Floral Acrylic Painting for Beginners | Mohini Sinha | Skillshare

Floral Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Mohini Sinha, Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist

Floral Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Mohini Sinha, Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist

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8 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Lesson 1 Blocking the petals

    • 4. Lesson 2 Second coating of petals

    • 5. Lesson 3 Blocking Background

    • 6. Lesson 4 final detailing part 1

    • 7. Lesson 5 Petal Detailing Part2

    • 8. Lesson 6 Painting Bud and Stem

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About This Class

Hello Friend ,

Hope you all doing good during this crucial period.

To relax your mind , I have uploaded my new floral painting on acrylic medium especially designed for those who are new and want to learn something new.

In this I have used below materials :

1: Canvas sheet size 8*6

2: Brushes:






3: Acrylic colors from liquitex:

Med Magenta

Crimson Lake

Opera Rose

Lemon Green



Yellow Ochre

4:Retarded from liquitex

I have also attached the rough sketch of the painting.


Mohini Sinha

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mohini Sinha

Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist


I'm an IT Engineer by qualification and Artist at heart. After a few years of corporate life, I've moved on to my true life calling which is art, specifically to paint. Painting was my first love, ever since my childhood I used to paint with my grandfather which fascinated and gave me joy.
I resumed painting in mid-2019. Initially, I started learning by watching other artists on social media platforms and started painting in my drawing book. In no time graduated to a larger canvas. My primary genres are acrylic painting and watercolor floral painting. Under acrylic, I love painting landscapes. I look forward to learning each day for the rest of my life and share my experiences by coaching others and help them learn different techniques and styles of acrylic and other art forms. I be... See full profile

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1. Introduction: flowers are a gift to the earth. Every flower is the sole blossoming in nature. They paint contrasting colors along the ground and bring joy to many their elegance and delicate touches. As all in or an exhilaration, this is often buy. Flowers are seen as loving gifts for the special people in a life on the reaction of person receiving the flower is priceless. To celebrate the beauty off flowers graciously, I want Anissina from India thought off, creating floral acrylic painting. Enjoy the beauty. You will learn complete detail ing and blending techniques so as to give it a monochromatic look, blending as the most important part off doing any acrylic floral painting. So I hope you will enjoy this class on and build. Submit your projects wisely. Thank you, and let's begin. 2. Materials Required: Hello offense. Welcome back. So let's discuss about the materials required. These are the brushes, which will be needed. Toe fell, but brush size four. This is the extra brush Richards not required. So this is the more brush size 12. It's off Princeton. Then comes dear Round Brush. Soft size. It, then, is the rigger brush size to buy zero and the glad brush to serve size four. Till now, let's discuss about the colors, so these are the colors. The black Italian, white, medium magenta, lemon, green. A pair arose crimson earlier. Rob Gambon crimson and yellow ocher on. This is the daughter medium, which will be using you. This is a source Lodi drying medium on. This is the canvas sheet on the masking tape, you can see the canvas sheet is primed. One side and other side it is closed and the water container the palate. So that's it. Let's begin 3. Lesson 1 Blocking the petals: Hello, friends. Welcome to lesson one. So this is the sketch which will be painting all share the sketch in the attachment on dwarf outer on the tissue paper is ready. So the colors, which has mentioned a white and crimson lake on Dwight and this is a retarded, which will be using year. So first part is the blocking off the pedals so far as well. Joe, the blocking part that's well coming to three layers. So I'll show you the aria for coach. I'll be painting here just a second. So this is the real for door, which I'll be painting. So let's start. So this is the filbert brush, which I'm using. I'm just using Crimson Lake and medium magenta. Make sure, and I'll just be applying on the better. I've added little bit of water and retarded to it so that it slows down the media. Me, the doctor is actually are used in acrylics when well blending is required. So I generally I don't use retarded. I only use a water medium for it, but in this we have a lot of blending, which needs to be done on the pedals, so I'll be using here the redondo, which slows down the drying process off the acrylic. So in this lesson, out they just be blocking betters. So you can also do it. I'm using your crimson lake and my gender, but you can also use dags in for food. Andi, give it a nice shaved to read by adding white to give it a nice, monochromatic look to it. So you're I'm just blocking the pedals, so enjoy the process. Off blocking, - you can see. I've just outlined the pedals and I'm just doing random flocking like you doing all paintings. I'm not doing any extra or walk because I have to repeat thes step two more times. So second, blending and deterred will be the detail ing so that trees steps which will be will be completing. So I'm just blending that color so that it comes up nicely. But my more brush. This is a Princeton 12 inch brush, which I am using here. It's a very good press. You can just try it out helps in blending this office very well. It comes in all sizes, but there I'm using size 12. - Like here, I'm using acrylic. You can also use oil medium or anything. If you don't have the oil median, you can use poster colors as well. Whichever color you have available, you can use that and try it out. It will give the same effect one off the at wanted. Refusing, actually, is that if we do any sort off mistake or we can wait, can no replicated. I suppose if we are color, we are doing painting, and if they don't want this color, we want other, some other color to be paying to Don's we can do it so the lettering. But it was very nice. When you're using acrylic, you can easily hide out your mistakes by applying another court off. They endure it. So this is almost you're done the blocking part, so no oil. 4. Lesson 2 Second coating of petals: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So this is these second quoting which will be applying you so same color. You're amusing corporate rules as well. So I'll be just painting The pair arose on just make singularly white to it lower part which is decided. But I'm just adding white and a pair arose Stewart adding little bit tratado because here we have to do the blending part as well. So the whole concept is the upper side will be light. Lower side will be slightly on the middle part will be the doctor one because the shine is coming from the top. So the upper part and lower part will have the lights and middle part will be a little bit on the darker side. Once applying all the three colors, I will be blending the Dimopoulos. If you don't have more power, you can blend it with the round brush also. But I think more per brush is the best one for blending. So try using it. So the same crosses I will be repeating on all the patterns that you can see. - I think this is the second quarter in which we are applying. But your thought putting Also, we have to do it so that the blending on the detailing as probable yes, I will be doing the court hoping away you can if you think that in a second holding it looks food so it's not required for the few thing requires putting. In this case, I have done three reportings on the battle. This is the 2nd 1 I'm using. Same color Crimson Lake. Imagine done mixing just using the center part they pending. And then I'll makes the whole thing with the blender. You can call it a blender brush or more Brush several names for it. Border. See? You can see it just changed My brush tool flat brush was This gives a more nice shader Look toward you can use John Chris a brush as well, But I think use this flat fresh. So I just speeding up door the whole process because each and everything is same for all the petals. So I'm just speeding up the process. Enjoy the wood painting. - Oh , so I guess I'm almost done with the second blending part you can see have created small small lines on the petals. But yeah, again, we'll be doing the details in the last leading part lines which I have created are off very light shoot which I do the retailing in my next list. So let's most Dunn's. It's begin with our next lesson off background blocking. 5. Lesson 3 Blocking Background: Hello, friends. Welcome black. So now our deep first painting is done. So no, we'll do the background. But we'll use black color on a flat fresh size full for covering the whole area, which is white. So it's nice if you use a flat brush because with my by using flat brush, you can easily, uh, goto the corners and cover the whole area. Whatever brush is convenient for you, and you can use that so young and this will be blocking the whole background area. So just make sure that you cover the whole area, especially the corners but black. Try to use the brush in only one direction and dry, blending it to properly so you enjoy the whole process because same process is repeated every time. Make sure that you do it properly, especially the corners off the pedal. You can also give the shapes to the petal if you think it's not right. While coloring and locking the background part. If you want, you can also tolerate with different colors, but I think for me black looks more elegant, so I'm using black here. You can also use Blue green whatever color you like to cover the background, but you can also use black sheet. If you want to paint Teoh, pain the flower. But if you're using black sheet, then you have to use 34 boards on the metal part. So you have to do one white gold honored and then start doing the whole thing, because after putting white, it looks more clear. So, yeah, you can use. He was black. She does well. You can use people 100% cotton for coloring. At relics, you can use wooden blocks for coloring or any other whatever object you want to color on. You can use this this. It's not only the gamba sheet, but also you can use a variety off things to color on it. So it's almost done. So let's see in the next lesson. 6. Lesson 4 final detailing part 1: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So this is our lesson full? No. After doing the bag room part now we'll be doing the final detailing off the better. So same color. I'm using that a streams of red and magenta and mixing with the colors together and mixing recorder on a small amount of water toward whenever you're mixing the colors. Make sure that the ratio off the colors on the water should be seven. Stew. Tree 70 Person should be Carlos and 30 person should be wonder and adding radar. Retarded word. It's a beneficial because acrylic dries very fast and then you add a retarded toe. It does, Louis. The drying speed off the color decreases. This especially useful when you're doing the lending off colors. So I'm just mixing the colors upper part with light tone Onda clue apart with darker doing , and I'm just blending the colors here. I'm using a round brush size eight on a small brush size 12 for blending. It can see how nicely it is getting blended, so once we're done with, the blending part will give a clear white outline toe the outer area off the pedal so that it is clearly visible where the petals are meeting the other pedals. So I'm using to Danny White on my round brush for giving that liner shape to it. I'm just shaping all the petals with white color. Oh, - now here you can see that I'm also applying the lines in the middle. Some lines are awful light, pinkish shade and some lines are off whiter shade, so toe make each and every better different. So I'm using different different shades in in the making. You can see I'm using Crimson Lake on a mix of white to which to give it off. Line a shape to it and, after creating their lines, are just still very softly. Help landed at color so that that lines does not appears. Shop wanted the same process. I'll be waiting for my all the petals. Just enjoy painting. - Oh oh oh, So once we're done with that shading part, I'll just do the one more time. The outlining off the petals so that the league petals are clearly visible, can see how depending is coming properly, and I'm just creating the outline inside. Depend, so it's almost done. I'll do the second. We'll do the rest of the day tailing Next, Listen 7. Lesson 5 Petal Detailing Part2: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So this is Ah, final detailing part. So here I am using rigger brush on bond. Make sure off white and crimson dread. Just give a nice outline toe the whole Mitch. I'm just giving outer outline to the petals, so that was clearly visible. Waken See, There are two petals which are overlapping each other, so I'm just giving a shape toward you can see em drawing little little lines on in between . Also, the horrors on the line. I'm just blending that lines with the mop brush so that those lines are not harsh on it and it does blends nicely. So in some petals, I'm using white as the lines is in some petals, I'll be using the pink color as the lines and I'll just use the more pressure for blending three whole part so you can see and repeating the same process when all the battles here I'm using penkala for making the lines because the settlers on most white, two shells side. So I'm just using the more fresh off, blending it so that lines does not appears sharply. Okay. Oh, - just highlighting the top area off on mixing it giving a final shape. Do that and this. I'm not using any liquid. I'm just using your white so that it appears very clearly. I think this is the back better, which is coming out from back. So that's why it does docker and shoot. - So once we're done with, this will be doing thes tempered. I'm using black color for just those areas which are not clear like the petals. Some off the petals are north in shape. And so what? The whites are coming out, so I'm just using the black color to give it a proper shape to it. So now it's almost done. So let's begin with the stand and but card in the next and the finalist. 8. Lesson 6 Painting Bud and Stem: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So this is our last and final lesson. So years lemon yellow, which I'll be lemon dream, which I'll be using for painting the stem. And I'll be using rigger brush on flat brush painting this so flat I'm using my flat brush to paint the stem. I'm just filling the colors. This 10 area. So for painting the bud I'll be using remember, just a little bit off. Remember and apply on it so it's little bit lighter colors. I'll add a little mixture off black and remember, do it. But we take hold of black holes. No, I'll add black to the rumble on will paint the But so after painting D burn, I use my rigger brush. I can see this some, but which is left as fight the body area and just fill in that gap. I use my rigger brush on Dwight to make the borders off the stem. I'll just take a hold rating. White Little's on just taken out little bite. Just applying on the borders off the stem. Take owed some white finish again. I'll fill center area. Clemen Green. I'll take some light and I will just take a little bit off white and fly on de stem. I'm just outlining the stem, but the white Hello And after that I'll create small school horizontal lines or it it's raise Smalls more lines. - So now, while he was yellow, Arco open dignity. But in yellow, Okura makes a little bit off white, too. America brush. Just giving small its doors. I need some rounds. Medical shapes, though. Better so my filbert brush for this. I guess I use my phone would crush day coach. This is the Filbert brush size. Too much. I'll be using just step offered and just applying de. But you can see how the shape comes. Its's very good on the top, so it's almost complete. So let's take out de masking tape it. You can see how it gives a nice border toe. That painting This is the old painting. They'll be looking forward for your projects. Thank you for watching this class. Have a nice day. Thank you.