Flat Chance: Drawing Adobe Illustrator Fashion Flats (Beginner)

Ira Rollins, Fashion Industry Veteran

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    • Welcome, let's figure this out!

    • Can I bum a stroke?

    • You're soooo in shape!

    • Lockin and poppin

    • Mirror, mirror...

    • People, places, and pencils?

    • This is the end...


About This Class

This class is for the Adobe Illustrator amateur interested in fashion sketching. Fashion drawing can be done both by hand, which can be tedious, and by using Illustrator. Fashion flat sketching is used in the industry as adornment, to convey a clear design message, and as a template for factories to follow when creating a garment.

This course will teach you how to use Illustrator as well as teach some trade secrets that will make the process of drawing in this medium more efficient. You will learn how to make articulated flats, usually used for adornment and to convey ideas, and technical flats, used by factories as a blueprint to follow when construction on a garment has begun.

The skills gained from this course will also assist the student in understanding the basics of what Illustrator is capable of and hopefully encourage creativity and exploration of the programs other uses.

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One of the best tutors, clear speech, slow pace! Perfect for beginners. Thank you!
Diana Sh


Very nice Class!!! Interesting and easy to follow! Thank you for sharing Ira!!!





Ira Rollins

Fashion Industry Veteran

I am a creative with a strong background in Product Lifecycle Managment (PLM), Illustration, and fashion design. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, F.I.T, with a Menswear design degree and  worked in the fashion industry for more then a decade. 

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