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Floral Illustration- Learn to draw a Flower Bouquet- Ink Pen Drawing

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. Planning the Design

    • 4. Outling the design

    • 5. Drawing the Center part of the Flowers

    • 6. Detailing the Flowers

    • 7. Filling the White Space (Plan)

    • 8. Filling the White Space (Pen Work)

    • 9. Drawing the Wrapper of the Bouquet

    • 10. Tips to start your own PROJECT

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About This Class

In this short 20-mins class, I will teach you to draw a beautiful Flower Bouquet using fine liner pens. I will teach you right from the basics. If you want to do this for relaxation or even if you are an artist and want to enhance your skills, this class is for you. By the end of this class, I assure you that you will be able to sketch your own project :)

You will learn,

  • What Pens to use
  • How to plan your design
  • Drawing the flowers and the details
  • How to Shade and add texture
  • Filling the white space
  • How to start your own project

Flowers Covered:

  • Tulip
  • Anemone
  • Sunflower
  • Rose (Type 1)
  • Rose (Type 2)
  • Black Eyed Susan
  • Cosmos
  • Few tiny flowers


  • Ink Pens (I have used Sakura Pigma Micron Pens- 08, 04, 02, 01, 005)[Make sure you use good quality pens, because its gonna have an impact on your work]
  • Good Quality Sketchbook [ I've used an A4 sized Drawing paper- 300 gsm ]

I have attached the reference photo to help you out.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator


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1. Introduction: would you like to draw upon care Flowers? Drawing them is easy with the help of a simple step by step drawing guide. Hi. My name is Meenakshi and a Monod distended in the street. I love to draw flowers and they also work a lot on a Trellix. In this class, I will take you through the process of drawing of your effort. Lovable. Okay, This one is the continuation of my previous class. I will teach you right from the basics how to plan and design your work. The book includes a bunch of beautiful flowers. Way will discuss a lot of tips and tricks to draw your own book. A since we are going through right from the May 6 classes for making us and also for the intermediates for anyone who loves to draw and runs takes without wasting any more time, let's take a look on the requirements 2. Requirements: Let's take a look on the requirements for the class. You will need your drawing pens to draw yard work. Use a good quality drawing pen. Make sure you have various sizes. Grab your pencils and an eraser to help you draw the outline on. Choose a pencil off less sickness because we have to get rid off all the spending marks. Grab your catch good to draw the bookie. Make sure it is thick enough, but for this project, I know be useless sketchbook that I'll be using a drawing card, which is off 300 G's. Grab your supplies and they started draw. 3. Planning the Design: before going to the project. Let's discuss the position off the flowers in a bookie. In this example, the flowers sit down the center, part of completely covered. I mean the of you. It's full and complete, and they have kind of round shape by the flowers that on the corners have kind of full shape. In this case, one of the top part of the petals are visible. This is the basic thing you have to understand before going to the project, you will clearly understand as we move forward. So let's get started. I'm using a normal drawing pencil to draw the outline. First fallen drawing a band for the book. It then not the top portion of the UK now draws and and size depends on how large you want your book it to be. Now joy the ends of the same circle to the band draw as lightly as possible because we have to get rid of all those pencil marks. Finally, I'm drawing a band. Now let's go to the flowers. So as we discussed, all agree, the flowers that on the top ocean and on the corners will have over shape, so I'm drawing always on the top, and this one is for the tulip. Use basic shapes to draw the line and in the world for black eyed Susan and one rule for the dining flower. And now let's go to the center for the Centers on drawing Circles. For the flowers, draw some overlapping circles. Teoh Get a natural look. Step will help you understand the basic shape of the lovers on their Amber's. I think you have done and now draw the center part of the flowers for the flowers set on the top. Draw the center part. Meals up end The center was the center position, not change for the two left drawing oval on the top. So you get a cup shape. I'm drawing another over here. This one is for the cars. Most. That's it for the basic outline. I've seen the next lessons by 4. Outling the design: No. Let's start growing the flowers. Let's start with the tulips. Start off by drawing the side pitchers. A tulip has six petals. Just keep it in mind before drawing the flubber. Now I'm drawing the centripetal, followed by that I'm drawing the rest of the three petals. I love drawing to your lips, but I think they are a little bit tricky because the veins fall in different directions. So we have to be careful about Norman drawing in any money on the bottom. First, start off by drawing for Pet owes an animal. He has a pedals love draw. Former Petters underneath. No, I'm adding a simple at an easy club over here. I'm sorry, I don't know the name off the flubber. Fargo's on my sketchbook, and I did long back, and I weren't doing through this in my book. A. This is a simple it's expected flower. Here comes one black eyed Susan. What I like about this flower is it's balky center. Draw around 14 to 15 petals. First, draw the complete petals and then draw the overlapping ones. Can you see on the size the petals, airplane and center? The petals are wide. It's a draw guarding way almost done, and it's time to go to the next lover. This flowers on the top of the book A. So it has kind of a cup shape. Some first drawing these two pedals, which are on the friend and this plumber has eight pitchers, followed by that and drawing the fetters that are underneath. WeII done. And now let's go to the next lover. Before that, I'm raising off the circle, and I'm making it a little more lapping at Mobic. Here comes one sunflower. Some Thomas have a really big center, parts of draw Accordingly, the bettors are similar to that of the black eyed Susans. Draw a few lines to help you guide the position of the petals. As I said before, draw the complete petals first and later will draw the overlapping ones. For sun lovers, the petals are right and shot. Now on drawing the petals that are underneath similarly completely intact level way are done, and the book is not complete without rose. So here comes arose. First start off the joy the sent off the rose richest, like the letter C. This is Rose that anybody can do. I mean, it is just a bunch of strippers. So the center part has a lot of couples sees on as it moves out. Wasn't drawing these way. We cause this shows is on the top, going off the bookie. So I see move outwards. Make sure you are tightly packing over this area on Make the petals wide Over here. People think that drawing Rose is very difficult, but it's not so. It's bad, easy, and it's very simple. I'm telling you, it's just a matter of course. Can you see now? The pop artist, tightly packed and lower part is wide regard this beautiful moon and I love this thes pencil. Marks are just were friends. When we do the pen, what we do all the detail. So don't worry about it. I'm drawing another rules, but this one is a little bit different from the previous one. First of all, and drawing a caller shape, this will be the opening. Now we got a little but love and drawing more petals on the sides. Draw a few more petals on the top, never going one more petal on the bottom and connecting it to the body just that move petals to the booth. This is like placing the body inside a cup off petals. I think we're done with the petals. And now let's do the center part. Draw an X shape with a pencil, use very light lines. This will be there in a bite of the rules. Oh yes, we have finally completed loading flowers. OK, and now it's time to spend outline size and using is 08 Use a good drawing pin. I am starting off with the tulip. Just draw over the pencil. Marks don't just draw smoothly. Give some vans and cars to the shapes, only getting the basic sketches a little bit tricky. But when you're done with the basic sketch, just can't relax and do the friend work. I think you not have any shoes spending outline. Only when you draw the pen to sketch, you have to be a little bit careful. And when it comes to the pen work and just sit back and relax. That's it. Bent all the troubles by giving some fans and close. I want to show you all how I paint this lover because it is kind of tricky. I am pending along the pencil marks. But I'm making a movie. We and shaky. So you get this beautiful, realistic look CS and move along abounding lots and downs. Don't try to be perfect because lovers are never perfect. Just back and relax and have fun pending these flowers. I think now you can clearly see the tall push of the roses type he passed on. The bottom part is wide angle is very important. When it comes to drawing, we have successfully completed spending our work. I'll see the next listen by 5. Drawing the Center part of the Flowers: Now let's draw the center part of the flowers. Start off by drawing a circle using the normal drawing. Pencil marks the centre for all the flowers except the roses and also the tulips. You don't have to mask the center from the units. Students are also down for the black eyed Susan Draw two ovals, by the way, on drawing the rains for the Children. Enjoy the main rains for the three pedals that are on the friend. And now let's draw the center for this amusing so good up in Micron Pain and the size of using is Oh, what a nstar ting off with the black guy Susan. I'm just dribbling all over the center. Part Phil. Different department drawing Locos. There are so many leads to pull the pot. I chose this because it is fun and super fast. I think now you can clearly see what I'm doing. No proper shapes. I'm just struggling and filling the space. That's it. Let's do this cause most now I am not using weapons size do 05 I'm drawing few commas and irregular lines. Make it den to the bottom, and, as he moves up, reduce the number of dots. This will add depth and dimension to your work. Now let's do the money. Start off the drawing this deep and loading down the center. I'm just drawing these more time. I am now using my paint off size 01 Now draw the circle, which is on the center part. Now I'm drawing power lines inside the local drawer. Diagonal lines with the edges. Decatur three dimensional look now planning to do rings by drawing lines. I love the Lebanese for this inter party. The above. With DDT. Let's do the South level law. Sons. Lovers also have two rings on the fingers center. Part stippling is nothing but adding tiny little dogs to add depth intention to our work. Finally, I am struggling outer ring. You don't have to be notice to get started. Take your pains and relax way are done. Next listen, we do the details for the levels. I'll see that by 6. Detailing the Flowers: Welcome back, guys. Let's give some details to up lovers. I'm starting off with tulip. Draw the veins that falls in the middle of the pedals. Madden. One more line to add more debt. Then, um, adding a lot of lying cheating on the corners. The tulip is gonna have a lot of shadows, so I'm adding a lot of broken lines. With that, the lines are going to be more Imo cough. As you move to the center over the center bar, the rains are going to be seen like I rode straight in the eye. These guidelines references does, um, adding more lines bad. But if you want a TV illustrating simple, reduce the number of lines some with better, which is on the right on centre drawing, reshape pains looking lines. I'm going inside for shade out three pedals. That kind destroying streamline and this is called catching has used nothing but drawing lines. You don't have to live, and now I'm drawing lines with top of the pedals to give that my doings is given natural on a baby. Look. Find the initial drive lines that run center things add value work four pedals that are under needs are going to have a lot of shadows, so add more lines to the petals. That way, once you finish, go to the next lover shading the sun most are really fun. Draw some called Reavy on broken lines on the petals petals that are on the need to have a long shadows at represent shadows at tightly packed boys with mental said on the talk. Use the number of fines, just a single technical hatching. And I'm just changing the whole flowers that is half blind, Roy is. You just want to know. The basics represent shadows at CPAC. Lines on for the highlights trade. Use the number of flights some love about drawing the lines. Black eyed Susan is lotus on lumber for the petals that on the top on limiting the lines to two or sometimes three and four. The battle that behind um, adding lines the way you draw your line, step presence and addicts look better. So we captured by drawing the lines. It takes a little bit of practice way are done with that What time to go to the next. I'm now sharing this tiny level, which is on the left accidentally and drawing the lines a little bit go, and this shows that this pattern went down. Words. This battle is going to have the lines curved up foot, and this one meant downwards. I think you know what it's done. Clearly the significance off fanatics of the lithe time to move to the next lover Cosmos have drawn for helping sounds direction of the metals. Start off the drawing a couple of lines to understand the angle. I like to break down the line to scored it. Lines that you draw on the top of the pedals will give you a moving on realistic effect. Roll lines over the centre back all the petals, meat it represent. Shadows on right over. The petals are were lapping at more lines. It was a matter of observation. Just take a flower and observed that the shadows fall. Let's shake the rose. Now add more lines to watch the center and, um, adding lines or the in your body direction plays a very important role when it comes to our rose drunk of lines. Worse, this scholarship. When you do this, he showed that the petals are moving out worse at broken lines to work in your end way with the left side. Draw the come spending towards the left. Let's not do the rest of the pedals that are covered in the rose, and all these petals are bent outwards, so just keep it in mind before drawing to us. End Admiral Dogs This'll one have a lot of shadows because behind a lot of petals, so add more lines before drawing the doors. Understand? Why the pedals? Four. Can you see this blooming infecting God from our rules? The last Let's not last Levine, a bookie shading this slumlords Betty's even compared to all the rest of the plumbers have . Okay, I'm just drawing its tiny lines that run from the centre of the I think this will give you a better and a lot more than I do right now. Can you see? I'm just drawing these short lines that run from the centre of different sizes. Just draw these down into lines without worrying about anything different ways of throwing roses first type of rose. That screen class is a little bit genius and had because while drawing that, but I think this one is so simple. Can you see the roast building completely diagnosed. With this, we have completed shading off levels. The next wave gaps. I'll see that by 7. Filling the White Space (Plan): Let's draw the stems and Elise, use a pencil to plan the design. I start off the drawing few leaves that are behind the flowers. Draw the stand for the flowers so you get a better idea for the rest of the space. Now I'm drawing a time for the rose, followed by an old shaped pointed leaf. I'm reserving this idea to draw. A few small lovers draw tiny circles to represent the flowers fall. I'm drawing circles off different sizes, and if you are overlapping, draw as many circles as possible when you're done. Mark the center for the So Close Small Club was at the best in the cute way to fill your page. I'm going to draw a bunch of Lavenda with this area for the lavenders will do the details statically by using the pen. You don't have to worry about it now or stem for the tear lip, and she'll comes one large really for the tulip and one more on the other side. This one is that they need the flowers, and I'm going to draw fun here. Police followed either side of the brunch, and here comes a branch for the Betty's and small branches fallen, die the side of the main brunch. I'm going to add another bunch of small levels on the other side of the looking, but this one is a little bit bigger than the previous one. Draw overlapping circles on Mafia. Send us. I'm going to do another simple fall here. In the next lesson, we will spend the standings and flowers and leaves. I'll see that by 8. Filling the White Space (Pen Work): Let's draw the tiny flub was first start off by drawing the friends lovers. I'm gonna make it a simple six petal flower. I'm using a pen off size. Don't want for this. I make the center doc. If you are new to drawing, then draw the flowers. You see the pencil first and then to the pen work. The's clubbers are just like tiny little losses on their made by local draw. Fewer lapping flowers. Diva realistic Look, they don't have too much of feeding on. It is just a matter of 5 to 6 petals. I will just add in like a petal. She'd rather wide need to fill in a little bit, but make sure you don't make it crowded. Once you wrinkles dry days off all those pencil marks. Just look on, And if you think you need, move the link, then add a little bit more better like shapes. Let's do the other bunch of flowers. Start off by keeping a door for the center. This is a little the first challenge, but I'm going to make it big. I'm making the potatoes a little more pointy. Similarly, for the rest of the circle, drop your lapping flowers to get a realistic look. Once you're done with the Stanny flowers, draw the leaves. Leaves look lovely on the page on Drawing them can be relaxing. I'm starting off with Dula, please, which is formed on hard. Don't just draw absolutely give some bends and curves on the other side and drawing another to appease. And now I'm going to do a phone over here. Start with a branch in the center and drop pass off Chinese and I decided the branch. I love drawing forms because they are you very beautiful and one more fall over here. It's coordination on the bottom. I'm drawing one main down for the babies. Draw, reshape all over the branch. A very will fall on each of the branches over here, do some overlapping brunches and add small dogs for the babies. So I'm drawing circles to ST Betty's. Don't just draw the Berries on either side of the branches. Draw some of the middle of the ground, gave a realistic. Now let's do the lavender on this tripling and drawing you better shapes to fill it. These lovers are group wants the center. Can you see the Bunches forming. When you decide that the lavenders and you decide land as abortion pedals pointing down, I am making it a little crowded on the top and also the sites, and I mentioned to your work before drawing the stem. Draw the band, which is holding all the flowers together. Can you see the flowers and the leaves fall out of the band and they look very beautiful once you're done with the band. Georgia's them. I'm just drawing lines and filling the space down that ad veins for the lease. Make it simple by drawing lines again. Do the same for the police, George, you shaky lines to give a realistic look. Finally, let's shave these tiny flowers. I'm going to make a dark at the centre drug applause lines for each better these lines fall out from the center by this baby showed that this plumbers have a little bit off. These are a little shade and just read with simple lines in the same no complete die a bunch. No, let's do that a bunch. I'm drawing 2 to 3 lines of covers and die petal. Similarly shade or the flowers these flowers are drawing up, down Once you're done, she just m I'm using the same technique. Drop violent lines and few diamond ones to add the shadows and depth. We have almost completed a bouquet. I'll see the next listen. Well, we will do the band provide. 9. Drawing the Wrapper of the Bouquet: Welcome back, guys. Let's now draw The rapper that holds all the flowers together way have already drawn the basics sheep. Now let's do the live in, which is over the rapper Draw the to drop shapes. Dips should be pointing towards the centre draw, the second set off course. Finally, other things draw the tales by sketching and invited me on their ends. Draw the tales, overlapping the ribbon's not finally and drawing the stands in the Borden section. Now let's pain the rapper. I'm forced spending the not off the ribbon. Then do the drop shapes on either side of the Not change. The read between the do curves it last. Do the tails draw the tails loose as if they are flying. Now I'm drawing that have been, which is on either side. I'm doing a couple off lines, and this falls below the rib in a maddening one rule line to show that the revenge us right now complete drawing the rapper give some calls as you draw on designing my rapper by drawing few Palin lines, adds details on the ribbon. I'm just drawing lines all over the cars she the not and it takes off have been nothing much. I'm just drawing few slant in lines all over it. Finally, I'm shaving my wrapper. Add lines on the top and on the sides off the wrapper on drawing lines of different sizes to give a realistic look. As you do this, your wrap up. Get a three damaged look. Now let's do the stem. I'm just covering the lower part of the rapper with Palin lines. I'm still using the same pain or four draw lines of different sizes. Stems are crowded near the rapper and as he moved downwards, scattered, then too bad values. I'm changing my pen sized Teoh eight. Continue to draw the lines, and you're done when you think you are done at a few details to indicate shadows. With this, we have completed drawing a bookie. The next lesson. I'll teach you how to start your own project, but by 10. Tips to start your own PROJECT: Hi, guys. I hope you enjoy the class. I believe you learned so many new techniques Watching my class feel free to ask your doubts before winding up. I just want Chabot. You all have to choose of lovers for your book. A you know, these flowers that I have, including my sketch, you know, the first time drawing them, excluding the roses after on all these levels long back on my sketchbook for my previous projects. So first practice the troubles individually on your sketchbook. And once you're confident you can start to draw your rookie instead of drawing the same ones that we discussed in the class tries into flowers like Poppy, Iris, Magnolia, Lily and also rules. But the thing is, you have to take a pen and start practicing it. You don't have to be an artist to get started. Finally, do not forget to post your project. I would love to see them. And so happy you took my class. Andi, I thank you all for your support, but by