Flat lays: taking beautiful pictures to impress your Instagram audience | Alice Mena Barreto | Skillshare

Flat lays: taking beautiful pictures to impress your Instagram audience

Alice Mena Barreto, Lettering artist in the spare time

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9 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Flat Lay Elements

    • 3. Let’s get inspired

    • 4. Lights

    • 5. Choosing your background

    • 6. Showing your main subject

    • 7. Let’s get creative with the loose items

    • 8. Editing your picture

    • 9. Final Thoughts


About This Class


How about using flat lays to make your Instagram feed more beautiful? And the best part is that you won’t need anything else than your phone (and some stuff that you will easily find around your house) ...

In this class, we are going through all the flat lay basics, such as its elements, putting a cool scene together, how to take a better picture and how to edit it afterwards on your phone.


1. Intro: Hi. My name is Alice and on my lettering artist. I'm here today to talk about Follies. As you can see on my INSTAGRAM account, Fraley's are my favorite way to show my ARJ my followers. I think they make a pretty frame to my pieces and make them set out in a beautiful way. In this class, we're going to create your own Flatley's that by step, I'm going to show its components to give you tips on how to shoot a nice picture and how do added it afterwards. And the best parties. All you need is your phone and some other stuff that I'm pretty sure you will find justly around your house, so glad to get creative and let's get started. 2. Flat Lay Elements: first things first. What is a folly? Polly is when your range items on a flat surface and should have played it from above. So here's an example of a flatly I just put together in this first video. I'm going to show all the elements that make of Falih as I'm a lettering artists. I'm going to focus this class showing my heart as the main subject. But the tips here are handy in any situation. To show awesome items you have to tell a story are just a post where they leave me. You okay, So the first element we have here is, of course, the art my main subject in this case, that is the most important element off this folly. Because that's the thing I want my followers to pay more attention to. Next we have the background where I'm lying, all the elements and last but not least, we have some loose items that make the composition more interesting. But don't take away the focus off your main element. Those are actually optional. If you want a cleaner look, you can take those off the scene and make a flatly just with the back room and your main element. So let's recap in a Falih. We have basically three elements. Your main item. The one that needs you to send out the back room and other secondary elements. 3. Let’s get inspired: Let's start having some ideas by gathering some nice references for our flatly my favorite place to get inspired. It's Pinterest. I have one word Onley dedicated for Flatley's in my profile. Feel free to check it out, but of course, we can make a new search over here. That's the time you want to think about the moody want for your flatly think about your theme and the color palette. What do you want to achieve with your flatly? Do you want to tell the story? Do you want something to match the colors of your art or you want something? With contrast neutrals Color food Are you going for a light natural look or something darker? It's up to you. Let's say you want your back room to be a wooden table, so you already have chosen one element that will guide your search for your references. Now, get inspired and think of elements that you can use that you already have lying around your house. You can save the images on a board or just take notes of the ideas. Planning a little bit will help you focus when it's your time to search for things around your home. 4. Lights: are you excited? So let's start arranging your own flatly to do that. Let's find the perfect spot, The most important thing in any picture. It's lighting, as you can see here, the quality of your flatly. It's so much related to the way the light is entering your scene. I always like to shoot my fly alleys near a window so I can enjoy the natural life. It makes the picture sharper. The bass light is a soft one. Direct sunlight can create hard shadows that will be a trouble to edit afterwards. If you think you're flatly, it's still too dark. Use a white car board to reflect more light into the scene. If you prefer, you can shoot outside as well in the shade or during a cloudy day. Actually, that's the best weather to take pictures because the clouds make the light more diffuse. If you can't shoot during daytime, your only option is to use artificial light. Try to place her lamp in a way that doesn't create too many shadows on your flowering. Usually that it's between your phone and the surface off your flatly. I got this lamp here in Brazil, and it's great to shoot. What? I don't have natural lightning. This whole here makes the perfect spot to place my phone. Sometimes tracing paper can help to make your artificial light more diffuse. 5. Choosing your background: Now it's time to make some, Let's say, shopping around your house. This is actually the easiest part of AFL Alley. Anything can be a background. Here are some examples Would placemats, paper, fabric or close even grass. You can choose to use only one background or make a composition off different ones. Now it's your turn. Choose your background and post your choice as the first part of your project always remembered, the mood you've chosen and your main object to help you narrow down your options can wait to see what you got. 6. Showing your main subject: by now. I'm pretty sure you already know exactly what your main object. This This is the reason you want to make a Falih, right? In my case, as I'm a lettering artist, my main object. It's always my heart, so I'll be focusing my examples on that. But you can use my tapes with any other objects you want to show your audience. If you are a fashion blogger or have a food channel, maybe one a post about your trip or making a nice deal. Why project this weekend? Okay, so as your goal is to show this particular element or no flatly, remember to make it the main focus. I usually like that my art takes at least 1/3 of the whole scene. This isn't a rule is just a little remind off your flatly intentions. Another tip to make it stand out is to add a frame or clipboard. In this case, I use the picture frame without a glass so I won't have any reflections in my piece. If you are a digital artist, laid our blank sheet or notebook so you can add your art later on on Photoshopped. Now lay down your main object on your background and take a picture posted as part to off your project in the Project gallery. 7. Let’s get creative with the loose items: Now let's get creative with the lose items. Look around your house for items that represent your flatly mood or theme. Here's some examples art materials, jury stationary items, natural items that you confine your garden as leaves, flowers, seats, branches, electron ICS, candles, mugs, etcetera. After that plays them in the scene. Try to feeling where you think there's something missing. This is the most intuitive part of making a flatly, so I encourage you to play around with different things and layouts. Take a bunch of pictures and then select your favorite one. If you're feeling lost with so many options, try matching colors. Picking one color palette will help you make more Cui's of Falih, and here goes a tiny tape to make it easier to take a flower. A picture enabled agreed on your phone. It helps you figure it out. The layout. The area that you remain subject mistaking the scene and the cross in the middle of the screen shows if you're phone, it's parallel with a flat surface. With that said, here's Project Part three. After playing around with lose elements and snapping a bunch of pictures, choose your favorite one and pulls it in the project gallery 8. Editing your picture: it's time to added your photo We're going to use to free APS face tune and a very first Let's start with face to you. Click here and choose your picture. Then go to retouch and widen. Now we're going to go over the darkest shadows Here you can make it brighter. Try to reach a natural look. Always in this case, if you got all the way you can see it's too white, right? And here, if you make a mistake, you can raise it. Each time you click on the razor, it shows where you've applied the effect country. You doing this until you reach the results you want and then click on the check. Mark, this is all I do here just to light in a little bit any possible shadows. But there is the option off smoothing your picture as well. Any works just the same as the widen. You have the strength of the effect here and the your razor over here. Okay, so I saved this picture to my camera roll here, and we're all set. So now we're going to open our picture in a very and make the final re touches. Find your picture, and here you have a lot of options you have widened to. But I think you can't control it so much, so I prefer to do that in face to. So let's cancel it and come back. I'm not going to show every single thing this APP has but feel free to explore it afterwards. If you took a nice picture, all you need to do it's here at a just Let's start with brightness. I guess that my picture could use a touch of light. Okay, this feels right now I'm going to fix the contrasts because I think the black seems grayish . Okay, that's about it. If you click on the top of the picture when you are not applying any effect, you can see how your shot looked before the adjustments. And now I think I'm going to change a little bit. The shadows here and highlights See that all the adjustments are minor. I never go all the way because I think it feels unnatural before after I think we're good here. Feel free to explore the other options off a very and try to match your instagram fight when you are all set press supply and then safe. Okay, so now it's time to show everyone your final result in a project gallery. You can also post on Instagram and tag me at all our jealousy so I can give you feedback there as well. 9. Final Thoughts: Let's go over the final project again. First, you had to post your background choice. Second, your main subject on the background. Third, your raw Flah lay with the lose elements and then your final picture with the address mints you've made on the APS. I ask you to pose all the steps off putting if Lalli together, because I think that the process is as important as the final result. And it's interesting getting to know the other students processes as well. Now that you have all set, I encourage you to ask yourself about the reasons you've chosen the elements. For example, I've chosen this wooden background because I want in a more rustic feeling for my flatly and the loos elements have the same mood. Thinking about your choices will make the process last intuitive. You'll see next time you have just said Oppa flatly, it will be much easier. Thank you for watching my class. I hope you had fun with it and see you next time