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22 Lessons (3h 56m)
    • 1. Getting Started: A Diet On Your Terms

    • 2. Getting Started: Meet Your Instructor, Brad Newton

    • 3. Getting Started: Flexible Dieting Inspiration on Instagram

    • 4. Getting Started: What Do I Need To Get Started

    • 5. The Basics: The Boring Law Of Energy Balance

    • 6. The Basics: The Junk Food Professor

    • 7. The Basics: Tuning Your BS Radar

    • 8. The Basics: The Story Of The Macronutrient

    • 9. The Basics: Calories Calories Calories

    • 10. The Basics: Do I Really Need To Macro

    • 11. The Basics: Nutrition 101 A Protein Crash Course (Part 1 of 2)

    • 12. The Basics: Nutrition 101 A Protein Crash Course (Part 2 of 2)

    • 13. The Basics: The Great Carb Debate

    • 14. The Basics: Bulking Vs Cutting

    • 15. Massive Action: What Is The Outcome

    • 16. Massive Action: Estimating Your Body Fat Percentage

    • 17. Massive Action: BMR, TDEE, Deficits, Surpluses

    • 18. Massive Action: Quickstart Numbers

    • 19. Massive Action: Macros For Cutting

    • 20. Massive Action: Macros For Bulking

    • 21. Massive Action: Option 1. Using MyNetDiary

    • 22. Massive Action: Option 2. Using A Spreadsheet


About This Class

This online flexible dieting course will teach you how to use highly effective flexible dieting strategies to lose fat and build muscle by eating the foods you enjoy, without starving yourself or wrecking your metabolism. 

I will teach you simplified fat loss methods used by fitness models without spending ridiculous amounts of money on meal plans, supplements or useless books. 

What will you learn?

  • The freedom to eat the foods you enjoy the most, on a frequency that suits you. You will never be enslaved by food choices ever again.

  • You will learn the simple blueprint for how to eat as much as possible while losing fat and preserving muscle.

  • You will learn how to calculate your macro-nutrient requirements to maximise fat loss or muscle growth

  • Lose fat and build muscle with ease without any of the marketing hype—expect to lose one pound of fat and feel amazing in your first week in this course.

  • You'll learn how to use MyNetDiary or a simple spreadsheet to keep track of your macro-nutrient targets, ensuring you continue to lose fat and build muscle with ease.

  • Save hundreds of dollars never needing to pay someone to give you a cookie cutter meal plan, ever again.

  • Scientifically proven strategies used by fitness models and bodybuilders that can be applied by anyone with no background in fitness or nutrition.

After taking this course, you will never feel restricted by food choices again. You will finally take back control of your health and fitness, and dominate in this area of your life.

Come along and join me inside the course, you will love it :-)