush belly and lift. Press the brush belly and lift. Yes. That is one stroke. Brush. One stroke, brush, leaf. Oh sorry. Wine brush lives through. Sorry, my English. Okay. Next. Next is she's C-shaped stroke. Okay. So we have to paint the C-shape stroke. Also using the belly of the brush. See. You can use any other colors or range also can get enough color and make C shape Bigger size, normal size, small size, and a bigger petal. Just practice. Okay. After you practice all the above basic stroke You already exercise your hands. And next we can move on to the next lesson. See you then, Bye, bye. 4. Leaves Stroke: All right, next is, our lesson is leaves stroke. So prepare watercolor. And we want to do a leaves stroke. simple leaves stroke to make sure you have a very clean brush. The water, and mix with water. All right, So let's begin. First. Start with a simple line and using, and using the tip of your brush. And also combined it the belly of your brush, first thin line and is the belly and uplift. And continue the next stroke. Below, seem like the above stroke. So that you have to lift stroke. Right? Repeat the second. Or you can also add some other colors while the paint is still wet. K, repeat the process again. And combine the colors. thin line and Use the belly press press the brush and lift. Yes, do like that. Okay. You can also draw in any direction and so that you have other , leaf, shape, and angle. Instead of using two brush stroke, you can also use one brush stroke. like this, One thin line and press the belly of your brush and lift. This is another simple example of the leaves stroke. Alright, so you can paint others leaves. Combine in one stem. Combine also. others coloured so that you have lighter and darker sheets of leaves. 5. C Shape Rose: Okay, Let's start our lesson for C-shaped rose Alright, so for this C shape rose floral we are using this basic stroke that we'll learn at the first lesson, which is C-shaped. So I am using the water colors from Mijello , compass rose. So for the first C-shaped petals. I'm also dilute some water for the add on colors. Yellow and orange. All right, So let's begin. First. Paint. C-shape. Followed the first petal and the second petal. Very small C-shaped petals. Yes, like that. Then paint another C-shape petals that a little bigger around the 1st petals the little bigger from the first. So next another petal. More bigger can be into round those tree petal. And make sure we'll repeat the process to paint. another C shape petal. More bigger and bigger. If you want your flower to be bigger, so you have to paint more petals. I will dilute it with some yellow colors and orange so that your flower, wi'll get peach colors. This is the flower from the above angle. Okay? So next we will paint the flower from the site angle. The process is still the same using this C-shape petals, but it is from the different angles, from the site angles. So if from the side angle you have to paint in the petals one-sided heavy. This C shape and the other side very thin C shape Yes. Like this. Okay. So your C-shaped rose is done. See you in the next lesson. Bye bye. 6. Open Floral: Alright, next lesson is open floral. Okay, I will teach you . Open floor. For a simple open floral I will teach you from the above angle. First. Take your colors. Do you want to please do five dot so that you can mark the petals? You want to draw. This is just as a guideline, right? This is a very simple guideline. So then just take your brush and use the belly of the brush and paint your petals. each. Second petals. And a third petals. 4th Petals. And the fifth petals. All right, then at on others colors. I put yellow color, at the center. Okey. You can repeat the process of painting the open floral like previously. So first do dot, dot, dot, and then make the petals one-by-one. Using the belly of the brush. Press and lift. You can move your paper so that it will be much easier for you to then add on. Add on colors at the center of the flower. Okay? You open floral from the above angle is ready. So next, we want to paint from different angle. K. Prepare, color, dilute it with some water. Good. Do the center of the petals and the right petals and also the left petals. Then do another petals At the center. C shaped petals. This is the site angles of the flower. Put the center with yellow colors. Or see you in the next lesson. 7. Filler Flower: Lesson is filler flower. So dilute your water colors. I'm using yellow colors. I just wanted to make a simple filler flower. Looks like lavender, but the color is yellow. Just dab...dab..dab.. Your colors. Yes. And then can add green colors. Do this. and then And also do another one. Also. The filler flower is to arrange your flower wreath and to make it looks lovely. So the first filler flower already done. So next filler flower is we want to do the berries. But by color and do the circle shape. Round shape and shape simple, round shape. Then the green colors for the Stem. All right, so let's continue with the third flower filler flowers. So I'm using the orange color plus yellow colors. And I want to make a Craspedia. So we just dab , dab, dab in a circle, round, in a circle. Shape. Make sure when you're dap..dap.. you don't dap to all of the circle, but leave some whites, whitespace. And then do the stem and add on wet, on wet green colors to the flower. So define us. Our final filler flower is the simple flower. just do very simple shapes. Is use the tips of your brush. Just sketching very simple and quickly. So while the filler flower is still wet. Add on green colors. To the . Flower so that it will form the nice wet on wet stroke. The green color we'll blend perfectly with the compose rose color. Okay. So that's it. Thank you. 8. Flower Wreath: Our next lesson is flower wreath. From all the lessons that we learned today from the basic stroke, leaves stroke, flower stroke. C-shaped rose stroke, open floral stroke, and also filler flower. We will have to combine and paint a beautiful flower wreath The first, draw a circle at your paper. Right? And then you can arrange the main flower and also the leaf and arrange also the filler flower here. Floral. Okay, so let's begin. 9. Final Thought: My final thoughts about this class is, I am hoping that you all enjoyed my class. Please try the tutorial and posted it to the group discussion. I am hoping that you all can do it because this is just a very simple loose flower wreath. Thank you for watching and hopefully you can stay tuned for my next class. Bye bye.