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Floral Galaxy Painting with Watercolor and White Ink

teacher avatar Jana Bodin, watercolor illustration & lettering

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Supplies Overview


    • 3.

      Painting the Galaxy Background


    • 4.

      Practice: Drawing Flowers and Leaves


    • 5.

      Painting Details with White Ink: Flower, Leaves, and Stars


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About This Class

Just as my previous classes this one is teaching you how to paint with watercolors. This time it's all about galaxies. To add a layer of interest, I show you an easy way to add flowers and leaves.

This class is divided into steps, so you can focus on one technique at a time. Step by step I will lead you from empty paper to beautiful Floral Galaxy. Just follow along and be open to experiment! Provided you have watercolors, watercolor paper and a brush on hand, you're ready to go - beginner or intermediate watercolor enthusiast, this class suits both levels. I'm sure it's even a fun class for the advanced watercolor artist, if one would have never attempted to paint a galaxy with watercolors :) It's all about enjoying the medium and work with contrasting elements to achieve surprising results.

Supplies are shown in the 'Supplies' video, and I have a written list of materials I use in the class description of my two other classes. You can find them here and here

If you enjoyed this class, please leave a comment, review, or post your project! It's a great way to share your experience :)
Thank you for painting along!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jana Bodin

watercolor illustration & lettering


Hi, I’m Jana.
I’m a self-taught artist working mostly with watercolors. I loved painting since I was a little girl - it just stuck with me. During my teens and early twenties I painted a lot. Then my husband and I moved from Europe to the U.S.A. and a little later our family started to grow, so the priorities shifted.
In 2012, when we moved to Sweden temporarily, I started painting again almost daily as well as practicing calligraphy and hand lettering. Since then I have filled pages on pages of watercolor paper and I’m not tired of doing so. There’s always something that needs to be painted! :)

In the past I have taught quite a few watercolor and lettering workshops in person. I enjoy connecting with my students and love to see their progress. I... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: - Hi , I'm Yeah, hoodie and I'm a watercolor artist and teacher here on special. Why are they also told glasses and personality in my classes? I try to teach things that I would have loved to know when I started out beating water pillars. So I usually break them with passes into steps so that it is easy to follow along or to paint alone. So no one, even a beginner, will not be discouraged by brother Has fun trying to stick me that I'm teaching about. In this task, I will show you how to paint the galaxy with water colors. Then, even though there are many tutorials on their how to paint the galaxy with motor cars, I will simply show you the way I do it, which I believe is a rather easy and quick wait To do this. I would also show you how to add the flour and leaves with white ink. With this galaxy at the end of this class, you should be able to paint a galaxy with watercolors. Then you should know what you comfortably at. Details like flowers, leaves or other drawings with white ink To this design I love for you to share your results . That would be great to see and to share with everybody else who takes this cuss because it's always fun to see what everybody creates. Either do so here in Scotia, in the projects or bonds. Social media. I'm on Instagram as well as on Facebook. Under attack of him right now just lets it started beating. 2. Supplies Overview: but this class, we need, of course, watercolor paper. I have here his career that I cut to size as I don't want to paint too big. But you can also buy this ready made square water cooler heads, or I love using this one. It's a nine by 12 cool press watercolor paper by Can Cem. It's a £140 which is my favorite. Wait off paper for practicing and experimenting, so I recommend not using the most expensive paper. So you don't have to fear messing up or something like this. So you can either use a big sheet or cut it to size. It's whatever you prefer. Then, of course, we need paints, watercolor paints. I will use my palette as usual. I usually just leave it as is, and we let the paints before I start painting. But feel free to use a clean palette or mixing palette or simply a like president plate. Anything works for that matter. And then, of course, there are too poor to kill. A pain says Well, so whatever you prefer works, just pick your favorite particle of pains on and choose colors that you want. The galaxy to show I will use some sort of blue. I have several blues in here, but I have here a dove blue by shrinky. I have a turquoise I pick my Payne's gray, which is my favorite being or favorite color to have a T least one pain, that it's rather dark, which always works best for Galaxies and my opinion. Then I will maybe use a green and young less well. But I will usually decide that during the painting process, I just recommend pick colors that you really like because that makes painting more fun. Then, as I said, it's it doesn't matter for this for discuss if you have pen or to watercolor paints. If you have the tubes, you just can speaks them in your palate or reservoir. Of course, we need some brushes. The size just depends on the sides off your area that you want to cover. If you have a bigger area, you want to fill in for the galaxy. Just use a bigger brush. This is the number 12. I might use this to pull in the background, and I appear some smaller brushes the number six and number one. Then we need some white ink, either. Used to be proof white doctor Ph. Morton's I like this one. Or simply use a white general pen. I, like these from Secure, caused a cover quite nicely, and they're easy to handle. If you have never worked with an ink like this, just grab a General Penn. These were rather easy. Yeah, just easy to use. And then, if you have, you can also use some white colored pencils. These are majority. With these, you can achieve nice effects, additional effects, which just enhance your drawing on the dark brick road. They're not in my statutes optional and to practice or to outline your shapes that you want to color in just a pencil, an eraser on. And if you feel like it, if you must measure something, here's a ruler. What else? Yes, of course. We need some order. Border for you paints. That's some sort of paper on old rag to wipe off your brushes. Oh, and I forgot to mention if you have used a compass or just some raunchy, because I will fill in the galaxy in a raunchy. So if you have a compass, that's fine. If you don't have one, just picker a bull or plate to trace the shape, and that's about it for the supplies, so it's just get started painting. 3. Painting the Galaxy Background: Before I start painting, I cut my paper to size and I marked in the one square, a circle where will paint my galaxy and the other one I marked a square for this class. I will use the one with the circle. Okay, so I prepared all my pains that I want to use. I added a drop off order to his little compartments, so the pigment is easily picked up with the bush. Have my Payne's gray. I have a turquoise here, another new maybe poeple I don't know yet on some yellow. Then I just Edward into my brush so that it's really soaked. And the first thing I like to do is just so the the lying I have marked as my was my edge for as worry border where the design needs to go or should go right at the little for their just with playing right fresh. And I know you can see that it's where the water hits the paper. It shines a little bit. I hope you can see that this hopes the pain to spread easily, so I will go in with my darkest color, which I used the paint. SKorea's mention, and then I do this same thing again. Basically, I go ahead and follow this line that I drew with the compass before, and just practicing it before with the King brush gives you some confidence that you are able to hit the line. If you want to have this perfect circle, and I should add that it really, it doesn't matter if you go a little bit over or the line or the border is not as clean. You decide what you want to achieve. You can also just make this a FREEHAND shape. Just go and oval, or just circle with FREEHAND with your with your brush or just follow a straight line. The outline off your paper just like that, and then fill it in. That's possible is full, so I make sure you some different options variations oh, in the project. But for this I just keep doing that. I just follow the line there, and a different kind of knew in this case I added my doubts flu that I mentioned in the supplies. Then always make sure you have enough border in your brush so that the pain is spreading nicely. Since I have a small piece of paper I could turn it around, which I like to do. Makes it easier to handle, I think. And then I just decided to add some purple here. And since I said I will use some turquoise back to just add it randomly on your sheet didn't make sure it doesn't dry if possible. I have here in dry air so Joyce rather quickly. So depending on the climate, you need to work quick or you can take your time. But don't worry if it drives and you just use more border and then go in again with your rights. But you re bet the paint, and then you will see that the Carlos just floor into each other and mix so you don't have to makes it really with your brush, they just run into each other. And that's the beauty of painting those Galaxies. That doesn't have to be exact. You just go with the flow and at colors that your life and the outcome of always the nice and interesting. I think to me. I prefer of the Galaxies on the borders off my design, that this dark there, so make sure you use the DARPA across year on the with? Yes. On and take more or the death of you. I had a year again. Just put in the pain. Once you have the the border here, you can just swoosh the pain inside the circle so it has a chance to mix with the other ones. Um, you know, just have it in or anything of color and see what it does. As long as the paint is still wet, it has a chance to spread. I like to have more of just turquoise you and then you see that symptoms? I don't know if you see that on camera, but these little guts, these tend to cut off my brush of its brother. That's right to know. No. Yes, he was zero. If a drives that, it's for my tastes a little too to light. So I pick up some dark corner again. In this case, it paints great and just dab it in here. So the pain being darker, paint on top of the lighter one, and it's still waking up certificates. Brett, I think you will be able to see that it's really red. Still, that's a good thing, because what I want to do now is no. Wash my brush in the water, don't drive too much, just add more border and get some of the pigment out. And then you can get a nice effect. If you going with your version. Just Deb in certain areas. Then you will see in a second that the water at their will spread and give nice depicts. Well, maybe you. You will see you later when it has dried. It's considered better in the dark colors. Here. You can see this collectively because, leader, when I add stores, it gives the impression that you know when the starch goes into such an area that it has a shine to it. And it makes the surrounding areas lighter because of its brightness. And that's what you can achieve with having a little bit of water. And then you see, already here it's a light spot here, here. Now it's visible here as well where I did it in the beginning. So this is just a nice epic that contrary to work with and if some of this what's come to light to you for your taste, you will watch your brush again, Take a little bit more paint and go again. The center of the sites work, and then you see that the doctor pain spreads again so you could play a role in with that and see what you like. Because once it's dry, it always looks a bit different, and you never really know until it's completely dry, where it will look like. And that's just the beauty of water called. I think that's fair, like this medium so much and you can only Adam starts if the paint is still wet. If you read it later, when the painters already dry, then of course, the color doesn't spread anymore. Like you can see, it was a sits there. That's significant. I'm something to it. You can get a little more water and we drive it on. Sometimes it spreads to that. Sometimes it just sits there, and this is rather a fun experiment. I think so. Don't spread it If something doesn't turn out the way you you like or you think it should have worked differently, just go with the flow and maybe do another one later and try and try it a little different and just pick one where and resulted you like hopefully you will find one that you we're happy with. And that's the one you would think for your phone. I think I would, uh, this step. It's always tempting to add more to do more. But at one point you need to stop and I will do that. No, I will leave this to dry, and once it's completely dry, it is ready for the right thing. 4. Practice: Drawing Flowers and Leaves: to prepare to paint or to draw the floral the flower. Believe whatever you like to paint for your galaxy. I recommend that you try and practise live at first. It's always better to map it out before so you know up front, because once the white ink is on your background on your watercolor, then yeah, that's it. But you cannot erase it or paint over it with water colors, so I usually do it just a simple way. I just take some sketch paper and then I just keep drawing a few a few designs and whatever I like best I will get with later. I've done this already here. If you need inspiration, just go to Pinterest. I think that's the best way to different some ideas. I like to go with cleaning designs with not too too many fuzzy and just sort of say so. E think I might go with this lower here for Murray. Think design and I just try to to darken outlined, to see if it really is what I want. Yeah, yeah, it doesn't have to be perfect for your sketch. Just try to get a few for your flower or for you. Make sure you have an idea about the outline. Because we will draw this one first, and then we will fill in the details. Yeah, I think that's basically it. I most likely I will go with this flower. Maybe ever go with this one. Amateur. It like to draw this type of use. Just sensible lions who started with, um just demonstrate quickly, stroll with system. Then I usually add you to the top. And then I already have the spying starting. So I just continue to tip I either at those details or these Tepper, please work without science is so I think, and just continue. Any needs serious side until until the stem has unearthed leaves for your fuel. It's right, Right? And again usually righto. My students, They're to me. There's no perfect. Okay, It's mainly really you should have doing your paintings. And if you spread about being perfect Yeah, then it's not so much fun anymore. Writing. Okay, So practice as much as you want, and as you like until you feel comfortable and then pick your flower, pick some leaves and then we're ready to ink 5. Painting Details with White Ink: Flower, Leaves, and Stars: So let's paint our flower into the galaxy just before you start. Really make sure it's dry your watercolor background that it's absolutely dry. Otherwise, you might get a mix in with the whiting and the background paint. That's what you want to avoid. Otherwise you will not get those crisp white lines. And you see, Meanwhile, I hope you have this disinfects to on your on your painting that these areas where we dropped the water in the paint that has this nice blooming effect. Some people do not like this and prefer toward it. But I personally I just like it because later on, I like to go along these spread out lines and at the stores. I just think it's a nice apparent. Okay, so I will go in with a brush and the white ink, and I just at the the link to my brush, and I decided I want the flower to sit in this area. Since it's a square and round shape, you can just choose either or I could choose either way. And that's the beauty off the the round from Galaxies. All right, so here we go. I want the center off the flower to be here. So I simply add some dots because I know I want the center to look like this. And I usually choose my flower to sit not completely in the galaxy, but just cut off a little bit. So you'll see once I go in. I just remember I decided to go with that clean outlined five pedal floor. So I just at these pedals little warg one took and just to clean and straight line down, that's straight but curved. And then this area, you will see you here. I don't go any further. I just stop here and pretended. But go big out here so that I don't produce a funky line for the other side of the pedal. So it would continue here and comes back thrown here. I need more ink, remember? And the next pedal would go nothing out here. How it in order space. So it is a and come back down here. So for one more pedal bridge goes right there and it's okay to just stop in the middle year and income from the other direction with a brush that's sometimes easier. If you use the pen, you might not one into this problem. You just can draw continuously on. And I just continue to, I think, to my brush. And if I feel the line work needs to be more opaque, I just go over again. Ideally, you can let it dry before you do that. Then, out of experience that covers better on a few field. Linus too thin. You also just go over it again to make it older member thinker on a trip to you. I think I mentioned before, but this is Ah, a size one watercolor brush and its appointed tip. So it has a nice pointy tip that is best if you want to produce finer details. And that's what I usually use if I do and Galaxies with entails in them. So that's basically it for the flower as the outline on, and you can either do now go in and add the inside details. I like to add these little dots, which over later connect with some thin lines towards the center. Oh, sure, you later. But first I just let them dry so I don't wash over them accidentally and yeah, they should be it on. I will know at some more around the flowers and leaves. I just go here and fill in some details. Not too many, because I I want to add Storace later. And if I find if the design off the flour and believes is too busy, it just distracts from from the galaxy effect a little bit, I think. But decks president preference. So go ahead and as many details as you like Now we'll just keep getting some more leaves on this side and then on the other side as well. And again also for this one does no rules. What is right or this room just go with or do you view? Looks good. Just make sure you go into areas that are not currently painted, so you won't go over with your hand or or you just make sure you don't smoosh the paint while it's still wet or the ink in this case, uh, I think it might be another leaf needed over here, and it might feel odd at first. Just leave those open based and not continue. But look at you stood. I think I think it just adds to the illusion that this is growing flower out into space and it can go either way, and I will show you. Variations are possible and you're free to experiment there, too, because it's possible to extent the design outside of the galaxy just out here, but not with Whiting, but with blacking and then leave the space white. This is also a nice effect I always tend to. Yeah, I tend to not be able to stop, but believes. But eventually you have to. So a few more. I think we'll look good over here and a little more on Decide to, and they can overlap as well. Maybe another one coming out here so and then once then dries. You see which areas might need a touch up like he's over here. They too ordinary. So I go over again and then you see, they put better. I think it's really right on coming closer to what I I would like this designed to look like. And I will only at a few details inside the flower, because I like the background to show through and shape believes, and I might go in later with the white colored pencils to soften the impression a little bit and then we'll see. I really just go by mood and what I feel is right and just Diskant vary from day today. So what a pain. Today might not work for me tomorrow, but today it's good. And you see, I'm not really picking about things like this area where it's not really hitting the line, but just cause over a little bit. It's just allusive style, and this is good for practice. I think if you want to try new things, then I usually keep it loser. So I just get a few for for the whole approach rather than freaking over details. Okay, so that's it for the flora. And while we're at it and have the white thing out, I will at some stars, too. Just turn it onda randomly at white spots. No adults, bigger ones, smaller ones. It's imagined. I like to add, like you don't into these lighter areas that were produced with the with dropping the water and because then that's what I meant when I said, it looks like the stores training and you know, because this area is lighter around to store and then get stalker again. But this is just a random facts. So just every experiment you find things like this that might work for you on. I also tend to fill more stores in the areas that are darker, and that has many in the light areas and then really just go in between leaves and at some stores there, too. And if your fuel you have enough, then it's coming closer to being done. I think I need a few more over here, and I'm start was a big big, but that's okay. You're as well. If there is one big one, I just make a few more because well done. It fits, too, and just so you can see how it works with the pen, just take the general. And for some of you, it might even be easier to do that because then you don't have to worry about the brush to control of the brush. Because sometimes, as you have seen, sometimes it happens that there comes a big blob instead of small stars and with the pen you just Deb in the background and you instantly have some small stars there, all right, and now is very said If you wish And if you want to try that, just take a If you have one like colored pencil, the white one, it's this one is a different intense and just go over a few areas from the pedals, just a softening a little bit or to make him make him stand out against the That groaned a little more. And you just continue doing that until you're satisfied with two results and the effects. And then we're done with this and you have a beautiful galaxy design with a flower or some other botanicals, and hopefully it will not be your last one. But just to start off a Siri's off cute and beautiful designs that you can use as postcards . You can use them as skip tax as little presence or just for yourself, and enjoy them. Put him in a little frame. I like how it has turned out, and I hope you do to have fun experimenting with this technique, and I hope you will post your projects. That would be great, either here on school share and the projects under this class, or just take me on instagram. That would be neat to, and if you are interested. I do have two more classes. Young's kosher so far and they give also a nice inside on how I do my backgrounds especially, and my forest paintings. Well again, I hope you had fun and I hope to see you again and some of my other classes, Murray.