Floral Illustration with Gouache: Painting flowers in two easy ways | Julia Bausenhardt | Skillshare

Floral Illustration with Gouache: Painting flowers in two easy ways

Julia Bausenhardt, Illustrator & Designer

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7 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools + Gouache Basics

    • Examples + Color Palette

    • References

    • Painting loose florals

    • Painting a vase with flowers

    • Final thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, I’m going to show you how to paint a floral arrangement with gouache.
Gouache paint is very similar to watercolor, but more opaque, easy to handle, and it has a lovely texture. I f you like watercolors, give gouache a try!

I’ll show you the basics you need to know for painting with gouache, how to choose a great color palette, how to draw and paint different kinds of flowers, different ways to arrange your florals in a design. At the end, you’ll create your project with your own flower arrangement.

You'll need a few small brushes, decent paper and a few gouache paints (in tubes) for this class. If you have experience with painting in watercolor, great, but it's not needed.





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Julia Bausenhardt

Illustrator & Designer

Dive into the beauty of folk art in my latest class. Learn how to paint folk art florals and how to arrange them in a symmetrical design while becoming a pro with gouache paints.

Join Folk art Illustration: Paint symmetrical florals in three ways with Gouache now!


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