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Floral Illustration : Painting with Watercolor

teacher avatar Ploypisut εїз, Illustrator. Surface Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials & Tools

    • 3. Finding Inspiration

    • 4. Sketching

    • 5. Choosing Colors

    • 6. Painting Floral Illustration

    • 7. Adding Details & Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Learn how to paint floral illustration in watercolor.

In this class, I’ll be teaching you how to create floral illustration using watercolor. I’ll share my favorite art supplies, creating sketches, mixing colors inspired by photo reference, painting floral illustration with watercolor and adding detail to your illustration.

This class is for all levels, whether you’re new to watercolor or you’re professional illustrator. If you would like to learn to expand your painting technique, develop your own style and explore your creativity.

What you’ll learn from this class:

  • Creating sketches from floral reference
  • Choosing your colors before painting
  • Process of paintings from start to finish
  • Adding detail to your painting with watercolor

 I can’t wait to see what you create!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ploypisut εїз

Illustrator. Surface Designer


Ploypisut is an illustrator and designer based in Bangkok, Thailand. She earned her BFA in Communication Design and worked in graphic design, before becoming an illustrator and surface designer. Ploypisut is passionate about creating work with watercolor and is mostly inspired by Asian folk art, wildlife creatures and botanical elements. Her work is playful with a complexity of natural shapes, colors and textures.

You can find her on Website, Instagram and Facebook


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1. Intro: Hi. My name is progress that I am an illustrator's and surface designer. Best in Banco I have to allow you need styles of painting with watercolors and here my illustrations and patterns you see prudent on products was last environment of factors. Watercolor is my favorite mediums to pin with because I love how the pictures to our now, what is dry and it is upon mediums to explore your creative. These today's I will be taking you through the process of creating four illustrations using watercolors. First, I will be talking about materials tool and then I will be going over how to skittish from inspiration and then choosing color meanings and adding details. I hope to learn a lot, and it's fi from taking my class, so I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. That guy started 2. Materials & Tools: Metro you need is sketchbook paper towel. You raised her pencil water, color palettes, brushes, watercolor tubes, water and silly me pallets. The sketchbook I use is a Chinese brand co doodler. I don't think I for now that's worry. But I like this because the paper really think 300 Judaism. And how does some with service and I will be using this sketchbook in this class. If you don't have a sketchbook, you can use watercolor paper. You too hot pressed paper which had us in with surface. Ah, cooperates paper that had a literate pictures. PS I used as a French brand is Colsa linear. These, when it's quite prissy by the quality, is really great. The pins are made with honey. The picks Manar six and Y Bryn. There are other watercolor brands for you to shoes like we're starting Newtons. She mean Gay and Corey Taqi. I am usually squeezing pains from tubes on an empty half pan because I like to create our own water cola paella. You also can buy a pass set There are available was 12 24 and 40 its colors. My favorite brush is Escada, and I usually have row pain brushes. The size I use is for Teoh for painting and zero for details. You can use any branded you could find at your local as supply store. It's has a fight trip that is great enough to work with. That s it. For matter you need, Let's move on to finding inspirations. 3. Finding Inspiration: he is my Pinterest boards there I created and I'm going to pick some flowers for today class. If you can be able to draw from life inspiration, that's really great because it is the good opportunities to study from the rial op jab. And you can also just scattering some reference on Pinterest. Something to consider when you are choosing you. Flowers is considered a shape, the scale and colors. If all colors look good together or you need to shays color later on, the 1st 1 I'm going to pick is Daisy, because the shapes really attracts me and for the smaller scale off flowers, I'm going to peak. Forgive me. Not next one. I paid how many of flowers for the medium scale, then the cone flowers for the largest scale. I actually need to more flowers for the medium scale. I think I like the shaved off the red flowers next to that cornflowers, and I'm going to find other flowers that had a singular shape to the Raid one. So I decided to pick the dark move flowers. These this off our we need. Let's move on to sketching 4. Sketching: now I'm going to start with Daisy Flowers. The idea is to try to arrange flowers and feeling all the empty space he might not become. A piece of illustrations are. You also can turn it into her patterns. Ask. You can see I drew the cone flower here. I usually start at the top of the page, but you can start any way you like and try the fuel in space as much as you can. You could have a large scales off flowers. Maybe one or two would not to lodge because it is going to stand out. And then I'm going to draw the dog. Grew flowers, keep it in my think about flowers scale when you tied the page and try not to arrange the same flowers need to eat charters. Then I'm just going to add how many and flowers in the middle of the page. And it was surrounded by dark blue flowers, which is going to be cop colors. I'm not thinking too much about it. Looks exactly later reference photos. I'm just kind of fitting East flowers together on the paper. I'm not being too precise about how paddles exactly looks it doesn't have to be perfect. So just do all the way you like, and you don't always have to captures what you see. And then I draw another job through ones. I think I am going to change the colors off Doc blue flowers to a pastel blue and have it ask pop color and the rest will be based colors. - Here we have the space love. So I decided to add these raised flowers few in in key states e something to keep in my You don't want to scare sh to show through when you painted watercolor. So the first thing I do is I take an eraser to lighten it up. Aaron, remove some heavy pencil lives, but I can still see my drawing. If you don't light in the pencil, I you will not be able to remove it after your painting is done. Next, we're going to move on to choosing colors 5. Choosing Colors: He has hours that I have chosen in all colors look great together. I think I'm going to limit my colors. Pull it maybe four color for flowers and three colors for leaps. But it is fight to have a doctor, Atos and the larger tones. Okay, let's start with the orange flowers. I used many years orange mix with burnt sienna. The next one is raised color. I'm going to use French were millions. Mix was titanium white. I used yellow Oakar mix of it was titanium white, an ally to have the soft yellow for daisy. So I used an apple yellow mixed with a bit of yellow Oakar for the blue ones is a mixtures off royal blue and titanium white. The last one. I just add more white to me, the light of blue in full leads. I wish use color after a painful hours 6. Painting Floral Illustration: I have already shoes in color, and I am going to start painting these Stacy flowers. I am using the color palette that I have makes earlier. You also can start anywhere you like, and you can ask him shadows. Two paddles on the stage. Why is the Web and I am using to rob brush to paint all flowers, but I'm mushing is to a smaller Gresh if it's get more details. Forties. Far where I'm going to feeling in the shade with orange color, so the first abyss to start with based color and a usually pain with one layers and another layer. Is this for adding details sometime. It is a good idea to have to paying bushes for light colors and dark colors so you don't have to constantly clean your brush. This is what on dry water colors. Basically, I am applying wet pains on dry paper. If you want to try harder techniques like what? On what? You can do it as well. Just feel free to experiment, and I like to work on the same color and then moving on to another colors. There is no room for that, so you can still wish between different colors if you want to. I am using Gil Ogre to paying Halinen flowers, and I am going to keep painting and asked some chattels to the paddles so the next step is to start. Makes them in in the center of flowers. I'm going to get steal Rob. Rush to paint these little statement. Now I am just going to use these past Tobu. Paying on forgiving on watercolor usually work from light to dark so you can really pain light or dark. But another way you can try. It makes watercolor with white wash to make its opaque, and it is what will you go for me? Denims is going to pay in the dark blue flowers. Anna just meets the past two blues lately darker. I literally by space between Stillman and Paddles because you don't want your wife to get muddy if you painted over there all colors. Right now, you can see all colors sit together nicely, and it's look pretty good to me. Sometimes it's good idea to make colors. Dish asked the guys you know it will be for a shop before you paint it, but watercolor, So you are going to see how your colors go well together. All you need committing adjustment. Then I'm just going to keep painting these flowers. I am using the invention rates. He paints them in in the middle of cold flowers and just keep adding some Stillman on ray flowers, too. Right now, all the flowers are done, and I can shoot the color off the leaves, so the first color is comb oxide green. I think I like to peek three colors for leaves, which is having are different shades of green. Sorry, it could make our painting look more interesting. Then the next one, I'm going to keep COBOL Green and makes the big with Boyd's. - The last color is my favorite colors. Forest green. You actually can see some space is left on the page, so basically tried to put some extra elements in empty space. And I'm just going in and start painting those leaps. As you can see, I have already add some extra leaps in empty space. I am going to add more. Forgive me, not here and also just adding one more leaps. He's looked pretty good, and I quite like it. So let's move on to adding details 7. Adding Details & Final Thoughts: one is dry. I'm going to use you, Rob rushed to AKI tells and mix colors light leading dark returns. Now I am going to start with JC Flowers and Adelaide with details on the paddles. You also can peek any our ears that have drawers already. It isn a to make our painting more interesting by Assam. Two pictures and patterns on flowers and leaves. But don't worry about it too much. He doesn't have to look exactly like the photos. Just capture what you see and tried to signify the shades. I'm going to keep adding details of flowers. - Four leaps. I'm going to ask some veins and makes color to make a darker tones. I'm going to continue adding details to leaps. And then I finished my illustrations. Thank you so much for Megan Judean of this class. I hope you have enjoy learnings and his spy from taking my class. Hopefully, we tried yourself. Don't forget to Ablow do illustrations to the Gary's on skew Sure website, and I can't wait to see what you guys create