Fiverr Success Mastery Part 2 - The Buyer's Section Killer Strategy | John Dicen | Skillshare

Fiverr Success Mastery Part 2 - The Buyer's Section Killer Strategy

John Dicen, To teach is to touch lives forever

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5 Videos (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Benefits Of The Buyers Request Section

    • 3. Getting More Sales With Buyers Request

    • 4. Crafting A Killer Proposal

    • 5. Final Words and Recap


About This Class


Welcome to Fiverr Sucesss Mastery, Im so excited to share with you a platform where you can start full time income online at the comfort of your home, while travelling or anywhere around the world.

Now, what platform im I talking about? Its Called Fiverr!

Here are some fun facts why fiverr is the best place to start an online business especially for beginners online or any marketer who wants to expand their business online.

Fiverr is Free To Join

Fiverr doesn’t require set of skills or technical knowledge for you to become a seller

There are Millions of Monthly Buyers on Fiverr

And You don’t need a site, hosting and seo to get started.

So I don’t see any reason for you not start a business on fiverr


In this series, I’m going to teach you all Important Tips and Tricks So you can maximize your Monthly Income Whether Part Time Or Full Time.


In this part of Our Series, You will learn

  • The Benefits Of Using The Buyers Request Section
  • How to get More Sales using the Buyer’s Requestion Section
  • How to Craft A High Converting Proposal so you can get Clients right away

So If you Are Ready To Get Started, Click The Enroll Button and See You In the Main Training Videos.

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John Dicen

To teach is to touch lives forever

Hi, I am John Dicen and I am Glad to be connected with you here on Skillshare.

I have been a Graphic Designer and an internet Marketer for almost 8 years now. I specialized in Creating Passive Income Strategies Online.

My goal is to share my knowledge by teaching people here on skillshare. I pride myself helping others creating simple, scalable and sustainable online income streams.


John Dicen

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