Floral Galaxy Painting with Watercolor and White Ink | Jana Bodin | Skillshare

Floral Galaxy Painting with Watercolor and White Ink

Jana Bodin, watercolor illustration & lettering

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5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies Overview

    • 3. Painting the Galaxy Background

    • 4. Practice: Drawing Flowers and Leaves

    • 5. Painting Details with White Ink: Flower, Leaves, and Stars


About This Class

Just as my previous classes this one is teaching you how to paint with watercolors. This time it's all about galaxies. To add a layer of interest, I show you an easy way to add flowers and leaves.

This class is divided into steps, so you can focus on one technique at a time. Step by step I will lead you from empty paper to beautiful Floral Galaxy. Just follow along and be open to experiment! Provided you have watercolors, watercolor paper and a brush on hand, you're ready to go - beginner or intermediate watercolor enthusiast, this class suits both levels. I'm sure it's even a fun class for the advanced watercolor artist, if one would have never attempted to paint a galaxy with watercolors :) It's all about enjoying the medium and work with contrasting elements to achieve surprising results.

Supplies are shown in the 'Supplies' video, and I have a written list of materials I use in the class description of my two other classes. You can find them here and here

If you enjoyed this class, please leave a comment, review, or post your project! It's a great way to share your experience :)
Thank you for painting along!