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Ilana Masad, Writer

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10 Videos (49m)
    • Introduction

    • The Best Homework

    • What *is* Flash Fiction?

    • Flash & Me

    • Flash & You (PROMPTS!)

    • "Incarnations of Burned Children"

    • "The Thirteenth Woman"

    • "In A World Gone Mad"

    • Final Thoughts

    • BONUS! Having Trouble? Let's Talk


About This Class


In this class, we’ll talk what flash fiction is generally agreed to be, what can happen in flash fiction (everything!), and why it’s a great writing exercise as well as an incredible form of writing itself.

You’ll learn how constraints like word count can help you be inspired.

We’ll look at some flash fiction pieces: the short-short “The Thirteenth Woman” by Lydia Davis; the slightly over 1k words David Foster Wallace story “Incarnations of Burned Children”; and one of my own stories, which won a prize on One Throne Magazine, “In A World Gone Mad."

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This is an excellent introduction to Flash Fiction. Ilana delivers a wonderful overview in an engaging, easy to follow style. Her enthusiasm for the topic shines through, and keeps your attention on the information and knowledge she is sharing.
Highly recommend for people who are interested in flash fiction. Ideal for experienced and less experienced writers. Ilana's intro to flash is very clear. Her examples are literary, edgy, and show the power of the form. Her discussion of the pieces, and how and why they work is also very helpful. Her assignment and her prompt are brilliant. As she says, the form is a container. She gives the first sentence and the last sentence to get us started without staring a blank page. There's no blank page here. It's like she's given us a to do list and has checked off the first item. I'd also recommend reading the other pieces that she mentions. A+ from this former adult ed educator whose main focus was on motivation and what helps students do what it is that they say they want to.





Ilana Masad


Ilana Masad is an Israeli-American writer living in New York. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Tin House, McSweeney's, Printer's Row, Hobart, Joyland Magazine, Hypertext Magazine, Split Lip Magazine, Drafthorse Journal, Specter, and more. She is the founder of The Other Stories, a podcast that makes it a bit easier for new, emerging, and struggling writers to be heard. You can find her tweeting too much @ilanaslightly.

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