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Floral Illustration- Learn to draw Assorted Flowers- Ink Pen Sketching

Meenakshi Chinniah, Artist and Illustrator

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10 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. Let's learn the Basics

    • 4. Black Eyed Susan- Drawing

    • 5. Black Eyed Susan- Pen Work

    • 6. Anemone- Drawing

    • 7. Anemone- Pen Work

    • 8. Tulips- Drawing

    • 9. Tulip- Pen Work

    • 10. Class project

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About This Class

In this class, I will teach you to draw beautiful assorted flowers using fine liner pens. We will be covering Black Eyed Susan, Anemone and Tulips. Even though the drawing looks complicated, no prior knowledge is required. Don't worry! I will teach you right from the basics. If you want to do this for relaxation or even if you are an artist and want to enhance your skills, this class is for you. By the end of this class, I assure you that you will be able to sketch your own sunflower!

You will learn,

  • What Pens to use
  • How to get started
  • Stippling
  • Hatching and cross-hatching
  • Shading and textures with a pen


  • Ink Pens (I have used Sakura Pigma Micron Pens- 02, 01, 005)[Make sure you use good quality pens, because its gonna have an impact on your work]
  • Good Quality Sketchbook [I've used an A6 sized sketchbook]

NOTE: If you would like to sketch a smaller flower or a larger one than mine, you should also change the pen sizes accordingly.

I have attached the reference photo to help you out.




1. Introduction : flowers are a great subject for anyone who loves to draw. There's magically played feature make for a fun exercise. Hello, my name is Meenakshi and I welcome you all to my class. I'm an artist and an illustrator. I work a lot on actor Lex and I also love to draw in this class we show you how to draw a sort of flowers which includes few lips and money and black eye. We will be discussing radio techniques like watching cross hatching and still playing for anyone who loves to draw but scared to take offence. This plans for you in the class, the by. 2. Requirements : Let's see the supplies you need to get started. You will need a drawing battle. Sketch your work. Use any good brand, but make sure they're sticking up. But for this project, I'm no to withdrawing tab instead of using growing cards, each one is all and the size I'm using is a six. Next check environmental were drawing pins for the whole project. Cardiges using to Prince goes to as 05 I am eating sakura, but you can use any drawing tens and you'll to patients that is most important for grabbing flies and we get started. 3. Let's learn the Basics: Now let's see the three techniques that we will use in this class. The 1st 1 is tippling. Stippling is nothing but adding tiny doors to enhance the value for work. For example, if you want at shadows wrapped more dogs, it looks so simple. But it is a very long technique. I mean, consumes a lot of time, and I find stippling to be relaxing and meditating. So that's all about stippling. Next technique is touching. Hatching is nothing but drawing lines to enhance the value to our work. For example, if you want to indicate shadows, you add more closely packed lines, and I find this technique to be really fun. Next technique is somewhat similar to hatching, just like watching you draw power lines to show value. Add Dagnall lines similarly to hatching. You can also change the space between the lines to please or decrease the death. So these are all the three techniques that we would be useful this class, but see the next lesson. But by 4. Black Eyed Susan- Drawing: Let's start with black eyed Susans lover, and you can find a reference below the video. Let's start by drawing slanting lines for the stem and then draw the center. It is kind of a semi circle. Now I'm drawing one most semi circle for the petals. Use basic shapes to work with the design. Draw slightly as possible because we have to raise all the men two months now. As for the center part on drawing a few more lines and curves to help us draw, Join all the lines to one point at the bottom and finally draw few more palette. Girls. Now let's do the letters approximately that are about 13 to 15 petals in a lover. Draw a few lines to help you understand why the pedals fall. You don't have to lay your pedals just like it is in the reference photo. Keep your reference just as a guide and draw your own pictures. Put some federals behind ago, so it has a natural look. You don't have to. People effect because flowers are never perfect. Petals off the black eye to since our little bit similar to that of the daisies. If you are the big noted drawing, I think black eyed Susans out. Great to start, as you can see the better set on the centre partner white and the petals that are the left side and the right side are thin, so drop accordingly. Draw feud vested petals to give a natural look and draw a few short betters, and few long just go over the empty space. That's it. Finally draw two lines for the stem. In the next lesson that you see so many good techniques to paint this flower. I feel that by 5. Black Eyed Susan- Pen Work: Now let's paint the black eyed Susan time for this. Amusing my grown pain off Sakura, off size zero to always take outline and thin edges don't draw smoothly without giving any details. At a few bends and curls and few ups and downs to give a realistic look. Do the same for the type it does. Once you're done, let's do this name. I'm using the same pain you know to finally daughter Galax. Or now let's do the center part center part is quite tricky. I'm using a pen of size 01 I can start pulling lines that are closer to the fact that we see the reference photo. So draw these little stone shapes, keeping the thread lines as your reference. Keep the board and dark as possible because I referenced for those like that. Draw the thorny ships along the lines and on the dog, making dense by adding new dogs and become us. Just food the gaps when it comes to drawing black eyed Susans, everything is easy, except the center part center pot is also easy, but it is a little bit tricky, but all you need is a little bit off observation and a lot of practice way have almost down the center. The dog pistons on the board in the dark and the middle part is less dense. Way don't need any more pencil months, so once the ink is dry, erase off all the fences. Locks. As you can see, we have lines on the pedals to bring this technique in. A drawing will be using a technique gold hatching, and for this use the smallest, many hat amusing Socratic Migron Offside videos, you know, fight Catchings nothing but drawing lines to other details. You can increase or decrease the space between the lines to change the value. As you can see, I'm not backing the petals with a lot of lines. I want to make the simple, so I'm just adding fuel lines. The basic idea is that you have to add lines to get the text chills, and you have to add lines to give the shadows. You can also pass the petals with a lot of lines. It will give you an amazing look when it comes to hatching. It doesn't mean that you have to draw on the straight lines. Lines can be straight lines for can be goes with few ups and downs. For example, if you want to show that a better spend down, you have the drawing girl, which is bend downward so that it gives that effect. Similarly, drawled the petals. No, let's do the stem light is coming from the left hand side, so you have to add shadows on the right side. I'm using the same patching techniques to add the shadows. Few power lines now to enhance the values amusing. Another technical cross hatching It is nothing about drawing diagonal lines. Well, I'm not doing this for the letters just for you and understand. With this we have successfully completed the black eyed Susan. I've seen the next lesson You do the under money, but by 6. Anemone- Drawing: No, I'm going to take you to the process off, how to draw and many step by step. We will start off by drawing three circles, one for the petals and two for the center and amusing a normal drawing pencil to draw the line. I'm drawing the first big circle for the petals. Make the drawing as light as possible because we have to raise the pencil marks, followed by that on drawing two tiny circles for the center part, this one on drawing novels for the Orange string and this one's for the green. As for the petals, we will start off by drawing three full petals that we see in our plans. Photo first, draw the lines to help you understand why the petals fall. Now I'm closely observing the reference photo and drawing the petters. I'm trying to make it as close as possible. Each animal knees has approximately 5 to 8 pedals. After you complete the full petals, then start drawing the were lapping ones, and money is the easiest off all flowers. When it comes to drawing, always start with the full petals and then go to the overlapping ones because it will give you an idea off rather petals before, after you complete the pedals, draw two lines for the stem wear completed, drawing the flubber else in the next lesson by 7. Anemone- Pen Work: Now let's draw you through the pens first will start off with the center and for this will be using the smallest off weapons video 05 for the statement, a musical step called Stippling. This dream path, which isn't send up. That's what we're doing right now. Bring us nothing but adding closely back dogs do add value and dimension to our work. The basic idea behind stippling is to add road dogs in the shadows, part on less dogs. In the highlight spot, I'm adding more dogs to work out of the circle to give a three dimensional effect and reduce the number of dots as you move towards the centre. I'm trying to make it as close as possible. Once you're done with deploying, let's do the anguish orange strings that comes out from the center. I'm drawing those few overs few regular shapes and few dots, destroy own shapes and complete that hold ring. Once you're done, draw the lines that final from the center you can see I'm just drawing lines that you will love each other tightly packed. What I like about animal is this day a center part. It has a lot of details on it is very eye catching. Once you've done the central started. Draw the petals for this amusing good up in off size. You don't do while outlining. Don't just drop plainly. Are you absent downs and curves to resemble the difference? Photo. Bensimon Access a guy. Why let Ben? I don't have to worry about anything. I'm just following the guy using the same thing. I'm drawing two lines for this game. Now let's get rid off for dispensing marks because it can be a little bit smudgy and hard to see when it comes to the shading part. No, I'm switching to a smaller size, you know. 57 Unusual technique. Old hatching, actually nothing but drawing lines to add values. I'm drawing lines to show the shape at the texture of the Bengals, I said. Already, the black eyed Susan listen. Catching doesn't mean that you have to draw straight lines you can get with Antone's on your lines based on the texture of the metal. For example, on this pain tell we have a small bend to give us texture in my drawing on bending the line , carefully observed the reference for do in shade accordingly, in the same way, complete the rest of the petals. Now imagine a few more details to the dog ends of the metals. Now she stand by, drawing through broken lines. Finally on stippling my stem as we have discussed already East plane. There's nothing about adding those to enhance the value. We assumed that the light is coming from the right hand side, and so we are adding shadows to the left. Finally stepped on the pedals. I am starting off by adding more dogs towards the center. On. As I move outwards, I'm using the number of dots, a few more dogs to the edge of the letters. Now I'm going to the second. This one is underneath another mental, so it obviously has a lot of shadows to add more dots. The planes are long closest, takes a lot of time, so you need patients to do this. If you think it is time consuming and you're not able to do this, then you can try out some techniques, like watching on doors hatching like what we did in the black guy. The basic idea is very simple. Right over the petals overlap at more shadows I mean, mood dots starting off from the centre at more dogs on as you move forward. Reviews and our thoughts similarly complete all the letters. I hope he understood how to draw this beautiful lover. I'll see in the next lesson that we do that to lives by. 8. Tulips- Drawing: fine and let's do the do lips. The reference photo that I'm using is likely to head towards the left, so I'll be drawing the world's left. Use a normal pencil draw start off by drawing a line, which is like it was left on the talk. I'm drawing an old shape, followed by a cup shape of the booth. These basic shapes will help us to get the basic idea and now enjoying the stem, which is a little bit right at the top. Now let's do the petals. Find that will shape to make it move it like I'm starting off by drawing this. Why, Right after that, I'm drawing this left one. The tip off the pedal should be the lower part of the world reference and make it as close as possible. And now I'm drawing center. When it comes to the two lives, the bulls have three pedals and three samples. But since the samples are most same size and shape as the federal fuel, it appears to have six petals, and it lasted for machine like a bubble. So when you draw, just keep this in mind. Tulips have six pedals. That's it now that's dropping brains to understand the direction that depended in this better. The veins are slightly curved downwards on or the dog. The appear to have a most a straight nine. Not exactly straight nine, but most street nine. I was just 10 more than more. These girls represents a static shoved up. It does, and when it comes to center, we have one big nine, which has a heavy texture. Similarly, draw the veins for the right better. It is just the same way we did the 1st 1 start off with drawing one center line. A Nazi group was a stem of Lord. And as for the center petals, Robbie shape events. With this, we have completed the drawing part. In the next lesson, Bad will complete the project by 9. Tulip- Pen Work: Now let's spend the deal it on for this amusing psychotropic micron friend off size too, just by no other pencil marks. I think you will not have any difficulties with that. Give some close to thousands of the flower gets some reality. Only continous practice will make your dot So please practice one for a week. But you don't have to be serious. Just take your pain and scribbled something that's enough. I'm gonna do a double blind that to show that rice Tim. No wonder as that rain in the middle of the battle. I am drawing a few broken lines and dots to get that strong fixed. Germer being one of the line, I am using the same thing I do now. Emerging center rains for the side, the same broken lines and dogs. Now let's do the days for this. Taken smallest pay me half. I amusing. Lose five unrolled side brings for the center draw lines off criticizes that panel from the center after this do the same thing the opposite direction. This is called hatching as we have this crystal Gery Hatchell starting but drawing lines to last values on and this is the fastest off all techniques. No automatic mode eating useful broken line got Now do the same of the left side. As for the two lives, the letters playing important truth, these lines in the petals moving away that shows the directions of the metal. Now I'm drawing a line between the two lines that were going to be drawn. Next. Let's do the side pictures way have already drawn the direction of the grains in the pedals . Use a pencil marks. He's the benzene monsters, the guys and draw the rings. We have already discussed in a previous lesson. Have to give text just to the petals. The fourth in the shed. By drawing the course, the veins are gonna be morning. Woke up as he moved, was sent up. Now, after drawing the basic shape of the rains at small small lines, broken line that connects from the top to the center, these more small lines give a natural look to up our similarly do the left pedal. One tearing Destroy basil for the pencil marks. We don't need them anymore. Now do the rest of the three petals. This part is gonna have more shadow. So I'm adding long time. This one is also like on the need. So it is also gonna have more shadows. Nama minding your lines to the center. We have almost petters. Now let's do the same. I'm doing the same patching picnic. The light is coming from the left, so I'm adding more shadows to the right Nava madding bagman lines. And this process is called straw catching as the cost with you can start for causing you to the next step. I'm gonna step with the bottom part to make it through Doc, I'm just adding more and more dogs will see back dogs. But if you prefer not to do this then of course, Just give this. Um Adding more dogs by the petals overlaps a multi fighting dogs around the center mainly most of our daughters over the ends of the side pictures also, but I'm just gonna keep it many months. True up cities, a number of dots I'm adding more. Dostie was the right color because it's gonna have a lot of shadows. So I think you can not understand. Using all these little is of techniques to get this beautiful tree damage look Similarly, do the left dogs to the end and walk reviews a number of dogs. So that's all for this class. Please, family. Two more minutes to discuss the class project. I'll see you there by 10. Class project: we have come to the end and I hope you enjoy the class. If you have any doubts off back on this class, please do let me know I will get back to you. As for the project, by other techniques we learned in the class Instead of drawing the same clubbers we discussed in the class, try out different levels like course most and Daisy you can use dipping or hatching or a combination of food. Thes up your examples have used the same technique for these levels. Last off All did not forget the posted project. I would love to see them so happy to have you in my class by