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Flat illustrations - 5 styles with Procreate

teacher avatar Cécile Yadro, Digital & Traditional Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Summary and inspiration

    • 3. Your project

    • 4. Selecting photo

    • 5. Setting up canvas

    • 6. Style 1 - Tracing on photo

    • 7. Style 1 - Selecting colors

    • 8. Style 1 Filling shapes

    • 9. Style 1 Conclusion

    • 10. Style 2 Tracing shadows

    • 11. Style 2 Filling shadows

    • 12. Style 2 Playing with colors

    • 13. Style 3 Adding patterns

    • 14. Style 4 Tracing and filling shapes

    • 15. Style 5 tracing and filling shapes

    • 16. Outro

    • 17. Bonus: some examples

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About This Class

In this class I will show you how to make flat illustrations with Procreate, but you can follow along with another digital software as well.

This class is meant for beginners, as you don't need any drawing skills to achieve a beautiful illustration with a great impact.

The class is made with illustrations of women, but you can select any kind of photo to work with.

We will first select a picture, I'll give you sources and tips for this, then choose between five styles:

- totally flat with minimum details and shadows, this will be our foundation for all other styles where we will trace over the photo, select our colors, fill the shapes


- flat with details and shadows, we will be more detailed in our drawing for a different effect


- then we will add patterns in our shapes so we can add another dimension to our illustration


- we will play with overlapping shapes, giving a dark edge between them


- and in the last style we will add gaps between shapes ofr a slightly different look


I hope you'll enjoy this class!

Useful links:

Websites with free images : Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash

Pinterest boards:

Inspiration photos to work with

Flat illustrations for inspiration

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist




I’m Cécile Yadro, a French artist and teacher, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... with gouache, oil painting, digital, markers, pastels, mixed media... art is an endless journey!

My mission is to help you grow as an artist with my beginners friendly classes.


Where to find me:

My website, where you have a weekly gouache newsletter.

My YouTube channel with lots of tips

If you are a gouache painter or willing to be, join us in our Facebook group 'Gouache Painters' for more fun!

Instagram where I post my art and experiments


I post a class per month, mor... See full profile

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1. Introduction: so welcome to my new classic Kill Show Cancio, a French artist both digital and traditional. In this class, I will show you how to make beautiful, flat ministrations. I will use procreating tests, but you can follow along with any other suffering like this class is meant for beginners. As we really don't need any drumming skills to achieve beautiful illustrations, we will trace over photos, so it's really easy to do. I will show you five different styles off flat illustrations with minimal details on chose to more detailed to adding parents to playing with the gaps between the shapes. Two other lapping the gaps. I'm really happy to see you again. I hope you'll join me. Please choose a favorite for you. Love and work. From this. It will be really easier to work with, so it's time to go Now let's begin with some inspiration. So you 2. Summary and inspiration: thanks for joining me This cast before we begin, I want to show you the difference ties we will study in this class. I have gathered everything and a lot of inspiration in my Pinterest board, and you have the address in the resource section. It's called Bold Flat Digital Women's Portrait. It's although there are men also and you have sections inside, so the 1st 1 is totally flat, very brittle shadows or dictates on this will be the first site we will study together, and it will gives you really all the basis you need to go further after. So here you rough some examples. The second style that we really look is a flat with shadows and details basically the same than the 1st 1 But you'll go further with more details on. You can really achieve beautiful designs, and I choose Kroll. And maybe you can decide which is the style you prefer, where you want to go with his drawings. Another side will be to add patterns inside our shapes, so it's kind of flat, always but with a bit more interest in sight. Another style will be to overlap the edges of our shapes and I don't have much here. But I'm constantly adding new pins and the last one will see will be to have caps between the shapes. I'll show you the rest of the end of the class, so no more talking. It's time for you to choose your project on this is in the next retail. 3. Your project: your project, we meet Mike, a flat illustration working from a photo. For this, you can choose to follow me my style, which years women kind of fashion photos or really can choose portrait it's. Or maybe your favorite pets. Or maybe landscape whatever you like. I will just give you some hints and tips about directing your photos in the next video. Please post your project the resource section so we can all see what you've done. And don't forget at the photo with administration. 4. Selecting photo: First of all, we have to select our photo. We will be working from. I have gathered for you some inspiration to use for your flat illustrations. These are all copyright free photos that I found mainly on pixels that come so you don't need to credit anyone, and you can use it for your personal or commercial. Use off course. If you only want to make personal use of these drawings, you can use any picture you like. I like to have my drawings are certain university. So I will work around, maybe Dance on Guy have gathered several women dancing and not only classical dancing. Also, some women that we could call fashion administration and I try to use only the full body and also interesting pose because you don't want to have your women. Just telling it would be boring and try to vary the body shapes also, So you just either scroll through this board. Oh, you can't find any picture you like. Just consider this. You need to see the shape. So, for example, this picture is maybe a bit too dark around here, and also it's better. It's if it's not too overcrowded or if the people are nuts, I don't know. Maybe sitting on something because you would have to draw the chair. Maybe you like it. I don't. So let's go on Select. Maybe something dynamic. Maybe like this one or this one I like. Yeah, she's beautiful. Cool. So you click on the photo you want to use, and then you will press both at the same time. The whole and the stop button makes a scream copy, and you will resize to the size you want it out. Safe to photos I made the class. Was illustration taken from women photos, women standing, having interesting poses, As I said. But of course, you can't shoot the recovery. Different photo work with, For example, here are some portrait's are made from photos I found here and there, mainly on interes tor. Sketchy. Also, it's interesting up where you count take pictures from people. They just randomly post your photos and just threw them and work from them. You can really work from anything. It's just a matter of taste. So please treat yourself on. Choose something you really like, and let's jump in and go to the first lesson. So you there 5. Setting up canvas: now go to pro creates and we will making you Countess for this, you click on the plus. So there you have already made sizes that you use regularly, or you can create a custom size. You use, uh, unit you want. I will use inches, and you have to balance between the size of the canvas and the number of layers. For this particular technique, we will need around, let's say, 20 layers, not not much less. And also maybe we want to print those drawings after, So we need to have the largest size of canvas possible within 20 layers. So it should be something around 13 by 15 inches. Makes 26 layers. So 13 by 18 Let's create this because I know my drawing is told. Now you click on the rounds, add insert a photo and you will select a photo. We just don't noted, and you enlarge it until it fits nicely in your canvas. And don't bother. If your canvas is expanding over the picture, it doesn't matter at all, and we can always fix this later. I think the size is OK. Just make sure Magnetics is on, so you keep the proportion of the photo click on the arrow, and we are ready to begin 6. Style 1 - Tracing on photo: now on, tough off your image. You will add a layer and this one we will rename it. Drawing layers will be around 20 as I said, so we need to be quite organized in our layers. It's better. And for the brush you will go to thinking and technical pound is really all you need to make these drawings. So this is, Ah, built in brush and procreate. And now we want to select a color that is not in the photo. So it will pop it on top of our picture and something like blue. You know, bright blue would be cool, all right? I don't know. It's really easy. We will, let's say, trace over the photo, but thinking him big shapes so we don't want to draw in a little fooled in the coat will be too much. And for this first illustration, we will just focus on flat playing shapes without shadows, without details or maybe Monte tastes. The idea is just to show the dynamic of the post and health furnitures. We have basic colors what it calls later. Now let's trace over the hair. We will trace everything on a single layer so be smooth on. Don't be too detailed. I'm tracing around shapes. Don't over think too much. Try to go very free and just the outline of the mouth on important things like the color. So I think you got the idea of me do this on duh. I'll speed up the process for you and said, You're after Once you have finished tracing, what you need to do is height the total below on. Check out if everything is correct and you don't have anything missing Tim's cool. 7. Style 1 - Selecting colors: Now it's time to add another layer on rename it pellets. Well, the first lesson. We will work directly from the color on the back of the photo itself, and for this we will very basically select the color on the photo directly. So let's check this little peach pink. If you select directly from the photo, you can either clay here down your little color selector around here. Or you can go to preference, Chester Control and eyedropper. You can just have it by just touching this cream. This is what I like, but you're not supposed to do so. But it's okay if I just press and I get the car bigger. I thank you go much faster. That new things, this one. The tip is one insect color directly from the photo. It's usually you're very dull color on. You need to brighten up the beats, so once you have selected the coloring wants, you will click on the photo. Oh, sorry, you would click on the color, and here you will move it slightly toward the right. The writer Ugo on brighter the color, the more color has inside this way it's duller and more black so I will increase a bit The saturation of Michael O. So I have something much vivid and I can I can always figure this later. So don't don't worry too much to make your pets. I would suggest that you change your brush because it be too thin if you use a technical so any other large brushwood fits. So I'll make you a nice color here. And I think I need to take the shadow port of the coat also. So same thing I will had a little more more intensity in my car. Skin. Don't worry too much about this part because you can still change anything you want After this is hair on. There are so few colors in there that I cannot really make mistakes. With my colors, you notice that the shadow in the neck is almost the same color in the hair. And this is exactly the kind of things that you don't see when you just look at a picture, you have to really work on it. And now I see that maybe mine lying hair is a bit too large. So oops. Let me guess for the razor, you will go to average on the clean. One would be cool. So you can you raise your lines. So let's go back to my drawing. Let's go back to technical pain. Uh, check the color there will maybe make something like this. It was in order to face given size off this painting. I won't make the eyes or nose because this is the part that is really let's say, flats. Totally flats. So I think I think we're okay now. We can hide the photo and let's go for work. 8. Style 1 Filling shapes: we don't meet our photo bill while drawing back wheels to me as a reference. So you will slide at once and take your photo gallery. Put it on the left because I'm right handed. So rivers as accordingly, Huh? Get your total reference. This will help me to at the colors. Okay, So the drawing needs to be lowered in capacity so you don't need and you will lower something around. Maybe three person just when you see it. But you're not disturbed by it. And every shape we will make will be under the drawing. So let's find a new mayor. I can rename all my layers because I go. Maybe for the first lesson is better after you can't skip this process. So let's begin with the coat. I will set my pink, and I will trace everything on the coat in one single piece. Let's do this. I'm trying to follow my blue line. I don't see. I'm just saying I missed the outer edge of the coat. Here it is. So this is something I usually do because I know I will put the hum bag on top of the coat , so I don't mind If my shape is going under its, it's easier to feel later. Same here. I'm going straight through the legs, and now I'm going here. So this gives me the order of my layers because I know now that everything like the home bag or the legs needs to be on top off the coat. The most important thing in this process is to close your shapes. So we were not to have anything opened. The hair would be on top of the kowtow. So okay, so it's doesn't fit at all because, um, maybe it's better if I do this way. And I know this. Um, I have two parts Soon. Now we'll check if my shapes are really close for this. You will hide to drawing. Now check on the angle. Usually, this is where the problems happen. I said only that on. I see. Maybe here it's not so closed. Let's be safe from close it really right. Put back the drawing, and now I will click on my cultural spot here. Drag. It's inside the shape I want to feel. Let's add a layer on top of this one, and this time I won't name. It's by the item, but with the color, because I know that to dress. The shoes and the comeback are black, so let's name this black. I would like to have a one color in one layer because when you want to tweak a bit of colors, it's easier is everything the same car is in one single layer so black. Let's go for pure black. Pure black is easy. You go on your sphere circle and you will tub of top. Very little of it. And you have pure black. Same here, double tap. Here you have pure white. Let's do the same. Also, shoes. She was a very important in this picture, so don't forget the little part here around the ankle. Come back. I will make the handle in one piece, and then we'll put the hand on top of it. To do a problem with that right? That's high to drawing and see. You don't need much to convey a sense off movement post. Great. Let's make the dress. Um, the dress is in the reality under the coat for this parts, but it's on top of the coat on this part, so never mind. I will keep it on the same layer, and I will try to be very precise on this edge. So what I mean is on top of the pink coat so everything that will make him top of the coach will seize. Let's try to stay as close as possible of the edge. Maybe if you don't want to be disturbed, you can have two drawing on. Make sure you cover every mistake I made in the pink layer. Try to have very sued strokes. So everything is nice from soft. So this will touch with the hair and maybe the her is not supposed to be black. Maybe I made a mistake. No problem. I will sets my tool. Make sure it's free hound, and that will take to here. Become the arrow on will swipe three fingers. Now we will checks from paste. Cool those Now let's rename this. I couId hair and my hair would be a different color. Have I selected any weight? This one? So I feel my hair. Maybe this brown is a bit too dull. Let's change a bit. Yeah, it's better. A big doctor. Now go back to my black layer so black couldn't finish my dress. You'll see very easily if you're shapes are closed. Was it made on purpose? Okay, of course, In the to hide her and see about here. It's not closed. Quote. I miss the legs on, and I know I forget to select the color of the socks. Never mind. That will take my photo and we'll put it just a little drawing. We'll select it again. Click on the socks and unusual Push this a bit on the right. Change my brush. Put it here. Now I can hide my photo and will make the legs on will make the socks on top of the legs, and this has to be below the black back on top of the coat. So here I will rename this, Um, let's say skin for the skiing. I have my color technical brush. Try to make very nice brushstrokes. If you want, you can go to the brush, click on it and here on the 1st 1 to stroke you have a streamline, the more you push it to the rights, and the more fluid will be your a truck. If you push the maximum, maybe you'll lose details. So for this particular technique. I put it around 70% and I'm taking the complete leg. Including the socks you'll see is that after oops, now my family to be on top of the black. So I'm afraid the hand has to be on a different layer. That's like this swiped three fingers killed on paste on. Let's put this on top of the black. Yeah, it's better. And now I already t let my color skin is not different enough from my coat, so we'll fix this later. Let's follow with the other hand that maybe have drawn a bit too roughly. So it's put back the photo who go back to the drawing on the raises and see if maybe I can do something less, I hope, say that, but you get the idea. Let's take my do and maybe something a bit more precise. My office rough, but I think better. No. So I back my skin color, right? Truth is bitter, and I will let the hair because my skin color is under the hair. How so? I can hide their hair. I can go really deeply here. This is a way to be sure that you don't have any white space. And for the Sox, let me give you some interesting tip. You will go to the skin layer, the one with the legs at layer on top. Rename. It sucks and click on this, and you will select clipping mask with clipping mask everything. Every stroke you make on this sucks. Labor will only see on the skin layers that initially this was like the skin color. Let's make a large stroke. You see the stroke. He's only seen where is the skin? Because if I remove the keeping mask, you can still see my brush stroke. So this is interesting. Let's do this and what I like to do to be really clean and sure. Let's make a really large shape here. And let's just now click on clipping Last and this way you're sure that your socks are perfectly on the edges and you don't have any skin showing through the success period. Trent and I think what's really missing is the month. So let's put that drawing. Let's another layer. And for the color, I don't know, I haven't decided. Maybe something from the cold spurt of it writer. Well, the mouth of the too large hard ballots and this is for this stage 9. Style 1 Conclusion: we have no finished. Our first I off illustration what I call totally flat because there is no D, takes or shadows. This is a state where you can make very nice stuff. You can go much more detail in the shape. It depends on your photo you're working with. If you go to my Pinterest boards about flat illustration at the very bottom, we have a special section which is cold, totally flat on. You can find a lot of inspiration here. You don't really need a lot off takes to convey your emotions or oppose or something I haven't closed link in the description of the dress. Now let's move to the second style with a bit more shadows and a big Morty date for you there. 10. Style 2 Tracing shadows: this is really the base off everything. Now we will make some tweaking on this drawing. Let's do first at a bit more shadows because I think it's maybe a bit too flats just for my taste. And as I have kept my drawing, l might do now I will trace a bit more shadows Oh, my coat and just put back the opacity of the maximum. Go back to the drawing mayor, Select blue color and, for example, I want to show the color. So what will define the color is not the current safe. It's a shadow below, and I don't want to be to detail, either. So let's just think in shapes instead of lines. Maybe something that exists, or it would be too much. Maybe my brush is a bit too large here. This will be the corner itself in the shadow, but I need something here to define the under her arm. I try to have organic shapes nuts, Hirsch edges, and I will skip some details because budgets and the pockets are not relevant for me. But I think I will make something here. Two different tones in the handbag, maybe also the golden edges. No for the hand. It's to be more defined. When make the shadow here on to define the sleeve. It's the same. They will use the Shino. This should be cool on the same for this. Q. Maybe this part. I want to exaggerate the lights off course because this photo is a bit flat by itself. There is no harsh lights. Andi. I need to find the edge where the light on the shadow are changing. So sometimes it's really an artistic decision you make. And maybe oh, off the neck will be in the shadow. I will see maybe here in the air. Let's correct some mistakes I've made good for my black player. Selected black Cruz a bit my size. Forget to lower the capacity of my drawing is here to see through. Gives more definition to my drawing, so we'll just check out the entire growing to see it. Old colors are fitting. The new lines were made, for example, raising their hand as we redefined fingers. So long, so I let you do this until you into next video 11. Style 2 Filling shadows: for the shadow. You have different ways to do this. Let me show you the 1st 1 You will select the cold corner, for example, and you will make another color from the coat color, which is darker. Your sleep. Go on the code slayer at another one on top, and we will do as we did for the sucks on youth. E mask clipping mask. - Here we are to see this away. Number one, Let me remain this code show. Now. This was the first way to do it. Now let's duplicate this. I will hide one, and you will click on this silly old folk. Unfelt is I will feel another color. It will only go where you already have pixels. Let's say it's a cold color. Let's feel this. What click you click on field layer. I'm just as this is the same cold color. It just disappears. That's okay. Let's become the L and challenging to multiply boom while you have a different color, which is transparent till it might be handy for something, making another within Great. I will do exactly the same for the skin, and I'll be back with you have all my layers now. And as you can see, you have the coat code shadow the one we made with the opaque color, the one we made on multiplying mode and the skill the skin shadows And in clipping mask I have three layers on top of this one. The skin shadows a suck on the sectionals, all too black hound I am to shadow itself on the house because I had to move it. Don't another year. Also here on her shadow and lips. Now I can raise my flat. I don't need it anymore. And also, I think I can raise my foot. Who? I don't need it anymore. 12. Style 2 Playing with colors: we're going to tweak the colors because you see here the hound is not really easy to read on the coat, and I think everything needs to have a little change and also at background. I personally like bright colors, but of course you're free to do as you prefer. That's first. Add a very bottom layer that we're cool background that's fill it with column. Almost any color wasn't mine. I think maybe a blue, which is complementary to almost every color inside, would be cool. I, like this requires. Now let's select the skin color because this is the one. The hand. This is the one I want to tweak on. You click on the magical hue, saturation brightness. Get me in large this for you, and here you can change three things. Brightness was it says saturation. More or less color, have you, which is the color itself and you can't really go crazy here. I think just in light it a bit would be cool. But now, as my hand is on a separate layer, I need to fix the rest of my skin. So for this I will select the color or the hand go to my skin layer Alfa lock downfield there and boom! Everything is the same color now. And also I'm not so phoned up this some pink coat. So let's go to coat player. I'll go back to the magic wall, you situation and let's tweet this of its You can really change the mood off the picture just by sliding this you can spend hours can be like a rabbit hole. You change every layer. You're just getting crazy at the young. But I think it's the most fun part that's so different. But pay like it. And for their shadow, I would do the same because I think it's might be a doctor and so on. And so on also, this sucks my fifth corps. Yeah, you can really increase the difference between the sun and the shadow. Yeah, I think we're OK. Go to the background color do the same. And this is the most spectacular. Because really, the background change almost everything Practice Bright green also might be cool. I'm not found out. These like and violates quick. Maybe. And the same. I can increase the saturation or decrees, right? And well, that you have fun, though This will be the color right chills, and what's very funny to do is to take the coat color as same as the background color. So you have everything mixing together. The coat is only defined by the shadows. It's really a cool trick. You can do this with different styles here. It's a woman in full sun, or you can have a dramatic portrait coming straight out of the dark. I'll let you play with this. Let's move to the next tide. 13. Style 3 Adding patterns: in this tile. We are patterns inside of our shapes. I chose this photo with beautiful floral dress and you can find it in my Pinterest board. The one I gave you inspiration for flat ist illustrations. And I made everything like I showed you in the first lessons with layers for the shadows on multiply mode and clipping mask on top up the dress. So you are chilled, really able to do exactly the same. Now I will add flowers. And of course not exactly. I don't want to make an exact same dress, just the I d off Lord Rest that may select a red from the home bag. And now I will go on top up the dress layer to you. No one here and I will add another layer and set it on normal mode Town clipping mask. Now, depending on the kind of brushes you have, you can play with different prints. I will use a built in brush from procreate, which is under textures, and it's called Victorian. So was my red one. I will maybe increasing the size and at some flowers just to give the idea flowers. Yeah, you can vary the size of the brush. Andi had more do takes. She won't. Now I think that will do the job. So this is the first way to do it. Another way to do this. If you want to add really a bold floral pattern to your shape, you go to a website where you can download copyright three him ages and I send you back to the resource section. When you have all the links, for example, this one is pixels that come and I typed in flower patterns and you have different things going. So just sex. Something was small prints. This one would be too large. For example, Maybe this one would be cool. So you click on its on your click on free download and he will let you choose the size you want. Then you don't hold it in your camera roll and you go to procreate and procreate the same thing We're going on top of the you know, dress here at the layer which will be automatically was clipping mask and go to the ranch inside of photo found. Select a photo. You just unnoted. And here what you can do is you. This pattern rotate 45 degrees and you can decrees a bits of size. Now move it because I don't really like those dark flowers. How more until yourself. Slight was a placement. Here. It's cool. I don't have much of the flower and let me hide the photo and you have a beautiful dress on . Other shadows are multiplying mode. They're still at the layer effect. And now I see that the boot, my Petes boots are not the correct green. So maybe it's better if I select something more like this. Go to my boots layer. We can all folk and feel layer out of its bedroom. And also maybe the red could be tweaked a bit. We'll go blue, I think. Make it just do on folk gets his blue getting darker. I feel a ER second way to do it. 14. Style 4 Tracing and filling shapes: here is another style where we will overlap a bit the edges of the shapes. And now we want to have maybe kind of wonky lines to give them more, um, lose effect. So I choose a picture as usual. It's in the interest board and I made a drawing so you can do this also. And here you are. Maybe my girl is a bit too low into a canvas, so I want to move it up. But I want to take the drawing and the photo together so you will swipe right. So both are selected. And now you can click on the arrow and move a bit on this should have moved the photo to again. As I showed you earlier, I would say that my public now I have put my photo as a reference on the left on my palate is here. Now let's add a layer on. We will use a technical pound. But here we will go to the stroke part and we will put the trim line totally on the left just to have known because this way, as I want wonky lines, it will help me to have a really wonky lines and out from my growing I will set all my new layers on multiplying mode. I want the overlapping shapes to show the overlapping place between the two. So I need to have everything in layer mode. I mean, I want to have all my layers on multiply mode. Let's begin with maybe the skirt and top I see here. There is a bit of the bleak showing out. She's kinda strange, you know. She's Braille exam, having a coat, but no one Get a gray and I will make my shapes. Was a bit off overlapping. I'm not following the blue drawing that I will work. Yeah, if I'm going to the correct layer, it's better Cool. Now I have made my first son piece of the top and I wonder to allergies to overlap a bit. I want this to be visible. So for this I will add another layer on top or below. It doesn't matter. As everything is transparent, there is no really order for these layers. And here I will dro the other part. I was a top and feel it and see where both our meeting I have this darker edge. What I don't like is it seems to have everywhere same width and I don't like this. So I will immediately as I see it it raise the part I don't want. And now same for this skirt This way gives him really lose effects. Okay, so that's the same process for all the shapes. So let me do this. I'll be back. Here I am. I have finished. Everything actually am natural like this. Dark burgundy for the coach. I will tweak the cars as I showed you earlier And you see that maters change the color of the coat. It will be easier for you to see. Here we are. She has long legs, it seems, and I have on purpose made really wonky and strange lines. Maybe this is too strange. Let's talk about the background. You can had very light background. Let's get a blue to pick in bet as everything is own. Multiply mode. It's transparent. So the background is showing through your shapes. So you really need to have very, very light background so it doesn't kill your image. Oh, you really want to have, um, strong color. Let's go back to this one. And what you can do is on the background layer. Gets a razor, might be a bigger one, and you can erase the background just under the girl. So you get back your colors. One way to do it another way is to insert a photo with the background. You can't turn backgrounds on my Pinterest board. Also have one. I have some in my computer here. Maybe this Yeah, and I will rotate on fit to screen. This is obviously too dark, like a little worthy a Pai city, and now it gives a nice effect to your image. It's always really amazing to see how just changing the background camp to tell you, James, the mood of the image. You can have really different effects. I let you turn with this part and let's move to the next time. 15. Style 5 tracing and filling shapes: and this time we will add gaps between our shapes, and it will gives a different effect. And for this also, you don't want to have any streamlined in your technical pound. Select a girl that's not inside. It seems it's always blue. It's not inside. Put a layer on top and you will draw the shapes. I would advise you to draw the exact line control you see on the photo. And after we will see how to make shapes with caps, I'll do the drawing and I'll be back for its trolling. Bound for the color palette, I want to show you another way to find a couple that you like. This is too in the same tone, and it will be quite boring. In my opinion, it's always so. What you can do is go to Um, website, where you can generate pellets so type generate pellets on. You had two ways. Either you haven't limits you like and you import the maid. She will take the colors from this image, or you can just get something that will generate randomly color palettes. And I think sometimes it's fun and you can get something nice. This is very soft. I think I like this. Let me take a screen charts, kid. It's safety photos and go back to procreate. And now I will insert my pellets right to be called here. Now what you have to do is just to decide which is what. It's a coach of these gray or his brown whatever. And you can still pick the color from here and move a little bit on this fear. So let me show you was, um 1st 1 I can see her face is really bright, so maybe this will be the shadow for them Skill. And I will invite it a bit. Now, I said technical pen was out on his trim line on and I will make my shape. And this time I want to stay inside of the lines. I always forget to low worthy capacity of them, drawing my mistake. So I get a lighter color, another layer, and our go. You don't want to leave always the same gap between the shapes. You can vary the writ of the gap and it gives an interesting look. So I do this for everything and everybody so have finished a Z. You can see the gap between the shapes as different wits on is really not very linear. Even so, I think it that's more interest to the throwing. Now I will remove this one. I don't need her. And I'm not so pleased with the colors because, um, and more vivid colors girl. Yet I keep it this way. Maybe what I want to exchange the Lexx because it's really strange is the same color than the dress. A little tip. I made the glasses on multiply mode on, and this way it's transparent and you can't see what's below. And as it's in the full sun, I will raise a bit like the shining effect on the glasses. I like that. No, I will tweak a bit the colors. And sometimes when you play with the U bar, you cannot achieve, which won't really. You have to go here and Alfa lock on, select the color I've found for the legs and get a darker tune. Father shadows on click on Feel layer. Yes, it's better on what's interesting with the gaps between the shapes. If if you add the background when you feel its was, let's say I don't know great. Everything will be going in the gaps. So again makes really nice effect. See, with this some paid around, it's quite cool. It gives something like vibrance to the edges. So I let you play with the colors and let me know if you like this style. 16. Outro: No, we have finished our class. I hope you enjoyed it. I want to give you some more ideas to use your illustrations. Off course you can have your are printed and frame it on just some examples here of different ways to pray. Man, put your art on the walls. But also you can make different items for this. You can use print on German websites like Red bubble or Society six or you have others and on you can make mugs. Cautions told bags and porches Everything you want. Another I D is to make posters with ah, three more like maybe skating girls or yoga or shopping girls or whatever you want. You gather different pictures so you can have different poses, and you will give a university to the poster by using the same color ranch on. This can be something very interesting toe work. So I'm really happy that you've chosen to follow this class with me and see you in the next class. Bye bye 17. Bonus: some examples: Okay. Okay. Yes. Yeah.